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lyralei: นี่คือโพสต์ที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อนี้

Lyralei, the Windranger




The western forests guard their secrets well. One of these is Lyralei, master archer of the wood, and favored godchild of the wind. Known now as Windranger, Lyralei’s family was killed in a storm on the night of her birth—their house blown down by the gale, contents scattered to the winds. Only the newborn survived among the debris field of death and destruction. In the quiet after the storm, the wind itself took notice of the lucky infant crying in the grass. The wind pitied the child and so lifted her into the sky and deposited her on a doorstep in a neighboring village. In the years that followed, the wind returned occasionally to the child’s life, watching from a distance while she honed her skills. Now, after many years of training, Windranger fires her arrows true to their targets. She moves with blinding speed, as if hastened by a wind ever at her back. With a flurry of arrows, she slaughters her enemies, having become, nearly, a force of nature herself.








Unit Target

Enemy Units

Shackles the target to an enemy unit or tree behind it. If no unit or tree is latched on, the stun duration is reduced.

Successful Stun Duration2/2.6/3.2/3.8



Failed Stun Duration0.75Latch Radius575Cast Range800Cast Point0.15Cast Backswing0.45





Does not pierce Spell Immunity.Blocked by Linken’s Sphere and echoed by Lotus Orb.Dispellable with strong dispels.


  • Shackleshot travels at 1650 speed.
  • Shackleshot latches onto an enemy or tree behind the target within 23° of the line drawn between where Windranger originally cast Shackleshot and the target’s location on hit.
  • Shackleshot prioritizes heroes and units over trees.




Point Target

Enemy Units

Damage Type

Windranger charges her bow for a single powerful shot. The arrow deals damage to enemy units and destroys trees in its path. Damage is greatest on the first target and reduces for each target it pierces after. If the channeling is cancelled early, the shot deals less damage.

Maximum Damage150/250/350/450



Damage Reduction Per Unit Hit20%Distance2600Arrow Radius125Channel Duration1Cast Point0




Does not pierce Spell Immunity.


  • This spell has damage falloff. The damage dealt gets progressively weaker with each unit hit.
  • The arrow travels at 3000 speed.
  • Gains 1% damage per 0.01 seconds channeled, reaching 100% after 1 second.
  • Grants 400 flying vision as it travels and the vision lasts at its endpoint for 3.34 seconds.
  • Destroys trees in its path.




No Target

Enemy Units

Increases movement speed and adds evasion. Slows the movement of nearby enemies.

Evasion100%Movement Speed Bonus60%


Speed Bonus Duration3/4/5/6Movement Speed Slow15%/20%/25%/30%Slow Duration3/4/5/6Slow Radius325Slow Linger Time2Cast Point0

Invisibility Duration


Fade Time




Haste Duration


Passive Evasion




Adds 2 charges to Windrun and increases movement speed.

Does not pierce Spell Immunity.Dispellable.





  • The slow begins when entering the radius, and lasts briefly after leaving the radius.
  • Projectiles that were about to hit Windranger before the skill was activated will be disjointed.

Focus Fire



Unit Target

Enemy Units

Damage Type

Windranger channels the wind, gaining bonus attack speed against the chosen enemy unit or building. However this comes at a cost of reduced damage. Extra damage from secondary item effects is not reduced.

Bonus Attack Speed475Self Damage Reduction50%/40%/30%



Duration20Cast Range600Cast Point0

Cooldown Advanced by Focus Fire Kill





Blocked by Linken’s Sphere and echoed by Lotus Orb.


  • Windranger can move, cast spells, use items, and attack other targets during Focus Fire. The maximized attack speed only applies to the original target.
  • Casting Focus Fire on multiple targets will only grant the attack speed and damage reduction against the most recent target.
  • The self damage reduction reduces her base damage and bonus damage. Damage from attack modifiers is not reduced.
  • Focus Fire now pauses firing if you issue the stop or halt commands. If you right click on the target it will resume again.

Aghanim’s Shard Ability




Gale Force

Point Target
Vector Target

Enemy Units

Summons a strong wind that pushes all enemies globally for a distance in the target direction.

