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infamous dota 2: นี่คือโพสต์ที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อนี้

I got a chance to talk with Enzo ‘Timado’ Gianoli from Infamous. We discussed his career, his impressions of playing at TI, talked about current mid meta and even touched on his musical preferences.

Hello man! Let’s start from the very beginning – I heard you’ve been watching every TI since TI1, right?

Hi! Yes, I was like 10 years old back then. I actually had no clue about prodota: the old Dota 2 blog had like 3 options, russian/english casters and direct camera (no casters). I didn’t know much english back then, so I just looked at heroes farming. No idea about meta or any teamplay – I was just amazed by the fact there is Dota 2 with better graphics.

So you must have played Dota AllStars?

Yes, I used to play Dota 1 with my dad since patch… uhh… there was no bottle and blink had 30s cd. He loves games as much as I do – he played all the classics, like Quake, SC: Broodwar, WC3, Age of Empires, went to LAN cafes with his friends. And I always watched him play. Right now he doesn’t play so much, he’s 46 years old and has other things to do. But him playing these games made me wanna try them out.

Did you start playing Dota 2 right when it came out?

Yes, I got my beta key at February 2012. Look, I even found the thread, lol. http://www.team-dignitas.net/articles/news/DotA/854/Celebrate-Cocos-birthday-with-a-Dota-2-key-giveaway

Oh, I see your comment at the very bottom. That’s how it all started. So when was the time you knew you had the talent to go pro?

Around TI5, I think. I reached 5k and played NEL everyday. It was SF patch, as I remember. SF, Lesh, Lina.

A bit of Storm, QoP as well I think.

Ya, not a big fan of Storm. I got noticed by my SF and QoP. I’d say my top-5 heroes are SF, QoP, Mirana, Magnus and Puck.

Tell me how the current Infamous roster was made up.

Well, I’ve never really been part of Peru scene, disliked it for many reasons. I was playing on Team Freedom with ixmike88, BSJ, we got 4th place at Kiev qualifiers and our contract ended. South America just got a separate slot for that tournament, which went to SG-Esports. Post major shuffle happened, I got offers from some tier-2 NA teams and some other Peru offers, but decided to go with Infamous roster. They were gonna pay me (they didn’t pay any other player). We played for some months, lost many quals – rough days – then, before TI, aka roster lock, changed sword to Kingteka.

Wait, so you became the only player with regular salary in Infamous?

I think so. It was a small org back then, they stopped paying cause of lack of results. Basically, they took everyones salary and only paid me, which wasn’t much, but it was to show their special attitude towards me or whatever.

I think none of you guys had experience of playing in big tournaments like Majors, ESL etc. except for Accel?

Yes, we only had experience of playing in qualifiers finals and Accel made it into Major. Some of them also visited China for WESG.

So you came to TI as a fairly inexperienced to big stage team. Can you describe your experience from the moment you arrived in the airport to your first group match?

It was a nice feeling when we arrived. They treated us like we were important or relevenat, called us by our full names. It felt exactly like I had imagined when I saw the pictures. Then we got to the hotel – we had stayed at a Marriot in China, so were weren’t really amazed, but it was a cool hotel. We were impressed with bootcamps and stuff, they were super well made, food everywhere, really comfortable room… I remember everyone got nervous when first match started and admin came to the room, took away our phones and I though “wtf, they are so serious – oh ya, I’m playing TI, lol”.

Were other players feeling the same? Cause you said recently, that your teammates (gotta cite you): “thought they couldn’t learn anything and already knew it all and were pretty good at the game. Yes, they were fine on their own but their eyes have opened here at TI. They are all like “oh my god, these players are just so so good”. It has changed their perspective a lot.”

NA scene in general has huge ego players, who don’t look up to others or respect their game. So when we got to TI some were joking: “haha, easy top 6 if we play properly”, then you face against these teams that are so much ahead of you, in every aspect of the game – maybe not mechanically, but still, understanding, drafting, movement in map… So after first 2 series of groupstage everyone was like “holy cow, this is so hard”.

There was that day when you went 0-6, right.

Yes, every team had a day where their matches were the hardest. That was day 2 for us, we faced LGD, Liquid and TNC. TNC won cause they were better, but matches were close, whereas LGD and Liquid completely stomped us. It was super frustrating, like the feeling of not knowing what to do and feeling powerless in game. You know the game’s gonna end in 10 min and you can’t do anything cause of outdraft and outstrategize.

Kinda like you are slowly drowning.

