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nisha: นี่คือโพสต์ที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อนี้

[color=LightGray]Hey Everyone!

My name is Charrisx and this is my build for Jakobs / non-automatic weapons. I have been playing as Nisha for a very long time, in fact she is the only character I play, and I have experimented with many Nisha builds. In all my time spent playing Nisha no build that I have played with has been as devastating or as fun for me as this one. I can assure you there is no better build for Nisha that I have ever seen or tested. So if you want to kill everything with Jakobs / non-automatic weapons and have tons of fun doing it, then this is the build for you!

Most of the weapons I have listed for this build are manufactured by Jakobs as they tended to be the best for this skill setup, but a few guns from the other manufacturers have proven to be quite good as well. I added in the Laser Disker as an alternate weapon you can carry for difficult situations when you need a quick kill to get out of Fight for your Life.

Below you will find many videos showcasing my level 70 build in UVHM against many enemies in various parts of the game, a hyperlink list of all the weapons, equipment and skills, as well as many other helpful resources regarding the build. Please take some time to check everything out and I hope you like the build as much as I do.[/color]

Invincible Sentinel
Holodome Badass Round
Self Loathing & Despair
Denial Subroutine
Eclipse & EOS
Eclipse & EOS w/ Pepperbox & Pitchfork’s
Level 9 Mutator Arena
Level 9 Mutator Arena w/ Harder Waves
Level 9 Mutator Arena w/ Sh4dow-TP

Below are the links to my build at different levels. You probably noticed that I was using Bottled Courage in a couple of the videos, but the build’s DPS was far better with Faster ‘n You, so I now use that instead. This build uses the blue rarity of the High-rollin’ Crapshooter class mod as shown below:

This is the level 70 build

This is the level 60 build

This is the level 50 build

This is the level 26 build

Here is a video demonstration of the level 26 build in TVHM killing Flame Knuckle.

You will find that this build is a little different from other Nisha builds you may have seen as it utilizes Rarin’ to go with Jakobs / non-automatic weapons. My Nisha build is very well optimized, and I have spent a great many hours testing and researching all of the skills and weapons the build uses. If you have taken some time to watch the videos above, hopefully you can appreciate just how great this build of mine really is.

Below you will see there are dps numbers next to all of the weapons. These are their in-game field tested actual dps when used with my build with badass ranks off. Clicking on that dps number will take you to a video of that weapon being tested against Eclipse to calculate the weapons dps. Eclipse has 185,000,000 total Health and Shield at level 70 in UVHM. 70,000,000 is his Shield and 115,000,000 is his Health, knowing this I was able to come up with the dps for all the weapons.

***Clicking on the name of an item or skill listed will direct you to a level 70 screenshot of that item or skill.***

Equipped Weapons:

Two Fer Luck Cannon (4,302,326 dps)
Doc’s Flayer (13,214,286 dps)
Boss Gatling Gun (3,303,571 dps)
Two Fer Iron (12,333,333 dps)

Alternate Weapons:

Dastardly Luck Cannon (3,557,692 dps)
Doc’s Striker (3,627,451 dps)
Boss Hammer Buster II (1,541,667 dps)
Laser Disker (1,400,000 dps)
Tumtum Skullmasher (3,490,566 dps)
Pacifying Pitchfork (7,500,000 dps) Shock/Corrosive (16,818,182 dps)
Dastardly Maggie (6,851,852 dps)
Two Fer Maggie (8,043,478 dps)
Dastardly Pepperbox (10,882,353 dps)
Dastardly Iron (4,868,421 dps)
Doc’s Coach Gun (9,736,842 dps)
Doc’s Quad (20,555,556 dps)

The Gear:

Shield of Ages
High-rollin’ Crapshooter Class Mod
Homing Cryo Transfusion
Arctic Tranquility Oz Kit

[color=Beige]The Skills:


[color=limegreen] Law & Order [/color]

[[color=lime] 4/4 [/color][color=lightgreen] Law[/color]][63] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightgreen] Order[/color]][64] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightgreen] Rough Rider[/color]][65] [[color=chocolate] 4/5 [/color][color=lightgreen] Wanted[/color]][66] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightgreen] Discipline[/color]][67] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightgreen] Blood of the Guilty[/color]][68] [[color=chocolate] 4/5 [/color][color=lightgreen] Jurisdiction[/color]][69] [[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=lightgreen] Rarin’ To Go[/color]][70] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightgreen] Thunder Crackdown[/color]][71]

[color=deepskyblue] Fan the Hammer [/color]

[[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=skyblue] Saddle Up[/color]][72] [[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=skyblue] Magnificent Six[/color]][73] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=skyblue] Short Fused[/color]][74] [[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=skyblue] Faster ‘n You[/color]][75] [[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=skyblue] Hell’s Comin’ With Me![/color]][76] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=skyblue] One For Each of Ya[/color]][77]