Push Distance250Push Duration3



This ability is granted by Aghanim’s Shard

Talent Tree




General Strategy





Windranger is one of the most versatile heroes in the game and will fit in almost any lineup or any role. She is most frequently played as a solo laner however, most often on the long lane. She can also support and, to an extent, play as a carry. She is very popular as a long lane solo because of her elusiveness (Windrun will let her escape from many situations), the fact that she does not need a lot of items to be effective and because she can last hit from a safe distance with Powershot. Her attack range and attack damage are also quite high, making it easy for her to trade hits with enemy supports favorably.

  • In mid, you want to get maxed Powershot and Shackleshot as soon as possible to make ganks easier for you. One point of Windrun at level 1 or 2 should be enough. Depending on the situation, you can get your ultimate at level 6 in mid. It might give you the extra damage to get a kill in ganks.
  • As a support, maxing Shackleshot over Powershot is probably the safest idea in most games. Powershot is less important here since you don’t need to get last hits as much, and it doesn’t protect your carry as much as Shackleshot would. One point in Windrun is still advised, if you ever get caught out in a bad situation it might save your life. It can also save the life of your carry, slowing and body blocking everyone when they chase your carry.

Early Game

  • For Phase Boots, chasing and running through heroes and creeps to get a Shackleshot (or Powershot) off is its main use. When using Phase Boots and Windrun, always use Phase Boots after Windrun, since using it in the reverse order cancels the bonus movement speed of Phase Boots.
  • Force Staff is a bit more complicated. You can use it on yourself, allied heroes or enemy heroes. When aiming for a Shackleshot you can use it on yourself or an enemy unit to force it closer to a tree or another enemy unit. Aiming for a double shackleshot with Force Staff isn’t the easiest, but being able to pull it off consistently gives you great opportunities. Aiming for a tree is generally the safest option most of the times.
  • Force staff has another, defensive use it as well. Use it on allies being disabled in a bad position to try and save them, or on yourself when you expect to be caught out. Remember that it doesn’t disjoint projectiles, unlike Windrun. Learning to use these items in combination with Windranger is mostly experience. Keep your eyes open for new situations where you can pull off these moves.

Mid Game

  • If a controlling item like Scythe of Vyse or Eul’s Scepter was your choice, roam the map with alone or with a teammate to get high priority kills. Keep your eyes open for potential team fights, as these items give you lots of utlity and control.
  • You’ll want both a Mekansm and Force Staff to save your teammates when needed. Try to stay on the backlines of a team fight, as your auto attacks will not be the greatest. Control the pace of the team fight with your Shackleshot, Mekansm, and Force Staff. If you have spare gold, after buying Wards, look towards another utility item. Scythe of Vyse if you have the gold, Eul’s Scepter, or Blink Dagger at least. Try to keep the map warded at all times, this will help you more than most items.

Late Game

  • By now, you start falling off. To counter this, you’ll want to start building a Monkey King Bar
  • If you went the Mjollnir
  • By now, a support Windranger will have fallen off quite a bit. A double Shackleshot will still have a big impact, try to get the most out of your skills. Try and find some farm for yourself, and aim for a luxury item like Eye of Skadi

Version History





Balance Changes


  • Reworked Shard: Now Grants Gale Force. Vector Targeted: Summons a strong wind that pushes all enemies within a 1000 AoE by 250 units per second in the target direction for 3 seconds (Units can still move, attack and cast spells, does not interrupt channeling). Mana Cost: 150 Cooldown: 40s
  • Level 15 Talent +100 Attack Range replaced with Windrun Undispellable
  • Level 25 Talent 25% Cooldown Reduction replaced with Focus Fire Kills Advance Cooldown by 20s


  • Shackleshot mana cost reduced from 70/85/100/115 to 70/80/90/100
  • Powershot shard now also reduces cooldown by 1.5 seconds
  • Powershot kill threshold no longer scales based on powershot channel
  • Windrun scepter no longer unlocks max movement speed (still provides 2 charges)
  • Windrun scepter now passively provides 30% Evasion
  • Windrun scepter now provides haste instead of increasing the speed from 60% to 100%


  • Windrun scepter movement speed reduced from 45% to 40%
  • Added Aghanim’s Shard
    • Upgrades Powershot
      • Powershot now becomes global, but after reaching its default range, it only affects heroes (max 1 hero).
      • Impacted heroes will be killed if they are under 13% health after taking the impact damage.
      • Kill threshold scales based on powershot channel duration.