Yes, that’s how it feels against top teams. For the rest of games we knew we couldn’t really beat them even if we try our best, so we just mentalized to take 1 game of TNC, 2-0 fnatic and 1-1 or 2-0 IG.Vitality.

You said things got a lot better when you came back to your old style. How would you describe your style then?

We went 8-0 during our qualifiers playing around me. I was given QoP, Viper, Lina and they just let me farm and 1 v 1 my opponent. At TI, however, everyone came mid. I was getting nyx-manaburned everygame, which made us change our style. I couldn’t play Lina or QoP, Viper got banned everygame, both TA and SF were weak heroes. So I was given other types of heroes, like Puck, Mirana, which made us lose super hard. Most of the time I’d get trilaned, have 4 cs and 0-2 score and try to recover from that. After losing like 6-7 games I told my team to draft me lategame oriented heroes again, even if I lose the lane. So I suggested ES – PL opener. Shaker is the hardest PL counter and PL is really good lategame and decent laner, which allowed us to stop IG.Vitality.

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And then OG first phase banned your PL.

I was amazed by that, cause I was trying mid PL in my pubs a lot, and then I saw n0tail doing this safelane brown boots-bottle-diffusal rush PL, and I copied his build. Like I told my teammates – “hey, even n0tail is spamming PL, the hero is good!”. And then I’m playing against OG and they ban PL. It was a funny feeling.

Like them giving you respect, right.

Ya, many people questioned the PL ban, like, OG plays it, it’s one of their best heroes, why would they ban it – but they did. Think of Liquid banning KotL.

Imagine you guys could go back in time and face OG again. What would you change?

I actually had a chance to talk with ana, found him outside our bootcamp after we lost the match. We chatted a bit about the game, Dota in general. They in fact had prepared for our Viper. Viper is not first pickable, especially vs a team that knows how to deal with it. I wish we had prepared something special for OG, like MK mid or something cheesy. It’s hard to beat such a top team that knows what are you gonna do. I spent whole night preparing for that game, watched OG games and stuff. Our bans were on point, but I think it would’ve been better to prepare our own strat rather than counter theirs.

Here is me with my boy ana by the way: https://scontent.flim5-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/20689976_1581970038489491_932612206730531986_o.jpg?oh=d95a74583483efbc5bdee399bc67e7c3&oe=5A2D7ADA

You know, ana actually gets so much shit in the community.

I don’t think he cares much. Most of players don’t understand the game enough, just look at MVP votes after TI games – I’ve never seen 4 or 5 get voted as MVP.

GH got hyped though.

Same with Boboka, but those are very few of sup players in a sea full of core players. Look how everyone jumped on Reso train, while I think Ghost1k and Rodjer made the difference. Reso just did his thing. I get hyped for this stuff too, like I’m freefarming, kill 2-3 heros after a good teamfight, and people are like “wow, so good”! And I’m like – “what do you even expect me to do, my team let me farm the whole game”. Meanwhile Pipe Razor gets shit on.

I remember people even questioning n0tail when he sacrificed his farm for Miracle.

Thing is, there a like 100000 mechanically good players, but only a few smart teamplayers. I can name 5-10 players better than n0tail at his role, at TB, AM, etc. But n0tail’s attitude, his ability to teamplay is something you don’t find anywhere. So you gotta value that over other things.

So you talked about how hard you got pressured in lane at TI. Do you like the current state of midlane now?

Hell no. Mid is shit right now, I don’t even wanna mid in my pubs. The 5 creeps made it so you can’t let the mid dominate, so it’s dual mid everytime, just to ensure your mid doesn’t lose. Like if you watch GH movements closely, he is mid even if there is no threat from the other team, just to ensure he has good/even lane. That’s how it was against Midone, he had YapZoR next to him both games, even Puppey came. And it’s not like Midone was gonna get stomped by me – they just wanted to make sure he has a good game.

So both teams have to do it, and it turns into a 3 v 3, Lich vs Shaker and stuff. That’s why you don’t see much Sand Kings and Clocks anymore – they are more aggro than defensive.

Cool insight. If you had a chance to alter the current mid state in the next patch, what would you do?

I’d probably change XP share. Like whoever get a last hit gets 90% of experience, to make it so that sups coming mid get super far behind. Right now denying makes it even lane, you have 2 people denying and lasthitting against 1. That’s what made Lich popular too – he denied aggression and won lane.

I really liked your insight on the panel too. Ever thought of becoming an analyst after Dota career?

