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Mree – Kiki’s Song (Lyric Video)

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“Kiki’s Song” is available on my new EP, “The Middle” out now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, etc…
Physical CDs Now Available:
Studio Ghibli movies will always have a special place in my heart. We would watch them all the time growing up, and Kiki’s Delivery Service was always one of my very favorites. When I made my first big move away from my childhood home and family, I found myself gravitating towards that movie. I found myself feeling a lot like Kiki, and so I wrote this song for me and her.
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Written, recorded, and produced by Mree
Mixed by Henri Bardot
(C)(P) 2019 Marie Hsiao under exclusive license to Nettwerk Music Group Inc.

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Mree - Kiki's Song (Lyric Video)

Kiki’s Delivery Service Full Ost

Kiki’s Delivery Service Full Ost:
1. On a Clear Day (Hareta Hi ni 晴れた日に)
2. Departure (Tabidachi 旅立ち)
3. A Town with an Ocean View (Umi no Mieru Machi 海の見える街)
4. Flying Delivery Service (Sora Tobu Takkyuubin 空とぶ宅急便)
5. The Baker’s Assistant (Pan’ya no Tetsudai パン屋の手伝い)
6. Starting the Job (Shigoto Hajime 仕事はじめ)
7. Surrogate Jiji (Migawari Jiji 身代りジジ)
08. Jeff (Jeff ジェフ)
09. A Very Busy Kiki (Ooisogashi no Kiki 大忙しのキキ)
10. Late for the Party (Paatii ni Maniawanai パーティに間に合わない)
11. Osono’s Request (Osonosan no Tanomigoto オソノさんのたのみ事)
12. A Propeller Driven Bicycle (Puropera Jitensha プロペラ自転車)
13. I Can’t Fly! (Tobenai! とべない!)
14. Heartbroken Kiki (Shoushin no Kiki (傷心のキキ)
15. An Unusual Painting (Shimpi naru E 神秘なる絵)
16. The Adventure of Freedom, Out of Control (BouHikou no Jiyuu no Bouken Gou 暴飛行の自由の冒険号)
17. The Old Man’s Push Broom (Ojiisan no Dekki Burasshu おじいさんのデッキブラシ)
18. Rendezvous on the Push Broom (Dekki Burasshu de Rendezvous デッキブラシでランデブー)
KikiDeliveryService UminoMieruMachi ATownWithAnOceanView Ghibli JoeHisaishi

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Kiki's Delivery Service Full Ost

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Trò chơi trận chiến siêu anh hùng của gấu trúc kiki và những người bạn

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