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The International 2013

12 August 2013
43 minutes

Natus Vincere



TI3 finals, game 5.

Arguably, the best final of all Internationals thus far. Na’Vi and Alliance, two fan favourites, clash in the crucial game 5 of the Grand Finals, fighting over $1.4m prize money. It’s an incredible display of skill, teamwork and plays. A must watch for everyone even only remotely interested in DotA 2 esports.


The International 2018
Grand Finals

26 August 2018
1 hour 5 minutes

LGD Gaming



– ODPixel

TI8 was full of amazing games! This game was the peak though, with an amazing performance from Topson as Invoker, along with Ana, Ceb and JerAx playing out of their minds. Not to forget the incredible display by Chalice and fy on LGD’s side, who show amazing support roles throughout.
This game is up and down and could go either way at any point, hinging on critical buybacks.

ODPixel delivering one of his best hypecasts (makes you feel like TobiWan is channeling through him), backed up by the insights of Fogged and the welcome surprise of a returning Merlini, the stars just aligned for this game, and this series.


The International 2012
Winner’s Round 2

02 September 2012
25 minutes

Natus Vincere


Invictus Gaming

“Patience from Zhou”!

It’s the game where “The Play” happened. With all other western teams being eliminated early on in the tournament, fans united in their support for Na’Vi. An essential 5v5 team fight was later coined “The Play”, showcasing the skill, teamplay and exhilaration fans were able to witness during this match. Watch the highlight for the crowd’s reaction to the fight!


The International 2016
Upper Bracket Round 2

11 August 2016
1 hour 15 minutes

Evil Geniuses



What. An. Incredible. Game!!!

Prepare yourself, because the next hour and fifteen minutes you won’t be able to leave your seat! It’s a constant back and forth between these world class teams with the advantage switching every other moment! Not a dull moment during the whole match – It’s how DotA is supposed to be played and worthy of being a Grand Finals match.

An instant classic.


ESL One Frankfurt 2014

28 June 2014
1 hour 23 minutes




“Kills mean nothing, gold means nothing, experience means nothing – throne means everything.”

A long, exhausting game for C9, having to watch out for Io’s teleport and an incredible Admiral Bulldog who shows his skill with Nature’s Prophet. It’s Rat Dota at its finest in a clash that is finals worthy!


MLG Championship Columbus

25 November 2013
1 hour 25 minutes

Speed Gaming International


Team DK

Incredible – really I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E – teamfights from early on, a stalemate in mid gaming and a fantastic end! Slammin’ Lanm!


The International 2013
Lower Bracket Round 2

09 August 2013
51 minutes

LGD Gaming


Team Liquid

BuLba Clockwerk. USA! USA!

In one of the most memorable games of TI3 between Chinese heavyweight LGD and US-favourite Team Liquid, BuLba plays Clockwork and it’s incredible!
The constant “USA!”-shouts leave no doubt who the majority of the crowd supports, but the actual game is pretty even until the very end. Still, there’s no doubt who the MVP of the game is and the fans know it as well. A great game overall and a fantastic one for TL fans!


The Boston Major 2016
Grand Finals

10 December 2016
1 hour 19 minutes

Ad Finem



The Cinderella story of Ad Finem approaches its climax in the Grand Finals of the Boston Major. An extremely back and forth game with epic plays, rapiers, team fights – everything you want from an 80 minute brawl!

Ad Finem fight their way through the Boston Major qualifiers, taking out teams like Digital Chaos and LGD ForeverYoung until finally facing powerhouse OG. Ad Finem’s domination of other experienced teams through new strategies and genuine enthusiasm for the game, causes analysts and fans alike to place their bets on them. However, after the first two games, an OG victory seems inevitable. Ad Finem had attempted to play their signature hyper-aggressive style twice, and had been calmly rebuffed by OGs stalwart squad. OG seemed to have simply figured them out.
Then came Game 3. Ad Finem entered the booths with twinkles in their eyes and threw out some casual chat banter before feeding first blood. It appeared that OG was in control once again. However what followed was one of the most back and forth games in DotA history. Plays were made and legends were born as OG went from certain victory to certain defeat and back again, while Ad Finem, with their tournament lives on the line, would not let up no matter what. Culminating in an amazing finish, this game deserves to rank up there with the best of them!

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The International 2013
Upper Bracket Round 2

10 August 2013
46 minutes

Natus Vincere



Na’Vi showing an amazing Pudge/Chen combo. Two words: Fountain hook!

In The International 2013 the team from Ukraine showed once again, that they are not afraid to try never seen before, risky yet hilarious strategies. The game mechanic allowing the entertaining abuse was fixed shortly after. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!


