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Want to know the best Dota 2 heroes you should be picking in ranked mode? The wilds of Dota 2’s ranked mode is a tough place to spend your time, and nothing feels worse than sinking hours of your valuable time only to emerge with less MMR than you started off with.

There are several factors that contribute to the result of each ranked game – one of the most crucial is the draft. Games can be won and lost on draft alone, and so to give yourself the best chance of winning, you should carefully consider your hero pick. There are certain heroes that are particularly strong in the current meta, but it’s not enough just to pick meta heroes; you have to know when and why these heroes are good.

That’s where we come in. We’ve put together a list of the best Dota 2 heroes for each position, alongside a few alternatives. These are heroes that are particularly strong, and effective in a wide variety of scenarios, but we recommend learning three or four heroes for your chosen role.

The best Dota 2 heroes are:

  • Warlock
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Centaur Warrunner
  • Puck
  • Juggernaut

We’ve picked these heroes based on the meta developed around the latest patch, but if you want more information on how to play a hero or what items to pick up alongside it, read on. It’s worth it, we promise.

Best Dota 2 heroes: A bearded man with a yellow eye on his chest stands in front of a fiery inferno

Position 5 – Warlock


  • Fatal Bonds (Q): Binds several enemy units together, causing a percentage of the damage dealt to one of them to be felt by the others.
  • Shadow Word (W): Warlock whispers an incantation, healing a friendly unit or damaging an enemy unit over time.
  • Upheaval (E): A powerful slowing current that grows stronger as it’s channeled.
  • Chaotic Offering (R): Summons a golem from the depths, stunning enemies for one second.

Warlock has exceptional teamfight ability, and a formidable Aghanim’s Shard that upgrades his W to apply to all units in a 450 unit radius; it also grants a 10% movement speed bonus to allies, and slows enemies by 10%.

In the lane, Warlock’s job is to stand behind the carry and try to harass the enemy, and heal their safelaner. If you’re laning with someone who can’t do much at level one, but has a strong level two or three – like Juggernaut or Lifestealer – skill Fatal Bonds at level one to shove the lane, so you can get level two before the enemy; then you can pull and hopefully secure level three.

This is usually what you want to do, but you should pay attention to who you’re laning with and against; for example, Legion can purge the bonds, and your safelane Spectre wants heals. You don’t have damaging spells to use in the lane; your moment of glory comes later, when you reach level six, and skill your ultimate.

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Teamfights are pretty simple for Warlock; drop a big rock (Chaotic Offering) on their heads. Boom. Use Fatal Bonds quickly after you’ve cast the ultimate and the rock is on its glorious descent. Remember, the stun goes through BKB and spell immunity. Then cast your heal, and begin to channel Upheaval; micro your crumbly golem pal while the upheaval is going. If your golem is still alive after the fight is over, shove lanes to tower with it and then kill neutrals.

You don’t typically want to start a fight by dropping rock; instead, the best case scenario is casting it as soon as the other team commits to the fight. For example, if the enemy Beastmaster roars someone, then their allies join and start hitting them, you can drop your golem and buy your roared ally some time. You should also use it to cancel powerful channeled abilities like Enigma’s Black Hole.

Item-wise, we recommend Arcane Boots, Glimmer Cape, Aether Lens, then Aghanim’s Shard as soon as it is available. After this, go for the Aghanim’s Scepter.

If you’re looking for alternative heroes to play as hard support, we recommend Grimstroke (especially if you’re playing in a stack), Snapfire, and Jakiro.

Best Dota 2 heroes: An elvish looking character wearing armour and a bandana creeps forward

Position 4 – Bounty Hunter


  • Shuriken Toss (Q): Hurls a deadly shuriken at an enemy unit, dealing damage and mini-stunning the target. The shuriken will bounce to any tracked units who are within a 1200 radius of each other.
  • Jinada (W): Bounty Hunter plans his next hit, dealing bonus damage and stealing some unreliable gold.
  • Shadow Walk (E): Bounty Hunter becomes invisible and gains the ability to move through other units until he attacks or uses an ability.
  • Track (R): Tracks an enemy hero, granting True Sight of the target, and information on how much gold it is carrying.

