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divine rapier: คุณกำลังดูกระทู้

Want to learn how to carve your enemies to pieces in New World? An in-depth guide for all things Rapier – abilities, rotations, best builds!

This guide dives deep into the Skills, Passives, and the best builds for the Rapier in New World. This guide can be considered a more advanced version of our New World Guide to Weapons and Abilities for Beginners. By the end, you should have a through understanding of Rapier and with practice be able to fully master it.

Updated for New World Patch 1.1 “Into the Void”

At the end of the guide you will find a section that lists all changes to this weapon that AGS has implemented as they maintain and support the game in the long term.

Rapier Overview

The Rapier is an extremely potent contender in the DPS category, for both PvE AND PvP. It has the honor of being one of few weapons where you have the potential to make just about any combination of abilities work for any situation. How well each spec does is heavily determined the playstyle you want out of the Weapon.

The Primary use of this weapon is in the Damage category. Between Burst Skills, Damage over Time Skills, and a mix utility skills; the Rapier has just about everything you could want in a weapon. There’s plenty of options to make it fit many different ways of dealing damage for both PvE and PvP.

This weapon can also have a niche secondary use as an Evade Tank. Evade Tanks are a strong mix of Offense and Defense, often packing more damage than defense. This particular playstyle is PvE Exclusive, as tanking in this way tends to be less effective in anything larger than a 1v2 or 2v2.

Rapier Skills, Passives, and Perks

Fist we’ll lead off with the skills and passives. We’ll talk a bit about each, their uses and how effective they are. There’s a lot to cover here, so we’ll break it down per tree to keep things organized.

Alongside the general information, They’ll be given a Rating from C up to S tier for both PvE and PvP. C tier is exclusively for the passives that are not that great, either being forced by another upgrade or generally useless. A and B Tiers are middling tiers, outting them between the worst passives and the best, leaning one way or the other. S tier are the good passives, the ones you’re almost always going for if you pick up a skill or want to because it’s useful in many scenarios.

The Blood Tree

The Blood Tree is where almost all of our damage options are for the Rapier. The three Active skills for the Blood Tree are Tondo, Flourish and Finish, and Flurry. So let’s cover these skills first and then we’ll tackle the passives that aren’t tied to any Skills.


Tondo is a relatively simple attack. Your quickly slash your Rapier in an Arc, inflicting a Bleed on enemies in front of you. This bleed can be stacked up to three times, with each new application refreshing the previous stacks.

This initial hit deals 50% weapon damage as the Thrust Physical type. The Inflicted bleed deals 100% of your weapon damage over 12 seconds, or 8.333% per second. The Bleed can be extended though passives and has a maximum duration of 20 seconds.

At 6 seconds, Tondo is the shortest cooldown for the Rapier, making it decently useful as a first skill. With additional passives that reduce the cooldown, this can be cut down quite bit more making it very spammable in the right setups.

Tondo Rating: PvE – B (S with Flourish and Finish), PvP- B (A with Flourish and Finish)

In PvP Tondo is weaker without Flourish and Finish. The fact that this requires another skill to deal significant damage limits its general usefulness. The Bleed does so little damage, that when fully stacked only contributes the damage of a single light attack every four seconds. This skill also lacks a lot of utility. The only good use case for Tondo in PvP is potentially the 50v50 Wars, as it can apply to many targets at once with good spacing.

For PvE, the story is roughly similar, however since there are skills that are less valuable in PvE, it gets slightly more value as your primary AoE option. It still suffers from needing Flourish and Finish to deal meaningful damage, but can still deal somewhat meaningful damage. Combined with Flourish and Finish, it makes for a high single target burst setup, giving it a strong edge over other skills.

Thirst for Blood

This passive for Tondo reduces Tondo’s cooldown by 10% for each enemy receiving their first stack of bleed.

This means that per enemy getting their first stack, Tondo’s cooldown is reduced by 1.1 seconds. There’s no cap on this effect to my knowledge, other than how many enemies can fit in the hitbox for the skill, so it can very easily reduce the cooldown by half or more when used at the right times.

Thirst for Blood Rating: B – PvE, C – PvP

Thirst for Blood shines best in large scale PvP or against large packs of enemies in a PvE Expedition, as hitting many enemies at once can make for a very quick second application. There’s more opportunities for this to happen in PvE which is why it’s rated higher there.