For now I got too many years to think what I’m going to do after retiring. I do enjoy talking on panels, if I got invited I’m super down to it. In Peru there is little people who are interested in sharing insights like that, map movement, draft, etc., which I found in these panelists – Merlini, Pajkatt. Talking with them in that small room pre-panel was super fun.

You have a VK account and you even try to write in Russian. Does your appeal to CIS has something to do with Dendi? I mean, you had his shirt on in playoffs.

Dude, ya, I’m like his biggest fan. I’ve been very fond of russians for a long time; I know Dendi is from Ukraine, but in 2012-2013 I copied his way of speaking broken english just because I though It was cool. I made VK account after chatting with some group of unknown Russian twitch streamers and we became friends. They also showed me Russian rap which is dope: Face, Pharaoh. I haven’t gone past those yet though.

Can you name your favorite music artists overall then?

That would be Kanye West, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, The Cure, Asap Rocky…

Are you serious with The Cure? Didn’t expect that.

Ya, also The Killers, The Strokes, everything with ‘the’ 😀 I listen to different music depending on what I do, Rap is for dota, Indie when I’m feeling sad, I also used to listen to classical music when I did my homework or study.

Alright, for the last question – tell me something remarkable about your team for it would be easier for fans to root for you.

I think the coolest thing about our team is we are good friends. Every night we go to our beds at bootcamp we share stories, talk for a while. They are like your friends/brothers, maybe not ideal teammates, but they are nice people who you can spend time with outside dota, tell them your life issues and stuff.

Teams like this tend to success on the long run.

Yeah. We might make changes on the roster of course though: being friends and stuff helps a lot, but you gotta have at least minimum of professional attitude towards the game. It’s still a job.

Alright, thanks a lot for this interview, it was a pleasure to talk to you! We wish you all the best in your upcoming matches.

Thank you too!


[NEW] Dota 2: Casters escolhem favoritos e opinam sobre a Infamous no TI | infamous dota 2 – Vietnamnhanvan

Faltam poucos dias para o início da nona edição do maior torneio de Dota 2 do planeta. Reunindo as dezoito melhores equipes do MOBA, o The International 2019 começará a ser disputado nesta quarta-feira (14) em Xangai, China, contando com uma premiação que já ultrapassa a casa de 32 milhões dólares. 

Às vésperas do mundial, o Mais Esports conversou com alguns casters e comentaristas que deram suas opiniões sobre quais equipes chegam como favoritas, como será a performance da representante sul-americana Infamous Gaming e a ausência de brasileiros na nova edição do The International.


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Um dos narradores e comentaristas mais conhecidos do cenário de Dota 2, Gui “PDS” Pullin acredita que a favorita ao título do The International 2019 é a Team Secret, porém ele escolheu o PGS.LGD como equipe que levantará o Aegis em Xangai. 

“A grande favorita ao título é a Secret. Eles foram a equipe mais versátil e vitoriosa nesse último Pro Circuit. É praticamente incontestável que eles chegam para provar porque foram a equipe que garantiu a vaga em primeiro por pontos para o TI9”. 

“A ViCi também chega forte por ter conseguido ganhar o último torneio do Pro Circuit – EPICENTER Major. Com isso, eles vêm de um momento muito bom, que aliado ao fato do TI ser na China, tem o fator de jogar em casa. Outro time é o PSG.LGD, uma equipe absurdamente consistente com seus resultados e finalista do ano passado”. 

“Acredito que se a ViCi e o PSG.LGD chegarem na grande final, a LGD é um time experiente para ganhar de outras equipes chinesas e que dessa vez levam o caneco. Dito tudo isso, minha previsão é o PSG.LGD ganhar, mesmo estando em 3° lugar na maioria dos analistas internacionais”.

Perguntado sobre como ele acredita que será a performance da Infamous, que representará a América do Sul no TI, PDS afirmou que mesmo estando na torcida, os peruanos não devem conseguir ir longe na competição. 

“A América do Sul continua sendo a região mais fraca de todas. Foi a única que não teve uma equipe qualificada pelo Pro Circuit. Os meninos [da Infamous] tem muito potencial e jogaram muito bem a etapa qualificatória, porém chegam como underdogs (azarões) para esse torneio”. 

“É difícil ver eles conseguindo passar da fase de grupos com tantas equipes fortes. Eu acredito que eles devam infelizmente ficar nas últimas duas posições, 17° e 18°, ou no máximo pegar um 13° lugar. Torço para que passem disso, mas as estatísticas e dados não favorecem”.

