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After you’ve learned the basic elements of Dota 2, such as the items, hero abilities and so on, the next step is to learn how each role is supposed to be played, in order for you to be effective within your team.

These roles are almost a given and they’re similar to what you see in other team-based sports. For example, you wouldn’t play as the goalkeeper in football (soccer) and then leave your post every time an attacking opportunity arises. Otherwise, your teammates would assume that you’re simply trolling them or don’t understand how the game works.

Every position has its own set of requirements, in the sense that there are specific things expected of you during the game and specific qualities you must possess for doing well at playing the role. Both the actions involved in playing each position, as well as the qualities that you must develop to thrive at it, will be presented in this guide. You should expect to achieve a much better understanding of what you’re supposed to do in every given role as a result of reading this. And the lower your current MMR, the greater the results that you’ll experience immediately after gaining the knowledge that I’m about to give you. Players who have a significantly higher MMR than you, also have a significantly better understanding of the game. And that includes the principles and ideas presented in this guide.

Table of contents

Carry (or Hard Carry)

I choose.. Carry!

Position description

The Carry position is well suited for people who have a thorough understanding of farm efficiency, item choices, timings, power spikes, hero matchups and team-fighting. It’s a very difficult role to play and constitutes a double-edged sword: succeed at it and your chances of winning are much higher, fail at it and you’re almost guaranteed to doom your entire team.

Dota 2 players tend to hate their Carry because a lot of times, he doesn’t do a very good job but insists on playing the role at the start of the game. So keep in mind that if you go for the Carry role, people will expect you to make a lot of good decisions and actually carry them to a victory.

Required qualities

Playing well from the Carry position requires you to have at the minimum the following qualities:

  • Good communication skills: this is essential because you constantly need to coordinate with your team and let them know what they need to do to set you up for success. This is true not only in the start of the game, when you are usually helpless and totally dependent on your supports to give you an easy lane to farm on, but also throughout the match.
  • Patience: the last thing you want to do as a carry is to fight needlessly or go head-first into every battle without any kind of setup from your initiators. You’re supposed to be the main farmer and damage dealer in your team, so making either of these mistakes will often lead to defeat. In the first case, because you will fall back in farm. And in the second case, because you’ll become the focal point of the enemy team’s hero abilities and die at the start of every fight.


As a Carry, your team expects you to farm creeps whenever there’s no need for you to fight along with them in order to attain or defend a goal such as a Tower, a set of Barracks, Roshan and so on. You’re the main investment of the lineup, which means you’re being given farm priority and protection in the early game, so that you can become as strong as possible, as fast as possible, and outfarm the enemy cores. In turn, this allows you to impose your own rhythm on the game and dictate where fights take place and around which objectives.

If you play the Carry role, you have a responsibility to know when you need to fight and when you need to farm. And then you should absolutely know how to do both properly and invest your gold in the right items. Any mistake that you make will translate into a big disadvantage for your team.

What carry to pick

Common heroes

Among the most common heroes being played in the Carry role these days are Spectre, Phantom Assassin, Slark, Gyrocopter and Juggernaut. There are many others of course, and what you choose is often a matter of personal style. However, keep in mind that some heroes are very weak against others and that based on the game meta, some are at a disadvantage right from the start, regardless of matchups.

The main thing to remember is that a naturally strong hero will be much stronger in the right hands. So playing one or two or even three heroes over and over until you’ve mastered them is much wiser than playing 20 heroes at a poor level.


Best players to learn from

Some of the best Carry players in the game are Arteezy, Nicha, Miracle, ana, RAMZES666 and Ace.


Mid (Ganker or Semi-Carry)

Role of Mider

Position description

The Mid position is the most intensive role in the game from a mechanical perspective. Especially in the laning phase, when you need to block the first wave of creeps and then approach the mid-lane battle the with an excellent understanding of what you need to do in order to get as many last hits and denies as possible, harass your opponent or at least, don’t get harassed out of the lane. Not to mention the ganks that often come your way and require you to constantly keep an eye on the minimap.

As the Mid of the team, you’re expected to win your lane (in other words, have more networth than your opponent at the 7-10 minute mark) and then help your team in making plays, killing enemy heroes and taking objectives around the map. You shouldn’t do this more than your hero allows you of course, but you shouldn’t assume that you are the carry in most cases. Your team needs to be active, push out lanes and participate in the action as often as possible. Otherwise the other team will constantly pressure your carry and your towers. In Dota 2, in order for one player to have the space in which he can farm, others have to create that space and keep the enemy team busy.