However it suffers greatly in 1v1s, for PvE or PvP, but thankfully the And Again Passive covers that flaw quite nicely. This unfortunately means that for the majority of PvE and PvP it’s a very niche option. Still have to pick it up to pick up And Again.

And Again

And Again reduces the cooldown of Tondo by 25% when hitting a single target, even if the hit is blocked.

Combined with Thirst for Blood, this would reduce Tondo’s cooldown for the first application on a single target down to just 7.15 seconds. For stacks past the first, it will be reduced to 8.25 seconds.

And Again Rating: A – PvE, B – PvP

And Again is the passive that helps Tondo perform better in all 1v1 scenarios. It lets you more reliably stack the bleed against bosses in PvE and stack faster in PvP 1v1s. It doesn’t really make Tondo worth taking still outside of a specific PvE Build, but it’s still great at strengthening the skill’s niche as the scaling for a stronger 1v1 attack.

With 1v1 scenarios being much more common in both PvE and PvE, this passive earns a slightly higher rating than Thirst for Blood, despite the similar effect.

Proper Spacing

Proper Spacing increases the initial hit damage of Tondo by 100%, if the enemy is at least four meters away when they’re hit.

This passive is incredibly niche, and borderline useless in most scenarios. Spacing four meters away means there’s only a roughly two meter wide area along the edge of the skill’s arc that gets this bonus damage. To perfectly position for this, this would be easiest done with a Light Roll directly away from the target, as the roll does send you just about the perfect distance away.

Proper Spacing Rating: C+ – PvE, C – PvP

This passive is absolutely not worth a point in PvP and does nothing to help make Tondo a reliable PvP skill. While the extra damage is nice, the more precise positioning require to benefit makes it an unreliable bonus at best, as most Melee weapons will be closer than that range, and Ranged weapons will want to be much farther.

In PvE however, if you’re going for the Flourish and Finish type of build, perfect positioning should allow you to light attack an enemy while still being in the range to get this bonus, If not it’s a quick roll backwards to use Tondo and then get back in position with another roll. Though this is still only going to be useful in Expedition scenarios, much like Tondo itself. This gets a C+ as it’s not worth a whole rating bump.

Flourish and Finish

Flourish and Finish is two skills in one. Flourish is a sweeping attacks that knocksback foes and deals roughly 90% weapon damage on hit. By pressing Light Attack during Flourish, you will follow it up with Finish. Finish lunges you a short distance and consumes all stacks of Tondo, dealing 110% of their remaining damage immediately.

With passives that extend the Bleed duration to the max of 20 seconds, each stack detonated can deal up roughly 185% weapon damage. This is because extending the bleed duration to the max increases the total bleed damage to 168% weapon damage over 20 seconds. Detonating this still has the same 1.1 multiplier per stack. With all three stacks being detonated, it can deal up to 555% weapon damage.

At 20 seconds Flourish and Finish has one of the longest cooldowns for the Rapier, but also happens to have a relatively easy time reducing its cooldown with passives.

Flourish and Finish Rating: C – PvE (S with Tondo), C – PvP (B With Tondo)

This skill is what make Tondo viable in any sense, especially for PvE. Being able to instantly trigger all of the stacked Tondo Bleed damage instantly can be a very powerful burst option for bosses, making Flourish and Finish a strong and highly recommeded option for Expeditions. The passives and subsequently the Ultimate for the Blood Tree make it an incredibly strong skill.

In PvP however, the reliance on both Tondo and successfully landing Finish makes it tougher to perform well. However, if you manage to land Flourish, Finish is almost guaranteed to land. Without any setup though, this can be a tough thing to do.

With Flair

With Flair adds Grit to both Flourish and Finish, reducing the potential to be crowd controlled out of it.

This is the definition of a passive used to access later passives. Grit doesn’t stop Stuns, but will help you shrug off a lot of things. However, since stuns are ones of the more common hard crowd control effects, it makes the usefulness of this passive debatable.

With Flair Rating: C+ – PvE, C – PvP

If Grit actually resisted Stuns, this could be a great passive since both parts of Flourish and Finish can leave you vulnerable if you miss. This would at least prevent you from being very easily punished with a Combo in PvP.

