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Group Stage action at the Dota 2 Shanghai Major continues Friday night with Group C play, followed by Group D action on Saturday.

Group C preview

(N0tail, Miracle-, Moon, Cr1t-, Fly)

Despite playing a relatively low number of games in 6.86, OG comes into Shanghai in good form — looking to become the first team ever to win back-to-back Majors after claiming the title at the Frankfurt Major in November.

The European-based squad took a lengthy break from competition after finishing fourth at The Summit 4 in December — the last premier tournament on patch 6.85 — and did not play together again until the MarsTV Dota 2 League Winter tournament (MDL) at the end of January. Despite the time off, OG did not look rusty at MDL, going 11-6 overall with a third-place finish.

OG has an incredibly strong lineup from top to bottom, but it’s their versatility that gives Fly an advantage when drafting. N0tail and Miracle-, the team’s top two cores, are interchangeable at positions 1 and 2. While Miracle- mans the mid lane a majority of the time, the team has no problem drafting him one of his safe-lane favorites like the Anti Mage, knowing that N0tail is perfectly capable of handling the mid lane with a hero like Death Prophet (3-0 this patch).

Even when Miracle- sticks to the mid, he almost always runs a hero capable of hard carrying into the late-game, on which he can show off his incredible farming skills. Miracle-‘s 604 gold per minute in 6.86 is by far the highest of any mid player competing at Shanghai.

Supports Fly and Cr1t- have also shown versatility lately, getting two of Captain’s Mode’s newest heroes into the mix. At MDL, Cr1t went 6-0 on the Earth Spirit after favoring more farm-heavy supports in 6.85, and Fly went 3-0 in his first three pro games on Oracle.

As for off-laner Moon, OG seems to still be figuring out what works best for him on this patch. He has played a total of 10 different heroes over 17 matches in 6.86, but his team has found the most success with him on roaming gankers such as Spirit Breaker, Earthshaker and Nyx Assassin (7-0 combined on those heroes).

LGD Gaming
(Sylar, Maybe, rOtk, MMY!, ddc)

LGD enters Shanghai flying a bit under the radar. The veteran Chinese squad did not receive a direct invite, forcing them to battle through qualifiers to make it this far, but they’ve gotten a lot of experience on 6.86 because of it. Overall, LGD has an impressive .649 win percentage over 57 games, and that includes a second-place finish at World Cyber Arena and a 3rd/4th at Star Ladder Season 13.

LGD is not a team that’s afraid to play outside the current meta-game, the best example being their employment of Sylar’s Terrorblade. It’s Sylar’s most-played hero this patch, with 13 matches (9-4 record) — more than twice as many as any other player — and he has produced 663 GPM with it. Overall, Sylar currently ranks second in GPM this patch with 605 GPM overall, trailing only Team Liquid’s MATUMBAMAN (minimum of 25 matches).

Mid-laner Maybe has also embraced an out-of-meta hero in the Shadow Fiend, going 5-2 on him this patch while the rest of Dota 2 has combined to go 32-29.

The hero to ban against LGD this tournament might very well be rOtk’s Dark Seer. LGD has posted a 14-2 record with rOtk on his signature hero in 6.86, but on his next five most-played heroes of the patch, they’ve gone 13-13 combined.

(Hao, Mu, 2Lei, Chuan, le)

Patch 6.86 has seen past International winners Alliance return to the top of their game, and Newbee has a chance to make a comeback of their own in Shanghai. It’s been a tough run for the Chinese organization since winning The International 4 back in 2014, as they’ve produced poor results and seen multiple roster changes, but this group has shown the potential to hang with the best teams in Dota 2.

The return of Hao, the team’s former safe-lane carry, to the lineup has provided Newbee with much-needed stability. He has a deep hero pool, and he has shined on his most preferred hero (the Gyrocopter) this patch, going 7-2 with him. Newbee also has great results with Hao on the Weaver and Outworld Devourer (OD) in 6.86, with a 6-0 combined record including an incredible individual performance — 17 kills and three deaths — on the OD in a win over Evil Geniuses at MDL.

Look for the team’s star support, Chuan, to break out Zeus more often at Shanghai. Newbee went 3-0 with him on Zeus this patch, including wins over Evil Geniuses and Team Secret. Chuan secured 28 kills against just two deaths in those games.

Team Archon
(Jeyo, Monkeys-Forever, Moo, whitebeard, FLUFFNSTUFF)

Team Archon is undoubtedly one of the biggest underdogs heading into Shanghai’s Group Stages. The team, made up of four Americans and a Canadian (Jeyo), made an impressive run through the Americas Qualifier, beating both compLexity and Digital Chaos along the way. Since that point, however, they haven’t played any international competition and their best finish in a tournament was second place at BTS Americas 3. While they played well enough to reach the final, they were dispatched 3-1 by Digital Chaos — the only other relatively tough team at the competition.

