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demon edge: คุณกำลังดูกระทู้

Record Submission


The demon the record was made on. Only demons in the top 150 are accepted. This excludes legacy demons!

  • #1 – Slaughterhouse
    by icedcave
  • #2 – Firework
    by Trick
  • #3 – Trueffet
    by SyQual
  • #4 – Tartarus
    by Dolphy
  • #5 – arcturus
    by Maxfs
  • #6 – Sonic Wave Infinity
    by APTeamOfficial
  • #7 – The Golden
    by BoBoBoBoBoBoBo
  • #8 – Hard Machine
    by Komp
  • #9 – Zodiac
    by Bianox
  • #10 – Kenos
    by npesta
  • #11 – Renevant
    by nikroplays
    by Kugelblitz
  • #13 – Fragile
    by Endlevel
  • #14 – Promethean
    by Endlevel
  • #15 – Keres
    by ItsHybrid
  • #16 – Crimson Planet
    by TrueOmega
  • #17 – Calculator Core
    by Walroose
  • #18 – Thinking Space
    by Atomic
  • #19 – Cold Sweat
    by para
  • #20 – Cognition
    by Endlevel
  • #21 – Kappa
    by Armadeus
  • #22 – RUST
    by neigefeu
  • #23 – The Rupture
    by Ka1ns
  • #24 – Lucid Nightmares
    by CairoX
  • #25 – Silent Club
    by Luqualizer
  • #26 – Bloodlust
    by knobbelboy
  • #27 – Omega Interface
    by Platnuu
  • #28 – Akashic Records
    by VoTcHi
  • #29 – Ragnarok
    by knobbelboy
  • #30 – Deimos
    by Endlevel
  • #31 – Aronia
    by Exen
  • #32 – Arctic Lights
    by Metalface221
  • #33 – Asterios
    by Exen
  • #34 – kowareta
    by Gablor
  • #35 – Frozen Cave
    by theParadoxTeam
  • #36 – Aquatic Auroras
    by Endlevel
  • #37 – Ouroboros
    by ViPriN
  • #38 – The Yandere
    by Dorami
  • #39 – Sigma
    by MindCap
  • #40 – Visible Ray
    by Krampux
  • #41 – Plasma Pulse Finale
    by Smokes
  • #42 – Congregation
    by Presta
  • #43 – Nhelv
    by SrGuillester
  • #44 – Spectrum Cyclone
    by Temp
  • #45 – Wasureta
    by HelpegasuS
  • #46 – Molten Core
    by Janucha
  • #47 – Calamity
    by Awedsy
  • #48 – Eternal Moment
    by Rainstorm
  • #49 – Necromancer
    by TGI
  • #50 – Requiem
    by Zylenox
  • #51 – Hyper Paracosm
    by iIiViRuZiIi
  • #52 – Gamma
    by MindCap
  • #53 – Spacial Rend
    by Eclipsed
  • #54 – Sonic Wave Rebirth
    by Serponge
  • #55 – Sonic Wave
    by Sunix
  • #56 – Omega
    by MindCap
    by Renn241
  • #58 – Macabre
    by ZephiroX
  • #59 – Infinite Iniquity
    by Flukester
  • #60 – Cybernetic Crescent
    by ViPriN
  • #61 – Yatagarasu
    by TrusTa
  • #62 – Cersia Difficult
    by Cersia
  • #63 – Edge of the Blade
    by eiruni
  • #64 – Generic Wave
    by Pennutoh
  • #65 – Mirrored Calamity
    by Nimbus
  • #66 – Titan Complex
    by TCTeam
  • #67 – The Reaper
    by kyhros
  • #68 – Kuzureta
    by Teno
  • #69 – Molten Gear
    by knobbelboy
  • #70 – Rage
    by nSwish
  • #71 – Sephiroth
    by Rainstorm
  • #72 – xo
    by KrmaL
  • #73 – Icotact
    by icedcave
  • #74 – Erebus
    by BoldStep
  • #75 – Sunset Sandstorm
    by crohn44
  • #76 – Altered Ascent
    by Prism
  • #77 – RELENTLESS
    by Surjaco