It’s slightly more useful in PvE, where some basic enemy attacks can knock you out of it with unfortunate timing. Those situations are still incredibly rare however.


Swagger restores 20 Stamina on a successful Finish hit.

This passive is arguably worse than With Flair. There’s currently no reason to fully or properly manage Stamina even in PvP,and there are similar effects on skills with much lower cooldowns.

Swagger Rating: C – PvE and PvP

With the rate at which Stamina regenerates, especially from zero; this is basically not a passive. You’ll have gotten a similar or greater amount of stamina back while performing the attack. The only justification for taking this passive are for the ones that immediately follow it.


Fuel reduces Flourish and Finish’s cooldown by 3.5% per tick of Tondo Bleed damage.

This means each enemy can grant a maximum of 10.5% cooldown reduction per second for Flourish and Finish. This can easily reduce the cooldown of the skill to make it easier combo with Tondo more frequently.

Fuel Rating: A+ – PvE, C+ – PvP

Fuel helps make the Flourish and Finish able to be used more consistently after Tondo in PvE. This passive lets you immediately detonate bleed stack(s) off and reset Thirst for Blood for Tondo in the process. This passive will fall off in the process, but though other passives it’s not incredibly difficult to reset both skills to use it frequently. However since it does fall off after using Finish, where it’d be the most useful it gets a solid A+. If not for this it’d very easily be an S tier passive in the Tondo Build.

In PvP however, it’s getting a C+, specifically for the silly potential it has to allow for Flourish spam in large scale PvP situations. A knockback isn’t much, but a knockback that can be used rather often? That’s a little cheesy. Cheesy enough to give it half a grade.

Bloody End (Blood Tree Ultimate)

Bloody End increases the detonation value of Finish to 150% of remaining Tondo Bleed Damage, instead of the base 110%.

This means in most situations, Finish will deal at least 150% weapon damage. Coupled with passives and a fresh Tondo application, this means Finish will deal 252% weapon damage per stack, or 756% weapon damage for a full three stack detonation.

Bloody End Rating: S – PvE, A – PvP

This passive alone carries the combo of Tondo with Flourish and Finish. Flourish and Finish was already strong in PvE, and since it doesn’t require the same setup and is more consistent compared to PvP, it gets a higher rating.

It amps up the damage significantly enough that it can be worth using in PvP and gives the Rapier a very strong burst option that can justify taking two skills. Paired with another weapon’s crowd control or even Riposte it can can be made rather difficult to avoid.


Flurry deals 5 quick, consecutive strikes that increase in damage with each hit. This skill can be dodge canceled at any point in the animation. Each of Flurry’s strikes deal 46.5%, 52%, 56%, 61%, and 82.5% damage for a total of 296.3% damage if all hits connect.

Since each attack of Flurry is considered a Light Attack, this gives it a lot of synergies with Perks like Enchanted and Refreshing Move. The rapid hits also allows it to very rapidly trigger a few key passives that give it high utility and DPS potential.

At 16 seconds Flurry has a modest Cooldown. Thanks to it’s own passive and others available to the Rapier, it can be reduced significantly or almost entirely.

Flurry Rating: S – PvE, A+ – PvP

For Anything PvE, Flurry is a must use skill in my opinion. It does incredibly high damage, and with certain passives, can reset itself entirely or almost entirely, making it highly spammable. Since some of the passives used to reset this skill can affect other skills, you can deal an insane amount of damage to the point you may even need reduced threat perks to not take aggro in expeditions.

This skill is just as strong in PvP for the same reasons, however since half of it’s damage is located in the last two strikes, it’s hard to give it an S. It’s very close and can still deal a lot of damage if you catch someone off guard with it. Since consistent backstabs are less likely in PvP, it also has reduced reset potential.


Overwhelm increases Flurry’s Block Damage by 25%.

This one is incredibly niche, but does have a potent enough effect to be worthwhile. Against melee weapons with out a blocking passive, you will be able to consistently break their block if they try to block this skill.

Overwhelm Rating: C+ – PvE, B+ – PvP

Since not many enemies have shields nor block in PvE this is pretty weak there. However when you do fight those enemies, it is a very good way to quickly break their block and open them up to taking more damage.

Since it almost guarantees a block break in PvP, it makes it a great counter to someone trying to block the skill. However, Blocking isn’t used often in PvP, so it loses potential value it could have. Still a great counter for that specific situation though.