Required qualities

This is a mechanically intensive role, as every last hit, deny or act of aggression against the enemy hero in the mid-lane creates a constant need to make decisions in the blink of an eye. So one thing that you certainly need as a Mid player is a healthy APM (actions per minute) and excellent micro-decision making. All of this can be developed of course and there’s a huge difference between strong players and average ones. It may not be visible for the untrained eye, but the battle for creeps in the mid-lane is very technical during the laning phase.

Another key quality that you must have is awareness. This is not easy to develop however, simply because your mind is constantly occupied with taking all of those small decisions mentioned previously. So in the midst of that, keeping an eye on the minimap and figuring out when you might get ganked is quite challenging.


The responsibilities you have as a Mid player are varied. But they mostly revolve around pushing out the lanes, assisting your team in claiming or defending objectives, and making space for your carry. So you’re a part-time farmer and part-time ganker.

As the Mid-laner of your team, you are expected to put pressure and partly carry the game. You may not be given the number 1 farm priority during the game, but you’re still expected to be one of the most farmed heroes on your team. If you play the role properly, you will often be the most farmed hero during the majority of each game and secretly, the real carry of the team.

Common heroes

There are dozens of different heroes that can be played in the mid-lane. And each of them has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. If you want a solid ganker, get a Queen of Pain or a Shadow Fiend. If you want a hero that’s difficult to kill after the first 5-10 minutes of the game, get a Storm Spirit, an Ember Spirit or a Dragon Knight. If you want something that farms really fast, get a Templar Assassin or an Outworld Devourer. The options are very numerous and it’s all a matter of personal skill, preference and the needs of the matchup. For example, picking an Invoker into a Broodmother or a Visage is not the best idea, unless you’re incredibly good at playing him.

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Best players to learn from

Some of the best Mid players in the game are Miracle, No[o]ne, SumaiL, Sumiya and Topson.



Role of Offlaner

Position description

As an Offlaner, you’re the abandoned cause during the early game and the initiator, sustainer and space creator during the rest of the game. Of course, being an abandoned cause doesn’t mean you won’t get any help, but it does mean that your supports will leave you to your own devices most of the time. And that’s because they need to prioritize your Carry’s farm and then the Mid’s. You come 3rd in the hierarchy and that means you’re almost always on your own.

Required qualities

Playing as an Offlaner is more than often a grueling experience. Doing it properly requires you to have an immense amount of patience and mental fortitude. And that’s because the role will feel like torture during the first 3-5 minutes of the game. You will fall behind and have a feeling that you’re becoming useless. Sometimes you will get killed repeatedly and forced out of the lane. All of this beat down can make people fall into despair, a feeling of helplessness and so on.

What you need to do as an Offlaner is look for ways to get as much as you can out of your lane without getting killed. If you can at least get some levels and a few last hits here and there, you’ve pretty much done your job as long as the enemy supports are kept busy. You should cause enough chaos so that the Position 4 and Position 5 Supports from the other team must stay with their Carry and prevent you from ruining his early game. In turn, that gives your Mid and your Carry easier and more predictable lanes. But if you rush to the jungle and abandon your lane immediately after you encounter challenges, these 2 supports will give their carry solo experience in the lane and will start to roam around the map, putting pressure on your other 2 cores.


Offlane: what is it and how to play on this position

In the early game, your main responsibility is to get levels and be annoying. Think of a Tidehunter or a Bristleback who’s always in the enemy carry’s face, obstructing his ability to farm, keeping his supports occupied and making space for the other two lanes, so that they may be won.

Later on, you will want to farm when you can and what you can, use your gold to buy sustainability items (such as Crimson Guard, Pipe of Insight, Vladmir’s Offering, Mana Boots, Guardian Greaves and so on) and initiation items (Blink Dagger and Force Staff) for your team, and play the role of the initiator during fights. You’re also supposed to be the tank of the team in most cases, in the sense that you should actively seek to force the enemy lineup to unload their crowd control abilities and most of their damage on you. The last thing you want to do is to stay back, play like a coward and let your Carry, Mid or supports to absorb the damage. If you do that, you will lose key members of your lineup early on into every team fight, and then stand no chance of winning it because there’s nobody left to do damage, stun, slow and so on.

As the Offlaner, you should think of yourself as the real hero of the team and be ready to die for the cause whenever fights break out. It’s much better if you get killed than to lose your Carry or Mid. They need to survive as often as possible and grow stronger with every battle. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should jump right in regardless of the situation. It simply means that you should play with more courage than the rest of your lineup.

