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Everything you need to know about Roshan: Which Items does he drop, how often does he spawn? How much gold do you get for Roshan?

Dota 2 Roshan Beginner Guide & Basic Infos:

  • The respawn time of Roshan is not fixed, after death it can respawn between eight to eleven minutes.

    Remember: Roshan respawns after 8-11 minutes

  • It is easy to track the respawn time of Roshan: Whenever Roshan is eliminated, Alt+ Click on the clock in the center of the display. Like that you will mark the Roshan time in chat! The whole team will be aware that Roshan died at this moment.
  • Later on, keep track of the next eight-minute: After eights minutes check Roshan’s pit. If he’s not there, then keep checking for the next three minutes.
  • If any hero in your team has a control unit, then it will get quite easy for you: After eight minutes place the controlled unit in Roshan’s pit and whenever Roshan respawns your team will instantly know!Dota 2 Roshan TimerDota 2 Roshan Timer
  • Tip: Check for double damage runes, so that you can make Roshan faster. Always create great vision with wards to see all runes.

How much Gold every player gets for Roshan?

On death, Roshan drops multiple helpful items, but another big team benefit is the amount of gold you get. Each player of the team is rewarded with 150 gold. Moreover, the player that deals the final blow or last hit gets a bonus. The player receives extra random gold 225-325, gaining a total amount of 375-475 gold. This will push your team with an advantage of about 1000 gold!

What is the Roshan revive timer/how does it work?

Roshan’s revive timer is when he respawns after being killed, just like any other creep in Dota 2. Regular creeps respawn after every 1:00 minute and the respawn can be disturbed. However, the same thing does not apply for Roshan: He does not have any specific time to respawn.
Moreover, nothing can disturb its respawn time.  A couple of years ago, the respawn time of Roshan was exactly eight minutes. The current respawn time of Roshan is between eight minutes to eleven minutes. It can revive anytime within this time interval. The average respawn time of Roshan is 8:00 – 9:00 minutes (it may vary).

Note: Roshan is also a creep, but it cannot be stacked like other usual creeps. The mighty Roshan is the most beneficial creep and quite hard to kill in the early game!
Dota 2 Roshan Track Timer

Dota 2 Roshan Track Timer

Which reward items does Roshan
drop over time?

What Roshan differentiates from other regular creeps is his strength, damage and badass look! Moreover, Roshan comes with some goodies such as Aegis of the Immortal, Cheese, Refresher/ Consumable Aghinam Scepter.

How does Aegis of the Immortal in Dota 2 exactly works?

Roshan comes with various rewards that other usual creeps cannot give: One of them is Aegis of the Immortal, the greatest item, it is non-destroyable, non-sellable and non-dropable.

Aegis drops every time on Roshan’s death. The one who picks aegis gets one extra life, and when a hero with aegis dies, it respawns again after 5 seconds with full hp and mana. This effect can not be prevented in any way. It is an extremely tactical item that can initiate pushes and can turn the toughest games.

Aegis has a consumable time: It only stays for 5 minutes in an inventory. After five minutes a regeneration buff applies on the hero and aegis is expired. The buff is removed if an enemy hero hits.

Details of the Cheese in Dota 2

Roshan can be eliminated multiple times, but it does not drop one same item again and again. On Roshan’s second death along with Aegis of the Immortal, it drops a piece of cheese. Cheese is a consumable, shareable, dropable, and sellable item. Cheese is one of the most potent healing items in Dota 2. On one click it instantly restores 2500 health and 1500 mana of the hero in an instant. This type of massive bumps can change the results of a whole fight!

If your inventory is full of items, then you can sell cheese for 500 gold. However, it is highly recommended, not to sell the cheese – before you do that share it with your teammates!

Details of the Refresher Shard/ Consumable Aghinam Scepter in Dota 2:

Refresher Orb is an epic game-changing item in Dota 2. And Refresher Shard also resets all the cooldown of your hero instantly. It has the same effect as Refresher Orb, but it is a one-time consumable item. Refresher Shard is a consumable, shareable, dropable, and sellable item. Its concept is the same as cheese, you can also sell it.

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Before patch 7.22 of Dota 2 when Roshan died for the third time, refresher shard dropped along with the Aegis and Cheese. Since Patch 7.22 everything has been changed: Roshan came up with a new goodie, Consumable Aghinam Scepter. Now, only one item drops at a time either its a Refresher Shard or a consumable Aghinam Scepter. Aghinam Scepter enhances the abilities of the hero that picks it. Any Dota 2 hero can use it, and the best part is that it does not occupy any space in the inventory.