Fleeting Strikes

Fleeting Strikes makes each hit of Flurry reduces the cooldown by 7%. This makes each hit reduce the cooldown by 1.12 seconds.

This passive helps enable this skill to be both a DPS monster and insane utility, or at the very least one of the parts of doing so. This means on a single target, you’re reducing the cooldown by at least 35%, or 5.6 seconds. Since you can hit multiple targets when positioned correctly, it can have a very high uptime.

Fleeting Strikes Rating: S – PvE and PvP

If you’re running Flurry, there’s no reason to not get this passive. Even if every hit doesn’t connect for that full 35% reduction, even a 14% reduction can be impactful for PvP.

In PvE however, you’re practically guaranteed that 35% reduction, or more when it comes to expeditions. Hitting just two enemies leave you with a 3 second window where it’s down, which again is pretty good.

To the Bone

To the Bone extends Tondo Bleeds by one second per hit. This also increases the duration of your next Tondo Bleed by the same duration.

This allows Flurry to make Tondo’s 12 second bleed, into a 17 second bleed with a single use. It can even caps out Tondo to 20 seconds with two targets, or a second cast.

Note: This was bugged in CBT, as didn’t extend active bleeds. It only increased the duration for future applications of Tondo.

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To the Bone Rating: C – PvE (S in Tondo Build), C – PvP

If you’re not running Tondo as well as Flourish and Finish alongside Flurry, this passive is effectively useless. Even with just Tondo, there’s little to no reason to extend the bleeds when you can refresh them instead for the same value.

If you are running the Tondo Build however, it becomes an incredibly effective way to max out your bleeds while being an easy way to also reset Tondo. It adds so much potential Damage to that build that it’s not worth passing up.

In PvP this is useless, as you’d never want to ever run Flurry alongside the Tondo with Flourish and Finish combo. Those skill are already niche for PvP, and there’s much better options. Flurry just wouldn’t reliably offer the needed utility for PvP to make it work, as it’d rely solely on Finalize landing.


Finalize makes the fifth and final hit a stagger.

This skill is basically just not worth the point, ever. There’s some nuance to this though, but much like Finish, it relies on setup to be useful.

Finalize Rating: C – PvE, C+ – PvP

Staggers are rarely useful in PvE. This one is also at the very end of a 2 second animation and thus nearly impossible to use as a reaction even. Absolutely not worth the point for PvE.

PvP is a little more nuanced, as there is potential for it. This potential lies in the ability to Root the enemy for at least 3 seconds. Which only Musket has a semi-reliable way to do. The Root effect has to be three seconds, to allow enough time for a weapon swap and Flurry’s 2 second animation to finish without any potential to dodge. So not only do you have to land a Musket Trap, you have to be prepared to follow up immediately.

Blood Tree Passives

These next few passives are located freely on the Blood Tree and are not tied to any skills. Quite a few of these passives are very good, even more so if they can be used often.

Refreshing Strikes

Refreshing Strikes reduces all cooldowns by 1% on hit.

A 1% cooldown reduction doesn’t seem like a lot, until you remember Flurry exists. This passive, alongside Flurry’s own cooldown reduction means it can reset 40% of it’s cooldown.

Refreshing Strikes Rating: A – PvE, B – PvP

1% isn’t a ton of cooldown reduction, but mixed with Flurry in PvE and it’s enough of a bump to be a good pick up, as each cast of Flurry becomes a 5% cooldown reduction for itself and other skills.

Since this passive relies mostly on Flurry to get a ton of quick benefit out of it, it’s less reliable in PvP. Getting all of Flurry’s hits on someone in PvP is already a tough task to manage without some setup.


Unerring increases your damage by 5% to enemies with a Rapier Bleed (Tondo Stack).

Niche to the Tondo Build, but decently effective there given the burst potential. Without Tondo, this skill passive is worthless.

Unerring Rating: C – PvE (S with Tondo Build), C – PvP (C+ with Tondo)

Since this relies on Tondo being part of your build, it’s very niche, which gives it’s a very low rating in most situations. However in the PvE Tondo Build, it’s a welcomed damage boost.

For PvP, if you were using just Tondo to apply it, it does make Tondo a little worth using. Making Tondo a long duration but weak Empower is actually some nice utility. Just not enough to really justify bumping this up further than C+.

