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Best High-End DAPs of 2021

The current marketplace is saturated with portable music players aiming for audiophile sound on the move. This up-to-date comprehensive guide breaks down the latest and greatest digital audio players (DAPs) in sound quality, internal specs, operating system, ease of use and much more.

Note this is a dynamic and evolving list reflecting the best DAPs at present.

Best DAPs Comparison Table

Best High-End DAP

1. Cayin N8

DAC: AKM 4497EQ (x2)

Amplification: Single-ended (Miniature Direct Heated Triode), Balanced (Quadruple Solid-State)

Storage: 128 GB + TF (up to 512 GB), USB-OTG

The Cayin N8 represents the world’s first digital audio player (DAP) to include Korg NuTube technology. This allows audiophiles to get a taste of that euphonic sweet timbre of the tube in a portable music player format. In addition, the swiss-army knife of an amp features solid-state modalities (both single-ended and balanced) as well as five-stage amplification to upgrade the sound of any headphone or in-ear monitor. While the N8 is on the pricy side of things, it scales tremendously well and deserves a spot in the best high-end DAP territory.

2. Lotoo PAW Gold Touch


Amplification: Single-ended (LME49600), Balanced (OPA1622)

Storage: SD Card, Support up to 2 TB UHS II

The Lotoo PAW Gold Touch is a beautifully referenced digital audio player with fantastic build and a sleek design. It provides a great complement to the Cayin N8 for a its neutral and linear sound allowing transducers to shine for what they are. This, coupled with its optimised OS, make it a highly recommended purchase for those seeking high-fidelity sound on the move. Users are also able to select from a variety of Parametric EQ (PMEQ) settings allowing the fine tuning of sound. Like the Cayin N8, there is no option for streaming, but it features bi-directional Bluetooth allowing it to be used as a wireless Bluetooth DAC.

Best All-Rounder DAP

1. Lotoo PAW 6000


Amplification: OPA1622

Storage: SD Card, Support up to 2 TB UHS II

The Lotoo PAW 6000 is clearly cut from the same cloth as the flagship Lotoo PAW Gold Touch. While it shares the same house sound, there is also a touch of warmth with vocals possessing slightly more body and roundedness. The PAW Gold Touch, on the other hand, excels more in imaging and separation. However, at a fraction of the price, the PAW 6000 renders a fantastic sound. It is also features one of the largest battery life (at 16 hours) of any high-tier DAP. With an incredibly fast boot-up time of 2 seconds and blistering OS, the PAW 6000 is an essential DAP for any audiophile’s inventory.

2. Shanling M8

DAC: AK4499EQ (x2)

Amplification: OPA1622

Storage: 64 GB (on-board), up to 2TB expandable (via SD Card)

The Shanling M8 offers a mature and musically-primed sound with a full-bodied tonality and powerful macro-dynamics. Notes are able to ebb and flow from a dark black background and while not a classical reference sound, the M8 reveals nuances with a naturality and depth. The large 7000 mAH offers an impressive 14 hour playback from single-ended mode with quick charge support. To add to this, the M8 is an Android-based DAP and offers a familiar user interface with ability to stream from popular music apps. For those in search of an analog sound with a powerful low-end, the Shanling M8 should be high up on the list.

3. FiiO M15

DAC: AK4499EQ (x2)

Amplification: PA221 (x2) +OPA1622 (x4) + OPA1612 (x4)

Storage: 64GB in-built storage, up to 2TB expandable storage (via SD Card)

The FiiO M15 is the most complete and thought out DAP that FiiO have ever created. With dual AK4499EQ DAC implementation and an NDK Femtosecond crystal, the sound is transparent, airy and resolving. To top it all, the M15 brings the familiar Android experience with capabilities of streaming and duplex Bluetooth options. The player is also one of a few Android devices capable of driving high-sensitivity IEMs to full-sized headphones with ease. The excellent battery life of 15 hours and quick charging time only further consolidate its status as a fantastic all-rounder. Neutral with a hint of bright, the M15 should make a fine addition to any collection.

