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The international Dota 2 LAN season started with an exciting and entertaining stop at Manila, where American favorites Evil Geniuses showed their finesse at the start of an impending competitive season. 

The Manila Masters, hosted by Mineski and ESL in the Filipino capital, brought in teams both regionally and from around the world to compete for the competition’s first title and a piece of a $250 thousand prize pool. The event is a spiritual successor to popular 2016 events ESL One Manila and PGL’s Manila Major, each of which were well-received for their hospitality towards the teams and the energy the venue and fans brought. 

After the Kiev Majors in late April, which brought team shuffles and gameplay changes, it was unclear who would come out at the top. At the end, Evil Geniuses, the American team waving the banner of The International 5’s winners, defeated Chinese rivals Newbee in the best of five finals. The match paralleled the long-standing rivalry between the Chinese and Western teams: the matches appeared close through each game, and Newbee certainly gave EG a run for their money. The winning team kept their grasp on the lead, though, and eventually overcame their opponents. With outstanding and unusual plays by EG’s star players, such as Zai’s 1HP taunt escape, they took the series 3-1 for the Masters trophy.

Not only is this win vital for EG, but the turnout is also important for the current competitive circuit. The period for locking in rosters for The International, the largest Dota 2 and esports event, closed during the event, meaning that the teams that remain stable after Manila are building their early-season strength. 

Newbee has been a consistent force to be reckoned with since before the Kiev Major, and so their second place finish was unsurprising. The team was directly invited to the event, and they managed to win over the major contender, OG, who won the recent Major, in a 2-0 semifinal. 

NP, meanwhile, had a surprisingly intense display at the Filipino event. The player-run North American team, while fan favorites for their charisma and anime-centric reputations, struggled to finish at the top of larger events in recent months. Still, they swapped out two of their players after Kiev and managed to snag a solid third place in Manila after falling only to the eventual champions, shattering the scene’s expectations.  

Also exceeding predictions was the Singaporean Team Faceless, which knocked OG out of the tournament and proceeded to win fourth overall. The SEA squad is known as a top contender in the region, rivaling teams such as TNC Pro Team, Fnatic and Execration, and was the kryptonite to the near-unstoppable TNC in Kiev. They defeated local rising team Clutch Gamers in the first round of Manila, then moved on to the losers’ semifinals before falling themselves to NP.

Regardless, this team took a surprising hit, meaning they’ll have some work to do.

OG has gained a demigod-like status in Dota 2 for their sheer consistency in strength after winning four Majors, a rare trait in the scene, but that faltered here in the Philippines after losing to Newbee and, later, Team Faceless. Chinese team Invictus Gaming entered both Kiev and Manila with a similar reputation after a powerful run at the Dota 2 Asia Championships and a strong push in Kiev. Yet, they fell in the second round to eventual winners EG. It could have been for any number of reasons, whether because they didn’t want to impose their strength at every event after winning millions of dollars, or from the sudden change in climate and pub match atmosphere. Regardless, this team took a surprising hit, meaning they’ll have some work to do.  

Team Secret, of the Shanghai Major-winning banner, held onto their massive fanbase through several scandals and were greeted well in Manila. Their odd rise to power and fall to South American team SG Esports within the span of the Kiev Major put them in the spotlight leading up to the Manila Masters. Unfortunately, they were quickly toppled by Newbee, then NP, showing the team needs to buckle up and toughen up for the road ahead. 

The final team, Clutch Gamers, was the product of Mineski’s open league for an SEA slot at the event. They overcame such elite teams as Execration and TNC Pro Team in order to find their way to the major tournament for a chance at the grand prize. While the team recently took an emotional victory over Faceless to qualify for the upcoming The Summit 7 tournament, they couldn’t replicate the win in Manila and were taken out of the tournament by their regional rival. The world’s eyes are on this region lately, though, and Clutch may not entirely be out of the game this season, especially if they do well in The Summit. 

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On the note of SEA, the region’s Dota 2 fans, known for its high population of esports enthusiasts, certainly turned out for the event, and the production certainly delivered entertainment for everyone. 

Even before the action started, content rolled out to liven up the mood. A trailer for the event depicts a common dilemma for young teens today: asking a cute crush out to an esports event. A young teen in peril tries to figure out how to draw a girl in by reading her profile, while spamming his internal monologue for the viewer to see, and hilarity ensues. Though likely inflated by Facebook’s autoplay feature, it has almost 250 thousand views, comparable to the top YouTube content creators in the scene.