[color=indianred] The Riflewoman[/color]

[[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=lightcoral] Bona Fide Grit[/color]][78] [[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=lightcoral] Quick Shot[/color]][79] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightcoral] Fistfull of Bullets[/color]][80] [[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=lightcoral] Hot Lead[/color]][81] [[color=aqua]6[/color][color=chocolate]/5 [/color][color=lightcoral] Trick Shot[/color]][82] [[color=aqua]11[/color][color=lime]/5 [/color][color=lightcoral] Tombstone[/color]][83] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightcoral] The Unforgiven[/color]][84]

Skill & Equipment Analysis:

Bomber Oz Kit vs Tranquility Oz Kit Comparison With Dastardly Luck Cannon – Post #120
Hell’s Comin’ With Me! Trigger percent based on magazine size with 5/5 skill points – Post #270
Hell’s vs High Noon Comparison with Dastardly Luck Cannon & Two Fer Luck Cannon – Post #149

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Hopefully you enjoyed taking a look at my build and the videos I have made. Please don’t forget to click the like button below if you have enjoyed viewing my thread so that I know all of my time and hard work I have put into this is appreciated by you! And thank you very much for taking the time to take a look at my build.

[NEW] Wiki, Age, Model, Family, Career | nisha – Vietnamnhanvan

Nisha Ghimire is from India and she is a model. Nisha Ghimire had an accident. But due to her poor conditions. She doesn’t get proper treatment in the hospital. Nisha Ghimire’s Health is getting poor day by day. A Kathmandu Thapathali-based Norvic Hospital has begun an action to give free treatment to the famous model Nisha Ghimire.

Nisha Ghimire is a model. She was injured in a road accident in Dehradun, India. She can’t afford proper treatment due to her financial problem. Now the Thapathali-based Norvic Hospital is providing free treatment to her. She was admitted to the hospital on Afternoon Thursday. Thereafter, she was brought from her house in Bhaisepati.

Nisha Ghimire Biography – Wiki, Profile, About

Nisha Ghimire a model from India. She has an accident and she doesn’t get a good treat. Due to that, her health conditions are becoming worst. She can’t afford medical treatment Expenses due to lack of money. A person Durga said that the Thapathali-based Norvic Hospital is providing free treatment to the Model Nisha Ghimire. According to the sources her health is better now.



Nisha Ghimire Age, Family, Siblings

Nisha Ghimire Age as well as her about her family is not known. We don’t find any information related to the Nisha Ghimire Parents and Siblings. As soon as we will find any information about Nisha Ghimire we will update it here.

Nisha Ghimire Height, Weight, Appearance

Nisha Ghimire Height, Weight, Physical Appearance are not known. She keeps her personal life private. Nisha Ghimire Never revealed anything about her early life.

Nisha Ghimire was injured in a road accident when she was n Dehradun, India. She was studying Modeling. But after her accident, she was brought to Kathmandu. Due to her poor financial conditions, she is not able to take proper treatment. But after all these Norvic Hospital is giving her free treatment.

Real Name Nisha Ghimire Also Known as Nisha Ghimire Profession Model Famous For Modeling Hobbies Not Known Physical Status Age Not Known Height Not Known Weight Not Known Body Measurement Not Known Eye Colour Not Known Hair Colour Not Known Personal Information Date of Birth Not Known Birth Place Nepal Zodiac sign Not Known Religion Not Known Current City Kathmandu, Nepal Hometown Nepal Nationality Nepal School Name Not Known College Name Not Known Qualifications Graduate Family Profile Father Name Not Known Mother Name Not Known Brother Name Not Known Sister Name Not Known Marital Status Not Known Husband Name Not Known Career Source Of Income Modeling Appeared In Not Known Salary Not Known Net Worth Not Known Social Sites Facebook






ALSO SEARCH – Yagava Munivar Wikipedia – Biodata, Age, Death

Nisha Ghimire Career, Qualification, Education

Nisha Ghimire came to India for modeling. She is a famous Model and Actress who acted in three dozen music videos. There is nothing much data about Nisha Ghimire Career, Education, as well as her Qualification. Soon we will update the complete Nisha Ghimire Biodata here.

Nisha Ghimire Net Worth, Salary, Source of Income

Nisha Ghimire Net Worth is not estimated. But According to the news, we found that she is facing financial problems, due to that is also not able to take proper treatment for herself. So there is not worth she has yet. Nisha Ghimire is in poor condition and taking a hospital name Thapathali-based Norvic Hospital providing her free treatment.