  • Focus Fire now pauses firing if you issue the stop or halt commands. If you right click on the target it will resume again.


  • Level 10 Talent increased from -1.5s Shackleshot Cooldown to -2s


  • All talents are now about 20% weaker


  • Intelligence gain increased from 3 to 3.6


  • Focus Fire attack speed increased from 450 to 475
  • Level 20 Talent changed from Windrun Grants Invisibility to -20% Focus Fire Damage Reduction
  • Level 25 Talent changed from -20% Focus Fire Damage Reduction to Windrun Grants Invisibility


  • Level 10 Talent reduced from +3 Mana Regen to +2


  • Reworked Scepter:
    • Adds 2 charges to Windrun and increases movement speed by 45%
    • No longer affects Focus Fire
  • Focus Fire cooldown reduced from 70 to 70/50/30
  • Level 10 Talent changed from +30% Windrun Slow to -2s Shackleshot Cooldown
  • Level 25 Talent changed from +35% Ministun Focus Fire to -20% Focus Fire Damage Reduction


  • Base strength increased 17 to 18
  • Focus Fire attack speed increased from 425 to 450


  • Shackleshot cooldown reduced from 18/16/14/12 to 16/14/12/10
  • Focus Fire attack speed increased from 400 to 425


  • Intelligence gain increased from 2.6 to 3
  • Movement Speed reduced from 295 to 290
  • Level 15 Talent increased from +100 Attack Range to +125
  • Level 15 Talent increased from +100 Powershot Damage to +125


  • Strength gain increased from 2.8 to 3
  • Level 10 Talent increased from +1.75 Mana Regen to +3


  • Windrun cooldown increased from 12 to 15/14/13/12


  • Base intelligence reduced from 20 to 18
  • Powershot damage reduced from 180/270/360/450 to 150/250/350/450


  • Powershot damage increased from 180/260/340/420 to 180/270/360/450
  • Focus Fire attack speed increased from 350 to 400
  • Focus Fire now always fires at the target unless you are attacking another target


  • Base strength increased from 15 to 17


  • Fixed some clunkiness with how Windranger attacks the target during Focus Fire


  • Shackleshot mana cost reduced from 90/100/110/120 to 70/85/100/115
  • Level 20 Talent increased from +0.5s Shackleshot Duration to +1s


  • Windrun mana cost reduced from 60 to 50
  • Level 20 Talent changed from +1 Shackleshot Target to +0.5s Shackleshot Duration
  • Level 25 Talent from +30% Ministun Focus Fire to +35%


  • Turn rate improved from 0.6 to 0.8
  • Windrun movement speed bonus increased from 50% to 60%
  • Level 15 Talent increased from +75 Attack Range to +100
  • Level 15 Talent increased from +90 Powershot Damage to +100
  • Level 20 Talent changed from +25% Cooldown Reduction to +1 Shackleshot Target
  • Level 25 Talent changed from +1 Shackleshot Target to +30% Cooldown Reduction
  • Level 25 Talent increased from +20% Ministun Focus Fire to +30%


  • Focus Fire now allows Windranger to move while attacking the Focus Fire target
  • Focus Fire attack speed bonus reduced from 500 to 350
  • Focus Fire cooldown increased from 60 to 70
  • Shackleshot now shows an indicator for the missed area if it fails to latch onto a target
  • Reworked Talent Tree


  • Shackleshot stun duration increased from 1.5/2.25/3/3.75 to 2/2.6/3.2/3.8
  • Shackleshot cooldown increased from 12 to 18/16/14/12


  • Windrun mana cost reduced from 75 to 60


  • Windrun slow increased from 8/16/24/30% to 15/20/25/30%


  • Strength gain increased from 2.5 to 2.8
  • Level 20 Talents are now: Windrun grants invisibility // +120 Powershot Damage
  • Level 25 Talents are now: +30% Cooldown Reduction // +150 Attack Range