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Since qualifying for Shanghai, Archon has gone 6-8 overall, without playing a single game against any of the other teams attending the Shanghai Major.

Group D preview

Evil Geniuses
(Arteezy, Sumail, Universe, Fear, PPD)

Evil Geniuses (EG) stands out as one of the favorites to win the Shanghai Major. Since securing their position at the top of the Dota 2 world with a victory at The International 5, EG has remained one of the best teams in the world, maintaining consistent results with their new roster.

The move to replace Aui_2000 with Arteezy last August was met with a lot of criticism, but Arteezy has meshed well with his former teammates in a return to EG. Over the past six tournaments, the team has placed no worse than third (Frankfurt Major) and came in first or second in each of its past four.

It’s easy to look at EG’s 19-17 record in 6.86 (outside of Captain’s Draft 3.0) and see a struggling team, but only three of those 36 games came against opponents not competing at Shanghai. EG is a team that prides itself on figuring out opponents over time, so it’s not uncommon to see them drop non-elimination games as they study their competition.

Two heroes stand out when considering who will be first-phased banned against EG: the Earth Spirit and Faceless Void. In a transition to the 4 position, Fear has been dominant with the Earth Spirit in 6.86, going 5-1 in six games with an eye-popping 17.2 assists per game. As for the Faceless Void, he has been Universe’s most-played hero with a 6-1 record, turning team fights with clutch Chronospheres.

EG has picked from a wide array of heroes this patch, even bringing out a Fear Enigma that teams were forced to ban at MDL, and it’s clear that PPD values his teammates’ large hero pools. EG’s top-three most-picked heroes this patch are Vengeful Spirit, Batrider and Lone Druid, each of which has been played by multiple team members. Having this flexibility allows PPD to pick strong heroes early in drafts without revealing the team’s lanes.

Team Liquid
(MATUMBAMAN, FATA-, MinD_ContRoL, JerAx, KuroKy)

Many felt that Team Liquid deserved a direct invite to Shanghai, after KuroKy’s new stack went on a run last November and December with first-place finishes at the Dota 2 Champions League Season 6 and The Defense Season 5. Instead, Alliance received the nod from Valve, leaving Liquid to prove itself in the European qualifiers. Team Liquid qualified first by going 11-2 in a tough region with wins over Empire and Vega, as well as fellow Shanghai qualifiers Team Spirit.

Overall, it’s been a successful patch for Liquid, with a 38-13 overall record, including 9-4 against fellow Shanghai competitors. The team’s only four losses have come against Alliance and LGD Gaming.

Liquid will be in a strong first-phase drafting position come Saturday night; it plays three heroes who are essentially must-ban for their opponents.

Position 4 support JerAx has dominated this patch with the introduction of Earth Spirit to Captain’s Mode, going 10-4 with the hero. When the Earth Spirit has been banned, as they’ve come to expect, JerAx has fallen back to his Tusk without batting an eye; Liquid has won an even better percentage of games when JerAx plays Tusk, going 14-4.

Invoker will be a first-phase pick-and-ban material for many teams at Shanghai, but FATA-‘s results with the hero have been unparalleled. He has gone a patch-best 11-1 with the man-of-many-spells, while being one of only two players to average more than 10 kills per 35 minutes with him (MVP Phoenix’s MP is the other).

Io is the other hero who’s essentially a must-ban against Liquid — KuroKy is always willing to build a draft around the wisp’s ability to teleport with his teammates around the map. Io is KuroKy’s most-played support hero this patch, with a 5-2 record.

In games in which Liquid has first pick, its opponents will have to think hard about which of these three to ban out — and then figure out how to deal with the remainder.

(Silent, G, DkPhobos, Lil, Fng)

Virtus.Pro has played just five competitive matches in 6.86 during a disappointing Star Ladder 13 group stage (2-3 record). Of those games, two came against fellow Group D participants — a win against complexity, and a loss to Liquid (43 kills to 16).

While it’s hard to say exactly what type of strategies the Eastern Europeans will come out with at Shanghai, Virtus.Pro has as good a shot as any team in Group D to reach the Winner’s Bracket. Since Silent joined the team as its position 1 carry, VP is 2-2 against Liquid, 1-0 against compLexity and 2-3 against Evil Geniuses in a heartbreaking best-of-five at the Summit 4 finals, in which VP let a 2-0 series lead evaporate. VP also holds an impressive 4-1 record over OG in that timeframe.

compLexity Gaming
(Chessie, Limmp, swindlezz, Zfreek, Handsken)

compLexity Gaming rounds out a highly talented Group D that is arguably the strongest group from top to bottom at Shanghai. compLexity opens Saturday night against a team that knows them well in Evil Geniuses, as respective captains swindlezz and PPD go back to their days playing Heroes of Newerth both with and against each other.