DreamHack Winter 2012

24 November 2012
41 minutes

Evil Geniuses


No Tidehunter

“No one has ever done that! NO ONE HAS EVER DONE THAT IN THE HISTORY OF DOTA!”

This game differs quite a bit from others in that the memorable moment is right at the beginning, instead of the end of the game. It’s not a game changer by any means, but still so fantastic that the crowd goes wild.
Following is a great match of early DotA, with fantastic team fights, pushes and jukes.

The original English link is a twitch cut of medium quality. If you care, open both the original video and a Mirror of better quality where you mute the audio. Sync the two videos for good quality video and TobiWan’s + GoDz commentary.


The International 2014
Lower Bracket Round 2

20 July 2014
46 minutes



Vici Gaming

The most strategical Dota game ever played.

The draft of this game: Cloud9 shows up with Meepo and a whole lineup built around him, a strong early game composition. Vici Gaming counters that with an insane amount of AoE damage. Both teams are trying to get the upper hand in a wonderful, surprising match with a truly unexpected ending. A great watch!


Dota 2 Asia Championships 2015
Winner’s Round 2

06 February 2015
1 hour 16 minutes

Team Secret


Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming’s strong team fight composition is up against a mobile line up by Team Secret.

While both teams differ greatly in approach to the game, you’d have a hard time placing bets at any point in time. It’s an entertaining, exhilarating match full of surprises during the first 45 minutes. The last 30 minutes are the ones that make this game though: Sneaky rax, a catch-me-if-you-can chen, Rosh… fisticuffs? …, a literally lost rapier, mega creeps – it’s fun all around and reaches its climax in a fantastic, satisfying ending!


The International 2018
Grand Finals

26 August 2018
36 minutes

LGD Gaming



TI8 Grand Finals, Game 5

This game is the capstone to an absolutely insane series, and it is a perfect microcosm of the entire series in one final game. This game is just OG playing OG Dota, and Ana playing out of his mind. This game swing back and forth and has amazing plays from both sides, capping off the most insane grand finals we’ve had since TI3.


joinDOTA Masters I

22 March 2012
1 hour 26 minutes

Evil Geniuses



The 0-20 Maelk Game.

Origin of the “Maelk Award”, which you should google *after* watching the game, if you don’t know the term yet. An incredibly entertaining match that keeps on giving. Really worth the watch!


G-1 Champions League Season 5
Asian Qualifiers Group B

07 April 2013
35 minutes



Invictus Gaming

The no bans strategy.

Zenith is up against Invictus Gaming in game #2 after losing the first one. Having a stand-in player (Meracle) they are not in the best position to begin with. Surprisingly enough iceiceice decides not to ban any heroes, leaving iG with a big pool to choose from and having to face a strong split push lineup.
This is one of the games where it is recommended to watch the draft, even if you skip it usually since it’s quite fascinating.


[Update] Here’s what you need to know ahead of ESL One Frankfurt 2015 | esl one frankfurt – Vietnamnhanvan

Photo credit: ESL/Helena Kristiansson

ESL Frankfurt 2015 begins tomorrow and runs until Sunday night. This is the biggest Dota 2 event of the year in Europe and the last major tournament before the International. If you’re looking to get up to speed before the world’s best teams compete for that staggering $14m+ prize pool, this is your best chance to do so. Besides, it’ll be fun. You can either watch the games for free via Twitch or, if you’re in the Frankfurt area, tickets are still available for the live show.

Here’s what you need to know.

What’s the prize?

A base prize pool of $250,000 has been increased north of $290,000 by the sale of tickets and cosmetic items. Of this, the winner will get 40% (about $117,000) with a sharp drop off from there. While every participant is guaranteed to come away with something, the bottom four finishers only get 5% each.

What’s the format?

Yesterday, all eight teams played a best-of-one double elimination bracket to establish their starting positions in the tournament proper. This seeding bracket was done because the tournament itself is going to be single elimination. Last year, ESL One Frankfurt hit scheduling problems when games ran long. To fix that, they’ve removed the lower bracket.

The downside to this is that if a fan-favourite team loses a single match, that’s it: they’re out. On the plus side, it means plenty of time to get those best-of-three series played and guarantees a proper best-of-five grand final on Sunday.

What’s the schedule?

The first match, Alliance vs. VP, will be played tomorrow (Saturday 20th of June) at 10.00am CEST (9.00am BST/1.00am PST). After that, matches are scheduled at roughly three hour intervals.

Who are the teams?

Competing this weekend are Virtus.pro, Alliance, Team Secret, Fnatic, Evil Geniuses, Cloud 9, Vici Gaming and Invictus Gaming. Let’s run through them one by one.