Bounty Hunter is the perfect hero for running around and being a nuisance. Like Warlock, Bounty Hunter’s Aghanim’s Shard is what makes him such a great pick in the current patch. It makes Shadow Walk give you 35% damage reduction while you’re invisible, and grants a stun when attacking out of invisibility. This means you can run up hills with no fear, and punish your enemies’ lack of coordination; if they commit to attacking you as soon as they see you, you’ll make them regret it.

In lane, the rule is: hit the enemies with Jinada off cooldown, weave in and out of the lane, preventing pulls and ruining the opposing support’s day, like the little pest you are. You’ll occasionally be able to do more in the way of harassment, but this really depends on how hard you win the lane and who you’re laning with.

Typically, you start with boots and skill Jinada, and if you’re feeling really fancy, you can pull the first enemy creep wave through the jungle toward your tower. Depending on the situation, it’s sometimes worth it to skill Shadow Walk first, and use it to get into position to steal the enemies’ bounty runes. After yoinking it from under their nose, simply Shadow Walk away and run to your lane.

Be careful of enemy vision; they will invariably put a sentry down in lane, so try to deward it if it’s safe to do so. Don’t be afraid to play behind enemy lines – you’re adept at killing couriers; walking around between enemy towers and co-ordinating with your team to wrap around and collapse on foes.

For items, we recommend Tranquil or Phase Boots, Orb of Corrosion and Solar Crest; Urn of Shadows on its own is strong, which you can upgrade into Spirit Vessel if it counters an enemy. Drums of Endurance is also a solid choice.

Other position fours that we recommend are Dark Willow for her strong teamfight, along with Tiny and Tusk.

Best Dota 2 heroes: A centaur holds a large axe while charging forward on tundra

Position 3 – Centaur Warrunner


  • Hoof Stomp (Q): Slams the ground, stunning and damaging nearby enemy units.
  • Double Edge (W): Centaur strikes a mighty blow at melee range, damaging both himself and a small area around the target. Deals extra damage based on your strength.
  • Retaliate (E): Centaur counters all attacks, dealing damage back to the attacker.
  • Stampede (R): Centaur leads all allies into a vicious charge causing them to move through units at max speed and stop any enemy units they trample.

Centaur Warrunner is a big beefy boy who can become nigh unkillable. He wants to play in lane – no jungle for you – and be aggressive, pushing lanes and forcing them to respond to you. You’ll facilitate plays with your ult, encouraging your team to play with you.

In lane, skill your Hoof Stomp first, then put two points in Retaliate, followed by then a point in Double Edge. When you get your ultimate, use it to disengage from fights if things look bad and you want to retreat or regroup – for example, if there’s an enemy Phoenix egg that looks like it could turn rotten. Alternatively, you can use it as a gap closer.

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If everything is proceeding ideally, you’ll get Vanguard first, then Hood of Defiance, around 7 – 12 minutes, then start saving for your Blink Dagger; you want Blink in time for the mid game. If things aren’t going smoothly, you’re struggling in lane, and have no farm, focus on getting your Blink before Hood and make yourself useful with your Stampede and Hoof Stomp.

After your Blink Dagger, buy utility for your team, like Crimson Guard or Pipe of Insight. Definitely buy your Aghs Shard at 20 mins; it’s a big ‘un. It causes Double Edge to increase Centaur’s strength by 15% per hit for 15 seconds, and slow enemies by 25% for two seconds. Since Double Edge is on a four second cooldown, the slow will get annoying quickly.

Alternatives to Centaur are Dragon Knight and Razor. Razor dominates in lane but doesn’t have much teamfight or control, so pick him when you have a position 4 who can compensate for this, like Nyx. Dragon Knight is also good; he has a great stun, but lacks high damage output.

Best Dota 2 heroes: An amphibian with a muscular body and pink tipped wings flies high

Position 2 – Puck


  • Illusory Orb (Q): Puck launches a magic orb that floats in a straight path, damaging enemy units along the way. At any point, Puck may teleport to the orb’s location using Ethereal Jaunt.
  • Waning Rift (W): Puck teleports to the target location and releases a burst of faerie dust that deals damage and silences enemy units nearby.
  • Phase Shift (E): Puck briefly shifts into another dimension where it is immune from harm.
  • Ethereal Jaunt (D): Teleports Puck to a flying Illusory Orb.
  • Dream Coil (R): Creates a coil of volatile magic that latches onto enemy Heroes, stunning them for 6 seconds, damaging and leashing them. If the enemy hero stretches the coil by moving too far away, it snaps, stunning and dealing additional damage.