Lesser Known Facts About Nisha Ghimire

Nisha, who came to India to review acting three years ago, had an accident in Dehradun. She was treated in India for some time after the accident. However, due to financial constraints, his family brought her to Nepal. After responding to Nepal, she was treated in the hospital for several months. However, her financial condition made it difficult for her to get medical treatment. Her health was deteriorating at home.

ALSO SEARCH – Zinoleesky Biography – Age, Girlfriend, Profile, Career

FAQ”s About Nisha Ghimire Biography

Q. Who is Nisha Ghimire?

Ans. She is a Model, who came for modeling.

Q. What is the Age of the Nisha Ghimire?

Ans. Not Known.

Q. What is the Net Worth of the Nisha Ghimire?

Ans. Nisha Ghimire Total Net Worth is not estimated yet.

Q. Who is the Husband of Nisha Ghimire?

Ans. Not Known.


Mascara Chillies
Ca khúc từ Album \”Qua Khung Cửa Sổ của Chillies:
Spotify: https://wmvn.lnk.to/albumQKCS/spotify
Apple Music: https://wmvn.lnk.to/albumQKCS/applemusic
Itunes: https://wmvn.lnk.to/albumQKCS/itunes
Đặt physical album tại: https://chillies.lnk.to/order​

\”Em Đừng Khóc\” Một ca khúc từ Album \”Qua Khung Cửa Sổ\”: https://youtu.be/zZWICdCVKXo

Song credits:
Sản xuất/Hòa âm phối khí: Chillies
Mix \u0026 master: Bảo Lê (BS16 Production)
Phát hành bài hát: Warner Music Group
Tác giả ca khúc: Trần Duy Khang
MV credits:
Sản xuất: Quân, Ngô Minh Nghĩa F.N.P
Đạo diễn: Quân
Quản lý sản xuất: Coconut, Anh Le
Đạo diễn hình ảnh: Ngô Minh Nghĩa F.N.P
Diễn viên: Châu Dương, Duy Khang
Quay phim: Minh Mini F.N.P
Trợ lý quay: Hải Bằng
Phục trang: Coconut
Biên tập: Anh le
Làm màu: Trương Quốc Phương
Chân thành cảm ơn sự giúp đỡ của các bạn/anh chị
Lê Trúc Anh
Trung Rơm
Dasha Nguyễn
Ray Lavers
Jessie Trần
Nhà24 Đà Lạt
Dalat Minsk Adventure
Chó Sữa và Mít
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chilliesmusic/
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Spotify: https://wmvn.lnk.to/chillies/Spotify
Apple Music: https://wmvn.lnk.to/chillies/AppleMusic
All rights belong to Chillies
Do not reupload.

Câu tạm biệt em nói trên môi
Anh biết đây là đêm cuối bên nhau mà thôi
Nhìn lại từng khoảnh khắc từng tồn tại, ta từng khờ dại
Mắt em nhoà đi mascara
Em trách anh không đi đến nơi gọi là nhà
Dù vạn ngày cũng chẳng để lại gì
Tim mình thầm thì
Mình còn lại gì ngoài cuộc gọi 2 giờ đêm?
Mình còn lại gì ngoài ngày dường như dài thêm?
Nụ cười mà ta vô tình bỏ lại trên môi em sớm mai giờ xa khuất
Mình còn lại gì ngoài ngàn lời yêu đã trao?
Mình còn lại gì ngoài tình đã phai từ hôm nào?
Lại một ngày trôi đi về mây ngàn
Em đi cùng đêm tàn, mờ sương khói
Câu tạm biệt em nói trên môi
Anh biết đây là đêm cuối ta say mà thôi
Nhìn lại từng khoảnh khắc từng tồn tại, ta từng khờ dại
Mắt em nhoà đi mascara
Em trách anh không đi đến nơi gọi là nhà
Dù vạn ngày cũng chẳng để lại gì
Tim mình thầm thì
Mình còn lại gì ngoài cuộc gọi 2 giờ đêm?
Mình còn lại gì ngoài ngày dường như dài thêm?
Nụ cười mà ta vô tình bỏ lại trên môi em sớm mai giờ xa khuất
Mình còn lại gì ngoài ngàn lời yêu đã trao?
Mình còn lại gì ngoài tình đã phai từ hôm nào?
Lại một ngày trôi đi về mây ngàn
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Mình còn lại gì ngoài cuộc gọi 2 giờ đêm?
Mình còn lại gì ngoài ngày dường như dài thêm?
Nụ cười mà ta vô tình bỏ lại trên môi em sớm mai giờ xa khuất
Mình còn lại gì ngoài ngàn lời yêu đã trao?
Mình còn lại gì ngoài tình đã phai từ hôm nào?
Lại một ngày trôi đi về mây ngàn
Em đi cùng đêm tàn, mờ sương khói
Mình còn lại gì ngoài cuộc gọi 2 giờ đêm?
Mình còn lại gì ngoài ngày dường như dài thêm?
Nụ cười mà ta vô tình bỏ lại trên môi em sớm mai giờ xa khuất
Mình còn lại gì ngoài ngàn lời yêu đã trao?
Mình còn lại gì ngoài tình đã phai từ hôm nào?
Lại một ngày trôi đi về mây ngàn
Em đi cùng đêm tàn, mờ sương khói
Câu tạm biệt em nói trên môi
Anh biết đây là đêm cuối ta say mà thôi
Nhìn lại từng khoảnh khắc từng tồn tại, ta từng khờ dại
Chillies Mascara

