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csgo major: คุณกำลังดูกระทู้

CSGO Majors never fail to attract the competitive FPS player base into watching and enjoying the same. Known to be a part of the Valve Major Championship tier, these tournaments are held twice a year after the DreamHack Winter 2013 major where it was held thrice in 2014-15. Counter-Strike Major tournaments fall in the S-tier list whereas the others are divided into A, B, C respectively.

In order to qualify for these major tournaments, teams would need to play in a Qualifier event in order to get the ticket to the main event but as mentioned above, they would first need to get out of their regional qualifiers dubbed as “Minors”.

The teams making it out of the minor qualifier would then compete in the main qualifier event, a group stage from which just 8 teams advance to the playoff. It was after the ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018 when the Main qualifier was named as the “Challengers Stage”, the Group stage as the “Legends Stage” and the playoff stage as “New Champions Stage”.

Till now we have witnessed 15 Major tournaments held across various venues across the globe among which is the ELEAGUE Boston Major where Cloud9 secured the first-ever Major win for the North American region by beating FaZe Clan in the Grand Finale in 2018.

The first ever inaugural Major tournament was held in Jönköping, Sweden, hosted by DreamHack in November 2013

It was won by Fnatic, a grand finale derby between the former and Ninjas In Pyjamas, a formidable Swedish side. Fnatic was then led by Markus “pronax” Wallsten, now a retired CS professional.

CSGO Majors

List of CSGO Majors

EventDateCountryPrize PoolWinnersDreamHack Winter 2013Nov-13Sweden$250,000FnaticEMS One Katowice 2014Mar-14Poland$250,000Virtus.ProESL One Colonge 2014Aug-14Germany$250,000Ninjas in PyjamasDreamHack Winter 2014Nov-14Sweden$250,000Team LDLCESL One Katowice 2015Mar-15Poland$250,000FnaticESL One Cologne 2015Aug-15Germany$250,000FnaticDreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2016Nov-15Romania$250,000Team EnVyUsMLG Columbus 2016Mar-16USA$1mnLuminosity GamingESL One Cologne 2016Jul-16Germany$1mnSK GamingELEAGUE Major Atlanta 2017Jan-17USA$1mnAstralisPGL Major Krakow 2017Jul-17Poland$1mnGambit EsportsELEAGUE Major Boston 2018Jan-18USA$1mnCloud9FACEIT Major London 2018Sep-18London$1mnAstralisIEM Katowice Major 2019Feb-19Poland$1mnAstralisStarLadder Major Berlin 2019Aug-19Germany$1mnAstralisESL One Rio Major 2020Jul-20Brazil–PGL Major Stockholm 2021Oct-21Sweden$2mnTBDTBAMay-22TBATBANATBANov-22TBATBANATBAMay-23TBATBANATBANov-23TBATBANA

EMS One Katowice (March 2014), ESL One Cologne (August 2014) and DreamHack Winter (November 2014)

Photo credits: HLTV.org

Post-DreamHack 2013, we saw 3 majors played across the year 2014 of which two events were hosted by ESL and the other by DreamHack. EMS One Katowice and the ESL One Cologne were both organized by ESL followed by the DreamHack Winter 2014 held in March, August and November respectively.

These three major events were won by different teams including Ninjas In Pyjamas who were on a redemption journey from their grand finals losses in 2013 and EMS One in Katowice, Poland. The Swedes were successful in going past Fnatic at the ESL One Cologne 2014 held in Germany.

The year 2014 also saw Virtus.pro win a major on their home soil at the EMS One Katowice’14 where NiP ended up as runners-up in two consecutive majors, as mentioned above in 2013 and Poland. The last major of the year, DreamHack Winter, held in November was won by the Frenchmen from Team LDLC.com led by Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt.

ESL One Katowice (March 2015), ESL One Cologne (August 2015), DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca (October-November 2015)

Across the majors held in 2015, Fnatic rose to dominance by bagging two consecutive major championships, one at the ESL One tournaments held in Katowice and at Cologne in Germany. Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson and Robin “flusha” Rönnquist were honoured with the MVP award from ESL One Katowice and ESL One Cologne respectively.

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The DreamHack Open major of 2015, played on Romanian soil, was claimed by ex-LDLC men who then played under the banner of Team EnVyUs after beating Natus Vincere.

2016: The year of Brazilain Supremacy

Natus Vincere was yet again denied by Luminosity Gaming a major championship as the latter breezed past through the CIS tacticians in the Grand Finale giving Brazil their first-ever major championship at Columbus.

