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khezu: นี่คือโพสต์ที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อนี้

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A sickly Khezu lowers to the ground, about to pounce on its unsuspecting prey

The Khezu, while looking pale and sickly, is actually an incredibly well evolved hunting and killing machine. Its powerful limbs and wide ended digits are capable of sticking securely to almost any surface. Even its tail acts as an adhesion pad, allowing it to maintain three points of contact with a wall or ceiling while being able to use both its claw like vestigial wings and mouth to attack prey. It uses a strange mechanism to monitor large areas despite being blind. It lays large trails of thick clear mucus which all leads back to the Khezu’s lair. These trails are often hidden and alert the Khezu through vibration. Once disturbed, the mucus releases a pheromone which allows the Khezu to track creatures that still have traces of the mucus on their feet after they leave the Khezu’s hunting area. All of these senses are to compensate for the beasts lack of eyes. Khezu are blind from birth and never develop eyes. They have tiny eye-spots along their spine and wings which can determine light from dark.





While often being an Apex predator the Khezu does not attack each and every creature that enters its hunting area, more often than not attacks by Khezu on travelers are in self defense. The Khezu will often follow creatures and gauge their strength before attacking them. Even when the Khezu has gauged that it could definitely kill its prey, it may choose not to attack as it is not hungry. Unprovoked Khezu attacks happen for one of two reasons; The Khezu is hungry or needs to lay eggs.

Breath Weapon: (Ex) The Khezu’s breath weapon is a cone of electricity 60ft. long and 30ft. wide at the end. The cone deals 10d8 damage (Reflex Save DC 25 for half) The Khezu can perform this attack once per 5 rounds.

Spider Climb: (Ex) The Khezu has the ability to scale sheer surfaces as if it were under the effect of the Spider Climb spell.

Stunning Pulse (Ex) The Khezu can hold back on its real breath weapon to produce something less deadly. Instead of breathing a cone of lightning, the Khezu can breath a 10ft. long line of lightning which deals any number of 1d8+1’s UP TO but not necessarily 10d8+10 Non-Lethal Damage.

Implant: Once a creature is unconscious, the Khezu can implant a clutch of 4d3 eggs into the victim. The implantation process is very awkward, time consuming and destructive, dealing 1 damage per egg to the host creature and takes nearly 10 minutes to complete. If the creature dies the Khezu devours it and its prospective young. If the creature survives the Khezu deposits it two hours flight away from its lair and leaves it to heal. Eggs take 6 weeks to hatch, during which time they excrete an anesthetic which prevents the host from becoming irritated and seeking assistance. Once hatched, the Khezu devour the victim from the inside and flee.

Slick: The Khezu can move through a space half as wide as the space it takes up without incurring penalties to its AC or Attacks, though it still halves its movement rate.

Deafening Roar: As a swift action the Khezu can emit a shrill and piercing sound which deals 1d6 sonic damage to all creatures within 10ft and causes all creatures within a 50ft radius of the Khezu to make a fortitude save (DC 20) or be deafened and shaken for 1d6 minutes. The Khezu can perform this action once per day, after devouring a meal or after any 4 hour period of non-combat.

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[NEW] Monster Hunter Stories 2 Monster Attack Types & Weaknesses list | khezu – Vietnamnhanvan

As you battle your way through the epic adventure of Monster Hunter Stories 2, you and your monstie allies face off against Monster Hunter’s whole roster of massive beasts and baddies.

We’ve compiled a list of every monster attack type in Monster Hunter Stories 2, so you can start every battle off on the right foot.

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To fulfil your destiny and carry on the legacy of your grandfather, you’ll need to master when to use each of the three attack types with all of the different kinds of monsters.

A little extra information removes a lot of the guesswork from your battle strategy, and lets you focus on building your Kinship gauge, priming your skills, or lining up a paintball to force a retreat.