The event also tapped into the international (but especially Filipino) love for soap operas

Battle of the Rages at the tournament was a competition of its own that was aptly named for its destructive energy and literal destruction. Fans were brought in to demonstrate their best “rage,” including one super-fan that called himself “Puppey Jr,” referring to video footage in which the Secret player smashed a computer screen and threw headphones. When the judges were brought in, the memery exploded as Puppey himself walked onto the stage. The production crew rightfully put faith in the fans’ ability to destroy used computer equipment, and the storms of fury made for a spectacular spectator sport. 

The event also tapped into the international (but especially Filipino) love for soap operas, bringing in SirActionSlacks, Merlini and Black^ to act out a death scene with volunteers, punnily-nammed “I Lie Die.” However, there was little competition for the talent—the Team Faceless player instantly pulled out all the stops by pulling out well-dramatized Tagalog slang off the bat: “Bessie ko… wag ka mamatay!”, or, “Best friend… don’t you die!” The Singaporean player could be seen checking his phone before his shot, so he likely learned the phrase moments ago, but his acting ability charmed and entertained the crowd.

Then, there’s the last unlucky and unintentional moment that brought fans together early on in the tournament. NP star EternalEnvy had the team camera online when his chair slipped away, and he hit the ground hard. Of course, as with any visible accident in Dota 2, there were memes, though this incident managed to also reach ESPN’s main channel as a top “jeer.” It’s an unfortunate out-of-game hit on his record of Dota 2 slips.

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Already, fans on Reddit are calling for another Major in Manila, or at least more events in the region. It’s clear why, after this tournament: the teams and talent bring their all for their fans, no matter what they’re doing on stage.  

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Mission and Objectives The University of the Philippines Manila has been offering graduate programs since 1930. These programs have been directly under the administration and governance of the different colleges offering them. In 1985, a nationwide survey of graduate degree programs offered by the different colleges and universities in the health sciences showed that existing graduate offerings in the health and health-related professions of non-UP Manila institutions were very limited.


When UP Manila was reorganized in 1987, an Office of Graduate and Continuing Education (OGCE) was created to coordinate its graduate and continuing education programs. The OGCE was chaired by Dr Ophelia M. Mendoza. When Dr Perla D. Santos Ocampo assumed the chancellorship in September 1993, the need to upgrade the OGCE into a graduate school was expressed in consonance with the current thrust of the University to lead in graduate education and research.

The proposal for the establishment of a graduate school in UP Manila was approved by the Board of Regents on 22 June 1995. On 27 July 1995, Dr Veronica F. Chan, a professor of Microbiology and Virology at the College of Public Health (CPH), was appointed acting dean of the Graduate School. She drafted the rules and regulations governing the Graduate School in consultation with the deans of the different degree-granting units. The rules were subsequently approved by the University Council of UP Manila.

A year after this creation, Dr Isidro C. Sia, a professor of Pharmacology at the College of Medicine (CM), was appointed Dean of the Graduate School. Appointed as Graduate School Secretary was Prof Ma. Estela M. Layug of the College of Nursing (CN) until she was designated as the UPM Registrar. Dr. Lilia M. Reyes (CPH) took over her post and later on became the officer-in-charge of the Graduate School on 18 December 1997. In September 1998, Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. Lourdes E. Abadingo, served as the officer-in-charge until Dr. Emilie G. Flores, a professor of Nutrition (CPH), was appointed dean in November 1998.

The Graduate School, in coordination with the eight degree-granting units, enriched existing graduate programs and developed new programs attuned to meet the health manpower needs of the country and that of the Southeast Asian countries. Chancellor Santos Ocampo strongly felt the timely need and relevance of a national status of the Graduate School to accelerate the development of a globally competitive graduate education system for UP Manila. The change in status would better uphold the UP vision of becoming the apex and base of the Philippines education system. Briefing documents were developed by Dr. Flores after a series of consultations with key persons from different colleges of the different autonomous units of the UP System, Commission on Higher Education, and some private institutions. With the continued support from Chancellor Santos Ocampo and then UP President Emil Q.Javier, the Graduate School was transmogrified into the National Graduate School for the Health Sciences (NGSHS). The Board of Regents in its 1130th meeting approved the national status of the Graduate School on 15 April 1999.

