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[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Support Heroes That Wreck Hard

1)  Lion: –

Lion, Dota 2 Support Hero

Introduction: –

Lion is a classic support hero with an excellent range of skills and none of the mana problems that plague most casters. He has a variety of strong disables, the ability to steal mana from enemy heroes, and a big single-target nuke for an ultimate.
Lion is an excellent beginner’s hero as his powers are all relatively straightforward to get to grips with, but he does have hidden depths that allow you to expand his playstyle and fully exploit his abilities.

Expert’s opinion: –

When we talk about support heroes that wreck hard, I am pretty sure that in everyone’s mind, there will be thought of Lion. Lion is such a powerful hero that can even carry the game even as support. With powerful abilities and ultimate, Lion is one of the most picked heroes in the game with a high win rate and kill-death assist ratio.

Reference: – https://www.dotabuff.com/heroes/played

Even if you choose to play Lion as full support, then even in the late game, with support items you can turn out to be a pretty useful and gank winner and match MVP. Lion is a hero with decent disabling abilities so when you roam to other lanes to help mid laner, carry, or offlaner then it’s a pretty sure kill. With abilities like stun, hex you can even roam at early game.

Also, with high damage nuke ultimate, Lion is a threat to most of the carries as his single blow can wipe out half of the H.P. Also, the increase in damage of Lion’s ultimate is a major threat.

Though Lion seems very powerful, there are dark sides also. Being a support hero, Lion has a low H.P bar so he is pretty squishy. You have to be very careful about your surroundings when you play Lion as you can die very easily due to low H.P. Also, items like “Black king bar” completely counter Lion’s abilities so you need to be aware of that also.

Analysis: –

Lion is a pretty decent hero which must be in your hero pool. It’s easy to play, fun, and also a useful hero. In my opinion, Lion is one of the best support with high damage nuke and decent disabling abilities that is useful even in the early game and late game.

You can learn more about Lion’s counter at this link.


Why the hero is good in the late game?

  • High damage nuke ultimate whose damage increases with each kill.
  • Vast item choices
  • Great disabling abilities
  • Mana drain ability to suppress enemy from using mana
  • Useful aghanim’s upgradable

Hero information with skills: –

To learn more about this hero with its skills and video, please refer to the following link.


2)  Shadow Shaman: –

Shadow Shaman, Dota 2 Support Hero

Introduction: –

Shadow Shaman is a versatile support hero with a claim to be the best disabler in the game. He has a massive bag of tricks up his sleeve and will be a constant thorn in the side of the opposition.

Shadow Shaman is a great pusher, ganker, and team fighter. He also makes a very effective counter to mobile heroes. Dota 2 community won’t accept you if you don’t have this hero in your choice of hero pool.

Shaman is a pushing (i.e can take down towers fast) hero also and has the potential of solo-killing enemy heroes with his unique abilities.

Expert Opinion: –

Shadow Shaman is one of the best support in Dota 2 that can wreck hard. This hero is easy to play and is useful even in the late game. Shaman is one of the best disablers in the game with vast abilities.

Shaman is also one of the most picked support in Dota 2 as this hero is easy to play and useful in in-game scenarios. Every hero has its advantages and disadvantages. Just like that here are a few pros and cons of Shaman.

Advantages: –

  • Very versatile
  • Great selection of different spells
  • Low cooldown times
  • Massive disabling ability
  • Great pusher
  • Can initiate with the right items

Disadvantages: –

  • Somewhat squishy
  • Can burn through mana very quickly
  • Slow projectile speed
  • Slow movement speed

Analysis: –

In my opinion, Shaman is one of the best support which every player must play. Though there are disadvantages, the ratio of advantage to that of disadvantage is higher. Being a high disabler hero, the enemy often targets Shaman first so you should be aware of your positioning and surroundings to create the best value.

Learn more about its counters (bad/good against) in the following link.


Why hero is good in the late game?

  • Vast disabling abilities
  • Good pusher
  • Useful aghanim’s upgradable
  • Low cooldown abilities
  • Decent damage skill and ultimate

Hero information with skills: –

To learn more about this hero with its skills and video, please refer to the following link.