Common heroes

The most common heroes being played in the Offlane (also known as the Hard Lane) are those who are very durable or mobile right from the start of the game. You are usually asked to fight in a 1 v 2 or even a 1 v 3 situation, so you’d better pick something that can match multiple heroes, survive their harassment and still get enough experience and farm to grow stronger as the game progresses. Examples of heroes that are perfect for this role are Tidehunter, Timbersaw, Legion Commander, Dark Seer, Underlord, Faceless Void, Weaver (sometimes), Lone Druid, Phoenix and Bristleback. Whatever you pick, be prepared to be left alone for the majority of the laning phase. A good Offlaner is one that is self-sufficient.


Best players to learn from

Among the best players to learn from when it comes to playing as Offlaner are UNiVeRsE, AdmiralBulldog, MinD_ContRoL and iceiceice.


Position 4 Support (Roamer)

Some facts about roaming

Position description

In the early game, the Position 4 Support, also known as the Ganker or Roamer, has a very simple but often quite challenging mission: to anticipate where the enemy team will put pressure and prepare with a counter-initiation or, to identify weak spots and help create kills in those spots. Very often, a Roamer will make his presence felt in the mid-lane and safe-lane (his own) and hit there as often as possible when the enemy team doesn’t expect.

Required qualities

The most important quality for this role is patience. Coupled with an excellent map awareness and the ability to read what your opponents are trying to do, you can figure out where the strength of his pieces (heroes) will be and where you need to be in order to make sure that your lanes can withstand the pressure or, even better, that the enemy lanes collapse under yours.


What you need to do is similar to what the Offlaner needs to do: create space for your cores. But the way in which you do this has to lead to kills or other advantages. At the very worst, you must be there for your Mid and Carry when they themselves get ganked, and have a way of protecting them.

Another thing that you should do is known as rune control. Every time a power rune spawns, you should be there and at least check to see what it is. Even if you can’t pick it up yourself or secure it for your Mid, knowing that it’s an Invisibility rune or a Double Damage rune can often prevent the loss of one or more team members. At the same time, it can allow you to secure a kill if you pick it up.

The Position 4 Support buys some of the utility items for the teams, such as Observer Wards and Sentry Wards, but only when required by the Position 5 Support and the rest of the team. From this role, you should aim to become a semi-core as the game progresses, and prioritize your ability to roam successfully to the detriment of spending essential gold on consumables.

Common heroes

Some of the most common heroes that are played as Position 4 Support are the following: Earth Spirit, Earth Shaker, Elder Titan, Bane, Pudge, Undying and Wind Ranger. There are many others of course, so it’s entirely up to you.

Earth Spirit

Best players to learn from

Some of the best players to learn from when it comes to this role are GH from Team Liquid, RodjER from Virtus.pro and YapzOr from Team Secret.


Position 5 Support (Babysitter)

Role of Support

Position description

In spite of seeming to be the least impactful role of the five, Position 5 Support is just as essential as the rest and at the highest level of Dota 2, team captains always play this role. The reason is simple: since it’s less intensive in terms of mechanics, it allows you to take a much deeper look at the game and figure out the big picture: what needs to be done to succeed? Captains always think about the macro elements or the overall strategy. They are the ones who do most of the communication within the team, and guide people along the way. Without this guidance, instead of having a cohesive and synchronized lineup, you have 5 players doing completely random things on the map. And the results are often disastrous.

Required qualities

The qualities you need to play this role are quite sophisticated and difficult to develop: selflessness, the ability to communicate with your team and make them listen to you, the ability to read the game and strategize for success, the ability to call the shots in key situations and so on. All of these are traits of a good Position 5 Support and a good captain.

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Initially, you will be tasked with buying most of the wards and consumables in general. And your main objective for the first 5-10 minutes of the game will be to babysit your carry, pull creeps and make sure that everything goes well on your safe lane. Give your carry as much solo experience as possible, but don’t go too far away. Because you never know when you’ll be needed.

Common heroes

Examples of heroes being played in this role are Dazzle, Witch Doctor, Shadow Shaman, Rubick and others.

Witch Doctor

Best players to learn from

The best players to learn from when it comes to this role are the captains of the best teams in the world: Puppey from Team Secret, Fly from Evil Geniuses, ppd from Ninjas in Pyjamas, Solo from Virtus.pro, KuroKy from Team Liquid and so on.