  • Windrun cooldown reduced from 13 to 12
  • Level 10 Talent increased from +25% Windrun Slow to +30%
  • Level 25 Talent increased from -6s Powershot Cooldown to -7s


  • Powershot damage increased from 120/220/320/420 to 180/260/340/420
  • Powershot cooldown increased from 9 to 12/11/10/9
  • Windrun slow radius increased from 300 to 325
  • Windrun mana cost reduced from 100 to 75
  • Level 10 Talent changed from +15 Damage to +25% Windrun Slow
  • Level 15 Talent changed from +200 Health to +40 Movement Speed
  • Level 15 Talent increased from +16 Intelligence to +20 Intelligence
  • Level 20 Talent increased from +12% Magic Resistance to +20%
  • Level 20 Talent increased from +12% Spell Amplification to +15%
  • Level 25 Talent increased from -5s Powershot Cooldown to -6s


  • Level 15 Talent increased from +13 Intelligence to +16 Intelligence
  • Level 15 Talent increased from +150 Health to +200 Health
  • Windrun cooldown reduced from 14 to 13


  • Powershot self-damage reduction per unit hit increased from 10% to 20%
  • Powershot damage increased from 120/200/280/360 to 120/220/320/420
  • Added Talent Tree


  • Windrun cooldown reduced from 15 to 14


  • Shackleshot is now disjointable
  • Shackleshot speed increased from 1515 to 1650
  • Shackleshot angle reduced from 26 degrees to 23 degrees
  • Powershot speed no longer decreases by 10% as it goes through units


  • Shackleshot cast point reduced from 0.3 to 0.15


  • Powershot travel range increased from 1825 to 2600
  • Powershot max damage is now dealt after 1 second channel instead of 0.7
    • (It always channeled to 1 previously)
  • Powershot cast point reduced from 0.3 to 0
  • Reduced the area of the lingering vision at the end of Powershot from 800 to 400
  • Focus Fire attack speed bonus increased from 400 to 500


  • Shackleshot max latch distance increased from 525 to 575
  • Windrun duration increased from 2.75/3.5/4.25/5 to 3/4/5/6


  • Focus Fire mana cost decreased from 150 to 75/100/125


  • Activating Windrun now disjoints incoming attack projectiles
  • Aghanim’s Scepter Focus Fire self-damage reduction decreased from -50/-40/-30% to -30/-15/0%
  • Aghanim’s Scepter Focus Fire no longer has special rules for procs


  • Focus Fire mana cost reduced from 200/300/400 to 150
  • Focus Fire no longer has a cast animation


  • Focus Fire remains sticky on the target you cast it on
    • (No longer loses attack speed buff if Windranger changed targets)


  • Shackleshot cooldown increased from 10 to 12


  • Night vision reduced to that of normal heroes (1200➜800)
  • Shackleshot search angle reduced from 30 degrees to 26 degrees


  • Windrun cooldown reduced from 30/25/20/15 to 15


  • Lowered Base Attack Time (1.6➜1.5)
  • Added Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade:
    • Causes Focus Fire to not reduce damage from secondary item effects
    • Reduces cooldown from 60 to 15


  • Powershot cooldown decreased from 12 to 9


  • Removed attack count limit on Focus Fire


  • Windrun cooldown reduced from 65/50/35/20 to 30/25/20/15
  • Tweaks to Shackleshot angle and area check mechanism
  • Shackleshot stun duration increased from to 1.4/2.1/2.8/3.5 to 1.5/2.25/3/3.75
  • Shackleshot cooldown reduced from 14 to 10


  • New Hero

Notable Players




See also












[Update] Windranger Build Guide DOTA 2: Loveless’ Guide to Lyralei | lyralei – Vietnamnhanvan


Loveless’ Introduction

Hello, I am Loveless and this is my guide on Windranger. Any and all of my guides are built around my personal opinion of the Hero and how they should not only be built, but played. It is built off what I have done myself, which is a mixture of my own ideas and what I have seen others do, to make it the best I will be able to put forward in game with that Hero.