3)  Visage: –

Visage, Dota 2 Support Hero

Introduction: –

 Visage is one of the support heroes that wreck hard and has the potential to solo kill enemy heroes with the right item choices. Though it may seem cool, Visage is extremely hard to play (i.e High complexity hero).

Due to the difficulty reason, Visage isn’t a common hero and isn’t widely picked like other support heroes. Although it is hard to play, Visage is an extremely useful hero from early game to late game. With its high damaging abilities and ultimate, Visage can carry the game.

Expert’s Opinion: –

I have also tried Visage and it was pretty hard and confusing but once you get a hang of it, things get exciting. I feel like Visage is an underrated hero in Dota 2 which has a lot of potentials. So, I highly recommend you guys to try Visage as it is powerful, fun to play, and useful even in early or late games.

Visage can be played as mid-laner also, in fact, most of the pro-players play as mid laner as they understand the potentiality of Visage. In late-game scenarios, even as a support if you choose the right item and skillset then you can kill enemy carries also.

Analysis: –

Visage can be a pretty good hero that can wreck hard even as support but in order to play Visage you need to know the basics of Dota 2 and you must have good experience with other heroes. So, I suggest you guys try easier supports first then, later on, play Visage.

Learn more about its counters (bad/good against) in the following link.


Why is it great for late games?

  • Good H.P bar
  • Solo-kill potential
  • High damaging abilities
  • Useful aghanim’s upgradable

Hero information with skills: –

To learn more about this hero with its skills and video, please refer to the following link.


4)  Io: –

IO, Dota 2 Support Hero

Introduction: –

Io, the Wisp, is a ranged strength hero who works best as part of a communicative team. With its support-oriented skill set, Io can share its healing and buffs through Tether and Overcharge, harass enemy heroes out of the lane with Spirits, and materialize itself and an ally anywhere on the map with Relocate.

Io is another high complexity support hero that can wreck hard. Despite being a high complexity hero, nowadays Io is being picked a lot as people have started to understand its capabilities.

Especially after TI (The Internationals Dota 2), when a pro-Dota 2 player Ana played carry Io and remained undefeated then the craze for Io went high.

You can check Ana Io’s plays in this video.


Expert’s Opinion: –

Io is a hard and confusing hero to play just like Visage but as I mentioned earlier also, once you get used to it and understand the mechanics then the potential is very high. Io can even initiate a fight or can save an ally from the fight with its ultimate.

Along with the right item choices, Io can also be played as a carry. Even as a support, if you choose the correct items in the late game, you can be a lot of help. Though Io is a support hero, it isn’t squishy like other supports. Io is a strength hero also, which means it has significant H.P and can survive in a team fight.

Analysis: –

Io has a pick-rate of 2.52%, 46.43% win-rate, and 2.56 KDA ratio in the last 6 months.

Ref: – https://www.dotabuff.com/heroes/played?date=6month

You can also learn about Io counters (bad/good against) through the following link.


To play Io also, you need to be good at Dota 2 mechanics and basics first. So, I suggest you play Dota 2 for quite a bit then, later on, shift to Io for enhanced performance.

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Why hero is good in the late game?

  • High H.P
  • Good damage
  • Can initiate with ultimate or can save an ally
  • Useful aghanim’s upgradable
  • Global ultimate (i.e you can use ultimate in any part of the map)
  • Doesn’t need fancy items to get high damage

Hero information with skills: –

To learn more about this hero with its skills and video, please refer to the following link.


5)  Ancient Apparition: –

Ancient Apparition, Dota 2 Support Hero

Introduction: –

Ancient Apparition is a ranged intelligence hero who is usually played as a support. Though frail, this icy elemental caster possesses strong semi-spammable spells and a painful global ultimate.

Ancient Apparition can be devastating in team fights and makes an excellent counter to heroes who rely on healing and regeneration.

Ancient Apparition (AA) is easy to play complexity-2 hero which is widely picked in Dota 2 games.

Expert’s Opinion: –

Ancient Apparition completely counters strength heroes like Bristleback, heroes with high regeneration like Timbersaw, attribute shift like Morphling.

Also, AA’s ultimate is global so even when AA isn’t around its team during the gank, it can still participate in the gank and can prove to be significant. AA can also be played as a mid-laner as it is pretty suitable in mid also.