What are Roshan’s abilities in Dota 2?

Roshan has its own strong abilities, to beat him fast it’s good to know them:

Spell Block ability of Roshan

It is a passive ability and acts like a Linken’s sphere. It helps Roshan to block one targeted spell every 15 seconds. Moreover, it gives 25% status resistance (25% less stun duration).

  • Does not block spells cast by allies such as Ion Shell (Dark Seer’s Spell), Toss (Tiny’s Spell) and Snowball (Tusker’s Spell).
  • Does not block some items such as Urn of Shadow, Spirit Vessel, Medallion of Courage and Solar Crest.
  • Few hero spells do not effect Roshan. Checkout our Dota 2 hero guide section for good choices.

Flame Break – BatriderSong of the Sire – Naga SirenFireFly – BatriderHeartStopper Aura – NecrophosHoly Persuasion – ChenEye of the Storm – RazorSpirit Siphon – Death ProphetDispersion – SpectreDevour – DoomEntangling Claws – Spirit BearInfernal Blade – DoomAnchor Smash – Tide HunterGust – Drow RangerWhirling Axes (Meele) – Troll WarlordEarth Splitter – Elder TitanWhirling Axes (Range) – Troll WarlordEnchant – EnchantressArctic Burn – Winter WyvernBlinding Light – Keeper of the LightStatic Field – ZeusFeast – Life StealerInfest – Life Stealer

Bash Ability of Roshan in Dota 2:

Bash is also a passive ability of  Roshan – it stuns the hero that is hitting Roshan. It has a 15% chance and deals 1.65-sec stun. Each Bash applies extra 50 damage to the hero.

  • Average damage and Bash both are applied in one hit.
  • Adds an average of 7.5 damage to every attack.
  • Players with Black King Bar Buff does not receive Bash.
  • If a hero hits using silver edge, it nullifies all the passive abilities of Roshan, including Bash.

Slam Ability of Roshan in Dota 2

Slam is also a Passive ability of Roshan – it is a magical attack. In this attack, Roshan hits the ground, damaging and slowing all nearby enemies.
Roshans Slam

Roshans SlamSlam deals damage in a radius of 350, it has a cooldown of 10 seconds. Slam’s starting damage is 70 button every 1 minute its damage is increased by 10. Slam first applies the debuff, then the damage. It only triggers when there are three or more heroes/units in Roshans radius (350 aoe).

Slam deals damage in a radius of 350, it has a cooldown of 10 seconds. Slam’s starting damage is 70 button every 1 minute its damage is increased by 10. Slam first applies the debuff, then the damage.(350 aoe).

Roshan’s Slam damage after game time:

  • 10 Minutes: 170 damage
  • 20 Minutes: 270 damage
  • 30 Minutes: 370 damage
  • 40 Minutes: 470 damage
  • 50 Minutes: 570 damage
  • 60 Minutes: 670 damage
  • 80 Minutes: 870 damage
  • 100 Minutes: 1070 damage

Strength of the Immortal Ability of Roshan in Dota 2

Strength of the Immortal is also a passive ability of Roshan. It saves Roshan from the imminent attacks! Strength of the Immortal is a protective ability that gives 55% magic damage resistance to Roshan and gives an armor bonus that increases with time.

  • Strength of the Immortal reduces illusion damage by 80%.
  • 6 Bonus attack damage per interval.
  • 0.325 bonus armor per interval.
  • 100 Attack speed bonus.
  • 115 health per interval.

Roshan gets stronger after every minute – it is efficient to kill him in the first 15-20 minutes. After every death, he gets stronger and is harder to kill. Try to keep your heroes farm and item heavy. Otherwise, Roshan will tear everyone into pieces. The more items Roshan will give, the stronger he gets!

Quick Tip: Always smoke first and then move or jump into Roshan’s pit – otherwise your enemies will notice it. 😉

Pick hero combos that work well together to kill Roshan easily:
Dota 2 Hero CombosDota 2 Hero Combos

[Update] Dota 2: All Cheat Commands for Lobby written by Artem Uarabei | refresher orb – Vietnamnhanvan

This manual contains all the commands (cheats) for the lobby.

