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The CS:GO competitors at IEM Oakland (IEM)

By Tomi “lurppis” Kovanen

The $300,000 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament at IEM Oakland was filled with drama and some impressive performances. Here are five takeaways.

There is no clear pecking order in the upper echelon of CS:GO

The previous seven offline CS:GO tournaments were won by seven different teams, a fact that, while overblown by fans and community figures, indicates there is no definitive pecking order at the top of Counter-Strike.

However, that does not mean we are in some ultra-competitive new meta where there will no longer be any clear world number ones. Instead, I offer an entirely different explanation to why this is happening.

All year long teams and players have been attending more tournaments than they should. Staying home for some – as Virtus.pro have recently done, declining a last minute ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals spot and withdrawing from IEM Oakland – is simply good business, as it allows you to decompress and debrief after tournaments and actually start fixing your mistakes in order to improve as a team. In 2016 there has been little time for that, but it is about to change, again.

ELEAGUE will finish in about ten days’ time, and aside from the major qualifier in mid-December (and ECS Season 2 Finals a week before), there will be no other big events in 2016. Then teams will have over a month to start fresh and put in work to improve. I for one believe the ELEAGUE major in January will be the best event in a long time, and teams will look almost new by then. It has been a demanding year for everyone, but 2017 will kick off in the best possible way. And, we’ll again find out who’s who in CS:GO.

Ninjas in Pyjamas at IEM Oakland (IEM)

NiP still have magic

Do you believe in magic? The Ninja squad of Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg — HLTV.org’s MVP for IEM — and Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund did it again. Their cumulative round score at IEM Oakland was only 171-163 (+8), despite winning 9 of 13 maps they played.

What’s more, they won five of those games with a score of 16-13 or closer, while putting up mere single digit rounds in each of their four losses. They almost cut it as close as at ESL One Cologne 2014, where they won a major despite losing more rounds than they won. NiP’s record in close games, at least in Oakland, is something to admire. It takes real character (and a hint of luck) to nab so many narrow victories.

Furthermore, in the group stage NiP dropped Overpass against FaZe and Cobblestone versus SK Gaming, only to win the same maps in the playoffs. Call it randomness or give them credit for adjusting, but the results speak for themselves. Some expected NiP to finally drop off following the loss of their Legends status at ESL One Cologne in July, but despite pyth’s injury they still keep not only fighting for titles, but winning them. In three grand finals of +$250K events in 2016, NiP have been victorious three times, and both Oakland and DreamHack Masters Malmo featured a comeback from a 12-14 deficit on defense on Cobblestone to win it all.

They will likely never see another 87-0 record, and might never win another major. But they are one of the all-time great teams, and continue proving to us they can still periodically get some big wins over the world’s best teams.

Even large round robin results must be taken with a grain of salt

While big round robin groups are incredibly fun to follow thanks to nonstop action on two streams for a couple of days during the group stage (players like them, too), they’re also more random due to matches being played in best-of-one and teams being affected by lack of preparation for each specific opponent. This is not necessarily criticism on the format, but rather a point on how to interpret such results in analysis.

In the NBA, certain play styles wreak havoc in the regular season, but tend to get stopped in the playoffs when teams have a week or two to focus on watching film specifically for that team. Likewise, in CS:GO you cannot deep-dive prepare for each opponent in a six-team group. You will for each playoff series – especially with a schedule as lax as that of IEM Oakland’s.

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Finally, in series vetoes each team gets to play their second-best map at worst, whereas group stage games often end up in neutral maps, assuming similar-sized pools. Credit where credit is due — wins are wins — but assessing a team’s ability based on results in the group stage isn’t particularly helpful.

Astralis at IEM Oakland (IEM)

Both Astralis and FaZe surge after mutually beneficial trades

Astralis benched their in-game leader of nearly two years, Finn “karrigan” Andersen, who shortly after was picked up by FaZe. Meanwhile, the Danish side recruited Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander – who stood-in for Astralis at ESL One Cologne this past summer – to become the team’s new in-game leader.

We have now seen both teams at two tournaments with the new rosters, and it’s safe to say that both benefitted from their roster changes. Astralis made their first top four at a +$250,000 tournament since early April, and FaZe have now made the playoffs multiple times after missing out on them for the first ten months or so of 2016.

Some were quick to criticize Astralis for losing yet another semifinal to SK Gaming, and their veto tactic was arguably questionable. But they have had less than a month with gla1ve, and have already taken down SK, Na`Vi, Liquid, IMT and TyLoo, while so far only losing to G2 and SK. That is an impressive resume, and the team’s third-wheel, Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, was quick to point out Astralis are happy with the results. Look for the Danes to continue improving, and don’t be surprised if you see them regularly competing for titles after what feels like an eternity of disappointments.