Best Mid-tier DAP

1. Cayin N3Pro

DAC: AK4493EQ (x2)

Amplification: Raytheon JAN6418 x 2 vacuum tubes +/- opamps

Storage: One TF card (up to 1TB)

The Cayin N3Pro draws inspiration from the flagship Cayin N8 to deliver ‘Dual Timbre’ functionality to the masses. It is the world’s first digital audio player to incorporate miniature vacuum tubes (as a buffer) and solid-state opamps to offer 4 different sound profiles (3.5 mm solid state, 3.5 mm tube (ultralinear), 3.5 mm tube (triode) & 4.4 mm balanced). With a slim and compact profile, impeccable build and superior versatility – it is one of the best DAPs within its price category. While the N3Pro does not have the capabilities for streaming, it supports duplex Bluetooth allowing it to be used as a ‘Bluetooth DAC’. It also outputs an impressive 800 mW (for a given 32 Ω load) from the balanced state allowing it to drive full-sized headphones without difficulty.

2. FiiO M11 Pro

DAC: AK4497EQ (x2)

Amplification: Dual THX AAA-78 opamps

Storage: 64GB internal storage + 2TB expandable

The M11 Pro brings a high-quality sound to consumers for under $1000. Built on Android OS, the player features a familiar experience for the end-user with ability for streaming and music apps. With many years of experience in the DAP market, FiiO have produced an elegant and futuristic player in the M11 Pro. The overall sound is neutral with excellent transients and detail retrieval. Users can also benefit from the Bluetooth codec support and advanced graphical user interface for ease of convenience. As Google Play Store is not supported currently, third party APK are needed to be able to use popular streaming apps such as Spotify & Tidal.

Best value for money DAP

1. Shanling M3X

DAC: ESS Sabre ES9219C

Amplification: N/A

Storage: 32 GB internal storage + 2TB expandable

The Shanling M3X is an Android-based DAP which packs in a whole host of features unseen at this price. With an excellent linear and pleasant tonality, it is a must purchase for those looking to be a bit more serious about their audio tracks. Its ease of use, beautiful form factor, streaming and speedy process only complete the icing on the cake. For these reasons, the Shanling M3X is a highly recommended purchase which maximizes bang for buck.

2. Hidizs AP80

DAC: ESS Sabre ES9218P

Amplification: N/A

Storage: 1 TB (TF card)

The Hidizs AP80 is an accomplished compact DAP which capitalizes on fantastic dynamics, EQ settings, ease of convenience in the sub $200 category. While there is no streaming, users can access a large library of offline lossless audio within the palm of their hand. The sound is very clear whilst being responsive to EQ changes. For those that wish to maximize their bang for buck, the Hidizs is a very recommended purchase.

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3. Shanling M0

DAC: ESS Sabre ES9218P

Amplification: N/A

Storage: 512 GB TF card

The Shanling M0 is a highly ultra-portable DAP which is perfect for running or other forms of exercise. The overall sound quality is pleasant out of the box with good punchy bass, clear midrange, and linear treble. Yes, it will not drive the more demanding of headphones, but it does technically well with lower ohm transducers. For those with rather active lifestyle wishing for better sound quality, the M0 suffices.

Honorable Mentions

1. DethonRay Prelude DTR1


Amplification: Dual TI OPA1611

Storage: 2 TB (Exfat) card

The Prelude DTR1 is an interesting digital audio player which focuses on a music-first approach. Stripping down the bells and whistle of modern DAPs, the DTR1’s sound philosophy concentrates on high quality amplification to provide the best sound. It certainly succeeds as the overall tonality is highly detailed with one of the best transients and rapid dynamics of any DAP in its price category. Moreover, for a compact DAP of it size, it is easily able to drive more resistant headphones and in-ear monitors. The only downside is its battery life and proprietary charger (which may not be the most convenient for some).  

DAP Buying Guide

What is a DAP?

A digital audio player (DAP) is an electronic device with the capacity to store and play high-resolution music or audio files. Often, they are small hand-held gadgets containing memory storage, audio output, and a battery. DAPs are designed for high-resolution digital files, like MP3, which is one of the audio formats.

However, DAPs are not a new concept. You could say that the Sony Walkman, launched in 1979, was the first one and it paved the way for the portable digital music revolution.