Heavy Puncture

Heavy Puncture allows Heavy Attacks to extend Rapier Bleeds by two seconds on hit. This duration increase also applies to new application of Rapier Bleeds.

This passive To the Bone’s less efficient cousin. It’s consistently available unlike Flurry, but more niche as Heavy attacks generally see less use on Rapier, outside of PvP, where it’s a little more common.

Note: Bugged in the exact same way as To the Bone. Does not extend current application, only future applications.

Heavy Puncture Rating: C – PvE, C+ – PvP with Tondo

While it can certainly help fill the gap that Flurry leaves, there’s no reason to stack these passives. There might be potential if Tondo’s Bleed could exceed 20 seconds, but even then, it’s very niche and would only serve to be filler between Flurry usage to stack more.

In PvP however, it can be a good alternative if you wanted to be able to increase the bleed timer without relying on Flurry to do so. Still very niche due to the nature of using Tondo and/or Flourish and Finish in PvP.


Engarde increases damage dealt by 10% to enemies with greater than 50% health remaining.

This is a nice and generally applicable passive. Any build can benefit from it, even for PvP.

Engarde Rating: A – PvE and PvP

This gets a solid A regardless of content. The main reason for this is the threshold is large enough to make it less valuable. 50% Health is a decent chunk, for later stages of PvE and PvP. It’s still a decent damage boost for opening PvP combos and super helpful for bosses in PvE.

Light Edge

Light Edge increases the damage of the second and third hits of the light attack chain by 8%.

Since these attacks make up half of the light attack chain, this is a solid damage increase. Since these two middle attacks deal only 66% damage, This passive would increase that to around 71%.

Light Edge Rating: A – PvE, A+ – PvP

In PvE, this small bit of damage will kind of fall to the wayside. It’s good early while you have very little reset potential through Flurry, but falls off with a higher level weapon. If it were every part of the light attack chain, it’d be an easy S for both categories.

It remains strong in PvP though, where a good majority of your damage can come from Light Attacks. It’s not quite an S tier though, as there’s not always opportunities to get those second and third hits in, but the extra damage is still very nice.

The Grace Tree

The Grace Tree provide most of the Rapier’s utility and mobility. The three Active skills for the Grace Tree are Evade, Fleche, and Riposte. So let’s cover these skills first and then we’ll tackle the passives that aren’t tied to any Skills.


Evade performs a quick sidestep in the direction you’re currently moving. This sidestep carries invulnerability frames like a standard dodge. Light Attacks performed during Evade are performed faster.

This skill alone can make you exceptionally durable, even more so after upgrading it. A free evade that can also reposition you quickly and easily behind a target with the ability to get in a quick backstab every so often is pretty good.

With a cooldown of 6 seconds, this skill is up pretty often. With all of the reset potential in passives including its own, it’s rarely on cooldown and fairly spammable.

Evade Rating: A – PvE and PvP (S when fully upgraded)

Normally a skill like this you wouldn’t think is worthwhile for PvE, but this skill is actually fantastic in PvE. It lets you fight most any enemy in the game 1v1 with very little issue. It’s a quick dodge on a very short cooldown that only gets lower with passives.

The fact that it’s a readily available and free dodge to use, though with much less invulnerability frames, makes it exceptionally powerful in PvP. The outplay potential with this skill is pretty high.

Breathe In

Restore 20 Stamina when using Evade.

Very simple passive, which gives more utility to Evade. Stamina isn’t super helpful on the PvE side of things, but is plenty useful in PvP.

Breathe In Rating: B – PvE, S – PvP

With stamina not being a super huge deal for PvE, it really lowers the value of this passive. That said, extra stamina to dodge with is still useful.

In PvP the extra stamina can easily make a difference in how you engage with an enemy. More frequently being able to dodge, or reposition with a roll can be quite potent.


Evade grants 20% Haste for 3 seconds after casting.

Even more utility for an already utility packed skill. The brief haste will let you reposition after using Evade, or even letting you use it for mobility.

Allegro Rating: S – PvE and PvP

With Evade’s short cooldown, this makes Evade exceptionally good for mobility and generally traversing the open world. In combat, it also helps you easily and safely reposition.

