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ambition lol: นี่คือโพสต์ที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อนี้

League of Legends Worlds Songs – From 2014 until 2021

League of Legends, one of the most popular esports in the world consists of more than just a game with a competitive league. Developer Riot Games always provides additional lore and content for fans to enjoy. Musical scores and content are a big part of the event ecosystem for LoL events.

We usually dedicate a lot of focus on the LoL Worlds Power Rankings and LoL Worlds 2021 Betting Guides. And with the all the serious action happening ahead of Worlds, its time we reminisce at the art and creativity going behind the entire League of Legends world experience.

Every year since 2014, the League of Legends World Championship has had an official theme song. Some songs were great, some were inspiring and some were downright legendary. As we await the official LoL Worlds kick off, we provide you with a list of all the songs Riot Games used as official event anthems.

2014 – Warriors by Imagine Dragons

Popular band Imagine Dragons was a great choice for a first LoL Worlds song. Not only where they incredibly well-known outside of gamer circles, they signified a (at the time) relatively rare intersection between gamers and other types of pop culture.

Like most of the videos of the following years, an animated music video was created to compliment the song itself, featuring players on their journey from playing at home to playing on the world stage. Naturally, the song and video quickly became iconic, and the League community responded incredibly well to this release.

2015 – Worlds Collide by Nicky Taylor

This song was pivotal in many ways. It set the stage for other, non-Worlds-related musical projects from Riot, such as “Bring home the glory” or “Awakened”. Unlike Warriors and songs that followed, this one didn’t have a properly animated video. The video for it featured a floating red crystal in which different landmarks, most of them from Central Europe, reflected.

Due to its lack of proper video, the song faced some criticism, but overall the musical tone of synth mixed with bass and a female vocalist proved a solid foundation for other Riot projects like the virtual pop group K/DA that Riot unveiled in 2018.

2016 – Ignite by Zedd

One of the more unique songs that Riot has released as a LoL Worlds song, Ignite featured electronic beats as well as an orchestral arrangement. The animated video that went with the song featured both gamers and strongly stylised versions of in-game characters and fight-scenes.

For many, this video was the peak as far as LoL Worlds songs visuals went – its bright and lively animation-style was certainly eye-catching. The song features simple lyrics that were easy to remember and sing along to – also unusual among the LoL Worlds songs.

2017 – Legends Never Die by Against the Current & Chrissy Constanza

Legends Never Die is one of the best-known LoL Worlds songs, popular even with esports fans that don’t normally follow League of Legends. It’s very catchy and features a well-animated video showing game characters sparring, training and exploring different environments matching the characters’ lore backstory.

Ashe, Lee Sin and Garen featured in the video, making it the only one (other than Worlds Collide) that doesn’t feature the journey of players to the League of Legends World Championship. For some, this watered down the connection between the song and the competition, while others felt the incredible song/video combination more than made up for it.

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2018 – Rise by The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive

Rise primarily features Kang ‘Ambition’ Chan-yong’s journey to being a world champ. It artistically depicts the epic battles of the player on his way through the World Championship. From corn field battles with Perkz, volcano battles against Uzi and glacier battles versus Faker, the video is full of symbolism. Ambition meets challenger after challenger during the video until ultimately reaching the Hall of Champions where his teams logo and legacy are finally engraved among the historic League of Legends Worlds Champions.

The Korean player started playing pro in November 2011 and showed consistent performances up to his win at Worlds 2017 – the year before the song was released. Ambition retired another season later but remained an active League streamer for Gen.G. Fans wouldn’t have bet on the LoL Worlds pro retiring so soon, but after a successful career and after featuring in the Rise video, he more than earned his retirement!

2019 – Phoenix by Cailin Russo and Chrissy Constanza

For the first time, the 2019 song featured an artist that had already collaborated on a previous LoL Worlds song – in 2017. The song was initially delayed due to production issues and wasn’t actually released until weeks into the play-in stage – it was expected before the beginning of that stage.

Along with the song, the 2019 video features stunning visuals – a combination of animation and bits of real-life footage featuring some pro League players. They’re even shown transforming into play characters – specifically, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther, and Song “Rookie” Eui-jin are featured.

2020 – Take Over by Jeremy McKinnon, Max and Henry

The 2020 song is an exciting experience in its entirety. The song itself and the accompanying video were made packed full with references and vocals reflecting the Take Over theme of Worlds 2020.

Take Over’s music video follows a young player getting coached by no other then Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok himself. Throughout the clip we can see our protagonist battle famous League of Legends champions personified by the players who made a huge impact on the scene with them. From Xpeke’s Kassadin pick, Mata’s Thresh and JackeyLove’s Xayah through BeBe’s Caitlyn and Tian’s Leesin, the protagonist battles each World Champion until he ultimately reaches the Summoner Cup itself. 