Dota 2 is team based game and also a role based game. Understanding your role within your team and playing it to perfection will inevitably lead to improved results and a much better win rate. If you want to become a better Dota 2 player, don’t try to master everything at once. Play one or two roles that are connected to each other in some way (such as Mid and Carry or Position 4 and Position 5 support). And in those roles, play 3-5 heroes until you’ve mastered them. If you want to increase your MMR, this is the surest path to success.


The Best DOTA 2 Heroes for Beginners

GOSU.AI is grateful to Radu Muresan for this article!
March 14, 2019

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[Update] Dota 2 hero tier list | TI10 edition (October 2021) | all hero dota 2 – Vietnamnhanvan

Image via ValveImage via ValveImage via ValveImage via ValveImage via ValveImage via ValveScreengrab via [Valve](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXBpMy9VgNU)Image via Valve

Dota 2’s metagame is notorious for shifting and changing courses on a dime given the flexible nature of hero roles and the huge impact items have on the game. These days especially, diverse tournament metas are to be expected with only a handful of heroes going unpicked.

At the highest levels of play, games can be won or lost even before the creeps spawn. Having a good hero composition can spell the difference between a struggle to breach high ground or a team with heroes that complement each other and form a well-oiled machine.

This tier list—based on the current competitive metagame—outlines which heroes are picked most often by professional teams and those that stand out in terms of win percentages. Note that this list will not include every single hero, mainly because there are simply too many in Dota to count. Instead, we’ll break the list down to roughly 40 of the most popular and effective heroes.

With the year’s unprecedented circumstances, 7.30 dropped less than two months before the start of TI10. And its latest subpatch, 7.30d, nerfed some dominant heroes barely two weeks before the event. 

Combined with how The International—as important as it is—always develops its own meta, surging picks that dominated public matchmaking have also shown up on stage, while some old reliables make a return. Here is our Dota 2 hero tier list.

Tier one+

  • Monkey King
  • Tiny
  • Io

While the biggest Dota 2 event ever will be lacking spectators, it won’t lack Monkey King, Tiny, or Io. Of the 144 matches played in the group stage, Monkey King was picked or banned 141 times, 138 for Io, and 137 for Tiny, mostly in the first drafting phase. These three heroes are the cream of the crop and expect to see massive nerfs after TI10 concludes.

Monkey King

Image via Valve

Few heroes in Dota 2 have represented as much flexibility as Monkey King does in his current form, whether it’s roles or item builds. He’s ubiquitous and inevitable, and while many Dota players find safety in the trees, Sun Wukong denies that security and reigns supreme.

His 110 bans—with Tiny at 93 a distant second—are well deserved. When let through the ban phase, he has nearly a 62-percent win rate thus far at TI10. He’s viable from positions one to five, though four has been the most common spot for him. His strength in the carry and mid positions have been well-documented, often able to bully out opposing laners by himself if given a good matchup.

It’s his support role that’s interesting to examine. He can permanently play on the trees with Tree Dance, presenting an invisible, looming threat at all times. He’s also less easily scouted through common Observer and Sentry ward spots since he takes unorthodox paths. Players are electing to skip boots entirely—since they’re useless if you’re never walking—opting for Orb of Corrosion to buff up his early ganking and giving Wukong’s Command a light slow and armor reduction effect. Then, building items that can be cast from a long range, such as Orchid Malevolence and even Rod of Atos, allows him to contribute all while safely perched on branches.


Tiny is another flexible pick, historically known to be a reliable mid or ganking position four. But carry Tiny is taking over the tournament thanks to an ultra-reliable item build that rarely fails to make opposing structures quiver in fear: Power Treads into Echo Sabre, Silver Edge, and Aghanim’s Shard.

If you can’t get away with it, stop off for a Black King Bar or cap off your build with a Satanic. With Tiny’s Shard upgrade, Tree Grab becomes permanent, allowing the hero to whack down towers in mere seconds. Enemies can’t walk the map freely or risk an invisible Tiny clearing out half their team in mere seconds.

The Stone Giant will continue to terrorize the tournament, though he’s slightly less ban-worthy due to his more cut-and-dry purpose. 


Though dreams—or nightmares, depending on which side you’re on—of carry Io continue to terrorize many Dota 2 fans thanks to OG at TI9, the hero has returned to his more traditional role of buffing and supporting a core, seeing play mostly at both support positions.

The hero hasn’t changed much in concept. Tether and Overcharge remains one of the best buffing abilities in the game, while Relocate is equally good as an offensive tool to close down the map for your opponents and a defensive one to save allies or allow them to cut waves with little investment. Spirits is a decent scouting tool with its flying vision—helps against Monkey King—and provides supplementary magic damage.

