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Learn Buteyko Online and Live Classes by Dr. Artour Rakhimov 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

Artour Rakhimov, PhD, practitioner of Buteyko breathing classes learnt online Skype The site is generally designed for DIY learning. However, I realize that some people require additional support due to the complex nature of their health problems. If you think that you can benefit from my personal input using Skype online courses or classes, choose the right option from the Table and send me your request to be accepted for online classes with all required details related to your health. A computer with internet access (e.g., Skype) or a landline phone number will be required for learning.

How to apply for online and live breathing classes

Requirements and details: – You need to know all basics related to breathing physiology, oxygen delivery, CO2 effects, lifestyle factors, and how breathing retraining works either from Dr. Artour’s live workshop, or the Dr. Artour’s small book, or the YouTube Playlist: Dr. Artour Intro: Breathing Retraining and Buteyko Method (NormalBreathing.com). – You will have at least 2 hours of breathwork and 2 hours (later 3 hours) of physical exercise per day to move forward in your breathing retraining. – In case of success, you will provide a video testimonial for our classes, and your results (before and after) for over 90% of students have positive results. – You need to provide all the required details in the form and send it filled with your email:

– If you are applying for any type of health query of health support by Dr. Artour, limit your email by 200 words. – Make sure that you write ” ” for the subject line (RE:) of your email – Send your email to: “dr.artour.rakhimov”, then “@”, and then “gmail.com”.

Note that online courses and live classes are normally taught once per week (often on the same day of the week) with no more than 10 days between consecutive lessons. I simply cannot hold details of all lifestyle details for a particular online student whom I do not see or interact with for more than 10 days.

Online Mini-course and Customized Planning

This is the most popular type of support among my online students. It is especially popular among students who tried to learn themselves (DIY), but could not succeed due to too complex health problems and other concerns. For the Mini-course, make a payment below and send me an email with your request to help you. I will forward you the Student’s Questionnaire (or Personal Information Form) and the form for recording your breathing sessions. After filling this Questionnaire and sending it to me, you can also provide me with your daily log (details of your breathing exercises, morning CPs, lifestyle changes, total daily exercise, and so forth). After analyzing all these details, I will provide you with a customized program of actions (usually from 5 up to 12 lifestyle changes and ideas directly related to breathing normalization).

Thus, this option includes:
– a Skype or online session which is about 90 minutes long
– a short follow-up online Skype session of about 30 minutes about a week later (please, do not delay the follow-up class beyond 2 weeks since it is counterproductive for the progress of the student, while I cannot keep details of every student in my mind for long periods of time)
– email support for the next 2 weeks.

This teaching would usually take me about 4-5 hours of work to learn all details about your health, provide you with new ideas/answers/lifestyle suggestions via email, and teach all these details on Skype so that you can start moving in the right direction.

If you have more questions and need more answers, book extra classes or courses. This option is particularly effective and sufficient for real large health breakthroughs, when the student studied and applied numerous lifestyle changes and practiced breathing exercises, preferably with the Frolov or Amazing DIY breathing device. If you did not learn the Buteyko theory (CO2 effects, positive and negative lifestyle factors, etc.) behind the method, then I would need to spend more time on explaining these basics. This makes my work less effective. Hence, it would be great if you learn not only basics but also apply Learning Modules to start initial changes in your breathing (learn how to measure the CP, how to tape mouth, about sleep positions, etc.) and started practice with a breathing device. Thus, this option works more effectively if you learn info provided on Modules of this website and in my books.

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Individual Skype or Online Course

The partial (5 hours) or complete (7 hours in total, or 5 lessons, 1.5 hours each) can be taught via Skype or landline phone line. If you decide to have a breathing retraining course, get educated about breathing retraining and the Buteyko method. The total number of hours you require can be significantly less if you learn more information online from my website or my YouTube and Google video clips or from the electronic book “Oxygenate yourself: breathe less”. Topics to learn are: breathing patterns and body oxygen level, CO2 effects, the CP test, Buteyko breathing method, requirements for courses, effects of lifestyle factors, etc.

Live Group Lessons (Level 2)

You can contact me for group lessons (5 group lessons, 2 hours each, with 1-2 individual 101 sessions – 11-12 hours in total). It is possible that I am or will be in your area, or you want to invite me to visit your area. Generally, it takes 5 full-paid students to make a group. More information about the details of live group courses can be found on my Teaching web page Courses, requirements, and fees.