Before the practice or test anything in the lobby, do not forget to enable cheats in the settings.

If the command has quotes or parentheses, then in the game, write without them (Example: -gold 99999). Teams write in the chat.

Cheat Commands:

-lvlup “#” – Increases the level of the user’s hero by # (cannot reduce level).
-levelbots “#” – Increases the level of all bots’ heroes by # (cannot reduce level).
-gold “#” – Grants the user # unreliable gold (using negative numbers reduces gold).
-item “name” – Gives the user’s hero the named item (in case of Meepo minimap, gives items only to the prime).
-givebots “name” – Gives all bots’ heroes the named item
-refresh – replenishes the player’s (and all bots’) hero’s health and mana to full, and refreshes their ability and item cooldowns.
-respawn – forces the player’s hero to respawn. Also works while the hero is alive, moving it to the team fountain, replenishing health and mana.
-startgame – forces the match to start immediately, skipping the prepare phase. Using this command after the match starts (0.00 minute mark creeps spawn) has no effect.
-wtf – disables mana cost and cooldown of abilities and items, and applies the same effects as -refresh
-unwtf – enables mana cost and cooldown of abilities and items.
-allvision – enables shared vision between Radiant and Dire.
-normalvision – disables shared vision between the teams.
-clearwards – destroys all Observer Ward on the map
-killwards – destroys all Observer Ward and Sentry Ward on the map
-spawnrune – spawns runes at all rune spots; Bounty runes and Power-up runes.
-spawncreeps – instantly spawns lane creeps on each lane for both teams.
-enablecreepspawn – enables lane and neutral creep spawning.
-disablecreepspawn – disables lane and neutral creep spawning (except Roshan).
-createhero “name” – creates named unit or hero as an ally, neutral or enemy. The unit spawns where the user’s mouse courser is pointing. Can spawn any unit, not only heroes.
-ping – shows ping for a short time
-dumpbots – displays AI status.

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List of items for -givebots and -item commands:

