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Every other Monday, Dominic gives you a reason to dust off one of your old games and dive into its mods with Modder Superior.

StarCraft 2 remains an RTS esports favourite nine years from launch, but its mod scene never got the love or attention it deserved. Despite Blizzard’s support, an in-game mod browser, powerful editor and even a short-lived premium mod program, a lot flew under the radar. While some mods and standalone missions remain popular in the StarCraft 2 Arcade, we’re going to be diving deep into the biggest, best and newest single-player campaigns available. Whether you’re an RTS veteran or don’t know what a Zerg is, there’s something for you here.

The icing on the space-cake is that all of this is completely free. StarCraft 2’s first episode – Wings Of Liberty – has full mod support, and Blizzard made it free back in 2017. Every one of these campaigns can be played start to finish, fully intact and without a scratch on your wallet. Impressive, considering one is a full modernised remake of the original StarCraft and its expansion.

Mass Recall

Not to be too hyperbolic, but I consider Mass Recall the best way to enjoy the original StarCraft’s campaigns. Possibly the biggest campaign for StarCraft 2, it’s a comprehensive remake of the original game, its demo (which had its own missions), the Brood War expansion and a bit more besides. Or at least, it will be in the next few weeks. While previous releases of the mod included all six campaigns plus extras, the current version only contains the original three. The rest are coming soon, as they’re currently being updated to include every enhancement that can be borrowed from Blizzard’s own StarCraft: Remastered.

While StarCraft: Remastered did little more than polish up the original game (in the name of retaining multiplayer balance), Mass Recall tries to fill in the blanks inherent in porting a 1998 game to a 2010 engine. There are now difficulty settings (StarCraft’s Normal is roughly equivalent to the sequel’s Hard mode), and where lore-appropriate, Brood War units and expanded hero characters are available in the original game’s missions. For the most part, the missions play similarly to their original incarnations, just with a far slicker interface, a slew of quality-of-life improvements, and the occasional new in-game cutscene. It’s still StarCraft, but a subtly modernised version.

The updated mission briefings feel especially nostalgic.

At its absolute most playful, some hero-only missions in Mass Recall are (optionally) playable as a third-person shooter. It’s a bit rough and janky and not something the engine was made for, but it freshens up some short, otherwise dull missions. If any of that that turns you off, there’s an options menu that allows you to pick and choose what enhancements to use. Don’t like a specific unit’s retro voice or model? Replace it with the StarCraft 2 equivalent. Remove the extra hero units, the early Brood War tech or any combination. I personally have everything turned on, but it’s up to you.

As for playing Mass Recall itself, it’s an interesting contrast against StarCraft 2’s overtly cinematic campaigns. StarCraft 1’s missions are far less heavily scripted, often giving you simpler, more direct objectives against an AI enemy that’s designed to harass you with steadily escalating waves of units until either you push back, or your defences crumble. It’s not really comparable to playing against human opponents (the AI seldom adapts to your strategies), but it’ll teach build orders and micromanagement better than StarCraft 2, especially on those new, higher difficulties.

StarCraft 2's nuke effects make some missions a bit more intense.

There’s the occasional rough edge to Mass Recall, such as some slightly awkward dialogue portrait models, but for the most part they’ve gone above and beyond. Where appropriate, factions are (again, optionally) given their own unique unit and building models. To top it all off, when fully armed and operational, Mass Recall will also include Enslavers Redux, another StarCraft 1 user campaign, similarly remade. That alone adds another thirty missions to Brood War’s seventy-ish. You’re looking at weeks (if not months) of strategerising here – not a bad intro to the RTS genre either, and completely free.

Installation of Mass Recall is dead easy, and the instructions can be found on its SC2 Mapster page here. In short: Grab StarCraft 2 (either retail or the Wings Of Liberty free edition) through the Battle.net App. Download the SCMR installer, mission files and cinematics pack (highly recommended unless you like missing chunks of the story) and put them all in your StarCraft 2 directory. Run the installer, and when it’s done you’ll have a nice Mass Recall link on your desktop. Of course, if that’s still not enough for you…


A passion project four years in the making from modder “DudkiSC2”. This massive campaign was completed in late December 2018 and consists of 24 long, multi-phase missions featuring all three races. Annihilation attempts to mimic the style of StarCraft 2’s campaigns, including some setpiece boss battles, and a lot of dungeon crawling with small groups of heroes. It has multiple difficulty settings, and in an attempt to imitate StarCraft 2’s campaign tech-trees, you can pick which unit types are available to you on many missions. If there’s one complaint I can level at it, it’s that some of the writing is ham-fisted, with some one-note character personalities.