 Even as a support, in late-game AA is quite useful and provides a lot of damage. With decent stun and slowing ability and global ultimate, AA is also one of the most picked heroes in Dota 2 that is easy to play and beginner-friendly.

Some pros and cons of AA are as follow: –

Pros (Advantages): –

  • Fantastic Global ultimate
  • Can stop another team from healing up to 18 seconds
  • Great stun/nuke when used correctly
  • Good agility growth gives you decent attack damage

Cons (Disadvantages): –

  • Very squishy hero
  • Spell mana costs are pretty high
  • Skills aren’t easy to use

Analysis: –

Ancient Apparition is the 33rd most picked hero in Dota 2 normal games with a pick rate of 10.16%,

Win-rate of 54.13% and KDA ratio of 2.79.

Ref: – https://www.dotabuff.com/heroes/played?date=6month

You can also know about AA’s counters (bad/good against) through the following link.


Why hero is good in the late game?                                                                                                     

  • Easily counters strength heroes (as in a late-game, survivability is the most crucial thing)
  • High magic damage
  • Decent Stun and Slowing abilities
  • Useful aghanim’s upgradable

Hero information with skills: –

To learn more about this hero with its skills and video, please refer to the following link.


6)  Crystal Maiden: –

Crystal Maiden, Dota 2 Support Hero

Introduction: –

Cold and chill like ice, Crystal Maiden is dismissed as a casual hero as she can bring a ferocious amount of utility and benefit to almost any team. The ultimate in selflessness. She can set up ganks, crush an opponent’s gank, boost the team’s mana pool, and cast a back-breaking ultimate.

All she asks is for a team that can take advantage of what she brings. She can’t deliver solo kills, but she can set them up. She cannot initiate a team fight, but she can win them. Being so team-oriented, CM should adjust her items and build order depending on the entire team’s needs.

Expert’s Opinion: –

Crystal Maiden (C.M) is the next most picked hero in Dota 2 which is included in almost every Dota 2 player’s hero pool. She is easy to play and provides a lot of value to the team. Her beauty must have stolen many player’s hearts also.

C.M can’t solo kill enemies but with the team, she can do a lot. When she roams, with her root and slowing ability, she can set up a lot of kills for her team. So, we can say that she is weak alone but fierce along with her teammates. And as Dota 2 is a team game, she is a perfect fit.

Some strengths and weaknesses of C.M are as follows: –

Strengths: –

  • Great utility abilities (like root, slow, and increase team mana regeneration)
  • Everyone is glad to see you
  • Brutal ultimate

Weaknesses: –

  • Incredibly low H.P pool
  • Very slow hero (one of the slowest heroes in Dota 2)
  • High mana cost abilities

Analysis: –

Though there are strengths and weaknesses in C.M like any other heroes in Dota 2, C.M is a pretty useful hero. You can refer to stats if you don’t believe me. Stats don’t lie.

C.M is the 14th most picked hero in 6 months span with a high pick-rate of 14.57%, win-rate of 50.79%, and KDA ratio of 2.04.

Reference: – https://www.dotabuff.com/heroes/played?date=6month

C.M’s nail-biting ultimate can be regarded as a gank-winning ability. I have personally seen a lot of clips where a solo C. M’s ultimate has got ‘Rampage’ (5 man kill). So, don’t go for her looks as she is a pretty dangerous woman you would want in your team.

Why hero is good in the late game?

  • High DPS Ultimate
  • Can use items like Glimmer cape (to be invisible) while using ultimate
  • Good disabling abilities (like slow and root)
  • Useful aghanim’s upgradable
  • With level 20 Talent (i.e +200 attack speed), you can wreck enemy with damage items

Hero information with skills: –

To learn more about this hero with its skills and video, please refer to the following link.


7)  Dark Willow: –

Dark Willow, Dota 2 Support Hero

Introduction: –

Along with the fierce name, this hero is also fierceful. Dark willow is a common name among Dota 2 players due to its captivating abilities.

Dark Willow is a ranged intelligence hero with a powerful array of disables and nukes. This wide arsenal of disables and nukes allows her to gank, roam, and support with equal efficiency, making her indispensable in team fights.

Expert’s Opinion: –

Dark willow has a vast disabling ability which allows her to engage in ganks very effectively.

