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Twistzz with killer instincts, tabseN with trigger discipline and 1tap precision, s1mple doing s1mple things… BLAST Fall Groups 2021 had a plethora of great clutches where the last players standing claimed seemingly impossible wins, and we put the best clutches BLAST Fall Groups 2021 into this Top 10 🙌
The Top 10 Clutches of BLAST Fall Groups 2021 are:
00:14 10. k1to 1v2 vs. NIP on Dust 2
00:57 9. huNter 1v2 vs. NIP on Inferno
01:32 8. broky 1v2 vs. OG on Ancient
01:58 7. tiziaN 1v3 vs. NIP on Dust 2
02:28 6. tabseN 1v3 vs. G2 on Inferno
02:54 5. shox 1v3 vs. Team Liquid on Vertigo
03:47 4. Lucky 1v3 vs. EG on Nuke
04:25 3. Twistzz 1v3 vs. NAVI on Dust 2
05:02 2. s1mple 1v2 vs. OG on Mirage
05:59 1. Twistzz 1v3 vs. Complexity on Ancient
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Twistzz – Deathmatch Frag Highlights CSGO

Some Deathmatch frag highlights from my most recent streams. I will follow up with more of those and definitely create longer videos.
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Twistzz - Deathmatch Frag Highlights CSGO

Stewie2K – The Smoke Criminal 2 (CS:GO)

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MK Rept1le theme song lololol
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Stewie2K - The Smoke Criminal 2 (CS:GO)

40 Pro Flickshots That Shocked The CSGO Universe!

Lightning fast!!
If you have any ideas/requests for more videos be sure to let me know as I will be uploading daily videos to the channel!
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40 Pro Flickshots That Shocked The CSGO Universe!

The Setup with Twistzz – Peripherals, Settings, Monitor and more!

Spunj sits down with Twistzz and goes over everything he needs to set up to get his SSD ready for a match on stage!
What peripherals is he using, CSGO settings and config, why the monitor is always so close to him and more!
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0:00 04:05 Posture and Peripherals
04:06 06:46 Video Settings
06:47 08:37 Crosshair Settings
08:38 10:23 Keybinds
10:24 Mouse Sensitivity

The Setup with Twistzz - Peripherals, Settings, Monitor and more!

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