Annihilation’s missions are all separate SC2Map files, which makes launching them a little fiddlier than Mass Recall. You can open them in the StarCraft 2 level editor and launch them from there. Alternatively, you can also make SC2Switcher_x64.exe (located in your Starcraft II\Support64 directory) your default application to open SC2Map files. Now you can launch any mission or campaign just by opening the SC2Map directly. Missions started this way default to Fastest game speed (as used in multiplayer), but a tap or two of the keypad minus key will slow it down some.

The Antioch Chronicles

One of the more narratively impressive campaigns out there. The Antioch Chronicles is a fully voice-acted Protoss-focused campaign split into three episodes. The first two are remakes of StarCraft 1 fan-missions, but the third – Thoughts In Chaos – was made specifically for StarCraft 2. While I’ve only had time to briefly dabble in this trilogy (as with many of these other campaigns, it’ll take days to play through), the mission design seems clever and varied. Still, be warned – if your Protoss game is rusty you may want to play Mass Recall to warm up. The original two episodes have no difficulty options, but the third does.

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The first two episodes even feature StarCraft 1-style mission briefings, although the third episode (and its very swish campaign menu) tells its story through lengthy cutscenes book-ending each mission. While amateur voice acting is a minefield at the best of times, both delivery and the script are surprisingly good in this campaign, although I’m sure Protoss voice post-processing effects hide a litany of cheap microphone sins. While dialogue sequences don’t drag on too long, there’s a little bit of fanfic-esque ‘And I was here doing this not far from this important canon character’ exposition in here. Also lots of George Lucas-style screen wipe transitions. Still, a great excuse to dive deep into Protoss lore and work on your pylon strategies.


Odyssey has plenty of cutscenes and pushes the game's scripting system hard.

Odyssey has been floating around on the StarCraft 2 Arcade for ages, but is best experienced downloaded direct from SC2 Mapster. First debuting back in 2015, this very polished campaign finally wrapped up its first episode in March 2018. Each of Odyssey’s fourteen missions are sprawling, complex things, sometimes split across multiple maps and almost always with multiple phases of objectives. While mostly similar in structure to StarCraft 2’s missions, it has a few ideas of its own like rocks being usable as cover by infantry in some missions, or special custom units with clever new powers. As with most of the campaigns here, it also supports difficulty settings – Brutal mode lives up to its name.

Odyssey doesn’t have much in the way of custom art, music or audio, but it does what it can with basic StarCraft 2 materials. It does stumble at a couple points – its overly self-serious story feels a bit too nebulous to follow and its character names are a bit My First Action Hero’y (Captain Harsh, Stryker, etc), but some serious thought has been put into its world-building. Some of the later missions also suffer from performance issues, although I’m not sure if that’s due to bugs introduced by Blizzard through updates, or the sheer scope of the missions themselves. Thankfully, StarCraft 2’s interface remains smooth and responsive even when the on-screen action chugs, but it does struggle a bit during some of the bigger set-piece battles between multiple factions.

Honorable Mentions

It would be remiss to talk about massive StarCraft 2 mods without mentioning SC Universe, the Kickstarter-funded, World Of Warcraft-inspired pseudo-MMO mod by Upheaval Arts. Featured by Blizzard and found in StarCraft 2’s own Arcade panel, just search for ‘SC Universe’ and you’ll find the prologue missions, plus the game proper. It’s a technical marvel, and a long game in its own right whether played in co-op or solo. The problem is that I just don’t especially enjoy it. Unlike Mass Recall’s third-person shooter missions, which are brief and amusing distractions, I feel SCU stretches its MMO-lite combat too thinly to make a full game. Still, it remains semi-popular, even though it never got a polished ‘final’ release – worth a look, especially with friends.