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูความรู้เพิ่มเติมที่นี่

Mascara - Chillies x BLAZE  [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Vishal \u0026 Shekhar, Shahid Mallya, Nisha Mascarenhas, Marianne D’cruz Aiman – Kukkad

Kukkad’ from ‘Student of the Year’ is Kukkad is a quintessential BhangraPop composition. It’s one of those songs which have the fusion of modernbeats and a desitune, making a perfect dance party package. The movie is a Bollywood young romantic comedydirected by Karan Johar and produced by Hiroo Yash Johar under the banner of Dharma Productions and in collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment. The movie features newcomers Sidharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt in the leadroles with Rishi Kapoor, Sana Saeed, Ronit Roy, Ram Kapoor and Farida Jalal in supporting roles.

Song Name Kukkad
Movie Student Of The Year
Singer Shahid Mallya and Nisha Mascarenhas and Marianne
Composer Shekhar Ravjiani and Vishal Dadlani
Lyricists Anvita Dutt
Music Label Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.
© 2012 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.
Vevo http://www.youtube.com/user/sonymusic…
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Vishal \u0026 Shekhar, Shahid Mallya, Nisha Mascarenhas, Marianne D'cruz Aiman - Kukkad

W33 mid vs NISHA — Batrider vs Invoker

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►W33 mid vs NISHA — Batrider vs Invoker
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● !Attacker, The Best Kunkka: https://goo.gl/GxY6Wc
● Sumail, the Best Storm Spirit: https://goo.gl/hYiG9D
● Dendi, The Living Legend: https://goo.gl/ejukAh
● Arteezy, Positive Mental Attitude: https://goo.gl/BRjquU
● w33, The Imba w33haa: https://goo.gl/Mwc7Pb
● s4, The Son of Magnus: https://goo.gl/NcY5It
● Ar1se, The Best Magnus: https://goo.gl/sYvMy7
● Manila Major Epic Game: https://goo.gl/xLIQ5q
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W33 mid vs NISHA — Batrider vs Invoker

Makki ki Roti – Sarson ka Saag | मक्की की रोटी – सरसों का साग | CookWithNisha

Makki ki Roti Sarson ka Saag Recipe| Traditional Village Cooking | CookWithNisha
Sarson ka Saag aur Makke di Roti sardiyo me na khaya to kya khaya, aur agar desi style me bana ho to dekhte hi muh me paani aa jaye, to bas Video ko end tak dekho aur Like Share and Channel ko Subscribe karo…
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Cook With Nisha is your friendly guide to learning and improving your cooking skills, with a dash of humour thrown in for good measure. Cook With Nisha contains everything you need, from junk food recipes to kids’ lunch recipe ideas, from Indian cuisines to Italian cuisines, from kitchen organisation ideas to food preparation ideas, and from kitchen hacks to save you time, money, and unnecessary effort to all the food hacks you can possibly imagine.

Our goal is to both enlighten and entertain our viewers as Nisha cooks \u0026 simplifies them with you so that cooking does not seem like a task but turn into your favourite hobby. Sharing the flavours of life from Garhwal to Noida, Nisha shares her food recipes, kitchen hacks, and vlogs that keep your taste buds alive, and your body healthy.

Learn to cook, bake, recreate, compare and improve the recipes of all costly food chain menus and impress your loved ones with our delicious mouth watering recipes. Cook With Nisha is more than simply a culinary show about Indian \u0026 western food recipes; it’s a family that spends time together making memories.

Watch our videos every Thursday \u0026 learn new dishes and kitchen hacks or food hacks with us as we entertain you with our comical presentation.

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Makki ki Roti - Sarson ka Saag | मक्की की रोटी - सरसों का साग | CookWithNisha


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Thể theo nhiều lời yêu cầu của các bạn (◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞
Sáng tác: Duy Khang Thể hiện: Chillies
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นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูบทความเพิ่มเติมในหมวดหมู่Wiki

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