Diferentemente da edição de 2018, o Brasil não terá nenhum jogador representando o país no mundial de 2019. Mesmo levando isso em consideração, PDS acredita que o cenário cresceu durante a última temporada e que o sucesso da América do Sul é uma questão de tempo e trabalho. 

“Foi por pouco que não passaram [para o mundial]. A paiN chegou primeiro na grande final das qualificatórias regionais mas apagaram no último dia. O time estava bem nos últimos torneios, porém a qualificatória é meio cruel pois, em um dia que não está bem, pode perder tudo. Acho que o cenário como um todo só cresceu, tivemos jogadores internacionais participando da nossa região, “importamos” alguns jogadores também. É questão de tempo e continuar com o trabalho que está sendo feito”. 

“Oportunidade a Valve já está dando e se tivermos mudanças no Pro Circuit, favorecendo ainda mais as equipes tier 2 e 3, não deve demorar muito para termos resultados melhores, mais expressivos e até uma possível classificação de dois times sul-americanos para o próximo ano”, finalizou. 


Já Hugo “Aedrons” Carvalho, um dos principais narradores e apresentadores da MissClick TV, acredita que Secret e ViCi Gaming chegam mais fortes em busca do Aegis of Champions.

“Acredito muito na ViCi Gaming e na Team Secret para o título do TI9. As duas equipes venceram dois majors cada [na atual temporada do DPC] e mostraram uma capacidade de jogo acima dos outros times. O resultado ruim do EPICENTER – último grande torneio antes do mundial – não apagou a campanha da Secret, que também faturou duas ESL Ones [Katowice e Birmingham] nesta temporada.“

Em relação a Infamous, Aedrons não acredita que o os peruanos terminarão sua campanha em último lugar. Confiante no sucesso da equipe sul-americana, o narrador afirmou que o quinteto pode fazer a melhor campanha de uma equipe da nossa região em um mundial. 

“A Infamous é uma equipe perigosa e que deu muito trabalho quando ainda utilizava a tag Team Anvorgesa O quinteto ganhou jogos importantes e se mostrou capaz. Ir longe no TI vai depender das surpresas que sempre rolam nos mundiais, mas o mais provável é que o time passe para as playoffs na chave do perdedores e que avance uma ou duas rodadas da chave”. 

“Lógico que vai depender também de quem cair da chave dos vencedores. Não acredito que ela fique entre os últimos lugares como aconteceu com a paiN no TI8”.

O narrador também crê que não foi o Dota brasileiro que regrediu, mas sim o peruano que evoluiu. Aedrons ainda afirmou que o atual formato do DPC prejudica o crescimento do cenário e dificulta a revelação de novos jogadores. 

“Eu não acredito que os times brasileiros tenham regredido, acredito mais na evolução dos peruanos, com sangue novo do k1 e do Chris Luck fazendo a diferença também. O que me preocupa mesmo é o ecossistema que nestes últimos anos o DPC gerou. As outras equipes que não passam para o Major ou o Minor não conseguem se manter, o que dificulta a revelação de novos jogadores, ocasionado também pela concentração financeira da temporada em um seleto pequeno grupo de times”. 

“Logo, a evolução no cenário fica ainda mais complicada. Surgem muitos mixes para tentar as vagas, que com as derrotas, rapidamente se desfazem. Times fortes continuam com as vagas e jogadores novos e desconhecidos continuam sem uma continuidade de torneio/jogos para jogar no cenário. Com isso, concluo que se tivessem qualificatórias mais bem trabalhadas e premiadas, manteria o sonho de muitos ainda vivo. Importante ilustrar que nesta temporada e na passada, o ciclo foi bem parecido”, finalizou.


Fechando a lista está o narrador e comentarista da Beyond The Summit, Renan “Warss” Moura, que coloca suas esperanças na chinesa ViCi Gaming para levantar o troféu do The International 2019.

“A ViCi Gaming chega como grande favorita ao TI 9. A equipe chinesa venceu dois Majors ao longo do DPC, enfrentando dois adversários que estavam no auge, e que são concorrentes direto ao título, VP e Liquid. Fora o fato de estarem jogando dentro de casa, com estádio lotado, os torcedores chineses vão dar apoio ao estilo caldeirão na Mercedes Arena. A VG chega bem montada, redonda, apresentando técnica, jogadores com uma faixa etária baixa, onde se possui muito reflexo, mas sem deixar de lado a experiência de já terem disputado grandes torneios”.

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Em sua vez de apontar qual será o desempenho da Infamous, WarSs disse que não crê em uma boa campanha dos peruanos. Ele afirmou que a equipe sul-americana sofrerá o mesmo problema que todas as equipes da nossa região sofrem: inconsistência.