Advanced Course

Students with 30+ s for the morning CP, less than 6.5 hours of natural sleep, and other effects of improved health can participate in the Advanced Course. The goal of the course is to achieve over 50 s for the morning CP.

Further support

Further support is provided via emails for one month only for those students who already took my course. Students who had a Mini-course receive support from 1-2 email exchanges after the class.

Practitioner training (30 s<CP<60 s)

Practitioner training is provided for qualified Buteyko students with over 30 s CP 24/7. This course is for those trainees who have less than 60 s CP.

Practitioner training (CP>60 s)

This course is for those students who have more than 60 s CP 24/7 (the morning CP included). You can see video testimonials of breathing teachers that I trained on this page: Training of Buteyko practitioners. The same page provides more details about this course for breathing teachers. You can also find my overview of Buteyko teacher training around the world: Buteyko Breathing Practitioner Review.

Family members

Since the traditions of Soviet/Russian Buteyko doctors, we always welcome family members joining the same course/classes as the primary student from the same family. The fee for each family member is 50% of the fee paid by the main or primary student. There is an option to pay 400 or 600 USD for Individual Partial or Full courses for family members. Click the link below (BUY NOW) and choose your fee when you are inside the ContentShelf platform.

You can pay less or nothing (even for practitioner training): exchange for your work

I have books and web pages that require proofreading and videos that I want to create. If you are a native English speaker, have time for this work, or can contribute with video creation and editing, we can organize an exchange or barter: you do your work to help me, or help with social promotion, or help with other projects that I have, and I will help you with your CP growth. You can find some details of possible types of exchanges here: Exchange Options. You may also explore this option: breathing practitioner training in exchange for your work (you can even earn money).

Invite me to visit your area and have a workshop/course

I am also available for live public lectures, workshops, seminars, and cooperation in education and other areas. When there are 5 or more people who wish to take a course and who are located in the same area, I can possibly travel and organize a course (depending on the country, distance, and fees paid for the course). As Dr. Buteyko and his medical colleagues discovered, it is most effective to have classes once a week for about 5 weeks (for 5 classes in total). Most of my courses follow this suggestion. I am not in favor of crash courses when the Buteyko method is taught during one weekend only. Such courses have poorer long-term results. However, I can have courses that include only 3 workshops (about 5-6 hours each), which are taught every 2-3 weeks.

Questions and queries

To find answers to your other questions, study topics in the Map of this site or search this website here.

Dr. Artour’s video about qualities of optimum or ideal Buteyko courses:

Pay for Buteyko Online Classes, Training, and Services here

Right below here you can make a payment for online help. It includes payments for Skype lessons, group live classes, and personal lessons to students and new practitioners. You can use your Paypal account or Brinks 2Checkout which accepts all major credit cards without Paypal involvement. To use Brinks, simply check this option on later pages: Checkout using 2Checkout with all Major Credit Cards. On the next page, from the dropdown menu, choose a service you pay for.

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  To pay for online or Skype classes, lessons, or services, to buy 2 or more copies of my books, or to donate and promote health education and development of the Buteyko Breathing Method, click here:

Learn Buteyko Online and Live Classes by Dr. Artour Rakhimov 2

More about online Buteyko classes and Dr. Artour Rakhimov

Resource pages:
Dr. Artour Rakhimov’s books on Amazon.com
Courses for Buteyko breathing practitioners by Dr. Artour Rakhimov
Pages about Dr. Artour’s practice
Buteyko method courses and levels to learn DIY, online or live
Buteyko teacher training overview by Dr. Artour.

Or go back to Practice.

Below are authentic comments, questions, and testimonials from the same page on the old PHP site before we converted it to WordPress.

On 2018-08-06T05:38:03, Dr. Artour (mod) wrote:
The email address is provided above.

On 2018-08-05T22:57:18, Konrad wrote:
Hello, Dr. Artour. Can I contact you somehow? I have a few questions because I would like to have some courses with you, but my cp is about 20s and I don’t know which course is good for me. That one course looked nice for me but it is from the 30s to 60s, so it may be not for me. Can I talk with you about this somehow or somewhere? Thanks for the reply.

On 2018-02-24T12:19:46, Dr. Artour (mod) wrote:
For online and other classes, a person can apply via email, but all personal details should be provided (see above).