Along with that, though just like other supports she has a low H.P pool and she is squishy, but she has an escape ability that makes her immune to physical damage but vulnerable to magical damage.

She also has her ultimate which makes the enemy run toward their fountain so she along with her ally can escape if things turn out to be ugly during the gank.

Let’s discuss some pros and cons of Dark Willow.

Pros (Advantages): –

  • Long-range cast abilities
  • Strong burst damage
  • Fast attack animation
  • Has ability to escape
  • Can disable multiple enemies and isolate them

Cons (Disadvantages): –

  • Relatively long cooldowns
  • Low health and health regeneration
  • Most abilities can be dispelled
  • Not good at clearing creep waves

Analysis: –

Dark willow is also a name amongst the widely picked heroes in Dota 2. She has a pick rate of 6.59%, a win rate of 50.69%, and a KDA ratio of 2.52 in the last 6 months.

Ref: – https://www.dotabuff.com/heroes/played?date=6month

Dark willow also has the potential to kill enemy heroes solo if used the combo correctly.

You can learn more about counters of Dark willow in the given link below.


Why hero is good in the late game?

  • High damage
  • Vast disabling abilities
  • Ability to escape if gank turns out to be bad
  • Useful aghanim’s upgradable
  • High attack speed (with level 25 Talent tree skill)

Hero information with skills: –

To learn more about this hero with its skills and video, please refer to the following link.


8)  Vengeful Spirit: –

Vengeful Spirit, Dota 2 Support Hero

Introduction: –

The Vengeful Spirit is a ranged agility hero who excels at ganking, disabling, and kill hunts. She is one of the most well-rounded supports in the game, possessing a skill set that allows her to set up kills for her team during ganks and team fights, strengthening her team and weakening the enemy in large-scale engagements, and saving allies from certain death if they are caught by the enemy.

With decent stun ability along with armor reduction ability, Vengeful thrives to kill the enemy as soon as she sees them. Vengeful Spirit is also seen playing as a core. Even as a support, in late-game scenarios, Venge is a threat to most of the enemy due to her high nuke and base damage along with initiation abilities.

Expert’s Opinion: –

Vengeful Spirit is also a widely picked support hero in day-to-day normal games. Even when the Dota 2 meta changes, the popularity of Vengeful doesn’t seem to decrease vastly. This shows the potential and popularity of this hero in the Dota 2 community.

So, I would suggest you guys try this hero and include this hero in your Dota 2 hero pool so that you can gain MMR fast as Vengeful is a hero that is suitable from the early game till late game.

With her decent nuke and mind-blowing ultimate, Vengeful is often seen roaming the map to kill the enemies. She sets up gank, can initiate well, and also provides significant damage to the enemy team while boosting the damage of your ally.

In late games also, even as a support, you can prove to gank winning. Also, with the right items, you can even buff your team and increase your base damage.

Analysis: –

So, we can say that Vengeful is the next hero that can wreck hard even when played as a support.

This hero also has a decent pick rate of 5.23%, a win rate of 49.35%, and a KDA ratio of 1.99.

Ref: – https://www.dotabuff.com/heroes/played?date=6month

Vengeful Spirit is also seen to be picked in pro game tournaments. You can learn more about its counters through the following link.


Why hero is good in the late game?

  • Boosts ally damage
  • Can initiate a team fight
  • Good base damage
  • Decent nuke and stun
  • Useful aghanim’s upgradable
  • With aghanim’s scepter, you can even use ability even after dying

Hero information with skills: –

To learn more about this hero with its skills and video, please refer to the following link.


9) Rubick: –

Rubick, Dota 2 Support Hero

Introduction: –

Rubick is a ranged intelligence hero best known for his ability to copy the spells of his enemies and use them as his own. Although he is mostly played as a support and is extremely fragile the entire length of the game, he can still prove to be one of the most influential heroes if he utilizes good positioning and well-timed usage of his ultimate, Spell Steal.

Spell Steal makes him a flexible and powerful hero that can work in any lineup although he does suffer from long cooldowns and difficulty in using the spells.

Rubick is a high complexity hero (i.e difficult to master/play). Although, it is a hard hero to play it is an extremely useful and widely picked hero due to its significant abilities.