Today, it is possible to have thousands of high-resolution audio files with you wherever you go. You only need a good musical source and the right audio gear to enjoy symphony hall reference music. The way you have saved your music determines how it will sound. How your music moves from a digital source through audio cables and into your output gear plays a significant part in how well it will sound.

Audio Conversion

If the audio signal is analog, a digital system starts by converting an analog system to a digital one using an ADC. It operates at a specific sampling format and transforms at a specified bit resolution. Analog systems that do not have a bandwidth limitation are moved past an un-liaising sieve. This happens prior to converting thus avoiding distortion brought about by audio signals whose frequencies are higher than the rate of sampling. 

You can save or distribute a digital audio wave. You can store it on a USB, CD, hard drive, or a digital audio player. The digital signal is distorted through signal processing in which it is filtered, or applied effects. A sampling includes downsampling or upsampling for confirming signals encoded with an uncommon rate to a common one before processing.  

A DAC is used to convert an analog signal to a digital one for playback.

File Types and Codecs

The audio file format is the form in which a digital audio file is stored. A coding format is the bit layout of the audio file. It can be compressed for size reduction or remain uncompressed.

A codec encodes and decodes raw files. While most audio file formats support audio coding data, multimedia content can support different audio and video formats.

Audio file formats come in three major groups:

1. Uncompressed audio, e.g., AU, AIFF, WAV, or PCM.
2. Lossy compression formats, e.g., MP3, Vorbis, AAC, and WMA lossy.
3. Lossless compression formats such as FLAC, ATRAC Advanced Lossless, and MPEG-4 ALS.

DAP Storage

High-resolution DAPs internal and expandable storage through micro SD card slots. Since these DAP music files are larger than MP3 or iTunes AAC-encoded formats, it is recommended to have a minimum of 32GB for internal storage and at least an SD card.

DAP Operating Systems

DAPs come in either Android or their own custom proprietary OS. Nowadays, many people prefer to stream music instead of downloading it onto their devices. However, some do not want to rely on the internet connection but prefer to listen to their music collection offline. If you belong to the latter group, there are superb music apps for iPhone and Android. The Google Market offers various free or paid players, such as Poweramp, BlackPlayer, Rocket Player, and Shuttle Music Player.

For iPhone music players, the default player has an amazing design and all the required options. However, it misses extra features that would make one’s music listening experience better. To enhance this, you can get alternatives such as Ecoute, Vox,

Balanced Output Connections

Balanced audio is the interconnection of audio equipment using balanced lines. It is essential in producing and recording sound since it lets long cables use while reducing susceptibility to outside noise brought by electromagnetic involvement. The balanced output allows for higher power output. For a device to have quality sound output, the single-ended and balanced output should be well maintained, especially if one does not need the extra power. The DAPs that have utilized the balanced output connection are usually embedded with the single-ended output to enable the input of headphones and IEMs.

Common DAP Connections

Balanced vs. Unbalanced

Also referred to as pro and semi-pro, respectively, a balanced output has a positive effect on audio performance. Balanced circuitry occurs after digital to analog audio conversion providing an improved signal-to-noise ratio.

Unbalanced occurs naturally. Areas with many wiring or light dimmers affect unbalanced connections, which cause ground loops to hum on audio equipment.

Different jack sizes

Stereo mini-jack (3.5mm)

It is usually unmarked on audio equipment such as laptops because it is the most popular output. If labeled, it has the headphones symbol of “line out.”

Stereo mini-jack (2.5mm)

It is smaller than the regular jack, and it has been popularized on small mobile electronics. You might see two 2.5mm balanced outputs that split the feed into two left and right on some rare happenings.

Stereo mini-jack (4.4mm)

This one’s common on Sony products with balanced outputs. It is bigger than the standard headphone jack and features a 4-point connection on its end.

Optical (3.5mm)

It is similar to the above but has an ending of the same size as a 3.5mm mini-jack. It carries stereo digital audio.


It is the most common method to link an external DAC to a PC. Various types of plugs are available depending on the interphase size.

USB (Micro B) OTG

It is a standard USB connection for linking a DAP to an external DAC.

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[Update] 5G NR Dual Active Protocol Stack (DAPS) Handover – 3GPP Release 16 | daps – Vietnamnhanvan

3GPP Definition: As per 3GPP TS 38.300 DAPS Handover can be defined as a handover procedure that maintains the source gNB connection after reception of RRC message (HO Command) for handover and until releasing the source cell after successful random access to the target gNB.