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This most recent incarnation of the U.S.-based franchise came together in late November 2015, with the core of the team — American brothers swindlezz and Zfreek — being joined by three Swedes, including a second pair of brothers, Chessie and Limmp.

compLexity played consistently over this patch, going 42-21 overall, and Chessie has been particularly dominant on the Invoker, going 9-4 — second only to FATA- in individual win percentage on the hero among Shanghai participants (minimum 10 matches).

The only non-brother, Handsken, has actually spent the most time tethered to a teammate this patch, going a perfect 7-0 on Io, paired with a Tiny in six of those games.

swindlezz has been one of the strongest off-laners in 6.86, favoring the Beastmaster with an 8-2 record — and his 10 games on him are the most of any player competing at Shanghai.

[Update] Dota 2 Shanghai Major preview – Groups A & B | dota 2 shanghai major – Vietnamnhanvan

Dota 2’s Shanghai Major kicks off this week with Group Stage play. It’s the second of Valve’s three new yearly Major competitions designed to balance out the Dota 2 season, in an effort to strengthen everything outside of its signature tournament, The International. OG won the Frankfurt Major in November, and Wednesday marks the start of an 11-day affair, with 16 teams from around the world battling for a share of a $3 million dollar prize pool.

The teams have been placed into four groups, and seeding in the Main Event bracket will be determined by Group Stage play. Each group plays on its own day, beginning with Group A on Wednesday night and followed by Group B on Thursday, Group C on Friday and Group D on Saturday.

Group A preview

Team Secret
(EternaLEnVy, w33, MISERY, Puppey, pieliedie)

Since placing second overall in the Frankfurt Major back in November of last year, Secret’s results have not been up to the team’s standards. They’ve won only 13 of 29 games in patch 6.86, while placing no better than 5th/6th across three LAN events. EternaLEnVy took over lead drafting responsibilities from Puppey at their most recent tournament, MarsTV Dota 2 League Winter (MDL) just under a month ago, but their results were no better. This lineup is undoubtedly talented from top to bottom, but Secret has yet to display any sort of dominance this patch.

Secret did have a promising split of a two-game series against this group’s favorite, EHOME, in the MDL group stages. Secret took game one against the eventual tournament winners, as EternaLEnVy led the way with 12 kills on Spectre while MISERY racked up a game-high 575 gold per minute (GPM) with his off-lane Lone Druid. w33 showed off his playmaking abilities with little farm playing the off-meta Earth Spirit in the mid-lane.

Secret would, however, drop the second game of that series, and went on to lose four of their final five games including a 2-0 loss to OG before being eliminated by Newbee 2-1 in the Losers’ bracket.

Secret hasn’t played either CDEC or MVP Phoenix this patch, but they were 4-0 against Phoenix in 6.85 with a combined 145-46 kill score in those games. Watch for teams to ban w33’s Earth Spirit against Secret, as the team has played well with him in the midlane (5-1 this patch). Furthermore, Secret is 4-0 when pairing the Earth Spirit with MISERY’s Lone Druid. Look for EternaLEnVy to potentially favor Spectre at Shanghai (4-1 this patch) over his most-played hero in 6.86, the Ember Spirit (2-5).

(CTY, old chicken, old eLeVeN, LaNm, kaka)

Alliance may have won the most premier tournaments this patch, but EHOME has also made its case as the hottest team in Dota 2, coming off a convincing 3-0 sweep of Evil Geniuses in the MDL finals in January.

They’ve been at their best when playing at full strength with their carry, CTY, who’s missed a couple of games due to ilIness. In 29 offline games played with CTY this patch, EHOME has gone 21-8, giving CTY the highest individual winning percentage (.724) among players with at least 15 offline games.

CTY has been the carry to beat in 6.86, leading all players with in both GPM (616) and experience points per minute (608 XPM). He’s played a diverse hero pool led by six games (4-2) on the Morphling followed by four games (3-1) on Anti Mage in which he’s produced an insane 828 GPM. He’s also 3-0 on Ursa this patch with 23 kills and just two deaths.

EHOME’s mid-laner old chicken has held his own, and he’s resumed playing an old favorite hero — the Viper — going 4-1 with it at MDL. Overall, EHOME is leading the pack in the Chinese Dota 2 scene, and he represents the country’s best shot at a home-team victory.