Rubick is one of the most picked heroes in pro-game tournaments.

You can see the below link to see the evidence of Rubick’s popularity.

Ref: – https://dotesports.com/dota-2/news/here-are-the-most-frequently-picked-heroes-throughout-the-history-of-the-international

Expert’s Opinion: –

I have also played Rubick a lot of time and I enjoy playing Rubick due to its powerful abilities.

With its ultimate that can steal an enemy’s last used spell, Rubick can use them for its advantage. As Dota 2 is all about spell casting in proper order, Rubick is a perfect fit for it.

There are many clips where Rubick’s stolen spell has proved to be game-changing and game-winning. You can see the above chart also where it is shown the huge popularity of Rubick. Pro Dota 2 players understand the strengths of Rubick so it is widely picked or is banned so that other team doesn’t pick it.

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The threat and craze of Rubick are high in Dota 2 community. But as I said earlier, Rubick is a high complexity hero just like Io and Visage. So, you need to learn the basics mechanics of Dota 2 before playing Rubick. You need to learn the skills of most of the heroes in Dota 2 so that you can differentiate which skill to steal.

Analysis: –

Rubick is also has a high pick rate in normal day-to-day games with a pick rate of 14.09%, a win rate of 45.77%, and a KDA ratio of 2.38.

Ref: – https://www.dotabuff.com/heroes/played?date=6month

You can also watch Rubick play through this link to know how powerful Rubick is.


Learn more about Rubick’s counter through this link.


Why hero is good in the late game?

  • Decent burst damage and stun
  • Can escape if stolen escape ability from an enemy (like blink, illusionary orb, etc)
  • Can steal game-changing abilities (like Chrono, black hole, etc)
  • Useful aghanim’s upgradable

Hero information with skills: –

To learn more about this hero with its skills and video, please refer to the following link.


10) Ogre Magi: –

Ogre Magi, Dota 2 Support Hero

Introduction: –

Ogre Magi is a widely picked strength support hero, with great ganking potential and strong stat increases as the game continues. Ogre offers a strong selection of nuking stuns and slows, and his ultimate can potentially stack them up for massive damage.
In many, many ways he’s the least intelligent of all the intelligence heroes – his strength stat is higher than his primary stat for the entire game! Ogre Magi is a very strong disabler, requiring nothing but a bit of luck to successfully pull off his powerful Multicasts.

Expert’s Opinion: –

Ogre Magi is one of the best support in Dota 2 in my opinion. He is a strength-based hero so he has a good H.P bar with disabling abilities. He is very strong in the early game and laning phase due to potential harassing abilities.

Due to his slow, stun, and continuous damaging ability, it is very hard to lane against him. I have personally played Ogre Magi a lot of time and it is a very fun hero to play and you don’t even die much due to the high H.P bar.

Also, when you roam due to decent disabling abilities, a kill can be secured to help the teammates. When the late game arrives, Ogre Magi becomes much tankier and very hard to kill and can frontline for the team.

Ogre can even buff up his teammate by giving bonus movement and attack speed to his ally. Ogre won’t solo kill an enemy, but he can provide significant damage to the enemy so that his teammates can clean up.

The pros and cons of Ogre Magi are as follows: –

Pros: –

  • Has both slow and stun
  • Strong laner with good damaging abilities
  • Can buff up carries and other teammates
  • Modest farm needs

Cons: –

  • Ultimate is unreliable
  • Slightly limited mana pool
  • No particular team fight abilities
  • Melee attacks make it harder to attack or harass

Analysis: –

Ogre Magi is one of the most picked support in the Dota 2 community. He has a very high pick rate of 18.31% with a win rate of 53.04% and a KDA ratio of 2.55.

Ref: – https://www.dotabuff.com/heroes/played?date=6month

From the above stats, we can see the popularity of Ogre Magi. Ogre is useful from the early game till the late game.

You can learn more about Ogre Magi’s counter through this link.


Why hero is good in the late game?

  • Tanky hero so he can frontline for the team
  • Great disabling abilities
  • Can use double stun if luck favors
  • Useful aghanim’s upgradable
  • Can buff up his teammates (increase movement and attack speed)
  • Provides significant damage to enemy

Hero information with skills: –

To learn more about this hero with its skills and video, please refer to the following link.