DAPS Handover Characteristics:

  • UE continue Tx/Rx at the source cell after receiving the HO request
  • UE performs simultaneous reception of user data from source and target cell
  • UE switch uplink transmission of user data to target cell after completion of RACH procedure
  • DAPS reduces interruption during handover close to 0 ms, by maintaining the source cell radio link (including data flow) while establishing the target cell radio link
  • DAPS handover is possible over both interface Xn and N2
  • A DAPS Handover can be used for an RLC-AM or RLC-UM bearer

Why DAPS Handover Required?

In Legacy 4G LTE networks and 5G NR till release 15, the UE typically releases the connection from the source cell before the connection is established with the target cell (Hard Handover). Due to this, UL and DL transmission is finalized at source cell before the UE starts to communicate with the target cell results an interruption of a few tens of milliseconds in the communication between the UE and the base station. This interruption is very critical for URLCC use case /application with in 5G.

So 3GPP has proposed a solution to overcome this problem as part of Release 16 named as Dual Active Protocol Stack (DAPS) where UE connection with source cell to remain active for Rx and Tx of user data, until it is able to send and receive user data in the target cell. This put a new requirement at UE  side to simultaneously receive and transmit data at both source cell and target cell for a short time period during the handover procedure. In my view, this is similar to soft handover procedure.

As shown in above picture, to support DAHO, UE has to keep Dual Stack in Active state. One user plane protocol stack for the target cell, containing PHY (Physical), MAC (Medium Access Control) and RLC (Radio Link Control) layers, while keeping the second user plane protocol stack active for transmission and reception of user data in the source cell.

UE receives user data simultaneously from both the source and target cell, the PDCP (Packet Data Convergence Protocol) layer is reconfigured to a common PDCP entity for the source and target user plane protocol stacks. To secure in-sequence delivery of user data, PDCP Sequence Number (SN) continuation is maintained throughout the handover procedure. For that reason, a common (for source and target) re-ordering and duplication function is provided in the single PDCP entity. Ciphering/deciphering and header compression/decompression need to be handled separately in the common PDCP entity, depending on the origin/destination of the downlink/uplink data packet.

DAPS Handover Call Flow:

DAPS handover call flow is shown in following figure. DAPS handover is possible over both interface Xn and N2 interface. Here we have consider HO based on Xn interface.

  • The source gNB configures the UE measurement procedures and the UE reports Measurement Report according to the Meas Config . The source gNB decides to handover the UE, based on Measurement Report and RRM information
  • The source gNB issues a Handover Request message to the target gNB passing a transparent RRC container with necessary information to prepare the handover at the target side.
  • The target gNB prepares the handover  and sends the HANDOVER REQUEST ACKNOWLEDGE to the source gNB, which includes a transparent container to be sent to the UE as an RRC message to perform the handover. The target gNB also indicates if a DAPS Handover is accepted
  • The source gNB triggers the Uu handover by sending an RRC Reconfiguration message to the UE
  • For DRBs configured with DAPS, the source gNB sends the EARLY STATUS TRANSFER
  • The UE synchronizes to the target cell and completes the RRC handover procedure by sending RRC Reconfiguration Complete message to target gNB
  • Target gNB sends the HANDOVER SUCCESS message to the source gNB to inform that the UE has successfully accessed the target cell
  • Source gNB sends the SN STATUS TRANSFER message for DRBs configured with DAPS as per EARLY STATUS TRANSFER

Bearer Handling with DAPS handover

A DAPS Handover can be used for an RLC-AM or RLC-UM bearer. For a DRB configured with DAPS, the following principles are additionally applied.