Playing SK on Train meets at least one definition of insanity

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, it is officially insane to test SK Gaming on Train.

In 2016, SK (formerly known as Luminosity) boast a 25-2 record on the map, with losses against Na`Vi (at DreamHack Open Leipzig, in January) and G2 (at ESL Pro League Season 3 Finals, in May) as the only outliers. Among the 25 victories are 14 single-digit wins, i.e. when their opponents won fewer than ten rounds, and a total of 16 games against top ten or so teams.

More impressively, in their last ten offline games on Train – all of them after Fernando “fer” Alvarenga returned from his surgery – SK boast a ridiculous 91-20 round score as counter-terrorists. That record includes two games versus Virtus.pro, G2 and Na`Vi, as well as games versus Astralis, NiP and Fnatic. How much tougher can it get? The win-rate of 82.0% puts them in historical territory, averaging 12.3 rounds on defense despite the random nature of pistol rounds, which has led to 0-5 and 0-4 starts, as well as a total of three pistol round losses in that sample. If challenging that is not the Counter-Strike equivalent of insanity, what is?

Five more takeaways

Semifinals curse lives on
Duncan “Thorin” Shields wrote a column on the curse of skipping directly to the semifinals, and once more we saw Astralis and FaZe top their respective groups only to falter against a team that had gone through the round of six. There could be something to Thorin’s points.

Cloud9’s honeymoon could be over:
Following the addition of Timothy “autimatic” Ta, Cloud9 made the top four at every tournament they attended. But now the streak is over, having gone out in groups after 17-19 and 14-16 defeats at the hands of FaZe and NiP. As I suggested in my column prior to IEM Oakland, it could be time for some growing pains.

TyLoo’s 0-5 isn’t a weak result:
It might be easy to overlook the Chinese team’s winless showing, especially given their weak play at iBUYPOWER Masters last week. But despite the issues I pointed out in a previous column, they had 17-19 and 14-16 losses versus Immortals and Na`Vi that could have changed everything. Consider it progress, and keep an eye on TyLoo going forward.

Na`Vi need some serious work before the major:
Na`Vi’s issues boil down to two things: leadership and the map pool. Fixing the first can fix the second, and Valve could actually inadvertently do some of the work for them. I wrote an in-depth analysis of Na`Vi after they were knocked out in the group stage of IEM Oakland.

Nuke is finally getting adapted:
In my key story lines article ahead of the event, I mentioned Nuke was picking up steam at Northern Arena the previous weekend. That trend continued in California, where Nuke was the map in 7/43 (16.3%) of all matches, not much above the average of 1/7 but far above recent months.

You can reach Tomi on Twitter @lurppis_

[Update] The teams to watch at the IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational! | iem oakland – Vietnamnhanvan

So the qualifiers are over and what an epic weekend it was, our final 8 teams have been found and they will now be moving on to The Oracle Arena in the Bay Area of Oakland. Pending final travel documentation validation the final 8 teams joining our 12 invited rosters will be –


  • Crimson Esports

  • Whitekids

  • aAa

  • Team PogChamp


  • Ghost Gaming

  • Ronin Esports

  • Miami Flamingos

  • Corn Shuckers

The weekend unfortunately also saw few upsets along the way with many big names in the scene such as Kinguin, NV, G2 and Flyquest just to name a few falling short of the mark. Nethertheless the show must go on and the level of talent attending IEM is incredible and without a doubt we can rest assured that we are in for some seriously high intensity high level PUBG!

It goes without saying that Luminosity comes into this event as not only as a fan favourite but also as a team that is proven on LAN across multiple video games alongside PUBG. The rosters consisting of Ninja, JP2, Drassel and Chipzy enter the arena as reigning champions from the Gamescom invitational where hey secured a hefty $80,000 and were crowned the first ever PUBG squad tournament champions. One thing this rosters benefits heavily from more than most is the fact they have been playing together for quite some time now, after several high placement finishes in H1z1 and Ninja bringing a strong LAN personality/leadership role to the table, Luminosity is one team that the eyes of the world will be set upon, the only downside LUM have compared to many other teams is we don’t tend to see them competing in abundance of online events like the rest of the big names, let see if they can repeat in FPP squads what they managed to do in TPP.

Next up you have to look at Team Liquid, Liquid right now are arguably one of the best in the game at present. With 4 individually talented players in the form of Hayz, Scoom, Molnman and Ollywood their personal abilities are only matched by the sheer amount of time put into the game. When we look back at Gamescom Liquid certainly didn’t have a bad event, but we didn’t see the best of them by any means. Hayz managed to pick up a pan in the Solo TPP and Liquid throughout the tournaments managed to keep in and around the top quadrant of the leaderboards but ultimately fell short and failed to secure any team based placings. Scoom is a player people should pay close attention to, as strong top fragger for Team Liquid and a key figure within the competitive community, combine him with the technical abilities of his 3 teammates and Liquid go into IEM with a locked and loaded roster!