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Play comfortable, play better

Whether you are ranking your way to glory or just playing for fun, winning is always your

objective in Dota 2. And it´s already known by pro gamers that “experience” is not the only factor that will help you do this. It´s true, knowing your heroes and role in the game defines a lot. But the game itself provides you with several settings that will improve your performance in-game.

Have you ever felt that your reaction may be too slow among enemy players? Or that maybe you feel uncomfortable using certain keys and that doesn´t suit your senses? Well, let me tell you that it´s a common problem that many beginners face, so don´t worry, it might not be your fault. However, since this can be a problem for us, it has a solution: For the game itself provides a number of settings that if well used, can give you a huge advantage against others.

Every experienced player has a personalized setting that allows them to give their best when playing Dota. From the adjustment of keys that avoid small errors to advanced settings that allow you to be faster than the rest (not just in motion). Here I present you the 15 Best Dota 2 Settings That Give You An Advantage.

1. Center Camera on Hero on Respawn

It happens that when we are already hooked on a match we try to take the advantage of as much time as possible. The problem with this is that many times this hurry can make us miss some commands. One of the best examples occurs when after respawning, you miss-click your teleport to your home fountain instead of the place you intended to go to, due to the default setting of centering your camera on yourself when respawning. 

This setting however can be disabled, making it possible for you to use your camera effectively so that you will be able to respawn and teleport quickly anywhere you want. This might sound simple, but it is this that can help you kill an enemy whose guard is down.

How to apply: In Settings

  • Go to “Options”
  • Look for “Camera”
  • Disable “Center Camera on Hero Respawn”

2. Channeled Abilities Require Hold/Stop

Sometimes remaining still seems a bit desperate when you are in the middle of a fight where everybody is running, attacking, or dying. You may have to use an important channeled ability and keep moving rapidly, but it’s again this hurry that may force you to give a command that cancels this channeling, causing you to miss a kill or even dying.

Fortunately, this may be solved with a basic setting that allows you to channel any ability without a problem, and making it only possible to cancel with a specific key of your preference.

How to apply: In Settings

  • Go to “Options”
  • Go to “Game”
  • Enable “Channeled Abilities Require Hold/Stop”

3. Use Alt to show Hero Icons

One of the skills that most help you improve your Dota game is definitely map awareness since it usually helps you define what you are going to do next and to know if it’s the right choice. However, the default map only shows you little color arrows, making it hard to know who is who.

The map however may also be improved with a very useful setting that enables you to convert these little arrows into the actual faces of the heroes whenever you press the Alt key. If you know the map you know the game.

How to apply: In Settings

  • Go to “Options”
  • Go to “Map”
  • Enable “Use Alt to show Hero Icons”

4. Holding Alt Shows Neutral Spawn-boxes

Whether you are trying to make neutral creep stacks for yourself or for an ally, it is important to know that these only spawn in determined areas in the woods when there are no units (or wards) on them. But, Can we see this area? Or should we guess? Players who don´t know this space may miss Neutral creeps, gold, neutral items, and thus, kills.

Luckily, an interface setting will allow you to see these areas (glowing squares) in the woods whenever you press the Alt key button. This will help you maintain them clean and ready for new spawns. Remember, Neutral Creeps are a double-edged sword, if you use it properly you will take advantage.

How to apply: In Settings

  • Go to “Options”
  • Go to “Interface”
  • Enable “Holding Alt Shows Neutral Spawn-boxes”

5. Holding Alt Shows Tower Attack Range

Both sides of the Dota map are guarded by several towers that cause a lot of damage and may threaten invisible heroes, so it usually struggles players when approaching one to know when and who it is going to attack. Moving in their area exposes you to great danger, and may become decisive if you are trying to kill someone near them.

Thanks to another interface setting we are able to use the Alt key button to show not only the tower’s attack range but also any target it´s aiming to attack. This tip can take you to the limit to get the most out of your Hero.

How to apply: In Settings

  • Go to “Options”
  • Go to “Interface”
  • Enable “Holding Alt Shows Tower Attack Range”

6. Show Ability Rangefinder while Casting

There are some Heroes who cast their abilities in a determined range next to them. Most of the time we get to know this range through practice, but it’s always useful to have quick help on hand. 