While being a short Haste, it’s up 50% of the time by default. Factor in the final passive for Evade and it’ll be up almost permanently. This will help you chase down opponents that may be attempting to flee.


Evading forward increases the damage of your next Light Attack by 15%. Effect ends on hit or after 1 second.

Extra Damage on a utility packed skill? Little Strong, but it’s a only a single hit boost.

Adagio Rating: S – PvE and PvP

Extra damage is always, this one in particular is pretty good even by itself. The final passive for Evade takes it to a whole new level though. This also rewards you for aggressive play with the ability, rather than defensive play which feels really good to use.


Crescendo makes all Light Attacks reduce Evade’s cooldown by 30%.

It’s not to be undersold, this passive is what can make Evade an incredibly strong skill. By the time you do just to light attacks, Evade will be ready.

Crescendo Rating: S+ – PvE and PvP

If you plan on using Evade at all, there’s never not a reason to get this passive. Considering it enables you to use Evade every couple seconds, that’s a lot. Factor in the 20 Stamina, 20% Haste, and the increased damage from Adagio and Momentum every couple seconds and it’s very strong.


Fleche lunges you forward 10 meters, dealing 145% Weapon Damage to everything in the dash range.

This skill is a strong repositioning tool as well as a general mobility tool for the Rapier. Which makes it worth slotting in when traveling the open world, despite its longer cooldown.

With a Cooldown of 17 seconds, Fleche is one of the Rapier’s longest cooldowns. Like most of the Rapier’s skills though, general passives will typically make this cooldown much shorter.

Fleche Rating: A – PvE and PvP (S when fully upgraded)

Fleche is very good for traversing the Open World, but by itself for PvE combat isn’t amazing. The extra mobility it gives you in the open world make it very worth grabbing, especially since it shapes up to be a strong skill after some upgrades.

In PvP it’s incredibly useful for mobility and repositioning. After it’s fully upgraded though, it becomes a damage threat like most other skills. Being able to Fleche through a target and throw them off balance by forcing them to do a quick turn to face you is quite nice.

Quick Lunge

When Fleche kills a target, its cooldown is reduced by 80%.

Even when used correctly, this upgrade is super niche to make use of. It’s ironically better in PvE for traversal than anything else.

Quick Lunge Rating: B – PvE and PvP (A in PvP with Interruption)

In PvE it will allow you to use the small skinnable creatures like Rabbits and Turkeys as quick and easy resets, letting you use Fleche twice in a row or more more very quickly. Outside of this, the only niche use case it has is to sweep back and forth though a group of enemies in group PvE, where you have a tank holding their attention, but still requires good timing.

Best use case scenario is very similar in PvP, using it to kill an opponent for a quick reset. Then using the reset to gap close on another opponent or create more distance to recover if needed. This particular case gets easier with the Interruption passive.


After casting Fleche, your next Critical strike will have its damage increased by 15%. Effect end on crit or after 5 seconds.

This is another passive that rewards aggressive play over defensive play. It also pairs very nicely with Interruption.

Backside Rating: A – PvE, S – PvP

Since PvE enemies can react quick and turn quicker to to avoid the backstab, it loses a bit of value there. It’s still useful, though a bit trickier to use in PvE situations, especially in group play.

In PvP however, since your opponent is likely to be instantly react, this ends up often being a solid damage boost. With Interruption it only get better as you can Fleche through someone and proc this with Interruption.


Pressing Light Attack during Fleche cancels the dash and performs a quick follow through attack, dealing 115% Weapon Damage.

This passive gives Fleche more damage and makes it a much more threatening skill option. The option to cancel it with a quick attack that’s between a Light and Heavy attack for damage is really nice.

Interruption Rating: S – PvE and PvP

If you’re going to use Fleche, take this passive every time. It helps significantly with making use of both Quick Lunge and Backside and brings all the passives together in one nice little package. For PvP specifically, it makes Backside a really potent passive that can be used fairly often.


Riposte puts you into a Defensive Stance for 1 second. If Struck, you stun the attacker for 2 seconds. You’re also briefly invulnerable upon a successful Riposte. With a Carnelian Gem, Riposte can Taunt PvE enemies within 5m to attack you for four seconds.

Riposte is a very situational skill in both PvE and PvP. In PvE since it can be used with a Carnelian Gem, it does enable you to be a bit of an evade tank giving you a very necessary Taunt to use to pull aggro.