I will be going over the Hero Skills, Recommended Items, my Likes/Fears and Play Style for each phase of the game. Again, these are all of my personal opinions and you can take them with a grain of salt. Start with the build and use it until you get used to the hero before you start to build differently for every match.


Hero Skills

Shackleshot is one of the best disables in the game with a long duration stun that can hit one or two heroes with one of the longest stun duration in the game. If you do not hit a unit or tree behind the target, they instead recieve a ministun which still has it’s useless, such as to stop a hero channeling an ability.

Powershot is a long range skillshot that if used correctly, can be a fantastic nuke and get you kills every teamfight. It does less damage the more units it passes through, but always use it to open a fight and every time it comes off cool down in that fight, if you can land them that is. Doing so will ensure you a kill, though it can be mana intensive.

Windrun gives Windranger the ability to tank, chase, run or simply get into position for her Shackleshot, Powershot or even her ultimate Rapid Fire in some cases. The skill gives you a significant speed boost, a 100% chance to dodge all physical attacks for it’s duration and slow enemies that follow in the path you just ran with it on.

Windranger‘s ultimate is Rapid Fire, a channeling ability that gives her max attack speed against a target unit or . Do not forget that last part, as it makes half this hero what she can be at her full potential: Using her ultimate on enemy towers can quickly rip them down, even ensure you the last hit even if your allies are trying to take it from you. Later in the game once you have built up enough damage, using Windrun to open up and tank physical attacks, Rapid Fire can eat an enemy’s health in seconds.


Item Recommendations

I will most likely hear a lot of **** about not having Orchid Malevolence as my core item. Anyone who tells you it is core on her is most likely high, while it is a very good item on her, I know there is a lot more you can get that is better in just about every way.

You are focusing on being a support carry by helping out your own carry while doing as much damage as well, you will want Phase Boots and Force Staff as your two core items. Use Phase Boots after Windrun for a significant boost in speed and it is extremely useful for the positioning requires of Shackleshot. Force Staff will further help position yourself/heroes for your Shackleshot with a little practice. On a side note you don’t have to waste Shackleshot just to quickly stun a channeling enemy, Force Staff can do this too. Last on this style of build, you will want to get a Scythe of Vyse, giving you even further disables, improving your damage and mana for your overall skill spamming.

Helm of the Dominator is great because you should be stacking the jungle and pushing lanes, the active and bonus damage from this item can easily do that. The item can also be good as an early item, giving her an exceedingly high lane presence. The item that confused me the most when I saw it was Mekansm, but believe it or not, Windrunner is an excellent choice to carry it. The bonus armor and boost greatly benefit her, because due to her skill set, she usually works her way into the center of battle anyway.


About Lyralei

In order to play a decent Windranger, you have to understand something: She isn’t forced to perform one single role. More so, she is meant to fill in any gap that is made by your team composition. If your team lacks a reliable carry, for example Spectre or Morphling, you will want to focus on being your team’s Carry as the game progresses on. However if you do have a carry that can be relied on, you will want to work around supporting that carry into Middle and Late game. However if you land a Hard Carry like Faceless Void or Phantom Assassin, you will want to do a mixture of both, Carry and Support. There has been talk of this role existing before, a Support Carry is a hero that exists to carry in the absence of a carry during Middle Game and falls off towards Late Game, giving room for the Hard Carry to grow into the team’s main carry. Windrunner is also one of the few heroes who can solo against a duo lane, making her a fantastic pick if your team has a jungler or dedicated roamer.


Loveless’ Play Style (Early Game)

When the game starts, do not creep block. For our mission, you want to simply last hit and keep hold of the lane. Don’t auto attack the creeps or pull them into your tower, simply focus on getting last hits and denies. Every once in a while if you can land an auto-attack on an enemy hero without the creeps attacking you, go for it. The slow ping of damage like that over time will make a huge difference. Only use Shackleshot if the opening is prime and gives them a good chance of taking a real beating for it. No point in a stun if you cannot back it up with some solid damage. Only use Powershot when you know that a hero has a high chance of dying, use it as an opener or a finisher, it is up to you. Most use Shackleshot then follow it up with Powershot to ensure a clean hit for full damage.

