The philosophy of Stoicism – Massimo Pigliucci | viet psychology | Kiến thức hữu ích về chủ đề khoa học mới cập nhật

Có phải bạn đang cần tìm chủ đề nói về viet psychology có phải không? Có đúng là bạn đang muốn tìm chủ đề The philosophy of Stoicism – Massimo Pigliucci phải vậy không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây.


The philosophy of Stoicism – Massimo Pigliucci | Kho kiến thức khoa học cập nhật mới nhất tại đây.

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Xem đầy đủ bài học: Cuộc sống tốt nhất mà chúng ta có thể sống là gì? Làm thế nào chúng ta có thể đối phó với bất cứ điều gì vũ trụ ném vào chúng ta và tiếp tục thịnh vượng bất chấp? Triết học Khắc kỷ của Hy Lạp-La Mã giải thích rằng mặc dù không phải lúc nào chúng ta cũng có thể kiểm soát được các sự kiện ảnh hưởng đến mình, nhưng chúng ta có thể kiểm soát được cách chúng ta tiếp cận mọi thứ. Massimo Pigliucci mô tả triết lý của Chủ nghĩa Khắc kỷ. Bài của Massimo Pigliucci, hoạt hình của Compote Collective. .

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Hình ảnh liên quan đếnchuyên mục The philosophy of Stoicism – Massimo Pigliucci.

The philosophy of Stoicism - Massimo Pigliucci
The philosophy of Stoicism – Massimo Pigliucci

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The philosophy of Stoicism – Massimo Pigliucci.

viet psychology.

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22 thoughts on “The philosophy of Stoicism – Massimo Pigliucci | viet psychology | Kiến thức hữu ích về chủ đề khoa học mới cập nhật”

  1. The devaluation of liberty was the main reason why the Roman bourgeoisie adopted Stoic theory. He gave the main food in the sense of duty, in trust and submission to Fate, the reconciliation of man with misfortunes and the renunciation of any claim of better fortune. In this sense, Stoicism is emerging as a philosophy of submission, and from a political point of view, as we literally pointed out in our last presentation in May, Stoicism is the main recipe for building citizens.

    It provides the main philosophical background to Christianity and all the ideologies born of the Enlightenment in the West.

    The goal is to shape reality, beautiful or not, but such that it leaves no room for escape. It is necessary to set a purpose in life, the best, a collective purpose which we are called to serve, those who blindly believe in it, until it prevails. Thus Marxism poses the victory of the proletariat, capitalism the profit of money and the prosperity of capital, the administrative model of representation the service of the party line for the good of the party and so on.

    The historical events of the time that we call "late antiquity" are in our case revealing. Stoicism did not move the Macedonian kings because they were uncompromising realists while conquering the Romans (Festus). The Romans, in contrast to the Greeks, who had the most important philosophy of all, had realized their ecumenical mission, so the administration (Farrington) was more important to them.

    During the period of the pax romana, the Roman ruling elite recorded the limits of its spread, stopped looting after the Romans became champions in slaughter and ruin, and planned the exercise of command over the conquered. What will management say? The way I collect taxes, which now seems to me more cost-effective than war. But how do I manage so many people peacefully? With the democracy of the Greeks? But even my own res publica is rejected. I need a strong administration. And an empire was made. I need both the right philosophy and a religion of submission.

    They chose Stoicism for philosophy for all the reasons we mentioned. Their religion was offered a few centuries later. Therefore, Theodoridis can say that in those years Hellenism was defeated by the East, but this was done on a Roman initiative for the needs of the then plutocracy.

    Stoicism is a pessimistic philosophy, since it calls man to accept a defeat: the fact that life itself surpasses him. It calls on him at the same time to make this sad disadvantage an advantage if he recognizes that this is life and reconciles with its truth. In this way he will contribute to his personal happiness and to the balanced course of the world.

    But as Lucius Torquatos, in defense of Epicurus, responds to Cicero: "Or what value can a philosophy have that thinks that everything happens because it is so written by fate? This is what the old women believe, and in fact the uneducated old women! "

  2. To attribute Aquinas's appreciation for the virtues to Stoicism and not Aristotle is criminally ill-informed and objectively wrong.


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