Soon later the LG squad was picked up by SK Gaming and went on to win yet another major at ESL One Cologne in 2016, to become the second team to have won two majors in succession.

ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta (USA), PGL Major: Krakow (Poland) (Year: 2017)

The ELEAGUE Major held in the United States was won by Astralis, a team of multi-talented Danes who quickly rose to prominence in the Counter-Strike scene. Led by Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander, Astralis quickly found success at the major, eventually setting himself and his team up for an unassailable future. They beat Virtus.pro in the Grand Finals, denying the latter their second major win.

The last major of 2017 was organized by PGL in Krakow, Poland and was won by a CIS team, Gambit. This major was indeed the birthplace of the graffiti on Inferno, after the infamous play made by Mikhail “Dosia” Stolyarov in the Grand Finals.

2018: Cloud9 does it for North America

No one would ever have seen this coming, but this was the year when North Americans rejoiced. Yes, Cloud9 who were deemed to be the heavy underdogs of the ELEAGUE Boston Major tournament made their way through to the Grand Finals and brought home the first-ever major for North America (NA Region).

They knocked Astralis, G2 Esports and SK Gaming out of the majors to face FaZe Clan in their debut major finals. With their minds going berserk, the European Mixture was tamed by Cloud9 and won the series 2-1.

The Danish Syndrome

As mentioned above, Astralis’ win at the ELEAGUE Atlanta major was just an illusion, going forward from that point. From the second major of 2018 onwards (organized by FACEIT in London), they quickly rallied to success which saw them secure 3 consecutive majors at IEM: Katowice in 2019 and at the StarLadder Major held in Berlin.

At the IEM 2019 major, an underdog team from the CIS region made their way to the rankings, Avangar who were later acquired by Virtus.pro.

This feat made them the first-ever team to have won four majors and still remain to be the defending champions in Valve’s Major Championships tier.

Since the IEM: Katowice 2019 major, no major was played due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, forcing the ESL One Rio major to be cancelled by the parent organization despite the fact that teams actually played a regional qualifier (Regional Major rankings event).
In January 2021, Valve announced the dates for their next major, to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, hosted by PGL and would determine teams according to their standings on the Regional major rankings (RMR) table.

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CS:GO Major Selection Process FAQ

CS:GO Major Selection Process FAQ


Since Fall 2013 the CS:GO Major Championships have expanded in their format, scope and audience, but our goals and selection process have not changed.

In short, our goal is to point the massive CS:GO audience toward an event that we think they’d be excited to watch. In making the decision we act as a proxy for the CS:GO community, and try to choose an event that will:

1) Exceed expectations and innovate.
2) Be scheduled conveniently for a typical CS:GO player to view at home
3) Be freely available on the viewing platforms preferred by the CS:GO audience.

In addition to some basic restrictions on player eligibility and tournament format, the CS:GO team adds the requirement that the tournament organizer be able to incorporate technical support from Valve to ensure that the CS:GO Major can be fully-featured and broadcast in-client.

The Selection Process

When it comes to selecting a Major partner, we start by considering proposals from tournament organizers who have demonstrated the ability to smoothly run large-scale events, and who are likely to execute successfully on their proposal.

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Next, we consider the trade-offs presented by each proposal. For example, an event’s location may be inconvenient for online viewership, pose a logistics problem, or present technical hurdles. Or a location may be ideal, but the proposal focuses on the in-person experience to the exclusion of the online viewing experience (or vice versa).

Once we’ve selected the proposals that are making reasonable trade-offs, we evaluate risk. It’s important to us that tournament organizers are willing to take risks and explore new formats, production features, types of venue or staging, etc. That being said, we look for proposals that balance the value created by taking risks with a reasonable backup plan in case those risks don’t work out.

If we’ve narrowed the list down and don’t have a clear winner at this point (which is increasingly common), we’ll evaluate proposals in terms of what the event might teach us that would help guide decisions in the future.

Once we’ve selected a partner and finished all the relevant paperwork, we try to announce the event as quickly as possible.


Q: The most recent Major was in [some particular location]. Are you looking for proposals in a different timezone/country/region for the next event?

A: No. As long as the proposed location doesn’t come with a significant risk of local or online viewer inconvenience, or generate substantial logistics problems, we’re willing to consider any location.

The global audience for CS:GO tends to hit its peak at around 14:00 EST, so we prefer proposals that can place the most important match-ups around that time. Note that it’s easier for an online audience to stay up a little late than to wake up early, and arena audiences don’t like to attend as late as online audiences peak viewership, which means that ideal locations are between EST and CET.

Q: All things being equal, is it better to propose an event in a larger venue?