But it was OG, once again, who might have thought up an unorthodox use for the hero. Ceb experimented with off lane Io in two separate games against Evil Geniuses and Undying. Along with a strong melee four—Tusk and Elder Titan, respectively—OG crushed the laning phases and allowed Ceb to pick up an early Holy Locket to make himself and his partner nearly unkillable. 

Secret’s zai tried it with lesser success and PSG.LGD’s Faith_bian is also experimenting with the hero in pubs. So expect the Wisp to remain a high-priority pick and ban, though some surprises could still happen.

Tier one

  • Weaver
  • Elder Titan
  • Tidehunter
  • Snapfire
  • Earthshaker

Tier one belongs to heroes who make an appearance in almost every drafting stage, whether it’s for their role flexibility, the versatility to fit any draft, or a unique skill set that no other hero can replicate.


Image via Valve

Weaver’s multiple buffs in 7.30 catapulted the hero into even more of a lane dominator. While he’s still played in his traditional carry role, he’s often moved to a support role, relying on his high mobility throughout the game.

In lane, support Weavers tend to use their high base damage and Shukuchi to win trading wars. The Swam’s armor reduction and hits required to take down are annoying and retain usefulness later in the game as a scouting tool and Roshan taker. 

Weavers generally skip boots and buy an Urn of Shadows or the upgraded Spirit Vessel before completing whatever utility the team requires, like Lotus Orb or Solar Crest. It’s his Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade that truly unlocks his support potential, however, allowing Time Lapse to be cast on allies.

Elder Titan

Elder Titan mainly sees play in the support position, occasionally moved up to an off lane role. Elder Titan relies on multiples units to make Astral Spirit effective, thus making him a far more efficient side laner. Often seen chunking down enemy laners, usually one-vs-two, he tends to let his laning partner free farm or clean up easy fights.

The Worldsmith’s scouting and setup ability is strong as well, with Astral Spirit and Echo Stomp always a good AoE deterrent whether it’s on the high ground or Roshan pit. Natural Order remains one of the best auras in the game, usually forcing high agility carries like Morphling and Terrorblade to itemize differently against it, while Earth Spitter’s delay buff has made it slightly more dependable.

Even without items, the Titan is a terrifying threat, but Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard change how the hero plays. His Scepter upgrade gives him spell immunity depending on how many heroes he hits, while Shard allows him to instantly switch places with his Spirit. Now, instead of standing on the backlines, he’s shining golden and whacking down his enemies.

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If there’s a TI, there will be Tidehunter. The hero’s mix of tankiness and massive teamfight often proves to be a winning combination. Kraken Shell means he’s usually able to get off his Ravage—except when faced with counters like Disruptor’s Static Storm or Doom’s ultimate, also popular heroes in the meta.

Most commonly played as a three, Leviathan rarely outright loses his lane due to Kraken Shell’s damage block and Anchor Smash’s damage reduction and provides some kill threat thanks to Gush’s high damage, armor reduction, and slow. There’s always the backup plan to retreat to the jungle with Anchor Smash. The hero has been flexed to the support positions, however, with more emphasis placed on providing a relatively tanky body and Ravage before dying.


Screengrab via Valve

Beatrix Snapfire was relatively untouched in the big 7.30 patch with some minor buffs and even saw another laning buff in 7.30c. Surprisingly, she’s become one of the picks of the tournament as an adaptable support that can buy pretty much anything the team needs due to her item independence.

Players tend to focus on either one of Scatterblast or Lil’ Shredder. Scatterblast is the better wave clear nuke, while Lil’ Shredder can be devastating against weak lanes and is one of the few instances of armor reduction abilities that works on towers. Firesnap Cookie is a versatile tool since its repositioning and stun allows for both aggression or retreat. Mortimer’s Kisses is great damage and low cooldown, allowing Snapfire to supplement any single-target gank or spray damage across a teamfight.


Like Tidehunter, Earthshaker is a hero that never seems to stay away from the TI stage. This time around, the hero is possibly more popular as a core.

Pure roamers tend to not be as popular anymore, with their weakness in lane often compounding into larger problems such as an overfarmed opponent carry. If he’s played as a roamer, he’s often paired with a self-sufficient off laner—though he’s now often the core himself. Virtus Pro also experimented with Earthshaker mid to great success against EG.