Team Solo Mid is a name that rings volumes in the world of esports and as with any TSM roster it has some heavy hitters and extremely popular players signed on as AimPR, Break, Smak and Viss make up the 4 man band of Team Solo Mid. Looking back to Gamescom much like Team Liquid,TSM had a good showing but only picked up a pan with Break grabbing a second place finish in the solos and ultimately nothing else in terms of team games. After speaking with a lot of players there is a general consensus that TSM over the past few weeks has become a lot stronger as a team/unit and this is starting to show in various online leagues, as an example they are now ranked 5th in the APL, a season high featuring 1 win and 12 top 10 finishes. Further to this TSM appears to now be bootcamping in preparation for IEM Oakland giving the team a seriously solid foundation going into the event and with the new circle damage will we see different approach from TSM?



Finally in terms of teams, both Cloud 9 and Ninjas in Pyjamas are 2 rosters which I’m SUPER interested to see in action. At Gamescom C9 pulled in 2 pans picking up 2nd in TTP and 3rd in FPP showing that the team could get the job done across both formats, the roster at the time did consist of SolidFPS, Chappie, Sweaterr and Crunch with Borg stepping in as his substitute. Months after the dust of Gamescom had settled a split came in with Sweaterr, Crunch and Borg leaving the roster and picking up Ekkz along the way to form NiP leaving SolidFPS and Chappie to acquire new teammates Moody and Frolicer for the new look of C9. Obviously team changes happen, this is nothing new to esports but it does give storylines coming into the event and leaves us wondering if their will be any extra rivalry between the two squads and ultimately which one comes out on top. Moody and Frolicer join C9 with an absolute ton of number 1 leaderboard rankings and also benefit from been in a North American timezone alongside their counterparts. Meanwhile on the other side of the coin, NA Players Sweaterr and Crunch have to adapt timezones to practice with their EU teammates but much like TSM they too are now at boot camp in preparation for IEM.

While I could spend all day listing teams and players like aAa, Tempo Storm, Method etc (pubg really does have a serious amount of seriously skilled and talented individuals) I want to conclude this by talking about 1 last team, The Gorilla Core. This team right now is not only dominating the APL but is also not far off the top 5 in pubg online after smashing it in previous seasons. It houses some of the strongest fraggers in the game – Jembty and Haxete. Mix them with Mxey and Metor to complete the roster and GC is arguably one of the most dominant looking rosters in PUBG right now going in to IEM. We can sit here and assess online stats all day long but from talking to many others out there is a strong feeling out there that come game day GC will not fail to impress and will live up to the hype surrounding them. Heres hoping LAN nerves do not play a factor on this team’s mental game because the raw talent and skill is there and they have a seriously great chance of challenging for 1st place.



See you in Oakland

Intel® Extreme Masters Oakland 2017 will definitely be one for the books as PLAYERUKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS makes its way to the legendary Oracle Arena with a US$200,000 invitational tournament. Tickets are available now, be sure to check out iem.gg/oaklandtickets for more information about the types of tickets available.

More information about Intel® Extreme Masters Oakland is available at iem.gg/oakland2017, as well as the IEM Twitter and Facebook pages. For the latest news from ESL and PUBG, be sure to follow ESLPUBG on Twitter and Facebook as well.


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CS:GO - IEM Oakland 2017 (Fragmovie)

Welcome FaZe to IEM Oakland 2017

On Nov 1819th of November 2017, thousands of fans will flood to Oakland as the Intel® Extreme Masters returns to the Bay Area for the 4th year running as it hosts the West Coast’s 1 CS:GO event.
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Welcome FaZe to IEM Oakland 2017

NiP vs FaZe – map4:de_overpass – IEM Oakland 2017 – Grand Final

Broadcasted live on Twitch Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/esl_500anhemvn

NiP vs FaZe - map4:de_overpass - IEM Oakland 2017 - Grand Final

IEM Oakland 2017 PUBG – Squad Match 8

Broadcasted live on Twitch Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/esl_500anhemvn_pubg

IEM Oakland 2017 PUBG - Squad Match 8

CS:GO – EnVyUs vs. SK [Cbble] – Group A Round 1 – IEM Oakland 2017

Intel® Extreme Masters has arrive for the 3rd stop of Season 12, IEM Oakland. Over the weekend the Oracle Arena will be filled with thousands of roaring fans who will lift the roof for world class CS:GO action. Catch up on all the games: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDaLNkCsG9WlNguN686uM2raUrRZVu4h
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CS:GO - EnVyUs vs. SK [Cbble] - Group A Round 1 - IEM Oakland 2017

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