Thanks to this setting you will be able to see a straight green line in front of your hero following your mouse, showing the path and maximum range that your ability will have. A very useful help when throwing instant-touch skills.

How to apply: In Settings

  • Go to “Options”
  • Go to “Interface”
  • Enable “Show Ability Rangefinder while Casting”

7. Showcase view

The Showcase view literally turns your camera into an almost first-person view of your hero. True, it looks awesome, maybe when you are recording or taking screenshots of cool poses of heroes. But when it comes to playing it’s almost impossible to do it in this way.

This view is enabled by default if you press the “i” key button, so the easiest way of solving it is to simply erase that key from the setting box, or change it to a rather further button you won´t touch because most of the times it happens it’s by mistake.

How to apply: In Settings

  • Go to “Hotkeys”
  • Go to “Camera Options”
  • Delete any key button commanding “Showcase View”

8. Auto Attack: Standard

Attacking is obviously a necessary command in Dota, however, it’s not always the better. Many beginners struggle in tense moments in which escaping and hiding is the only option, and the hero automatically attacks a nearby unit, giving you away. Or when attacking an enemy can mean your own death. In any case, it’s better to control when you attack or not.

Enabling the standard auto attack will only allow it to be automatic if you have just pressed the stop/hold key. This will give you better control over your hero and will help you improve from your mobility to your farming skills.

How to apply: In Settings

  • Go to “Options”
  • Go to “Game”
  • Select “Standard” in “Auto Attack” option

9. Double Tap Ability to self-Cast

When using a hero that casts spells on allied units, the proper use of them may make the difference in whether an ally or an enemy dies. You have to press the spell key button, point the mouse over the hero, and click. Sounds easy but in some cases you know it must be fast.

See also  Mức Độ Ng.uy H.iểm Của Deepweb - Câu Chuyện Của Roller - Full Chương I | chrome wiki

However, when casting it on yourself there is an advantage that might be fast as well. You are able to double-tap the key button of the ability to automatically cast it on you fast enough to feel there was almost not an effort for a command in there. Undoubtedly a great advantage.

How to apply: In Settings

  • Go to “Options”
  • Go to “Game”
  • Enable “Double Tap Ability to self-cast”

10. Control Groups

If you are one of those who feel that has some extra fingers in his hands and plays heroes that control several units, then you know how it feels to struggle to select unit by unit in a game in which speed is key for taking advantage of an opponent.

Again thanks to Hotkeys, we are able to assign a specific key button to instantly select a different unit or a group of units. You just have to select the desired units while holding CTRL + one of the established hotkeys. You may set up to 4 group units to control, an entire army.

How to apply: In Settings

  • Go to “Hotkeys”
  • Go to “Control Groups”
  • Assign a key button to any of the 4 available groups you are given

11. Learn Ability

Once more in cases in which we are rushing to act before the enemy, one of the most important weapons we have is our own skills. Every time we level up we have the opportunity to improve/unlock some skill, but if we have to do it fast, the time we will take moving the mouse and selecting the skill may be used by the enemy who might kill us.

For this, it is better if you program a hotkey to enter the Lean Ability Mode, then quickly level up and if necessary use the skill in your favor.

How to apply: In Settings

  • Go to “Hotkeys”
  • Go to “Advanced Hotkeys”
  • Assign a key button to “Learn Ability”

12. Purchase Quick-buy

Sometimes dying is worth the shot, even pro-gamers know that, however, they will never lose the advantage gold they got before dying. When throwing yourself into a secure death it means that you will take advantage somehow, usually killing and earning gold. It may sound a bit contradictory since dying takes gold from you instantly. So how do I save my gold?

Well, instead of saving it, what we are going to do is spend it. Thanks to another hotkey in the game we are able to quickly buy any items in our Quick-buy area (a sort of shopping cart) if we can afford it, just before dying. 

How to apply: In Settings

  • Go to “Hotkeys”
  • Go to “Shop Actions”
  • Assign a key button to “Purchase Quickbuy”

13. Select Courier/Courier Deliver Items

One of the best and more loyal allies in the game is our courier. It is the one who will bring us every item that provides us with an advantage, but being another unit means that it will take part of our time to select and control it. This is a problem especially in the early game when you have to pay close attention to your hero.