Abyssal Blade – item_abyssal_blade
Aegis of the Immortal – item_aegis
Drum of Endurance – item_ancient_janggo
Arcane Boots – item_arcane_boots
Armlet of Mordiggian – item_armlet
Assault Cuirass – item_assault
Skull Basher – item_basher
Belt of Strength – item_belt_of_strength
Battle Fury – item_bfury
Black King Bar – item_black_king_bar
Blade Mail – item_blade_mail
Blade of Alacrity – item_blade_of_alacrity
Blades of Attack – item_blades_of_attack
Blink Dagger – item_blink
Bloodstone – item_bloodstone
Boots of Speed – item_boots
Band of Elvenskin – item_boots_of_elves
Bottle – item_bottle
Bracer – item_bracer
Iron Branch – item_branches
Broadsword – item_broadsword
Buckler – item_buckler
Butterfly – item_butterfly
Chainmail – item_chainmail
Cheese – item_cheese
Circlet – item_circlet
Clarity – item_clarity
Claymore – item_claymore
Cloak – item_cloak
Animal Courier – item_courier
Eul’s Scepter of Divinity – item_cyclone
Dagon – item_dagon
Dagon upgrade (level 2-5) – item_dagon_2
Demon Edge – item_demon_edge
Desolator – item_desolator
Diffusal Blade – item_diffusal_blade
Dust of Appearance – item_dust
Eaglesong – item_eagle
Energy Booster – item_energy_booster
Ethereal Blade – item_ethereal_blade
Healing Salve – item_flask
Flying Courier – item_flying_courier
Force Staff – item_force_staff
Gauntlets of Strength – item_gauntlets
Gem of True Sight – item_gem
Ghost Scepter – item_ghost
Gloves of Haste – item_gloves
Daedalus – item_greater_crit
Hand of Midas – item_hand_of_midas
Kaya – item_trident
Nullifier – item_nullifier
Divine Rapier – item_rapier
Spirit Vessel – item_spirit_vessel
Aeon Disk – item_combo_breaker
Meteor Hammer – item_meteor_hammer
Heart of Tarrasque – item_heart
Heaven’s Halberd – item_heavens_halberd
Helm of Iron Will – item_helm_of_iron_will
Helm of the Dominator – item_helm_of_the_dominator
Hood of Defiance – item_hood_of_defiance
Hyperstone – item_hyperstone
Shadow Blade – item_invis_sword
Javelin – item_javelin
Crystalys – item_lesser_crit
Morbid Mask – item_lifesteal
Maelstrom – item_maelstrom
Magic Stick – item_magic_stick
Magic Wand – item_magic_wand
Manta Style – item_manta
Mantle of Intelligence – item_mantle
Mask of Madness – item_mask_of_madness
Medallion of Courage – item_medallion_of_courage
Mekansm – item_mekansm
Mithril Hammer – item_mithril_hammer
Mjollnir – item_mjollnir
Monkey King Bar – item_monkey_king_bar
Mystic Staff – item_mystic_staff
Necronomicon – item_necronomicon
Necronomicon upgrade (level 2-3) – item_necronomicon_2
Null Talisman – item_null_talisman
Oblivion Staff – item_oblivion_staff
Ogre Club – item_ogre_axe
Orb of Venom – item_orb_of_venom
Orchid Malevolence – item_orchid
Perseverance – item_pers
Phase Boots – item_phase_boots
Pipe of Insight – item_pipe
Platemail – item_platemail
Point Booster – item_point_booster
Power Treads – item_power_treads
Quarterstaff – item_quarterstaff
Quelling Blade – item_quelling_blade
Radiance – item_radiance
Reaver – item_reaver
Refresher Orb – item_refresher
Sacred Relic – item_relic
Ring of Aquila – item_ring_of_aquila
Ring of Basilius – item_ring_of_basilius
Ring of Health – item_ring_of_health
Ring of Protection – item_ring_of_protection
Ring of Regen – item_ring_of_regen
Robe of the Magi – item_robe
Rod of Atos – item_rod_of_atos
Sange – item_sange
Sange and Yasha – item_sange_and_yasha
Satanic – item_satanic
Scythe of Vyse – item_sheepstick
Shiva’s Guard – item_shivas_guard
Eye of Skadi – item_skadi
Slippers of Agility – item_slippers
Smoke of Deceit – item_smoke_of_deceit
Sage’s Mask – item_sobi_mask
Shadow Amulet – item_shadow_amulet
Soul Booster – item_soul_booster
Soul Ring – item_soul_ring
Linken’s Sphere – item_sphere
Staff of Wizardry – item_staff_of_wizardry
Stout Shield – item_stout_shield
Talisman of Evasion – item_talisman_of_evasion
Tango – item_tango
Tango single – item_tango_single
Town Portal Scroll – item_tpscroll
Tranquil Boots – item_tranquil_boots
Boots of Travel – item_travel_boots
Ultimate Orb – item_ulti
Aghanim’s Scepter – item_ultimate_scepter
Urn of Shadows – item_urn_of_shadows
Vanguard – item_vanguard
Veil of Discord – item_veil_of_discord
Vitality Booster – item_vitality_booster
Vladmir’s Offering – item_vladmir
Void Stone – item_void_stone
Observer Ward – item_ward_observer
Sentry Ward – item_ward_sentry
Wraith Band – item_wraith_band
Yasha – item_yasha
Crimson Guard – item_crimson_guard


Command for creating heroes: -createhero
For creatures of enemy heroes: -createhero slark enemy (will create an enemy Slark)