  • #78 – Dark Flare
    by KeiAs
  • #79 – Ddiamond
    by lFritz
  • #80 – Lucid Chaos
    by CairoX
  • #81 – Celestial Force
    by MindCap
  • #82 – Devil Vortex
    by Rustam
  • #83 – Timor
    by Colorbolt
  • #84 – Paroxysm
    by Lemons
  • #85 – Freedom08
    by Pennutoh
  • #86 – Boogie
    by DigitalZero
  • #87 – Photovoltaic II
    by Mazl
  • #88 – Catalyze
    by ZephiroX
  • #89 – WOW
    by TrusTa
  • #90 – Jamboree
    by JustJohn
  • #91 – Digital Descent
    by ViPriN
  • #92 – ZAPHKIEL
    by Darwin
  • #93 – Tapwreck
    by MrLorenzo
  • #94 – Stalemate Redux
    by TehTactiq
  • #95 – Cadrega City
    by Pennutoh
  • #96 – Delta Interface
    by Platnuu
  • #97 – Killbot
    by BoldStep
  • #98 – Omicron
    by Team Proxima
  • #99 – Factory Realm X
    by HelpegasuS
  • #100 – Stygian Machinery
    by TeamE12
  • #101 – Step To Hell
    by LaZye
  • #102 – Solarion
    by ZephiroX
  • #103 – RGB
    by SleyGD
  • #104 – Tempered Steel
    by ItsHybrid
  • #105 – Demonicat
    by f3lixsram
  • #106 – Auroral Darkness
    by iIiViRuZiIi
  • #107 – Fabrication
    by KeiAs
  • #108 – Ethereal Artifice
    by Zeroya
  • #109 – Artificial Ascent
    by ViPriN
  • #110 – Chromatic Haze
    by Cirtrax
  • #111 – super probably level
    by alkali
  • #112 – Aesthetic
    by SyQual
  • #113 – Yuh
    by lFritz
    by RoiMousti
  • #115 – Missing Benefits
    by TGI
  • #116 – Occult Outcry
    by Havok
  • #117 – Quantum Processing
    by Riot
  • #118 – The Hell Zone
    by Stormfly
  • #119 – Glowy
    by Rob Buck
  • #120 – Crystal
    by Zeronium
  • #121 – Rate Demon
    by RoiMousti
  • #122 – Void Wave
    by CherryBT
  • #123 – Static Ignition
    by Magmeta
  • #124 – Bausha Vortex
    by Pennutoh
  • #125 – Belloq
    by Sminx
  • #126 – Spectrum Rave
    by Ryder
  • #127 – Never Beat It
    by Metalface221
  • #128 – Balengu Vortex
    by Temp
  • #129 – Bass Cave
    by Bloodshot
  • #130 – distraught
    by alkali
  • #131 – Sinister Incision
    by ItsHybrid
  • #132 – The Hell Field
    by Stormfly
  • #133 – Black Blizzard
    by KrmaL
  • #134 – Luxtra
    by TheGalaxyCat
  • #135 – Auditory Breaker
    by LazerBlitz
  • #136 – Ziroikabi
    by RoiMousti
  • #137 – Hatred
    by AZuLer4
  • #138 – Furious Flames
    by Eggnog
  • #139 – The Hell Inferno
    by Stormfly
  • #140 – ErebuS
    by Platnuu
  • #141 – Cadrega Mode
    by TCTeam
  • #142 – Hyper Paradox
    by ItsHybrid
  • #143 – CHROMA II
    by Renn241
  • #144 – BuTiTi III
    by JonathanGD
  • #145 – Ziroikapi
    by Kapinapi
  • #146 – DMG CTRL
    by GhostVandalf
  • #147 – Surge of Memories
    by TMNGaming
  • #148 – Carcano
    by Asuith
  • #149 – Pandemonium
    by Yakimaru
  • #150 – Astral Divinity
    by knobbelboy
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The holder of the record. Please enter the holders Geometry Dash name here, even if their YouTube name differs! Click the pencil to select a player!