Also worthy of a quick shout-out is Perfect Soldiers, yet another thirty-mission monster split into three episodes. Don’t let its first mission (set in an industrial sewer system) put you off, as they’re quite tightly balanced missions – good, considering there’s no difficulty settings here. Once more its writing is a little overwrought, and it makes do with ‘vanilla’ StarCraft 2 assets, but it has the occasional bit of clever new stuff. Metal Gear music is used especially well during a stealth segment, for example. It’s among the older campaigns here, so parts of it may misbehave with present-day StarCraft 2, but I’ve not found any issues yet.

Astray isn't that impressive as a mission, but a decent little story.

One final nod goes to Astray, a short but very polished story-driven scenario. While its single-hero combat isn’t especially thrilling (although it does escalate into a nicely challenging pair of final boss fights), it’s polished and tells a decent self-contained Protoss story, which manages to imbue its small cast of characters with distinct personalities despite a lack of voice acting. I’d love to see more in the vein of this, hopefully expanding beyond just having a single hero unit. With potentially mod-breaking updates to StarCraft 2 finally slowing down, I reckon there’s a few big new stories still yet to be told, and The Antioch Chronicles and StarCraft Universe prove there’s voice talent available too.

Just this handful of mods should take months to get through, but if you’ve got any more personal favourites to recommend, by all means share with us below. Sadly, some older mods are partially or even completely broken thanks to Blizzard’s sweeping updates to StarCraft 2, a possible reason for the mod scene never quite finding the footing it might have otherwise. Still, 2018 ended with a flurry of modding activity – I’ll be surprised if 2019 doesn’t have a surprise or two left in store.

[NEW] Starcraft 2 Best Units [Top 15] | marauder starcraft 2 – Vietnamnhanvan

Starcraft 2 Best Units [Top 15]

Starcraft sets itself apart from other RTS games in its unit design — where other games have a simple rock-paper-scissors strategy, Starcraft and Starcraft 2 both feature a cast of unique units, with their own special attributes and abilities. Today, I want to take you through these units, what makes them so unique, and how they come together to give Starcraft 2 its endless depth and longevity.

15. Zealot

We’ll start with each race’s basic unit — the first combat unit you can make, costing only minerals. All three units are foundational to their race’s identity; in the Zealot’s case, its high health but relative slowness represent Protoss’s strong, immobile style. While not the unkillable, godlike creatures they were in Brood War, Starcraft 2 Zealots offer great health per resource, and like the other basic units, their research upgrade (Charge) gives them new life in the midgame.

  • High health, slow speed

  • Modest, respectable damage

  • Soaks damage for other Protoss units

  • Researching Charge lets them enter the battle much more quickly

14. Zergling

Next we have the Zergling, the Zerg’s most-produced unit by far. Zerglings without Metabolic Boost (their speed upgrade) are more or less useless, but speedy Zerglings (speedlings) are a nightmare, requiring minimal investment from the Zerg and able to take down entire bases in seconds. And after their second upgrade, Adrenal Glands, their boosted attack speed makes them one of Zerg’s strongest units — all while spending a minimum of Vespene Gas.

  • Spawns two at a time — easy to mass-produce!

  • Low health, high speed, high damage

  • Require surface area to be effective — strongest against small groups and spread-out units

  • Scales excellently with upgrades

  • Can run around the map and deal damage everywhere!

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13. Marine

The last basic unit is the Marine, a unit so powerful that it shapes Terran’s entire core playstyle. Marines can research the Stimpack ability, increasing movement and attack speed for a small health cost. Coupled with the Medivac, Marines can deal damage impossibly quickly — to the point where every composition’s first question is simply, how do I deal with mass Marines?

  • Low health, high speed, high damage

  • Stimpack takes damage from “high” to “unreasonable”

  • Vulnerable to area-of-effect damage

  • Low mineral and supply cost makes them easy to mass-produce

12. Roach

The next three entries will be what I call “second basic” units — easy to access, require a minimum of Vespene, and add a little more color to the early game. Zerg’s second basic unit is the Roach, the opposite of the Zergling — they’re slow and deal little damage, but they soak hits like nobody’s business. If you want to build a more stable composition (often Roach/Hydralisk/Lurker), Roaches will form your anchor.

  • Low damage and speed, high health

  • Short range means they’re less efficient in large numbers

  • Can burrow to regenerate health

  • Can move while burrowed with research!