  • Downlink:
    • During HO preparation, a forwarding tunnel is always established.
    • The source gNB is responsible for allocating downlink PDCP SNs until the SN assignment is handed over to the target gNB and data forwarding. That is, the source gNB does not stop assigning PDCP SNs to downlink packets until it receives the HANDOVER SUCCESS message and sends the SN STATUS TRANSFER message to the target gNB
    • Upon allocation of downlink PDCP SNs by the source gNB, it starts scheduling downlink data on the source radio link and also starts forwarding downlink PDCP SDUs along with assigned PDCP SNs to the target gNB
    • For security synchronisation, HFN is maintained for the forwarded downlink SDUs with PDCP SNs assigned by the source gNB. The source gNB sends the EARLY STATUS TRANSFER message to convey the DL COUNT value, indicating PDCP SN and HFN of the first PDCP SDU that the source gNB forwards to the target gNB
    • HFN and also PDCP SN are maintained after the SN assignment is handed over to the target gNB. The SN STATUS TRANSFER message indicates the next DL PDCP SN to allocate to a packet which does not have a PDCP sequence number yet, even for RLC-UM
    • During handover execution period, the source and target gNBs separately perform ROHC header compression, ciphering, and adding PDCP header
    • During handover execution period, the UE continues to receive downlink data from both source and target gNBs until the source gNB connection is released by an explicit release command from the target gNB
    • During handover execution period, the UE DAPS PDCP maintains separate security and ROHC header decompression associated with each gNB, while maintaining common reordering function, duplicate detection, discard function, and PDCP SDUs in-sequence delivery to upper layers. PDCP SN continuity is supported for both RLC AM and UM DRBs configured with DAPS.
  • Uplink:
    • The UE transmits UL data to the source gNB until the random access procedure toward the target gNB has been successfully completed. Afterwards the UE switches its UL data transmission to the target gNB.
    • Even after switching its UL data transmissions, the UE continues to send UL L1 CSI feedback, HARQ feedback, L2 RLC feedback, ROHC feedback, HARQ data re-transmissions, and RLC data re-transmission to the source gNB.
    • During handover execution period, the UE maintains separate security context and ROHC header compressor context for uplink transmissions towards the source and target gNBs. The UE maintains common UL PDCP SN allocation. PDCP SN continuity is supported for both RLC AM and UM DRBs configured with DAPS.
    • During handover execution period, the source and target gNBs maintain their own security and ROHC header decompressor contexts to process UL data received from the UE.
    • The establishment of a forwarding tunnel is optional.
    • HFN and PDCP SN are maintained in the target gNB. The SN STATUS TRANSFER message indicates the first missing UL COUNT that the target should start delivering to the 5GC, even for RLC-UM.

Upon receiving DAPS handover command message, the UE suspends source cell SRBs, stops sending and receiving any RRC control plane signalling toward the source cell, and establishes SRBs for the target cell. The UE releases the source cell SRBs configuration upon receiving source cell release indication from the target cell after successful DAPS handover execution. When DAPS handover to the target cell fails and if the source cell link is available, then the UE reverts back to the source cell configuration and activate source cell SRBs for control plane signalling.


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Tengo pila de letrones que grabé con los menores
Mucha mierda que soltar voy cargado de razones
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Vine pa’ Mufasa porque estoy pa’ los leones
Dame ya ese cinturón se me caen los pantalones
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he logrado superar muchas malas decisiones
In my kingdom, amarillo como la familia Simpson
Mucho flow mucho ramalamadindon
Enmonado asalvajao’ como King Kong
En un parque de Madrid parece Kingston
Falta piti para un peta dame Winston
Hacerse el tonto también puede ser de listo
si lo haces en un visto y no visto
Te presento a mi angelito el anticristo
Ellos a la suya yo a la mía, yia’
Yo era surrealista lo sabía, for real
Tú no sabes las ganas que tenía, mamma mía
Semanas y semanas sin ver la luz del día,
sin querer despertar, sin nada de alegría
Lloraba pero al menos me reía, yia’
El caso es que soy popu pero no hago pop
porque como haga pop ya no habrá stop
Espero que esto no acabe en catástrofe
moriría un material SO DOPE
Taquicardias en mi cora cada dos por tres
parecía mi final pero nope…
Tengo muy clara la meta, leggo’
La plata llegará, el flow ya me llegó
El que no me había escuchao’ un buen día se enteró… desde ese día se quedó

