gmod Android goldsrc v2.1 hdoom pistol test | goldsrc

gmod Android goldsrc v2.1 hdoom pistol test

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gmod Android goldsrc v2.1 hdoom pistol test

GoldSrc Forever – A Half-Life 20th Anniversary Tribute

Not really part of my HalfLife Fact Files series, but I spent way to much time researching the history of dozens and dozens of GoldSrc mod releases for this to not be considered educational:
On this day, HalfLife is now officially 20 years old. Yep.
Music: Instant Remedy Druid 2 (
Many thanks to Jackathan, Slartibarty, Quadrazid, and the many others who’ve lent their assistance to these HalfLife videos over the years. And, of course, immense gratitude to you, the viewer, for coming along on the ride.
0:00 Beginning the GoldSrc Funk
0:10 WON main menu
0:20 HalfLife
0:22 HalfLife: Opposing Force
0:25 HalfLife: Blue Shift
0:28 HalfLife: Decay
0:30 HalfLife (reprise)
0:32 HalfLife: Opposing Force (reprise)
0:35 HalfLife: Blue Shift (reprise)
0:37 HalfLife: Decay (reprise)
0:40 HalfLife (return of the reprise)
0:42 HalfLife (Dreamcast port)
0:45 HalfLife: Uplink
0:47 HalfLife (return of the reprise redux)
0:50 HalfLife multiplayer (Stalkyard deathmatch)
0:52 HalfLife: Opposing Force multiplayer (Xen Dance deathmatch)
0:55 HalfLife: Opposing Force Capture The Flag (Paradox Park Control Point)
0:57 HalfLife multiplayer (Crossfire team deathmatch)
0:59 Hazardous Course 2
1:00 USS Darkstar
1:01 HalfLife: Echoes
1:02 Scientist Slaughterhouse
1:04 SnowWar
1:05 Residual Life
1:06 Azure Sheep/Point of View
1:07 HalfQuake
1:08 HalfLife: C.A.G.E.D.
1:10 CrackLife
1:11 Wanted!
1:12 Existence
1:13 Vampire Slayer
1:15 Chemical Existence
1:16 They Hunger
1:17 Poke646
1:18 Battle Grounds
1:20 BrainBread
1:21 The Specialists
1:22 MasterSword: Continued
1:23 Tour of Duty
1:25 Science and Industry
1:26 Jaykin’ Bacon: Source
1:27 Absolute Redemption
1:30 International Online Soccer
1:31 Cry of Fear
1:32 Brutal HalfLife
1:33 Someplace Else
1:34 Hostile Intent
1:36 Sweet HalfLife
1:37 The Trenches
1:38 Afraid of Monsters: Director’s Cut
1:39 Pirates, Vikings, and Knights
1:41 Zombie Panic!
1:42 Action HalfLife
1:43 Holy Wars
1:44 Gangsta Wars
1:46 Wizard Wars
1:47 HalfLife Rally
1:49 CounterStrike Beta 1.0
1:51 Day of Defeat
1:54 Deathmatch Classic
1:57 Ricochet
1:59 Team Fortress Classic
2:04 CounterStrike 1.6/CounterStrike: Condition Zero
2:09 Heart of Evil
2:10 The Opera
2:12 Natural Selection
2:13 Kanonball
2:14 The Ship
2:15 Firearms
2:16 Underworld: Bloodline
2:18 Gladiator
2:19 Resident Evil: Cold Blood
2:20 Global Warfare
2:21 HalfRats
2:23 Swiss Cheese Halloween
2:24 Monkeystrike
2:25 HalfLife: Zombie Edition
2:26 Bumper Cars
2:28 Gunman Chronicles
2:31 Sven Coop
2:33 HalfNuked/Year of the Dragon/HalfPayne
2:36 Big Lolly
2:39 The end of Funk
2:57 HalfLife Alpha

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GoldSrc Forever - A Half-Life 20th Anniversary Tribute

Gmod android

Gmod android

Crack-Life: CM GoldSrc VS Source – All weapons comparison


CrackLife: Campaign Mode Remake is now officially released.
Here’s HD pack for old CrackLife if anyone wants:
Source remake of CrackLife: Campaign Mode as well as most of the view models I used here are based on Black Mesa(HalfLife 1 remake) assets made by Crowbar Collective.
Original CrackLife: Campaign Mode was made by International Minds.

Crack-Life: CM GoldSrc VS Source - All weapons comparison

Half-Life 2 – GoldSrc vs. Source vs. Reality Engine vs. Unity – Weapons Comparison

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HL2 Unity:
Creator YouTube Channel:
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HL2 GoldSrc:
HL2 Roblox:
0:00 9mm Pistol
1:33 .357 Magnum
3:29 SMG
5:57 Shotgun
8:00 Pulse Rifle
9:52 Crossbow
11:17 RPG
12:47 Gravity Gun
15:00 Crowbar
16:35 Outro
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HL2 HalfLife2 Valve

Half-Life 2 - GoldSrc vs. Source vs. Reality Engine vs. Unity - Weapons Comparison

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