Your Goals Early Game:

  • Creep Score
  • Light Hero Harassment
  • Pulling
  • Play it Safe

Things to


Early Game:

  • Pushing
  • Taking Risks


Loveless’ Play Style (Middle Game)

Pushing is key here and since you can use Focus Fire on Towers, this is easy. The reason for focusing on pushing so much is that Windranger is much more effective when you are controlling the map. You will see this when you are being agressive and the fact that you can take down most heroes alone, sometimes even two against one with your core build. When you have pushed up to a tower and the creeps die off or an opponent is likely to come defend it, leave the area and go find an easy enemy hero to gank. Open by surprising them with an auto attack or two, followed by Shackleshot and Focus Fire, if it is up. Once they escape your range, use Powershot. Then push the nearest open lane and repeat the process until you find yourself entering the late game.

Your Goals Middle Game:

  • Pushing
  • Focus on Ganking when you aren’t Pushing
  • Establish Map Control

Things to


Middle Game:

  • Your Fountain
  • Not Pushing
  • Forcing Ganks
  • Avoid Being Ganked


Loveless’ Play Style (Late Game)

Late game Windranger begins to naturally fall off as her skillset reflect that of a nuker-class hero. She takes a much more support-carry/semi-carry role now, unless she was played well and had some luck along the way, making her quite good with a Black King Bar in hand. If your team is having trouble with a hero that can blink or become invisible ( Anti-Mage/ Rikimaru) instead get a Scythe of Vyse over the Black King Bar.

Your Goals Late Game:

  • Pushing with your Team
  • Take down Barracks
  • Support your Carry

Things to


Late Game:

  • Being Alone
  • Initiating Team Fights


Loveless’ Outroduction

Well, that sums it all up for Windranger. For now and forever, please leave any comments about the Guide with what was good and what was bad, it will improve this and any future Guides made by myself or even others.

If you have any guides you would like me to make, please feel free to PM me or post in this guide’s comment section to discuss it with fellow DOTAFIRE members.

With much love and hate,

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Executive Producer: INCUOMMOS
Company Partner: TIKI
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Music Producer: KICM
Guest Starring: Misthy
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Executive PR \u0026 Communication:Lee Link, Hà Quang Tuấn
Adviser: Minh Quân Kim Đinh
Director: Đăng Quang
Artistic Adviser: Nguyễn Chung
Producer: Huỳnh Anh Vũ
DOP: Hoàng Trần
Screenwriter: ICM Team
Flycam: Anh Minh
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M.U.A: Tony Ông, Ngọc Quế
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Focus Puller: Tài Lenspro, AC Ngố, Tăng Dưỡng
Artist: Sỹ Trần, Nguyễn Hải
Graphic Designer: Đinh Thiên Phú
Photographer: Nhã Uyên Hà Trần, Hoàng Đại Thạch
Behind The Scenes: Anh Minh
Set Design Team: Huỳnh Anh Vũ, Chí Trung, Nguyễn Minh Thông, Tâm Nguyễn
Lighting Equipment: Hải 94 Team
Camera Equipment: Lenspro
Choreographer: Adam Lâm
Dance Group: ABC Angle \u0026 Galaxykids
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Reaction được lên bài ngay sau khi ra MV chính, yêu cầu: ghi rõ tên bài + ca sĩ, tác giả. Điền link video gốc vào phần mô tả và phần video gợi ý ( end card ) cuối Video
Bài EM GÌ ƠI sẽ bắt đầu mở cho mọi người cover cá nhân dưới dạng quay video 1 khung hình không chỉnh sửa từ ngày 28/10/2019. Yêu cầu: đăng kênh chính chủ, video cover 1 khung hình, không quay MV, không lyric, không thay đổi lời nhạc, không cover bằng beat remix hoặc beat của người dùng khác, chấp nhận cover tự đánh nhạc cụ như piano/guitar/đàn/sáo… . Ghi rõ tên bài + ca sĩ, tác giả. Điền link video gốc vào phần mô tả và phần video gợi ý ( end card ) cuối Video
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