Damie – I Wanna Dance with Somebody | damie

Damie – I Wanna Dance with Somebody

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Damie I Wanna Dance with Somebody Whitney Houston

Damie - I Wanna Dance with Somebody

Damie – Feels like Heaven

Damie Feels like Heaven by Peter Cetera and Chaka Khan

Damie - Feels like Heaven

Maya \u0026 Carina | Their story (so far)


Maya \u0026 Carina | Their story (so far)


A native of Seoul, Korea she grew up obsessing over the work of a suitably diverse range of Music. Often intersecting the frenetic hackandslash action and clunking sounds of movies, her many dexterous unofficial productions are laced in a dizzying eclecticism. The end result is an intriguing blend of fascinating soundwaves and nanoloops that always keeps the listener’s attention firmly intact. Now firmly based in Seoul, DAMIE is an individual who has long harbored a deep fascination with all things futuristic. As likely to call on playful ACID textures as she is more industrial, groove leaning sounds, her innovative and experimental way of working has led her to some of the contemporary scene’s most innovative imprints.
In 2017, DAMIE joined residency in ASIA’s key club – FAUST in her native country, since regular appearance she has released her first official debut track via Ameniia Records – ‘Harvest Moon’. Quickly became one of outstanding female techno artist in Asia brought her to Boilerroom as well as Panorama Bar. Touching on a range of topics, moods and sounds, it quite expertly encapsulated all that’s great about DJ and producer.
Just as revered a DJ as she is a producer, DAMIE’s intricate DJ style has led her to some of the ASIA’s foremost nightspots, including HQ Councils, Lantern, Loopy, Womb. Futuristic, raw and rhythmical techno music that touches your mind and your soul, DAMIE truly is a talent bound for the stratosphere.
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• Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/damie
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Damie (Dakota Johnson \u0026 Jamie Dornan) – Mirrors

Damie (Dakota Johnson \u0026 Jamie Dornan) Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

Damie (Dakota Johnson \u0026 Jamie Dornan) - Mirrors

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