Also, beware of a mild spoiler warning, since the list contains the names of monsters that appear all throughout the game.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Attack Type Weaknesses

On the surface, Monster Hunter Stories 2’s battle system is simple. In true rock-paper-scissors fashion, each one of the three attack types beats one other while also having one weakness.

It’s easy to forget the battle triangle, so remember:

  • Power beats Technical
  • Technical beats Speed
  • Speed beats Power

As you progress through each battle, some monsters will switch up their attack type when they’re angry or preparing a special move. In these instances, alter your approach accordingly and change your pattern to match.

You also need to consider weapon type as well. Each monster is weak to either slashing, piercing, or blunt attacks, and you’ll have to vary your equipment depending on the part of the monster you’re targeting.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Monster Attack Types and Weapon Weaknesses List

Every monster type you encounter in Monster Hunter Stories 2 has a favorite attack type and therefore a corresponding weakness you can exploit.

We’ll update both the attack types and weapon weaknesses as we get further from release! Here’s a list of every one we’ve encountered so far:

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Monster Attack TypesMonster Name:Attack Type:Monster Weaknesses:AptonothPowerSlashVelocipreySpeedSlashKulu-Ya-KuTechnicalSlash (body), Blunt (rock)LarinothTechnicalSlashBhanbaraTechnicalBluntVelocidromeSpeed (Changes to Power when angry)SlashKonchuTechnicalBluntBullfangoSpeedSlashYian-Kut-KuTechnical PiercingBulldromePowerSlashPukei-PukeiTechnical (Changes to Power after Munch Time)Slash, Blunt after Munch TimeAnjanathSpeed (Changes to Power when angry, does a Technical attack one turn after Condense Heat)Piercing, Slash (Nose)
LudrothPowerBluntSlagtothPowerSlashGargwaSpeedBluntAzurosPowerBluntJaggiSpeedSlashJaggiaPower Piercing Great JaggiTechnical (Changes to Speed when Angry)SlashBlue Yian-Kut-KuTechnicalPiercing Royal LudrothPower (Changes to Technical when angry)Piercing, Slash (Stomach)QurupecoTechnicalBlunt (head), Slash (body)PaolumuTechnicalBlunt, Piercing (neck pouch)BasariosTechnical (Switches to Power when angry)Blunt (Stomach), Blunt (Head), Slash (Tail), TetsucabraPower Piercing ApcerosPowerBluntPopoPower SlashZamiteTechnicalSlashCongaPowerPiercingHermitaurTechnicalBluntCephalosPowerBluntShakalakaTechnicalBlunt, PiercingTigrexSpeed (Changes to Power when angry) Slash (Head), Slash (Legs)Yian GarugaTechnical (Changes to Power when angry)Slash (Head), Slash (Tail)Duramboros Power (Changes to Technical when angry)Blunt (Body), Slash (Legs), Blunt (Tail)LegianaSpeedSlashZamtriosTechnical, Speed (Ice), Power (After Swell)Slash (Legs), Blunt (Head), Slash (Stomach)BaggiSpeedSlashGreat BaggiSpeed (Changes to Technical when angry)SlashJade BarrothPower, Technical (Snow Mantle)Slash, Slash (Legs after Snow Mantle), BarrothSpeed (Changes to Technical after Mud Mantle)Slash, Slash (Legs after Mud Mantle), Blunt (Head after Mud Mantle)CongalalaTechnical (Changes to Power after angry) Blunt (Head), Slash (Tail), Kecha WachaSpeed (Changes to Technical when angry, after Powerseal)Blunt (Claws), Slash (Head), Slash (Stomach), Slash (Tail)GypcerosPower (Changes to Technical when angry – Flash, then Tail Whip Combo)Piercing (Head), Slash (Tail), Slash (Stomach)NerscyllaTechnical (Changes to Speed when angry)Piercing (Needle), Blunt (Head), Slash (Legs), Piercing (Chest), Slash (Stomach)NargacugaSpeed (Changes to Technical when angry after All Element Up)Piercing (Head), Piercing (Tail), Piercing (Body)RathianSpeed (Changes to Power when angry)SlashTobi-KadachiSpeed (Changes to Technical when angry), Power after Electric Charge, Back to Speed when building electricity in TailSlash (Legs), Slash (Body), Slash (Tail)KhezuTechnical (Changes to using Power, or OP Roar and Thunder attacks when angry) Piercing (Head), Slash (Body)Red KhezuTechnical, Speed (Thunder Stance)Piercing (Head), Slashing (Body), Blunt (Body)LagombiSpeedSlashing (Stomach, Legs)PlesiothTechnicalPiercing (Back, Body, Tail)Daimyo HermitaurTechnicalBlunt (Shell, Body, Claws)CephadromeSpeedPiercing (Back), Slashing (Tail), GendromeSpeedSlashing, PiercingDiablosPowerPiercing (Legs), Blunt (Horn), Slashing (Tail)MonoblosSpeedPiercing (Horn), Piercing (Tail), Slash (Stomach)Black DiablosPowerBlunt (Horn), Slashing (Tail), Piercing (Tail). Legs are weak to everythingMizutsuneTechnicalPiercing (Tail), Slashing (Legs, Body), Blunt (Legs, Body)LagiacrusPowerBlunt (Back, Tail), Slashing (Body)ZinogreSpeed (Changes to Technical after Electric Charge, changes to Power after Thunder Supercharge)Slash (Tail), Piercing (Head), Piercing (Body)