“Acredito que a Infamous deve ficar entre os últimos colocados. O time pode fazer boas apresentações aqui ou ali, mas para na limitação gerada pela inconstância. A equipe sofre basicamente do mesmo problema que equipes sul-americanas que já disputaram torneios anteriores. Logicamente torcerei para eles, para fomentar o nosso cenário, ainda mais sob o comando da manager brasileira Guaxi”.

Seguindo a linha de raciocínio de Aedrons e PDS, WarSs também acredita que mesmo sem nenhum jogador brasileiro no TI, o cenário nacional não regrediu. O narrador ainda destacou o disband da Chaos EC e afirmou que para que o nosso cenário cresça, é necessário planejamento. 

“Não vejo [nenhum brasileiro no TI] como um regresso, muitas vezes precisamos desconstruir para construir. Por exemplo a equipe da Chaos EC, eles estavam a bastante tempo juntos, com o disband, talvez isso ajude os jogadores a perceberem o que precisam evoluir, individualmente e/ou coletivamente. Qualidade é inegável que eles possuem, mas como era a rotina de treino? O planejamento? A meta? O objetivo era traçado campeonato após campeonato? Eu não tenho essas informações, mas sei que quase tudo na vida demanda planejamento, e com isso, subir degrau por degrau”. 

“Infelizmente não teremos uma equipe brasileira, sei que é triste, muita gente fica chateada, mas é assim mesmo, quando voltarmos, estaremos mais fortes. Acho válido lembrar que a zona de conforto é um dos piores inimigos da evolução. Novos jogadores estão surgindo e os que cá já estavam estão deixando as diferenças de lado e aprendendo a trabalhar no meio do esports, isso é lindo de se ver. O Brasil vai colher bons frutos no próximo DPC, não tenho dúvidas!”, finalizou.

O The International 2019 acontece entre os dias 14 e 25 de agosto na cidade de Xangai, China. Serão dezoito equipes de todo o mundo batalhando pelo Aegis of Champions e por uma premiação que já ultrapassou a casa de 32 milhões de dólares.


THUNDER PREDATOR vs INFAMOUS [BO3] GAME 1 \”EL DEBUT DE MATTHEW😲\” DPC SA 2021/22 Division I DOTA 2 , Beastcoast, Thunder Predator, Team Undying, Timado, Leostyle, K1 Hector, Wisper, Scofield, Mnz, Papita, Matthew, smashdota, vann, elite wolves, kingteka
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[EN] Newbee vs Infamous BO3 – The International 2019 Main Event

Broadcasted live on Twitch Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/dota2ti

[EN] Newbee vs Infamous BO3 - The International 2019 Main Event

EG Arteezy pa, riki carry gameplay first stream

Dota 2 gameplay. Dota 2 live. Arteezy stream.
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Professional carry player for team Evil Geniuses. Mostly playing carry in my pubs and occasionally mid and offlane.
How old are you?
I’m 25 years old.
Where are you from?
Born in Uzbekistan, Tashkent. Moved to Canada when I was young, and been here ever since.
Streaming schedule?
I’m going to try to stream during the weekdays, unless I have matches to prepare for or in general scrims. Won’t be streaming on weekends mostly.
How long have you been playing dota 2?
I’ve been playing Dota 2 since late 2011. Received the beta through a raffle on a dota forum and played ever since then. Started as a mid player spamming SF then grew as time went on. I was one of those first pick SF players. Sorry
When will you use a webcam?
I seem to have an elusive webcam, I keep losing it in my closet, perhaps when I find it! You may be surprised randomly who knows xd
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EG Arteezy pa, riki carry gameplay first stream


Commentary by TobiWan Kyle
The EPICENTER Major — one of the most prestigious international Dota 2 tournaments. The best 16 teams from all over the world will fight for $1,000,000 and the champion title of the last Dota 2 Major of Dota Pro Circuit 2019 season. Final stage of this competition will be placed in Moscow, Russia from 22nd until 30th of June.
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INFAMOUS vs NEWBEE [Game 3] BO3 – Eliminación \”Top 8 del Mundo\” – TI9 THE INTERNATIONAL 2019 DOTA 2

INFAMOUS vs NEWBEE [Game 3] BO3 Eliminación \”Los Mejores del Mundo\” THE INTERNATIONAL 2019 DOTA 2
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INFAMOUS vs NEWBEE [Game 3] BO3 - Eliminación \

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