Rune control is very important in the current patch, and Puck excels at it. In lane, get a bottle, and make sure to use your Illusory Orb to secure the ranged creeps. The build for Puck is flexible; ideally you want a point in Phase Shift early, and you’ll max your Illusory Orb then max Waning Rift.

Once you’ve got your ultimate, you can rotate easily with it and kill a core in a side lane. You can also kill the enemy mid laner with it with the help of your supports, or solo if you get a good rune. Shove the lane around 15 seconds before the rune spawns so you can prepare to grab it. If you’re on the Radiant side, go for the top rune; Dire, head for the bottom rune – this way you can stack the small camp on the way and farm it later. We love efficiency.

Witchblade is an excellent item for you; following this, Boots of Travel is good for map pressure. Blink Dagger is heavily recommended; a Dagon is good if you need burst. If you’re against BKB carries – or mobile heroes in general – go for the Aghanim’s Scepter. Against silences and early Orchid buyers, you probably want Eul’s Scepter.

In the mid game, play with your team and catch people with your Dream Coil. Push lanes with your spells. You may want to buy the Aghs Shard in the late mid game; it’s not an early priority. For alternatives to Puck, we recommend Beastmaster, though he is very timing-centric, and you have to be efficient. Dawnbreaker is also a good choice – honestly, she’s a bit broken right now, so why not?

Best Dota 2 heroes: A muscular character with a horned bone mask lifts a scimitar above his head

Position 1 – Juggernaut


  • Blade Fury (Q): Causes a bladestorm of destructive force around Juggernaut, rendering him immune to magic and dealing damage to nearby enemy units.
  • Healing Ward (W): Summons a Healing Ward which heals all nearby allied units, based on their max health.
  • Blade Dance (E): Gives Juggernaut a chance to deal critical damage on each attack.
  • Omnislash (R): Juggernaut leaps towards the target enemy units, and then slashes the target and other nearby enemy units at an increased attack rate. Juggernaut is invulnerable for the duration.

Yep – we recommend you spin to win. Juggernaut is a very safe pick; if you’re second phase picking, you can pick him pretty much any game. He’s not going to 1v5 given a perfect game but will do his job, no matter what kind of game you put him in, thanks to his good base attack time ensuring him a good laning stage.

Always skill Blade Fury first; after that, we recommend a point in your E, then another in Blade Fury, followed by a value point in your Healing Ward. Make sure you can micro the healing ward properly and don’t feed it the poor lil guy; keep it safe.

Play around your ultimate; it’s very strong. Between 10-20 mins, look to secure pickoffs wherever you can Omnislash and then go back to farming. Late game, at 25+ mins, use your ult to kill cores in a teamfight or to solo kill a core. If the enemy team doesn’t have anything to pierce spell immunity (which your Blade Fury gives you) you can play very aggressively and shove lanes all over the place, because you can always spin and teleport to safety.

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For items, get Battle Fury if things are going well, there’s not that much pressure on you, and you’ve had a free lane. This will let you farm super fast, but if you find yourself needing to join fights and want a bigger impact in these early fights, buy Maelstrom -it’s still good for farming.

After this, Sange & Yasha or Manta Style, then Aghanim’s Scepter to unlock that sweet, sweet Swiftslash ability. The shard is decent; most professionals tend to grab it around the 30 minute mark. There aren’t too many position one heroes that stand out as being super strong right now; Morphling is good, but don’t go near it unless you’re high MMR, lest you turn into a puddle.

Those are the best Dota 2 heroes to play in ranked matchmaking right now, or at least who we think are your best bet. If you’re serious about gaining MMR, we recommend you watch pro replays and make note of the situations in which these heroes are picked, and who they play the lanes depending on who they’re up against. Good luck, and have fun.