Abaddon – abaddon
Alchemist – alchemist
Ancient Apparition – ancient_apparition
Anti-Mage – antimage
Axe – axe
Bane – bane
Batrider – batrider
Beastmaster – beastmaster
Bloodseeker – bloodseeker
Bounty Hunter – bounty_hunter
Brewmaster – brewmaster
Bristleback – bristleback
Broodmother – broodmother
Centaur Warrunner – centaur
Chaos Knight – chaos_knight
Chen – chen
Clinkz – clinkz
Crystal Maiden – crystal_maiden
Dark Seer – dark_seer
Dazzle – dazzle
Death Prophet – death_prophet
Disruptor – disruptor
Doom – doom_bringer
Dragon Knight – dragon_knight
Drow Ranger – drow_ranger
Earth Spirit – earth_spirit
Earthshaker – earthshaker
Elder Titan – elder_titan
Ember Spirit – ember_spirit
Enchantress – enchantress
Enigma – enigma
Faceless Void – faceless_void
Gyrocopter – gyrocopter
Huskar – huskar
Invoker – invoker
Jakiro – jakiro
Juggernaut – juggernaut
Keeper of the light – keeper_of_the_light
Kunkka – kunkka
Legion Commander – legion_commander
Leshrac – leshrac
Lich – lich
Lifestealer – life_stealer
Lina – lina
Lion – lion
Lone Druid – lone_druid
Luna – luna
Lycan – lycan
Magnus – magnataur
Medusa – medusa
Meepo – meepo
Mirana – mirana
Morphling – morphling
Naga Siren – naga_siren
Necrophos – necrolyte
Shadow Fiend – nevermore
Night Stalker – night_stalker
Nyx Assassin – nyx_assassin
Outworld Devourer – obsidian_destroyer
Ogre Magi – ogre_magi
Omniknight – omniknight
Oracle – oracle
Phantom Assassin – phantom_assassin
Phantom Lancer – phantom_lancer
Phoenix – phoenix
Puck – puck
Pudge – pudge
Pugna – pugna
Queen of Pain – queenofpain
Clockwerk – rattletrap
Razor – razor
Riki – riki
Rubick – rubick
Sand King – sand_king
Shadow Demon – shadow_demon
Shadow Shaman – shadow_shaman
Timbersaw – shredder
Silencer – silencer
Wraith King – skeleton_king
Skywrath Mage – skywrath_mage
Slardar – slardar
Slark – slark
Nature’s Prophet – furion
Terrorblade – terrorblade
Tidehunter – tidehunter
Tinker – tinker
Tiny – tiny
Treant Protector – treant
Troll Warlord – troll_warlord
Tusk – tusk
Undying – undying
Ursa – ursa
Vengeful Spirit – vengefulspirit
Venomancer – venomancer
Viper – viper
Visage – visage
Warlock – warlock
Weaver – weaver
Windranger – windrunner
Io – wisp
Witch Doctor – witch_doctor
Zeus – zuus

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-createhero creep_badguys_ranged
-createhero creep_badguys_melee
-createhero creep_badguys_ranged_upgraded
-createhero creep_badguys_melee_upgraded
-createhero creep_badguys_ranged_upgraded_mega
-createhero creep_badguys_melee_upgraded_mega
-createhero badguys_siege
-createhero badguys_siege_upgraded
-createhero badguys_siege_upgraded_mega
-createhero creep_goodguys_ranged
-createhero creep_goodguys_melee
-createhero creep_goodguys_ranged_upgraded
-createhero creep_goodguys_melee_upgraded
-createhero creep_goodguys_ranged_upgraded_mega
-createhero creep_goodguys_melee_upgraded_mega
-createhero goodguys_siege
-createhero goodguys_siege_upgraded
-createhero goodguys_siege_upgraded_mega

Neutral Creeps:

-createhero roshan
-createhero kobold
-createhero kobold_tunneler
-createhero kobold_taskmaster
-createhero centaur_outrunner
-createhero centaur_khan
-createhero ghost
-createhero fel_beast
-createhero polar_furbolg_champion
-createhero polar_furbolg_ursa_warrior
-createhero ogre_mauler
-createhero neutral_ogre_magi
-createhero giant_wolf
-createhero alpha_wolf
-createhero wildkin
-createhero enraged_wildkin
-createhero satyr_soulstealer
-createhero satyr_hellcaller
-createhero satyr_trickster
-createhero mud_golem
-createhero rock_golem
-createhero granite_golem
-createhero gnoll_assassin
-createhero dark_troll
-createhero dark_troll_warlord
-createhero forest_troll_berserker
-createhero forest_troll_high_priest
-createhero harpy_scout
-createhero harpy_storm
-createhero big_thunder_lizard
-createhero small_thunder_lizard
-createhero blue_dragonspawn_sorcerer
-createhero blue_dragonspawn_overseer
-createhero jungle_stalker
-createhero elder_jungle_stalker
-createhero black_drake
-createhero black_dragon

Source: dota2.gamepedia.com


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Outworld Destroyer Aghanim’s Scepter + Refresher Orb Cancer Build | Dota2 New Meta Highlights

Outworld Destroyer Aghanim's Scepter + Refresher Orb Cancer Build | Dota2 New Meta Highlights

Lycan Aghanim + Refresher Orb 🐺🐺🐺

funny build gameplay by me

Lycan Aghanim + Refresher Orb 🐺🐺🐺

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูบทความเพิ่มเติมในหมวดหมู่Wiki

ขอบคุณมากสำหรับการดูหัวข้อโพสต์ refresher orb

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