Shroud \u0026 Hiko Talk About Best Crosshair Settings In Valorant | shroud crosshair

Shroud \u0026 Hiko Talk About Best Crosshair Settings In Valorant

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Shroud \u0026 Hiko Talk About Best Crosshair Settings In Valorant
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Shroud \u0026 Hiko Talk About Best Crosshair Settings In Valorant

Shroud’s *NEW* Crosshair and Sensitivity gave me AIMBOT

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Shroud’s NEW Crosshair and Sensitivity gave me AIMBOT​​
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Shroud's *NEW* Crosshair and Sensitivity gave me AIMBOT

15 Times Shroud Was a Beast In Valorant

15 times Shroud ruled in Valorant.
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shroud Valorant ShroudMoments

15 Times Shroud Was a Beast In Valorant

Shroud’s new crosshair

◆ Crosshair → Center Dot : on / 1 2 8 4 Firing Error : on / 1 2 2 5 Firing Error : on
◆ Tag.
Valorant Shroud Crosshair

Shroud's new crosshair

How To Get Shroud Hiko \u0026 Brax’s Valorant Settings (Crosshair, Minimap, Keybinds)

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0:000:50 Intro
0:501:20 Shroud Intro
1:203:20 Shroud’s Mouse Settings (DPI, InGame Sens)
3:204:59 Shroud’s Keybinds
4:596:04 Shroud’s Crosshair
6:046:58 Shroud’s Minimap
7:337:47 Hiko Intro
7:478:23 Hiko’s Mouse Settings (DPI, InGame Sens)
8:238:42 Hiko’s Keybinds
8:429:44 Hiko’s Crosshair
9:4410:23 Hiko’s Minimap
10:2310:42 Brax Intro
10:4211:09 Brax’s Mouse Settings (DPI, InGame Sens)
11:0911:29 Brax’s Keybinds
11:2911:47 Brax’s Crosshair
11:4711:58 Brax’s Minimap
11:5812:44 Outro

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How To Get Shroud Hiko \u0026 Brax's Valorant Settings (Crosshair, Minimap, Keybinds)

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