Additionally, every second of the video is filled with easter eggs and humorous messages. From champion names written on the car licence plates to shop signs saying things like: “Irelia’s office”, “Red Buff Hotpot” and “Sivir’s Pizza Delivery”, the entire video represents League of Legends culture at its fullest.  Overall, the Worlds 2020 song has one of the best Worlds music videos produced to date.

2021 – Burn It All Down by Riot Music Team ft. PVRIS

Released one week ahead of Worlds 2021, Burn it All Down was written and produced by the Riot Music Team  Alex Seaver (Mako). The vocals were performed by PVRIS as the featured artist.

The music video is similar in concept as 2020’s Take Over, featuring a variety of active LoL Esports players. We are guided through it by following Heo “ShowMaker” Su as he goes through a series of scenes with various players all practicing and preparing for what is ultimately Worlds 2021. The list of featured players absolutely mind boggling featuring: ShowMaker, Chovy, Rekkles, Wunder,  Carzzy, TheShy, Viper, GALA, Blaber, PowerOfEvil, Hans Sama, Armut, Peanut, Gori, Summit, Clid and we definitely missed some and will need to re-watch it ten more times.

[NEW] Midheaven: Winds of Ambition by Midheaven | ambition lol – Vietnamnhanvan

The court of the Great Empire Shuengol swarms with whispers and schemes. Stay alive, storm your way to glory, raise your stat, choose your allies and Regals for they will be the winds to your ambitions.

Winds of Ambition is a stats-raising visual novel, where every choice can result in the most fatal outcome. The objective of the game is keeping the protagonist alive for 12 seasons, and marry one of the four Regals.

Midheaven: Winds of Ambition follows the tale of a young Mahyine (an original species of the Midheaven saga, with naga-like features) noble in court who determines to follow their ambitions, along with the presence of one of the four Regals.

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If you are uncomfortable with those topics or under the age of 18, please proceed with caution. Please take care of yourself first and foremost

This game contains mature topics and potential disturbing contents, below we will list possible trigger warnings :

Soreiyuu, Alaam, Narsi, which will affect the initial stats of the protagonist:

House Soreiyuu – with a higher status of Intelligence; House Alaam – with a higher status of Magic; and House Narsi – with a higher status of Charm.

☾ Stat Raising

The player will schedule the protagonist to perform their duties and extracurricular studies/activities to increase their proficiency in various statistics. With diverse skill combinations and titles, the protagonist will have many ways to influence the scene, tackle problems, make friends or enemies.

☾ Choice Matters

What you say, what you do, the decision is yours to make as long as you have the skills and attributes. The ambitious, cunning protagonists can fail and might even end up dead in later years, and it’s all up to you.

☾ Story Events

With an extensive cast of colorful characters, you can be privy to plenty of hearsays and secrets in the Court. Be it whispers from the past or glimpse of the future, you will see them during various interactions. Some of them might help you advance in your ambitions, while others will make you rethink your choices.

As the moon phases progress, the protagonist is presented with various social opportunities and adversities. When they occur, the game performs checks on the protagonist’s current skills and chooses an outcome, sometimes without giving the player the option of interceding.


☾ Favor System & Character Events 

Build complex relationships – Get to the good side of your seniors, your fellows, your ambition interests, or intentionally anger them. Relationships can be tricky, especially when you joined the Court as a low-ranking Attendant.

Each Regal, Officer and fellow Attendant has different preferences, so the skills and choices of the protagonist shall decide the nature of the relationship.

After each moon phase, the protagonist is able to choose what they would do in their free time: bonding with the fellow Court Attendants, working with them, or working with the esteemed Officers. Time is scarce, choose carefully who you want to spend time with.

☾ Multiple Endings

In Demo 2.0 (Spring 2021), you will have 08 bonus “endings” and 01 official ending. 


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This is How Koreans Practice Irelia Looks Like.. | LoL Epic Moments 1301

This is How Koreans Practice Irelia Looks Like.. | LoL Epic Moments 1301
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This is How Koreans Practice Irelia Looks Like..  | LoL Epic Moments 1301


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【Ambition】各種最誇張的操作!安掌門影片合輯 – LoL英雄聯盟

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【Ambition】各種最誇張的操作!安掌門影片合輯 - LoL英雄聯盟

Ambition Top 10 Career Plays | 2021 LoL esports

One of the greatest role swaps ever and most respected players in the Korean scene.
Here are the top 10 plays of Ambition’s Career

Music provided by Argofox:
Hexalyte Ascendant
Hexalyte Apollo
DOCTOR VOX Paranoid Empire

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Ambition Top 10 Career Plays | 2021 LoL esports

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