11. Stalker

Protoss’s second basic unit is the Stalker. Compared to Brood War’s Dragoons, Stalkers move faster, fire faster, and can Blink for extra mobility (with research), but have less health, and deal less damage per shot. The Stalker’s long range and Blink ability give it the most micro potential of any basic unit; great Protoss players can extract far more value from a pack of Stalkers than you’d expect.

  • Medium stats all around, high range

  • High range and reasonable speed make kiting easy

  • Blink lets Stalkers outmaneuver any opponent

  • Hit-and-run tactics and regenerating shields give Stalkers surprising longevity

10. Marauder

Finally, we have the Marauder, the standard complement to Terran’s Marines. Marauders are tanky and deal excellent damage to armored targets (think Ultralisks and Siege Tanks), but their real magic is their Concussive Shell ability, slowing units on hit. Marauders use their health and slow to make space for Marines to deal damage, giving bio Terran its legendary potency.

  • High health, modest damage, good range

  • Takes a lot of damage, especially from units like Banelings

  • Rips through armored units easily

  • Concussive Shell cripples an opponent’s approach

9. Colossus

Now we come to the tech units, the icing to the basic units’ simple cake. The Colossus is a controversial choice — Colossus beams had staggering range in Wings of Liberty, and their relative mobility (compared to Siege Tanks) meant that Protoss fights often came down to Colossi whittling down armies from afar. The Colossus is responsible for some of the most boring games in Starcraft 2, but with its nerfs in Legacy of the Void, it now occupies a more reasonable position as long range support, rather than core unit.

  • Massive, fragile unit — can take damage from anti-air attacks!

  • Insanely high range, second only to the Siege Tank

  • Area of effect attack means they scale well to higher numbers

  • Such an obnoxious unit. Honestly.

8. Thor

Thors are the unsung hero of the Terran army. In bio compositions, Thors offer a mobile source of area air damage, essential for dealing with Mutalisks, and in mech, their incredible health pools give space to the Siege Tank to do work. Nobody really gets excited to see a Thor, but Terran wouldn’t be the same race without them.

  • Monstrously tanky, but slow and clunky

  • Frightening amounts of air damage — both area of effect and single target, depending on mode

  • vulnerable to masses of small units like Zerglings

  • Arguably the best voice lines in the game, depending on how much you like Arnold Schwarzenegger

7. High Templar

High Templar have been with Protoss since the original Starcraft (before Brood War), and with good reason — Psionic Storm (their upgraded ability) is Protoss’s iconic AoE ability, to the chagrin of the Zergs and Terrans. And when they’re out of energy, you can morph them into Archons for even more AoE damage!

  • Slow, squishy, and a weak basic attack

  • Strong spells — Feedback and Psionic Storm

  • Can morph into Archons

6. Infestor

Though not in the meta anymore, Infestors deserve mention as a key piece in the infamous Infestor/Corruptor/Brood Lord composition. Fungal Growth used to have no projectile and root enemies in place, making them easy fodder for Brood Lords. This style of Zerg was degenerate, mindless, and the dominant strategy for the second half of the Wings of Liberty era, which is why we’re glad it’s gone now. Though a shadow of its former self, the Infestor is one of Starcraft’s most historically significant units.

  • Slow, clunky, no attack

  • Fungal Growth slows units for easy cleanup

  • Microbial

    Shroud does… something… no one really knows for sure

  • Can cast spells while burrowed, making them easier to control

5. Medivac

Ah, the Medivac. Combining the Medic and Dropship from Brood War, the Medivac is the last piece of the classic Terran bio composition. Healing is obviously good, but doubly so when Stimpack is available, and their ability to load units means that harassment fits naturally into Terran’s game plan. Truly an iconic unit.

  • Flying support unit

  • Heals biological units! Can load and drop units too

  • Low speed, but can use speed boost to escape

  • Vulnerable to anti air, requires infantry to cover

4. Mutalisk

I won’t lie to you — the Mutalisk is my favorite unit. Way back in Wings of Liberty, I practiced controlling them against the AI for hours, and brought my skills to the ladder. I was promptly crushed, but eventually learned how to use them against players instead. Mutalisks are fast and fragile, but deal so much damage to light ground units that they can rip apart workers and small groups of infantry easily. One wrong step will lose you thousands of resources and probably the game, but mastering the finicky flyers will cause no end of grief for your opponent.