The progress made as percentage. Only values greater than or equal to the demons record requirement and smaller than or equal to 100 are accepted!


A proof video of the legitimacy of the given record. If the record was achieved on stream, but wasn’t uploaded anywhere else, please provide a twitch link to that stream.
Please pay attention to only submit well-formed URLs!

Notes or comments:

Provide any additional notes you’d like to pass on to the list moderator receiving your submission. In particular, any required raw footage goes here. Any personal information possibly contained within raw footage (e.g. names, sensitive conversations) will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared outside of the demonlist team. Conversely, you acknowledge that you might inadvertently share such information by providing raw footage. You have the right to request deletion of your record note by contacting a list administrator.

By submitting the record you acknowledge the submission guidelines.

[NEW] Ending Song: From the Edge – Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) / Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) / Anime – Otapedia | demon edge – Vietnamnhanvan

From the Edge is the first ending song to the Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba anime series composed by Yuki Kajiura of FictionJunction and sung by LiSA. LiSA also sings the Opening song for Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba called Gurenge. From the Edge is overall a sorrowful yet motivational song. It begins quite slow paced but slowly gets faster as the piece goes on to symbolise the changes from despair to hope.

Song Information

  • Performer: FictionJunction feat. LiSA
  • Lyrics:Yuki Kajiura
  • Composition: Yuki Kajiura
  • Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
  • Episodes: 2 – 25
  • Length: 4min 38sec
  • Air Date: April 13th, 2019
  • Release Date: September 2nd, 2019

Lyric Exert


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I don’t want to be trapped by sadness

I don’t want to cast my tears down

Break free from fate

I should be able to run away

My wish should be granted

To smash up yesterday’s troubles

Seize the wind,

Even if I can’t see the end of the storm

もう道は選べない 勝ち残れ!
I can’t choose my path anymore, I have to win!

When I can’t decide I am forced to weigh the difference between love and anger

さあ 立ち上がるんだもう一度
Now stand up, one more time

Where will you swing

Your blade down on now?


From the Edge begins with the sentence “I don’t want to be trapped by sadness”. This portrays to the listener that the theme of the song will be about overcoming adversities.

The first verse shows how she wants to run away from all the pain and sadness. This could refer to how Tanjiro felt at the beginning of the storyline, from his whole family being massacred by a Demon. Wondering why such evil things had to happen to him and wanting to forget about all that pain he felt when he lost his whole family except his sister Nezuko.

The chorus which is repeated multiple times “Cry for the future from the edge of darkness” tells the listener to not despair when all hope is lost but to pick yourself up for the future ahead.

The second verse is about picking yourself up to take revenge, even if the path ahead will be tough. Referring to Tanjiro picking up the way of the sword to become a Demon Slayer and in return learning the water breathing technique, the most effective technique against the Demons to fight back and take revenge on his family.

The third verse uses the word “僕らは” which means “us”. In this verse the song tells listeners that they will move forward towards their goals with their friends. Enduring all the pain and sad events that have happened and continuing towards your goal even when all hope is lost.

The fourth verse tells listeners again about the losses that will be made along the way and there is no point in looking back. To protect the ones that are close to you now.

Finally the last verse tells us that the road is a long and thorny path. To keep moving forward and never give up.

Single Release

After a weirdly long wait, and after the song was not released inside one of LiSA’s singles, only its TV size became available on online stores since June 30. On Aug 30 it was announced (1, 2) that the full size of “from the edge” will be released digitally on September 2, 2019.