Puta no puedo parar de relatar
toa’ la locura que tengo metida,
las voces que tengo en el fondo dormidas me van a salvar
Siempre que yo se lo pida las voces suicidas se van a calmar y cuando decida que deba ganar la puta partida se va a terminar
Díselo ya! Truco de magia
No tengo na’ por aquí, no tengo na’ por allá
El barrio en HD y yo fumando en 4K, ahá
Misil de THC you know: mi pandi coloca’…
Tan solo:
Espero que esto no acabe en catástrofe
moriría un material SO DOPE
Taquicardias en mi cora cada dos por tres
parecía mi final pero nope…
Tengo muy clara la meta, leggo’
La plata llegará, el flow ya me llegó
El que no me había escuchao’ un buen día se enteró… desde ese día se quedó



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Diseño de producción: Irene Montes @irene_plagues
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Montaje: Nacho Fernández
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Gaffer: Pedro Clemente
Etalonaje: Nicolás Ibáñez
Foto fija: Rodrigo Mola
📜 Letra:
Mucha mala vibra vibra a mi alrededor
Mi energy equilibra porque soy un vibrador
Travieso chiquito porque soy un pecador
Siempre fui chiquito de pequeño y de mayor
Yo soy tu diablito y te invito a pecar
Chupa mi meñique yo te pongo a bailar
Aunque la peña no te pare de mirar
Haz como si nada te lo vas a gozar
Flashes, paparazzis
Gente envidiosa pendiente de lo que haces
Ellos no entendieron el mensaje (no)
Ni todo el musicote que les traje yo
Esto parece el Bershka, el probador
Llaman a mi puerta, “please, open the door”
¿Es aquí la fiesta? La fiesta del amor
¿Es aquí la fiesta? Contesta
Sí bueno, acertaste de lleno
Todo lo que buscas baby, aquí lo tenemos
Luces de neón, estrellas en el cielo
De celebración siempre que yo puedo
Empresario disfrazao’ de nini
Toa’ las babies dicen “wait a minute”
Niño dulce como miel de Winnie
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No lo sé, ni cuando ni por qué
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Ellas me hacen tratamiento
Me interrogan pero yo les miento
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Si se enfadan yo les bailo lento
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Con una puestada que no sé ni mi name
Una hostia sagrada dicen “oh, God damn”
Dame de eso, me confieso
Soy ratona solamente quiero queso
Yo te doy pero antes dame un beso,
dame un beso, dame un beso…
Esto parece el Bershka, el probador
Llaman a mi puerta, “please, open the door”
¿Es aquí la fiesta? La fiesta del amor
¿Es aquí la fiesta? Contesta


The Tragic Tale of Daps: Build Team, Get Kicked

Daps might have one of the greatest minds for scouting talent in all of NA CounterStrike.
He’s built two strong teams from the ground up. And both of them have kicked him when they reached their peak.
Now, he’s signed with Cloud9, who are looking to rebuild themselves.
And through it all, Daps has persevered. But if you find his dedication to the game surprising, then you haven’t been paying attention.
Written by: Devin Jones (@milkshks)
Edited by: Brian Van Huynh (@beevanhuynh)
Hosted by: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen)
Courtesy list: https://pastebin.com/zxu1AbvF
Thumbnail image courtesy: James Banks
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The Tragic Tale of Daps: Build Team, Get Kicked

Đan Nguyên – Đắp Mộ Cuộc Tình (Official Music Video) – Thúy Nga Paris By Night

Đan Nguyên Đắp Mộ Cuộc Tình (Vũ Thanh)
Official Music Video
From Short Film \”Cánh Diều Mua\” (Directed by Cuong Ngo)
Đắp Mộ Cuộc Tình được nhạc sĩ Vũ Thanh viết vào năm 2013 do Đan Nguyên thể hiện lần đầu tiên. Khi nhạc Vàng bùng nổ trở lại gần đây thì nhạc phẩm này trở thành một hiện tượng khi được rất nhiều tiếng hát trong và ngoài nước cover. Tác giả cho biết ông sáng tác bài Đắp Mộ Cuộc Tình vào năm 2006 với cái tên ban đầu là “Cuộc Rượu Hai Mươi Năm”, dựa trên một đoạn thơ trong bản trường ca Quy Nhơn Đôi Mắt Người Xưa mà chính ông là tác giả.
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Đan Nguyên - Đắp Mộ Cuộc Tình (Official Music Video) - Thúy Nga Paris By Night

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