Despite their victory at DreamLeague, Virtus.pro would not have made many top three lists until very recently. Their aggression and consistency made them the surprise winners of the ESL One seeding bracket, toppling Secret to enter the main event as favourites. A win here would confirm them as serious International contenders. Their first round match-up against Alliance certainly looks favourable for them at the moment, and they’re guaranteed not to meet IG or Secret until the grand final.


Once the Kings in the North, Alliance have never quite regained the form they demonstrated at the 2013 International. Having failed to qualify for the International this year, ESL One Frankfurt represents their last shot at glory, at least for the next few months. Their situation is a strange one: they qualified for this tournament in April with a different roster. Having since swapped out Niqua for AdmiralBulldog, they’ve struggled to find the traction they need to beat better-established teams. Alliance have a lot of experience and they can be brilliant, but ESL One’s single-elimination format is punishing to inconsistent teams and that could be their downfall.

Team Secret

A supergroup of sorts, Secret represent the best of the last two years of western Dota. Arteezy and Zai, formerly of EG. Puppey and KuroKy, formerly of Na’Vi. S4, formerly of Alliance. They have a vast amount of collective experience, a lot of former captains, and a lot of former drafters. They can be beaten (Virtus.pro proved that) but they nonetheless remain the team to beat. Of note to newcomers is the fact that they have no sponsor, and belong to no esports organisation. What they win, they keep: and they have a good track record when it comes to winning.


Formerly Team Malaysia, Fnatic represent some of the best of South East Asian Dota. This is a region that has always produced phenomenal players and that has always done well on the world stage, but not well enough to bring home many titles. They stand to do similarly here: their performance in the seeding bracket was better than some, having beaten C9, but they lost to both of the Chinese teams and their prospects against Secret, who they face first, look shaky. Fnatic have a lot of versatile players and something to prove, however: if there’s a fairytale result this weekend, Fnatic could be at the centre of it.

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Evil Geniuses

While not quite the unstoppable force they once were, EG haven’t fallen that far either. They’re certainly considered to be at the very top of international Dota. Their run through the seeding bracket was a little rough, however, losing out to IG after claiming wins against Alliance and Vici in the lower bracket. Poor day one performances are an EG tradition, mind, and they may well have found their feet by the weekend. They need to: this single-elimination format provides little room for heroic turnarounds.

Cloud 9

Talented but with inconsistent results, it’s hard to get a precise read on C9’s prospects for the main event. They lost both of their seeding bracket matches, but were playing with a standin, paS, while regular offlaner b0ne7 recovered from an operation. With their full lineup restored, they could cause a real upset. That said, their first match pitches them against IG: right in the deep end against one of the best Chinese teams in the world.

Vici Gaming

Having won second place at last year’s International, Vici didn’t do quite as well in the seeding bracket as some might have expected. They certainly seem to do less well in international tournaments than their counterparts, IG. They face EG in their first game, who already beat them in the seeding bracket. Keep an eye out for fy and Fenrir, who have proved themselves over and over as one of the best support pairs in professional Dota.

Invictus Gaming

Last year’s ESL One Frankfurt winners return with a new lineup and a third-place finish in the seeding bracket to their name. If they can maintain their momentum, they should do very well: this is a roster of players who are not only world-class, but have been world-class for many years. An unmissable IG-Secret match in the second round seems likely: almost a shame, really, given how many fans would like to see these two face off in the grand final. Their close best-of-five series at Red Bull Battlegrounds remains one of the best pro Dota matches in recent memory.

Check back tomorrow for highlights from the first day of play.

Cloud 9 vs. Alliance – Quarterfinals Map 2 – ESL One Frankfurt 2014 – Dota 2

ESL one Frankfurt 2014 Dota 2
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Cloud 9 vs. Alliance - Quarterfinals Map 2 - ESL One Frankfurt 2014 - Dota 2

Dota 2 – Team Secret vs. Fnatic – ESL One Frankfurt 2015 – Quarterfinal – Game 2

ESL One returns to the CommerzbankArena in Frankfurt, Germany
for the second installment of the biggest Dota 2 tournament in Europe!
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ESL One Frankfurt
June 20th21st 2015
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Dota 2 - Team Secret vs. Fnatic - ESL One Frankfurt 2015 - Quarterfinal - Game 2

Dota 2 – NaVi vs. OG – Game 3 – ESL One Frankfurt 2016 – Grand Final

Dota 2 makes its way back to the CommerzbankArena for ESL One Frankfurt 2016! Catch all the matches you might have missed, right here on ESL”s channel.
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Dota 2 - NaVi vs. OG - Game 3 - ESL One Frankfurt 2016 - Grand Final

ESL One Frankfurt Playoff: Na`Vi vs. VEGA – Game 1

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ESL One Frankfurt Playoff: Na`Vi vs. VEGA - Game 1

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