About FictionJunction

The term “FictionJunction” by itself refers to all the singers in that band at that time. Solo works between Kajiura and a vocalist are referenced by adding the singer’s name after “FictionJunction”. For example FictionJunction Ft. LiSA. Although both perform under the FictionJunction title and are collaborations with Kajiura, they are treated as separate projects.
Members of the group include: Yuki Kajiura, Keiko Kubota, Wakana Ootaki, Kaori Oda, Yuriko Kaida and Yuuka Nanri. One off collaborations were also done with Asuka Kato and LiSA.

About LiSA

Risa Oribe (織部 里沙) was born in Gifu Prefecture, Japan on June 24, 1987. Also known as LiSA, is a songwriter, singer, and lyricist. Her stage name is an acronym stands for Love is Same All, the same name as the band she formed in Tokyo. One of her theme phrases and also the name of her blog is “今日もいい日だっ” which means “Another Great Day”. Releasing hit after hits and making an impact in the anime industry. LiSA is well known for her singles in the Angel Beats, Fate/Zero, Sword Art Online, and Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) franchise.

FictionJunction and LiSA Collaboration

“Not only have I been given the chance to perform the opening theme Gurenge for the TV anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba as LiSA, I also get to perform the ending theme from the edge under FictionJunction feat. LiSA. Working on music together with Yuki Kajiura has been nerve-racking, but I made sure to sing my heart out. I would be overjoyed if people totally enjoy the world that the series has to offer every week, from start to finish. – LiSA in an Interview


The official “From the Edge” video from FictionJunction – Topic only has 137K views with 2.2K likes whereas the Melodic Star “From the Edge” video has 2.4 Million views with 36K likes.

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba {鬼滅の刃} Opening \”Gurenge\” [1 Hour Loop]

Anime: 鬼滅の刃
English Title: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Song: Gurenge
By: LiSA
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Anime, Music, and Wallpaper are not owned by me and all rights are reserved by their respective owners. This is made purely for entertainment purposes.

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba {鬼滅の刃} Opening \

(Extreme Demon) ”Deception Dive” 100% by Rustam \u0026 More | Geometry Dash

Yet another rebeat for quality, this one’s a classic, the fifth Extreme Demon I ever beat, from the first few seconds of the song, you can tell what level it is, this is a pretty nice megacollab, though inconsistent in gameplay, it’s still fun.

(Extreme Demon) ''Deception Dive'' 100% by Rustam \u0026 More | Geometry Dash

Mobile Legends TOP 15 SAVAGE Moments Episode 100- FULL HD

Welcome To Your Own Channel JnwGamingStation, I’m Making Many Type Of Funny, WTF moments, And Savage Moments. Here You Can Also Found Many Type Of MOBILE LEGENDS games Play Video.
★ DISCLAIMER: For all of our clips, we obtain permission or are allowed to use them under Fair Use. Every video used in this clip that was not recorded ourselves, we either obtained permission for, was given rights to use via a submission, or it is considered fair use, and we provide source \u0026 credit for all footage you can find the links to all original sources \u0026 music in the description.
If anything was used in this video that you believe violates your copyright please email: [email protected] and we can work out an agreement.
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Business email at: [email protected]
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Mobile Legends TOP 15 SAVAGE Moments Episode 100- FULL HD

SAVAGE!!Bruno Gameplay by DEMON EDGE|Full Item|Full Set of Emblem

Another video from demon edge amazing gameplay must watch!

Also subscribe to this channel:

SAVAGE!!Bruno Gameplay by DEMON EDGE|Full Item|Full Set of Emblem

Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba ED1 : FictionJunction feat. LiSA – from the edge [Paroles + Trad FR]

Demon Slayer : Kimetsu on Yaiba
Ending 1
Interprète : FictionJunction feat. LiSA
\”Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for \”fair use\” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Nonprofit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of faire use\”

Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba ED1 : FictionJunction feat. LiSA - from the edge [Paroles + Trad FR]

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ขอบคุณมากสำหรับการดูหัวข้อโพสต์ demon edge

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