[NEW] 10 Best solo queue heroes in Dota 2 | dota2 heroes – Vietnamnhanvan

Playing solo queue can be frustrating sometimes especially when you feel like you did a really good job with your hero but it seems it still wasn’t enough like your hero can’t contribute more to your teammates and in the end, the result of the match ends up in your team’s hands

In this post, we compiled a list of 10 heroes, 2 from each role, that excels in carrying games by themselves be it due to their extreme farm potential or the pressure they apply to your enemies. 

One thing you can be certain of, by playing these heroes you will be much more independent from your matchmaking teammates and will be able to climb the MMR ladder by yourself much faster.

Before we begin our list, you will notice that the best heroes for solo queue have something in common, they tend to not require much team coordination to execute their role and they will naturally create more space for all your team due to the focus your enemies will put in you, so if you play well the match, you will be able to become an even bigger threat while still providing room for your teammates to grow, its a recipe for success.

Best mid heroes for solo queue

Templar assassin dota 2

Templar Assassin

Since the early days of Dota 2, Templar Assassin has been one of the best and most consistent pub stompers in the game and that is a result of her huge farm potential while still maintaining pressure and giving vision on the entire map through her ultimate (Psionic Trap).

The secret to destroying your enemies with Templar Assassin is knowing your power spikes, like the desolator that will enable you to solo kill Roshan and your black king bar that should be bought before your enemies are strong enough, resulting in a combo of huge damage while still maintaining high mobility through blink dagger and survival through the BKB.

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Due to Psi Blades, you can farm really fast in the early levels, as such, you should rotate between the lane and neutral creeps as much as possible while using your Psionic Traps to provide vision and making you almost ungankable, only possible if the enemies waste a Smoke of Deceit.

Your goal with Templar Assassin should be to peak at around 20 to 25 minutes of the game and end it by 35, if done right, the enemies can’t do much, as the snowball effect will take place when you get your Desolator + Blink Dagger combo.

Huskar dota 2


Similar to Templar Assassin, Huskar is one of the original pub stompers, while in the old days it was required a friend playing heroes like Oracle or Dazzle, in the present patch Huskar can annihilate everyone by himself, making him the perfect solo queue hero for fast MMR gain.

Huskar’s strong skill set comes into play in the early levels, through the harass that Burning Spear provides you can make most heroes have to leave the lane or buy nonstop regeneration items like Tangoes and Salves. 

Inner Fire is another excellent spell that makes Huskar scale like crazy in the lane phase, providing an easy last hit mechanic for the ranged creeps, while still making you a threat to trade hits against due to the disarm effect.

Your power spike that should be explored with Huskar is related to the build of the Armlet of Mordiggian, as it will make it a lot harder to be killed and provide an easy Roshan kill and subsequent Aegis of the Immortal. 

One of his many strengths is due to the items that benefit him are so cheap and provide so much like Heaven’s Halberd and Black King Bar, making you an unstoppable team fight machine.

With Huskar you should aim to end the game, or at least have a huge advantage, by the 30 minutes mark. While you don’t lose your potential like in the older versions Huskar still shines while his net worth is ahead of his enemies, and due to his farming capabilities not being that good compared to other heroes, the longer the game extends, the lower the gap becomes.


Honorable mentions

meepo dota 2 hero icon

tinker dota 2 hero icon

pro players teach dota 2

Best carry heroes for solo queue

Alchemist dota 2


Alchemist’s entire reason for being on this list is one of his skills: Greevil’s Greed. The farm potential that this hero has due to this single ability is absurd, achieving more than 1000 gold per minute is not rare playing him.

While his early game can be quite weak if played right and with a little help from your teammates it’s easy to double the net worth of the second most farmed hero in the match. Due to this, you can be certain that you will be at least 1 or 2 big items ahead of your enemy by the 25-minute mark. This advantage should be big enough to pressure your enemy towers to force big team fights.

Fast map movement is core to a good Alchemist player, you should be able to tell when you need to teleport to a different lane to farm, when to rotate to the jungle and when to pressure the lane. Remember, your goal is to be a pain for your enemy to deal with and run after while still getting your much-needed farm.

However, you can’t forget that Alchemist tends to complete his entire build in the 40-minute mark, so obviously, even if you can still buy Aghanim’s Scepter to your teammates, the enemy carry will catch up soon enough.