Enchant Totem is often taken to secure denies and its cheap cost makes it no problem to sustain even for Raigor’s small mana pool. A fast Blink Dagger can outright secure teamfights, while Aghanim’s Scepter is also a viable option, especially since it was buffed to provide cleave on Enchant Totem hits.

Of course, an Earthshaker meta has also induced Morphling’s popularity for the double dunks. It’s a popular strategy that will most definitely see play on the main stage.

Tier two

  • Lycan
  • Disruptor
  • Morphling
  • Lina
  • Storm Spirit
  • Invoker
  • Lion
  • Void Spirit
  • Doom
  • Ember Spirit
  • Medusa
  • Faceless Void
  • Spectre

Tier two represents stable picks in the meta that don’t merit instant bans or anything so extreme. Some of the heroes in this tier are ones you can safely pick without giving away too much of your game plan.


Image via Valve

Lycan is a beneficiary of the Helm of the Overlord buffs but unfortunately runs into a bit of a fit problem. Most teams have opted to no longer play Lycan as a safe laner, his traditional role—instead, mostly pushing him to the off lane.

Howl is a solid, underrated debuff that reduces opponents’ attack damage at a large range. He deals a lot of damage when Shapeshift is up but is underwhelming during its downtime. Summon Wolves serve as adequate reinforcements during the laning phase and can be used as invisible scouting.

The hero’s Aghanim’s Scepter, Wolf Bite, has become the priority upgrade for Lycans after completing Helm of the Overlord. It gives any carry the properties of Shapeshift, giving them a litany of positive effects like max movement speed, lifesteal, and critical chance. It helps most popular melee carries against enemy kiting, a common problem, allowing them to easily execute their game plan.

Ember Spirit

Ember Spirit’s new Aghanim’s Shard, which provides him an extra Fire Remnant when killing enemy heroes, has breathed new life into the hero. 

Ember Spirit is rarely played as a physical damage dealer anymore, instead focusing on magic with Maelstrom procs, before going into Aghanim’s Scepter and Refresher Orb. Along with the Shard, Xin focuses on high-speed teamfights that allow him to rush headlong into enemies, using the invulnerability during Sleight of Fist and quick Remnants to deal massive magic damage, then Refreshing for at least five more Remnants.

Tier three

  • Legion Commander
  • Nature’s Prophet
  • Terrorblade
  • Ursa
  • Sven
  • Beastmaster
  • Mars
  • Puck
  • Silencer
  • Magnus
  • Leshrac
  • Luna
  • Night Stalker

The heroes in tier three have proven to be effective over a limited number of games. They serve as good options for teams looking to diversify their drafts in an effort to become less predictable—or as niche picks to counter certain popular heroes.

Legion Commander

Image via Valve

Tresdin’s stock as an off laner seems to be rising, though some teams—OG and PSG.LGD—have experimented with her as a saving hard support.

Some off lane Legions have been going a curious build, rushing Helm of Iron Will to stay permanently in the lane with the item’s five health regen and six armor, then building into Armlet of Mordiggan, which has received several incremental buffs over the past few patches. This allows her to farm and fight adequately, instead of rushing a high-risk Blink Dagger, preventing the drastic fall-off that most Legions tend to go through in the mid-game.

Whether as a support or off laner, Legion’s Shard is one of the best in the game. On top of the strong dispel, Press the Attack provides two seconds of spell immunity, useful for sieging dangerous high grounds, as well as shrugging off annoying spells like Disruptor’s Static Storm and Kinetic Field.

This is not an end-all list of heroes to pick. As mentioned, the flexibility of roles and laning in Dota 2 means that even the most unorthodox picks and strategies can work at times. And with the huge variety of heroes available to play, there’s almost always a way to fit that one hero into your composition.

My Dota 2 mix sets 2019 (Detailed)

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My Dota 2 mix sets 2019 (Detailed)

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ES_A Place Among The Stars 2 Johannes Bornlöf
ES_A Place Among The Stars 3 Johannes Bornlöf
ES_And The Sky Shall Unfold 2 Johannes Bornlöf
ES_And The Sky Shall Unfold 3 Johannes Bornlöf
Music provided by EpidemicSound.com
Intro \u0026 Outro created by: www.youtube.com/user/TbdTofGermany
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Credits to Valve:
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Music Supplied by:
Music provided by EpidemicSound.com
Intro \u0026 Outro created by: www.youtube.com/user/TbdTofGermany
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Scriptor: Mônk
Editor: Đức Dendi
Voice: Mai Anh

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