  • Fast, flying, low health, high damage

  • Can “stack” on each other for easier control

  • Glaive bounce helps pick off errant targets

  • High skill ceiling unit — controlling them well gets you a lot of extra value

3. Adept

The Adept is the only entry on this list that was added in Legacy of the Void. I usually like Starcraft’s original units over the newer fare, but the Adept is just too well designed to overlook. Its high mobility and bonus damage against light units make it the perfect harassment tool, but its poor health and damage against armored units mean that they can’t be massed in the late game. Their Psionic Transfer gives them lots of options to move around the map, giving the Protoss a little bit of scouting information, and even enabling mass Shade-in attacks if the timing is right.

  • Mediocre health, high mobility and damage versus light units

  • Psionic Transfer is a flexible tool — scout, harass, dive, or escape

  • Poor survivability and damage later in the game

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2. Siege Tank

The Siege Tank is Starcraft’s classic, iconic unit. It comes with a simple clarity — deal massive damage at long range, but in exchange be unable to move. Siege Tanks have anchored Terrans since the earliest days of Starcraft, and remain the lynchpin of many Terran strategies and compositions. What else needs to be said?

  • Can morph between a mobile light tank and an immobile Sieged version

  • Massive damage at long range — will pulverize any other ground army with enough space

  • Can’t shoot next to itself when sieged

  • Requires lots of backup to be effective

1. Baneling

And finally, the Baneling. I debated between giving the number one spot to Siege Tanks or Banelings. But Banelings did so much to change Zerg’s matchups in the transition from Brood War to Starcraft 2. The ability for one Baneling to kill multiple Zerglings revolutionized Zerg’s mirror matchup, finally letting it evolve past the Zergling/Mutalisk knife fight it had become. And its interaction with Marines is fascinating — clumped up Marines are strong against everything except Banelings, and splitting them up means that you lose units to Zerglings and Mutalisks. And finally, Baneling busts were a staple build in early Wings of Liberty, still remaining a threat today and giving Zergs a wide range of offensive options. The Baneling is, in my opinion, the defining unit of Starcraft 2, both for its big, explosive moments on screen (literally!), and for the ways it defined the entire meta of the game.

  • Slower than Zerglings, especially before Centrifugal Hooks

  • Deals high damage, but explodes itself to do so

  • Creates a dilemma for infantry — split up or stay together?

  • Can destroy enemy walls

  • Can kill workers very quickly

  • Good Baneling hits are the best part of Starcraft, seriously.

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►StarCraft II features the return of the three species from the original game: Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. In the Terran campaign, the original StarCraft briefing room is replaced with an interactive version of the battlecruiser Hyperion, with Jim Raynor, now a bitter and harddrinking mercenary captain, as the central character. In a departure from previous Blizzard games, the campaign is nonlinear, with Raynor taking jobs for money and using that money to buy additional units and upgrades.
►Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void. You are Hierarch Artanis, leader of the mighty protoss race. Years ago, your homeworld of Aiur fell to the merciless zerg Swarm. Now, at long last, you have raised a powerful fleet of warships known as the Golden Armada, and are poised to reclaim your world. But an ancient evil—Amon—threatens this destiny and the fate of the entire galaxy. Only you can reunite the protoss factions and defeat the coming darkness before it consumes all life in the sector.
►Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty features approximately the same number of units as the original StarCraft. Some units from the original game have returned, some featuring new upgrades and abilities. Wings of Liberty has 29 playable campaign missions, but only 26 of them are playable in a single playthrough since three missions are choicerelated alternates.
►Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm has 20 missions in the campaign (plus 7 evolution missions which allows the player to upgrade its units), and continues the story from Wings of Liberty.The player plays from the perspective of Sarah Kerrigan, recently returned to her human form by Jim Raynor. Similar to Wings of Liberty, the briefing room is replaced with an interactive exploration of the Leviathan, an enormous zerg breed which functions as a Bioship. Kerrigan and her allies are located in the nerve center, she has a personal chamber for altering her abilities, and there is an evolution pit where she can upgrade her units and perform evolution missions with the evolution master Abathur.
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