CDEC Gaming
(Agressif, ShiKi, Xz, Q, Garder)

In their short history as a top-tier Dota 2 team, CDEC has had a knack for placing well in high-stakes LAN events, taking 2nd at The International 5 and 5th at the Frankfurt Major in 2015. But this Chinese squad has struggled in patch 6.86, going 14-12 overall while playing only a handful of matches against top competition.

The team enters Shanghai on a bitter note, having been eliminated in MDL’s China qualifiers by Newbee Young, Newbee’s youth team. CDEC hasn’t faced any of the other 15 teams competing at Shanghai, since they were eliminated by Alliance in the quarterfinals at World Cyber Arena (WCA) in mid-December.

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Q’s Visage is a hero to watch for; CDEC has gone 7-1 in Visage games in 6.86.

MVP Phoenix
(MP, QO, FoReV, Febby, DuBu)

MVP Phoenix is a tough team to put a put a finger on, simply because, like CDEC, they haven’t taken on a lot of top tier teams in 6.86. They’ve gone 18-14 overall in the patch, but just 1-7 against fellow Shanghai competitors Alliance, Liquid and Fnatic. In terms of their Group A opponents, MVP Phoenix has won just one game out of 12 against Secret, CDEC and EHOME since patch 6.83.

The South Koreans play a highly aggressive style with their carry and mid players, MP and QO, each averaging over 8.5 kills per 35 minutes; the pair ranks first and second in kills per 35 minutes among Shanghai participants. QO has proven capable with the revamped Death Prophet, going 6-1 in the mid-lane with her this patch.

Group B preview

(Loda, s4, AdmiralBulldog, EGM, Akke)

Alliance has set the pace in 6.86, with first-place finishes in both of the top-tier LANs they’ve attended — WCA and Star Ladder Star Series Season 13. They have an overall 19-9 record this patch outside of Captain’s Draft 3.0 play, which did not use the traditional tournament drafting mode.

The Swedes have seen success drafting old favorite heroes such as AdmiralBulldog’s Nature’s Prophet and Lone Druid (9-2 combined), and Akke’s Chen (6-1) — using these strong pushers to focus down towers early in the game.

Alliance’s farm distribution differs from the rest of the teams at Shanghai, in the way they prioritize for the team’s off-laner, AdmiralBulldog — allowing him to accelerate into the mid-game. s4 has shown off his playmaking abilities using mid-lane heroes who can fight early without the need for too much gold, such as Batrider and Puck — even pulling out a mid-lane Nightstalker against Evil Geniuses in the Starladder finals.

Alliance may have set the bar in the first half of patch 6.86, but teams have had months to study their style of play and will make every effort to counter it on Thursday night.

Vici Gaming
(BurNIng, Super, iceiceice, fy, Fenrir)

Vici Gaming is the second-most likely team favored to reach the winner’s bracket out of Group B. The veteran Chinese squad is led by their longtime support duo, fy and Fenrir, who had a good showing in their only international LAN even this patch. They finished the MDL group stages as the top seed, before being eliminated after consecutive losses to the eventual tournament finalists, Evil Geniuses and EHOME.

Vici has gone 13-9 this patch while playing most of its games against good competition. That includes a 2-0 record against OG, 3-2 against Evil Geniuses and 2-0 against LGD Gaming. They also beat fellow Group B competitors Team Spirit in their only meeting.

Off-laner iceiceice is critical to Vici’s game plan. They’ve been at their most successful this patch with him on a signature-initiating hero such as Faceless Void, Phoenix or Clockwerk (8-1 combined record), but Vici has split 6 games with iceiceice playing a more push-oriented role on Lone Druid and Nature’s Prophet.

Team Spirit
(RAMZES666, Iceberg, AfterLife, Goblak, ALWAYSWANNAFLY)

Team Spirit showed excellent potential early on in 6.86. They punched their ticket to Shanghai by winning a spot through the European qualifiers, having won 18 of 26 games heading into Star Ladder. Things have changed of late for Spirit, which has gone an even 15-15 since then — including just 2-10 in offline events.

Spirit’s 16-year-old safe-laner, RAMZES666, has played well in online competition, but he’s managed just 3.5 kills per game in LANs — the lowest average this patch among all position 1 players competing at the Shanghai Major.

Mid-laner Iceberg actually leads Team Spirit in GPM this patch, doing the majority of his damage on two popular picks in 6.86 — the Invoker and Outworld Devourer.

(MuShi, Midone, Ohaiyo, DJ, Net)

It’s going to be a tough task for Fnatic to find its way into the top half of Group B. Despite a convincing 10-2 run in the Shanghai SEA Qualifiers, Fnatic has gone 4-7 in LAN events — WCA and Star Ladder. They’ve only won games against two other teams at Shanghai – 1-0 against Group B opponent Team Spirit, and 3-1 against fellow SEA qualifiers MVP Phoenix.

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