Because of rubber band mechanics, if your hero and team have a big net worth advantage in comparison to your enemy, the kill is valued a lot higher, as such, you should be extra careful while playing Alchemist, not only death will slow your progression but it will reward your enemy a lot more than a normal kill.

slark dota 2


Just the mention of Slark’s name can cause terror in most support players, he’s the apex of carry pub stompers that rely on nonstop killing by himself, and that’s exactly what you should do when playing him in a solo queue.

Your early game consists of spamming Dark Pact in the jungle and lane creeps to accelerate your farm rate, while keeping your health high due to the passive of your ultimate, Shadow Dance. That way you can clear camps really fast while still being at full health, and as such will be really difficult to punish and gank.

After the first 15 minutes of the game, you should have a Shadow Blade, that will on its own enable all your ganking potential, with a high movement speed, an invisibility mechanism and a strong dispel source, through your Dark Pact, most support heroes won’t be able to do much anything but die when you close the gap.

One of the most important aspects of playing Slark is abusing your ultimate passive, that gives your information of your enemy vision of your hero, due to this, you can know where all your enemy wards are and where they have true sight, making it even harder to get a kill on you, with such a diverse escape mechanism.

Even though your first power spike happens in the 15 to 20-minute mark, Slark has no problem whatsoever going into the late stages of the game, his capability to scale is simply absurd, and that what’s make him such a great solo queue hero, you can dominate the early and mid-game through kills and pressure but you can still be the hard carry threat at the late game.

Honorable mentions

ursa dota 2 hero icon

faceless void dota 2 hero icon

Best offlane heroes for solo queue

mars dota 2


In the short time Mars has in the game his popularity grew like no other hero, he’s such a complete hero, providing lane phase pressure, team fight contribution, good disables, a frontliner while still being able to scale into the late game through physical damage because of his skill set.

Playing Mars, your goal should be to get pick-offs on badly positioned enemy heroes throughout the game, preferably with the acquisition of a Blink Dagger. 

The beauty of playing Mars in solo queue is due to God’s Rebuke, while all the other spells are core to your hero, providing stuns and chaos in the team fight, it’s God’s Rebuke that makes him scale into the late game if needed as it has a critical damage aspect.

broomother dota 2


Broodmother must be the most hated hero to play against in Dota 2, besides Techies, and that has a reason, playing against her is really difficult and requires a huge team effort to be done efficiently. 

The way to play Broodmother is quite straightforward, pick your lane and stay there while your enemy struggles to deal with your spiderlings and try to catch you in your webs in the forest. While this happens, you can put enormous pressure on the enemy while still controlling his entire jungle, eliminating any safe space for him to grow.

Watch out for your Aghanim’s Scepter timing, it will be the most crucial moment in the game, as it will provide many more webs for you, enabling them to reach to the mid lane and even deeper into the enemy jungle, reducing their map control by a lot.

While you won’t be able to push the tier 3 towers entirely by yourself, the pressure alone and map control that you provide should be sufficient to open a lot of space for your teammates to farm and become stronger.

Broodmother is not overpowered per se, the thing is, the skill to play her is dependent on a single player, while the strategies to counter her, require really good team coordination, something that is extremely rare in the solo queue matchmaking, making her a perfect pick to win games.

Honorable mentions

magnus dota 2 hero icon

legion dota 2 dota 2 hero icon
Legion Commander

Learn Dota 2 from notail and topson

Best support heroes for solo queue

Bounty Hunter dota 2

Bounty Hunter

The reason Bounty Hunter is one of the best support heroes to play in a solo queue is simple, it creates a gold advantage by himself to all your teammates, through his ultimate, Track, making even kill trades that should be of equal value favor more Bounty Hunter’s team.

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It can be really frustrating playing against Bounty Hunter, as each hit can drain some of your gold, and with his Shadow Walk his position is always hard to keep track of. 

With the help of your invisibility, while playing Bounty Hunter, you can put a ward deep down your enemy territory, creating an unfair vision war against your enemies. You should be able to prevent many ganks if your positioning is correct, preventing your core players from falling behind.

In the same way, your invisibility will be able to create your own ganks in the most valuable enemies, forcing them to waste gold with sentries to try and stop you.