On 2018-02-23T21:54:29, Alic wrote:
Can I contact you through your email for some details, please?

On 2017-09-28T06:02:34, Dr. Artour (mod) wrote:
Hello, Adrienne,
It looks like a very difficult case. But we can surely try to get you to 20+ first. I suggest you to apply via CureEndStageDisease.com.

On 2017-09-27T12:00:43, Adrienne wrote:
Hello Artour,
Would you be able to help me? I am not sure what to pay or apply for help. I am a 56-year-old Irish woman with years of chronic health problems, including asthma, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies, migraine, gut problems, insomnia, etc. My CP this morning was 4, following about 3 hours of sleep throughout the night. I look forward to hearing from you.

On 2017-04-16T05:01:36, Artour (mod) wrote:
Only if someone can find other students to make a group.

On 2017-04-15T21:03:27, Tascha wrote:
Здравствуйте, Вы случайно не собираетесь в ближайшем будующем дать курс для желающих научится технике Бутейко в центральной Европе (например Германия, Австрия) и на русском языке?

On 2017-01-20T12:12:32, Artour (mod) wrote:
I can if someone organizes them.

On 2017-01-19T07:48:29, Joanne Guelke wrote:
Would you ever come through Bali Indonesia to do some lectures?

On 2016-11-22T22:07:08, Mark Harris wrote:
Thank you very much for your explanation. I bought your book and have now made a DIY device and will start using it.
Also my apologies for putting my same question on the ‘CO2 effects’ page as I thought this request had disappeared.

On 2016-11-22T14:08:30, Artour (mod) wrote:
You have CO2 retention in the blood, but alveoli have too little CO2, and that prevents their recovery.
With Buteyko exercises or after using breathing devices (Frolov or DIY), people with ventilation-perfusion mismatch get higher blood oxygenation as measured by pulse oximetry. That proves that their blood CO2 starts to go down towards the norm, while blood O2 increases – walking 2-3 times more and faster in a few days with no shortness of breath.

On 2016-11-22T05:38:30, Mark Harris wrote:
I have severe emphysema and accompanying ‘CO2 retention’. As I already store too much CO2, is the Buteyko method still appropriate, and likely to improve my symptoms and health?
Thank you for this very informative and extensive website.

On 2015-03-18T07:40:57, Artour Rakhimov (mod) wrote:
Glenn does good work in New Zealand.

On 2015-03-16T08:37:40, Steve Laing wrote:
Hi, Artour I trust you are well, do you have any practitioners in New Zealand I am keen to get some study of the Buteyko methods and to fix my own breathing at the same time. I will look through more of your teachings in the meantime, Big asthma and allergy sufferers in this country.Happy to contact you if you drop me a reply.Best regards Steve

[Update] Auberge de la Fosse Arthour : Accueil | artour – Vietnamnhanvan

L’auberge sera fermée du 22 novembre au 9 décembre 2021.

Bienvenue à l’Auberge de la fosse Arthour

Il était une fois…

Une auberge qui, à l’origine n’en était pas une. C’est l’histoire de quelques passants venus faire une promenade digestive le dimanche après-midi, un « tiens, viens donc prendre un p’tit café ! » , de quelques crêpes confectionnées pour un « au cas où » et un air d’accordéon joué devant la baraque en bois qui est à l’origine de cette auberge.

Rachetée en 1974 à Monsieur et Madame Castagnet par Guy et Martine Lesellier, l’auberge en pierre fût bâtie au fil des années. Qui n’est pas venu pour fêter un baptême, une communion, un mariage, son mariage !, des retrouvailles de conscrits ou tout simplement pour partager un bon repas en famille ou entre amis dans une ambiance conviviale et chaleureuse et qui se terminait parfois par une soirée dansante animée par l’orchestre de Guy et Martine. Quarante ans !

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Après quelques années de fermeture, j’ai eu envie de la faire revivre. Native de Saint Georges de Rouelley, j’ai vécu moi aussi tous ces bons moments. Pour tout dire, j’y pensais depuis des années. Ouverte depuis le 11 juin 2020, j’ai à cœur de faire revivre cet endroit si nostalgique ! On se souvient bien sûr des pédalos, des balades à cheval ou encore de la fête des Rochers avec des vedettes des années 80 (Martin Circus, Gérard Lenormand, Carlos, Rika Zaraï, Enrico Macias et bien d’autres encore).