Luckily there is the possibility of assigning hotkeys to it. One might be used for selecting it, in case it finds itself in some trouble and it’s necessary to move it. And another one for automatically ordering it to deliver your items to you. Proper use of the courier will help you take over the enemy lane.

How to apply: In Settings

  • Go to “Hotkeys”
  • Go to “Shop Actions”
  • Assign a key button to “Select Courier” and “Courier Deliver Items”

14. Camera Color-Shift when Dead

Anytime you die, your camera colors will turn grey and your frames blurry. Although the change is aesthetic, it is made so that you stand back and know that you “can’t” do anything. This may not be a problem for some players but the truth is that if you want to improve your game you must always pay attention. 

Fortunately, we can disable this default setting and maintain cool in game. Stay there as if you were playing, analyze whoever killed you, what you could improve, and what you will do next.

How to apply: In Settings

  • Go to “Options”
  • Go to “Advanced Options”
  • Go to “Miscellaneous”
  • Disable “Camera Color-Shift when Dead”

15. Directional Move

Another of the problems that newbies face when playing Dota has a lot to do with movement. Everywhere on the map, there are a series of obstacles: High and low ground separations (cliffs), trees, and other units. Whenever you command your hero to move near or within them, he automatically will look for the fastest path to move into the exact point that you clicked (avoiding the obstacle), not necessarily near or next to the object. This error costs many kills and experience to inexperienced players.

Thanks to a very useful hotkey we are able to command our hero to move from one point to another in a straight line, no matter what obstacles are in front of him, he will go to the limit. Thanks to this players can do advanced moves, using spells or items within these “obstacles” to take advantage of the enemies.

How to apply: In Settings

  • Go to “Hotkeys”
  • Go to “Advances Hotkeys”
  • Go to “Unit Action”
  • Assign a key button to “Directional Move”

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Video hay: https://youtu.be/WeiBmRz234A
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This FORGOTTEN Hero is Back After TI10 | WTF Invisible Bird LEVEL 30 OP Visage 100% Crit Hit Dota 2

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Initial release date: July 9, 2013
Developer: Valve Corporation
Designer: IceFrog
Genre: Multiplayer online battle arena
Publisher: Valve Corporation
Engine: Source 2
►Download Now: https://store.steampowered.com/app/570/Dota_2/
►Valve Dota 2 monetize video policy

►Music: https://dota2.gamepedia.com/The_International_2017_Music_Pack
►Intro Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZIDNZh9U14
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A. Since 2014.
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A. Axe, Wraith King, Bloodseeker, Chaos Knight, but for now i’m playing tank and support more.
Q. Can i play with you?
A. Why not? just add me on steam.
Q. Are you a girl or boy?
A. I am a grown up person. Thank you.
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»»Every Details About the Hero in This Tutorial
►Hero: Visage, the bound form of Necro’lic, is a ranged intelligence hero whose traits are unusual when compared to most intelligence heroes; he can be a ganker, tank, or nuker.

Visage ForgottenHero Overpower

This FORGOTTEN Hero is Back After TI10 | WTF Invisible Bird LEVEL 30 OP Visage 100% Crit Hit Dota 2


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Miposhka Visage Hard Support Gameplay Patch 7.30E – Dota 2 Full Match Gameplay

TSpirit.Miposhka with Visage Support in Patch 7.30E
Information about the player : https://liquipedia.net/dota2/Miposhka
About The Video
Terrain : Default Terrain
Weather : Default Weather
Tower : Guardian of the Lost Path from The International 2019
Creeps : Default Creeps
Announcer : Dark Willow
MegaKills Announcer : Dark Willow
Steam Video Policy : https://store.steampowered.com/video_policy
Subscribe here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDztxdy54wmTB17z9Vh8b3A?sub_confirmation
dota2 miposhka visage

Miposhka Visage Hard Support Gameplay Patch 7.30E - Dota 2 Full Match Gameplay

How to RANK UP with EVERY HERO – BROKEN VISAGE SMURF Tips ANALysis – Dota 2 Guide

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How to RANK UP with EVERY HERO - BROKEN VISAGE SMURF Tips ANALysis - Dota 2 Guide

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