All in all, Bounty Hunter’s contribution comes in form of networth advantage for your team cores while making the team coordination happens really easy as most plays will be centered and made by you.

Spirit Breaker

The threat of having a Spirit Breaker against you, especially while playing core in a solo queue, is just too much, just his presence alone in a game will slow down the enemy farm, due to this constant possibility of a Charge of Darkness coming.

There’s nothing that can be done if you are facing Spirit Breaker besides trying to place Observer Wards, and that won’t be enough. That is exactly what you should abuse by playing Spirit Breaker, try to remain in the fog of war so your presence is never known, increasing the risks your enemy takes every time they appear in a lane.

The ward war will be crucial for your success playing this hero, try to always ward in unexpected spots and try to maintain your jungle free of enemy vision, that way your ganks will be much harder to predict.

The concept that makes him such a good support for the solo queue is just the huge pressure and space that he creates, going alone to any place in the map against a Spirit Breaker is suicide, you need always some kind of cover, and that will result naturally in a slower farm, so your cores will always be more farmed than your enemies.

Honorable mentions

Dark Willow dota 2 hero icon
Dark Willow

Earthshaker dota 2 hero icon

Best hard support heroes for solo queue

skywrath mage dota 2

Skywrath Mage

Playing hard support in the solo queue can be hard as you have a level of dependency on your cores, especially your carry player, as such, you need to adapt your play style, your not playing with professionals or people you have good coordination with, that’s why Skywrath Mage fits this role so good.

Skywrath Mage lane control is just one of the best in the game, he can win against two heroes almost by himself, and as a result, your carry player should have an easy lane phase, that by itself should up your chances of winning the game, but that would still be relying too much on strangers, right?

Even without many items, Skywrath Mage damage output is huge, being able to kill most heroes in the early to mid-stages of the game, that on its own is a good contribution to your team success, but there’s still more. Besides all the damage that he can provide, Skywrath Mage has a low cooldown and long-range slow and a long duration silence.

Crystal maiden dota 2

Crystal Maiden

Not only Crystal Maiden is one of the most played and liked support heroes in Dota 2 it’s a really good pick if you wish to gain MMR in solo queue. The combination of skills she brings to the game is just too good, including slows, root, and a global mana regeneration aura, increasing your team efficiency.

Even if her attributes are not the best, due to the insane skills Crystal Maiden has, you can be certain the lane phase you are playing will end up good for you and your carry, just be careful with bad position due to your low movement speed and low health pool.

One of the most important aspects of the hero, that grants her the spot in this list, is her ultimate. Even without items, Freezing Field on its own can cause such chaos in team fights that the enemy team will have to waste their disables on you or perish to all the damage you will be dealing, because of that, your cores will be able to move freely in the fight and punish the other team with ease.

In the end, even if you are playing hard support with Crystal Maiden, you should be able to get a couple of important items, and when you do that, especially in low level ranked games, you can definitely carry the game by yourself by winning the teamfights and pressuring your enemies.

Honorable mentions

winter wyvern dota 2 hero icon
Winter Wyvern

grimstroke dota 2 hero icon

I hope this list was useful to give you some ideas of heroes to pick in solo queue in Dota 2, if you master them, you can be certain that your MMR will improve in no time, good luck, and have fun.

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this is why they nerfed Marci

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this is why they nerfed Marci

Nerf Marci now! Valve, wtf?

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dota2 marci

Nerf Marci now! Valve, wtf?

The Champion – Đông Nhi x Isaac | Official music video

The Champion Đông Nhi x Isaac | Official music video
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The Champion - Đông Nhi x Isaac | Official music video

The Champion – Nhà Vô Địch | Official Trailer

The Champion Nhà Vô Địch | Official Trailer
The Champion Nhà vô địch là chương trình truyền hình thực tế về thể thao giải trí phát sóng trên VTV3 nhằm tôn vinh võ thuật Việt Nam.
Mời các bạn cùng đón xem tập đầu tiên của The Champion Nhà Vô Địch 2021, phát sóng ngày 04/12/2021. Chương trình được phát sóng vào mỗi tối thứ Bảy hàng tuần lúc 21g15 trên kênh VTV3 và 21g45 trên kênh Youtube Viva Network.
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The Champion - Nhà Vô Địch | Official Trailer


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