Despite being a streamlined spin-off in many ways, Wings of Ruin has a lot of complex systems under the hood. Here’s how to get the best Eggs and Genes in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Or if you’re in the market for rare and powerful weapons to wield, here’s how to collect Bottle Caps from Everdens.

Or for our verdict on the game, check out our Monster Hunter Stories 2 review.

[BITorial #7] Mindset \u0026 Improvement wins games!

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14:49 – 15:56 Summary
15:56 – 16:46 Outro
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[BITorial #7] Mindset \u0026 Improvement wins games!

MHRise | Long Sword Solo 2:42 Khezu

Some people in the comments seem to think this is Low Rank. It’s not, check the ending.
Turns out, quick Sheath LV3 + Iai Spirit Slash is extremely good in Monster Hunter Rise if used well.
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monsterhunter teamdarkside mhrise

MHRise | Long Sword Solo 2:42 Khezu

Monster Hunter Lore – Enciclopedia Gigántica – Khezu / Furufuru / フルフル

En esta enciclopedia gigántica conoceremos un poco mas sobre el Khezu. Wyverns detestables que viven en cuevas. Casi ciegos, detectan a la presa por el olfato. Generan descargas eléctricas para paralizar a su presa.
MonsterHunterLore EnciclopediaGigantica Khezu

Monster Hunter Lore - Enciclopedia Gigántica - Khezu / Furufuru / フルフル

MHFU Guides: Low Rank Khezu with Dual Swords

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite guide for hunting Khezu
P.S. I used a new way of recording that improves the video quality, happy hunting.

MHFU Guides: Low Rank Khezu with Dual Swords

KheZu | Dark Seer | Dota 2 Pro Gameplay – Patche 7.30e

KheZu Dark Seer Dota 2 Pro Gameplay Patche 7.30e
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Build Guide Pro Dark Seer Dota 2 Gameplay
• Lotus Orb
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• Magic Wand
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• Arcane Boots
• Refresher Orb
➤ Match Id: 6293558862
Dota 2 Gameplay KheZu Play Dark Seer Watch and Learn
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KheZu | Dark Seer | Dota 2 Pro Gameplay - Patche 7.30e

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูบทความเพิ่มเติมในหมวดหมู่Wiki

ขอบคุณมากสำหรับการดูหัวข้อโพสต์ khezu

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