J’ai souhaité mettre en avant les artistes locaux en leur proposant d’exposer leurs oeuvres (peinture, sculpture, photographie, dessin, bois flotté…) à l’intérieur de l’auberge. Vous pouvez ainsi découvrir une nouvelle exposition chaque mois. Occasionnellement, musiciens et chanteurs se produisent à l’auberge pour notre plus grand plaisir.

Côté cuisine, le Chef propose une cuisine traditionnelle faite de produits frais et locaux, d’un menu du jour les mercredis, jeudis et vendredis midi dans un cadre apaisant et chaleureux, servis par une équipe souriante et accueillante. L’après-midi, l’auberge reste ouverte pour une pause rafraîchissante et gourmande, sucrée ou salée (crêpes, gaufres, glaces, confiserie, pâtisseries)

Je serais ravie de vous conter la légende du roi Arthur et la reine Guenièvre ou de vous aiguiller sur les randonnées ou encore de vous fournir toute information sur ce site classé.

De nos amis randonneurs, je peux remplir gracieusement les gourdes d’eau fraîche.

Au plaisir de vous accueillir.


Dota 2: Arteezy – Artour In BabyRage Land

Follow me on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/realdotaelite
Support Arteezy by following his social media:
Arteezy’s Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/arteezy
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Arteezy’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/arteezy

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูเพิ่มเติม

Dota 2: Arteezy - Artour In BabyRage Land

My Batangas Adventure -The New Normal

Sea Spring Resort

My Batangas Adventure -The New Normal

i miss the old artour

lyrics taken from here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/4bxxpu/i_miss_the_old_artour/
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the sample is from the dramatics i dedicate my life to you

i miss the old artour

Dear Artour – Feat Fwosh

Fwosh’s youtube
Stan Eminem ft. Dido
My team’s all trash, I’m wondering why I queued up a game at all
MMR goes out the window, and I can’t CS at all
But even if I could twitch spams more memes, Envy’s picture on my wall
He reminds me, that it’s not so sad, it’s not so sad, boys
Dear Artour, I wrote you but you still ain’t calling
I left my twich, my twitter, and my steam name at the bottom
I sent two donations back in autumn, you must nota got ’em
There probably was a problem at twitch alerts or something
Sometimes I write messages too vulgar when I jot ’em
but anyways; fuck it, what’s been up? Man how’s your team?
I’ve got a team, too, I’m bout to win RD2L
If I win a tourney, guess what I’ma say?
I’ma say \”2EZ\”
I read about your Uncle Peter, too, I’m sorry
I had a friend get salty over some team who didn’t want him
I know you probably hear this everyday, but I’m your biggest fan
I even got the underground shit that you did with Kaipi
I got a room full of your posters and your pictures man
I like the shit you did with Speed, too, that shit was phat
Anyways, I hope you get this man, hit me back,
just to talk, truly yours, your biggest fan
This is chat

Dear RTC, you still ain’t called or wrote, I hope you play a scrim
I ain’t mad I just think it’s FUCKED UP you don’t play on stream
If you didn’t wanna respond to a donation meme
you didn’t have to, but you coulda babyraged for Matthew
That’s my little brother man, he’s only 2k rank solo
We waited in the blistering queue for you,
four hours and you just said, \”4head\”
That’s pretty shitty man you’re like his fucking idol
He wants to be just like you man, he likes you more than I do
I ain’t that mad though, I just don’t like being lied to
Remember when we met in Seattle you said if I’d write you
you would write back see I’m just like you in a way
I never won a valve LAN neither;
my offlanes are retards and feeders,
so I can relate to what your sister says on stream,
so when I have a shitty game, I just watch you flame your team
‘Cause I don’t really got shit else so that shit helps when I’m depressed
I even got a tattoo with SAD BOYS across the chest
Sometimes I even run down mid to see how much I can feed
It’s like adrenaline, the pain is such a sudden rush for me
See everything you say is real, and I respect you ’cause you tell it
My subreddit’s jealous ’cause I talk about you 24/7
But they don’t know you like I know you artour, no one does
They don’t know what it was like for people like us growing up
You gotta call me man, I’ll be the biggest retard you’ll ever lose
Sincerely yours, Chat
We should queue together, too
also photo cred Dotablast.com

Dear Artour - Feat Fwosh




นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูบทความเพิ่มเติมในหมวดหมู่Wiki

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