The NGSHS, as it provides the highest quality of advanced instructions and training, shall strive to: 1. Enrich existing degree programs while enhancing the development of benchmark programs and implementation of innovative, globally competitive multidisciplinary graduate programs; 2. Optimize convergence of graduate faculty and resources between and among the different degree-granting units, for globally competitive graduate aspirations and excellence; 3. Generate resources and manage grants, aids, donations or any kind of fellowships and support for the welfare of the UPM faculty and the public who seek equity in scholarly opportunities; 4. Create local, regional and international linkages and networks of complimentary centers of excellence in health sciences for resource sharing and to avail of the latest development in education, research and health service delivery; 5. Establish postdoctoral and post-masters fellowship for updates in teaching, research, extension and production of technology; and, 6. Provide efficient and effective planning and management of graduate programs through periodic assessment and evaluation.

At present, of the 84 graduate science courses being offered by the country’s 88 institutions, 66 are being administered by UP Manila, through the efforts of its 1,051 full-time and part-time graduate faculty from eight degree-granting units. The graduate programs include 8 doctoral tracks, 39 masters, 9 diploma, 3 certificate courses, and 1 basic course. The final year of both Chancellor Santos Ocampo and President Javier gave birth to the development of various non-vertically articulated graduate programs. Twenty-one (21) new graduate program tracks were developed from November 1998 to May 1999 by the different degree-granting units in coordination with the NGSHS for AY 1999-2000 offerings. Four of these new programs are non-vertically articulated, multidisciplinary programs.

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The Board of Regents in its 1171st meeting approved the conversion of the national status of the Graduate School to National Graduate Office for the Health Sciences (NGOHS) on 30 May 2003. Under Director Cora A. Añonuevo, development of an interactive website with downloadable forms was finished and is already accessible at http://ngohs.upm.edu.ph/. Under her three-year term, several programs were also opened, such as Diploma in Bioethics and Diploma in Preventive Ophthalmology. Marketing strategies became more assertive by giving out promotional posters and newspaper advertisements. When Dr. Isidro C. Sia took over as Director, additional masters program were the introduced: MS Health Informatics, MS Bioethics, M Physical Therapy, MS Genetic Counseling, M Medical Anthropology, and MS Medical Anthropology.

Riding high on the crest of academic excellence, the UP Manila NGOHS shall continue to pursue growth points responsive to the demands for excellence and leadership in the health science professions with the ardent synergistic strengths of humanities, arts, and social sciences. It envisions to create a ripple effect at the threshold of the century as it expands globally competitive role in teaching, research, extension and production of technology that can improve the quality of life.


OFFICE OF THE CONTINUING EDUCATION The Office of the Continuing Education was created as the Office of Extension and Continuing Education in 1993 during the term of Former Chancellor Perla Santos Ocampo. In 2000, the office was moved under the supervision of the Office of the Ugnayan ng Pahinungod, thus, the unit became known as the Office of the Ugnayan ng Pahinungod and Continuing Education. In July 2006, Chancellor Ramon Arcadio transferred the supervision of the Office of the Continuing Education from the Ugnayan Pahinungod to NGOHS, on an experimental basis to further improve efficiency of work at UP Manila.

Objectives: 1. Recommending and enforcing policies, standards, and basic procedures for continuing education program; 2. Coordinating, monitoring, and reviewing the continuing education activities of UP Manila; 3. Generating data and other information needed for planning purposes and policy/rules formation; and, 4. Assisting the college/units in marketing their non-degree postgraduate activities.


Current NGOHS Administration:

Dr. Michelle Leslie M. Dalmacio, MSc,
Director, National Graduate Office for the Health Sciences
PhD Coordinator, Office of the Continuing Education

Warren D. Bautista
Administrative Officer II

Rizalino S. Gestopa
Project Assistant III

Marijoie V. Castillo
Administrative Assistant I



Address: 3/F Joaquin Gonzales Bldg. (old NEDA Compound), UP Manila campus,  
cor. Padre Faura and Ma. Orosa Streets, Ermita, Manila

Telephone: 5231495, 5231498 / Telefax:5265870
URL: http://ngohs.upm.edu.ph/
E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected] 


Aftermovie | The Manila Masters

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูเพิ่มเติม

Aftermovie | The Manila Masters


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Dani Sanchez vs Filipos Kasidokotas the two legend billiard master

Dani Sanchez vs Filipos Kasidokotas the two legend billiard master
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Dani Sanchez vs Filipos Kasidokotas the two legend billiard master

Epic/Funny Moments and Clips Compilation during Manila Masters

A compilation of funny and epic moments during the Manila Masters Event.

Source: https://www.twitch.tv/themastersgg

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Epic/Funny Moments and Clips Compilation during Manila Masters

TNC vs OG: Pinoy Dota Casters Freak Out at TI6

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TNC vs OG: Pinoy Dota Casters Freak Out at TI6

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูวิธีอื่นๆWiki

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