A: Not necessarily – different sizes of venues present their own opportunities, and we’ve had some great Majors in more intimate settings. When we look at proposals, we ask how the organizer intends to use a space in order to create a memorable experience for the audience. As long as the local attendees are having fun and that experience is communicated over the stream, any venue can work.

Q: Is it a problem if other games are featured at the same event as the Major?

A: Not at all, as long as the CS:GO part of the event is competitive with other proposals based on the criteria mentioned above.

Q. During the year I run events that deviate from the rules/guidelines of Valve Sponsored events. Does that reduce my appeal as a partner for the Major Series?

A. Not necessarily. We judge business partners by their customer focus, their ability to work within constraints and identify and execute on goals. Specifically, we pay attention to the relationship between the tournament organizer and the community, because a large part of the work of being a Major partner is keeping the CS:GO community informed of developments, features, upcoming stages of the event, etc. As long as your events are strengthening your relationship with the community, it’s fine if they deviate from the rules or guidelines of a Valve Sponsored event.

Q: Our proposal includes a brand new feature/format/venue. Does that help our chances of being selected?

A: It depends. New features usually add risk to an event (e.g., new technology may not be fully tested, a new format may not provide ideal matchups, etc.). To measure that risk, we look at past events by the organizer. If there aren’t any past events to evaluate, we have to assume the risk is high.

As a practical example, consider the selection of PGL for the Summer 2017 CS:GO Major Championship series. We selected PGL because of the innovation in production described in their proposal, their track record of innovating in that space, and because of their proven success in executing high quality events. Additionally, while PGL’s proposal included many new production features, those features carried low risk because they were not critical to the success of the event itself – if they turned out not to provide as much value as expected, they could be eliminated without disrupting the event.

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Q: What can I focus on to make our proposal stand out?

A: For the most part we try not to be prescriptive when we talk to partners about proposals – we’d prefer that tournament organizers help us identify new ways to improve the Majors that we hadn’t considered. That being said, we’d like to see proposals that can reduce the footprint of CS:GO Majors on the annual tournament schedule, and we’d like there to be a stronger narrative arc (e.g., video production, engagement with the community, etc.) from the start of the qualification process to the main event.

Q: What is your timeline for making a decision?

A: Previously, we’d hold off on making a decision until the next Major had come to a close. This had the advantage of allowing the community’s response to a Major to feed back into the next decision. However, the shorter timeline had the downside of limiting preparation time for partners and teams, which increasingly became a point of feedback from the community. Moving forward, our plan is to select Major partners one event in advance.

Q: I heard that you made a decision about the Major already, but you haven’t made a public announcement. Will you tell me who you selected?

A: No.

PGL CS:GO MAJOR Stockholm 2021 (Fragmovie)

The best moments / plays from the CSGO major tournament.
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Players such as s1mple , device , zywoo , stewie2k , niko , fallen, coldzera and more. The top tier teams such as NiP , astralis , vitality , g2 , fnatic , furia , mibr , faze , Navi , liquid \u0026 more. Highlights from twitch or big csgo tournaments / leagues. ксго, ксго лучшие моменты. nykytilan kohokohdat, лучшие клипы, обзор, повтор. мажор, дримхак, про лига, райз, райз симпл
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PGL CS:GO MAJOR Stockholm 2021 (Fragmovie)

[4K] PGL Major Stockholm 2021 – THE GRAND FINALS

PGL STOCKHOLM MAJOR 2021 is the first CS:GO Major after a twoyear break. It is the first tournament of this magnitude to be broadcast in 4K. The best 24 teams in the world will fight for the biggest prize pool in the franchise’s history: $2,000,000.
Qualified Teams
Ninjas in Pyjamas
Team Vitality
G2 Esports
FURIA Esports
Team Liquid
Evil Geniuses
Natus Vincere
Gambit Esports
Movistar Riders
paiN Gaming
Team Spirit
Copenhagen Flames
FaZe Clan
Sharks Esports
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[4K]  PGL Major Stockholm 2021 - THE GRAND FINALS

This Will Give You Goosebumps! Legendary \u0026 Iconic Pro Plays That Define CS:GO

A compilation of the most legendary, memorable and iconic plays that ever happened in CS:GO. Caster reactions, crowd reactions, sick plays and hype? That’s exactly what you will find in this compilation. I hope you will like it. legendary iconic memorable csgo pro plays best goosebumps
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This Will Give You Goosebumps! Legendary \u0026 Iconic Pro Plays That Define CS:GO

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TOP 50 CS:GO Clips (Funny moments, glitches, and fails)

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Smartest PRO CS:GO Plays 2021 (So far)

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