At 12 seconds, Riposte is one of the Rapier’s shorter cooldown. Unlike most of the Rapier’s other skills, it doesn’t have anything to reduce it’s own cooldown.

Riposte Rating: B – PvE, A – PvP

Riposte has very niche uses in PvE, mostly limited to 1v1 fights with Elites or other strong enemies. While it does enable Evade Tanking, doing so is a very uncommon strategy and heavily relies on your damage to hold aggro of the mobs.

It’s a much stronger PvP option, but there’s still better options that exist. However it is the Rapier’s only hard crowd control effect. This coupled with being a parry makes it quite valuable.

Insult to Injury

When Riposte is triggered, all of your attacks become uninterruptible for three seconds.

If this were 3 seconds of any Crowd control to pair with the stun or even a Empower or Haste effect, it’d be fantastic, if not overpowered. As it’s essentially just Grit though, it’s very unappealing and niche.

Insult to Injury Rating: C+ – PvE and PvP

In PvE this does slightly help with the Evade Tank strategy, it’s very minor. It just make it a little easier to get more hits off to reset other skills sooner.

In PvP, it’s also very niche as it can mitigate the chances of someone waking up from the Stun and countering with a knockdown ability. I’d say it can make Fleche guaranteed to hit, but the Stun already does that.


Priority reduces the cooldown of other Rapier Abilties by 20% when landing a Riposte Stun.

This is uniquely helpful, but limited to melee combat. Anything triggering Riposte from range will not be in range of the stun. So using it can be dodgy.

Priority Rating: C+ – PvE, A – PvP

For PvE, it helps with Evade Tanking, though the other skills you’d be using already have short cooldowns due to passives. Still a nice bonus but difficult to benefit from.

In PvP however, it’s very strong. While you’ll likely be using the same low cooldown skills, you’re less likely to get frequent hits in to lower your cooldowns. However since not every opponent will be in melee range, this gets a solid A.

Lasting Consequence

Lasting Consequence increases the stun duration of a successful Riposte to 2.5 seconds.

An extra half second of stun time on a stun limited to melee opponents, is not worth the passive point. Especially with the mobility Rapier has to be able to very easily abuse the 2 second stun it has be default.

Lasting Consquence Rating: C – PvE and PvP

The Stun is already long enough to capitalize on with practice. The Rapier has enough mobility and mid-range options to reposition and punish the Riposte stun without the extra time.

Grace Tree Passives

These next few passives are located freely on the Grace Tree and are not tied to any skills. A lot of these are pretty niche, but there are a few good ones mixed in here that should not be overlooked.


Desperation increases your damage by 10% when below 40% Stamina.

In theory this sounds good. However, with how quick Stamina regenerates it can just as easily be pointedly read as 10% damage for 2 seconds after depleting your Stamina.

Desperation Rating: C – PvE, C+ PvP

In PvE this is basically useless outside of maybe the Tondo Build. But any build involving the Grace Tree or Evade especially nullify any potential use it has.

In PvP, it’s very niche. With Evade you can intentionally deplete your Stamina and still be able to dodge when needed. So you can use your Stamina up by rolling toward the enemy, then use the window to get a stronger Flurry off. That’s its only good use case.

Controlled Breathing

Controlled Breathing restores 3 Stamina on any hit.

While this is only decent for PvP, it has its niche and fills it decently well.

Controlled Breathing Rating: C+ – PvE, B – PvP

In PvE there’s much less need for Stamina, as it’s easier to refresh Evade which can provide even more Stamina. For builds not running Evade though it has its niche, but stamina use is typically lower in PvE in general.

For PvP, this is slightly stronger as you’re able to maintain stamina much easier, even with frequent dodges.

Red Curtains

Red Curtains decreases all cooldowns by 5% on critical strikes.

Not going to undervalue just how powerful this passive is for Group PvE Content. Consistent access to backstabs makes this free to trigger. Combined with Flurry it’s a quick 30% or more cooldown reduction.


Red Curtains Rating: A – PvE (S in group play), B – PvP

This passive is strong even without a party, but harder to trigger reliably outside of Fleche and Evade. In a party however, there’s no reason to not run it. It’s easily one of the Rapier’s best passive for Expeditions.

In PvP it suffers more from that lack of consistent backstabs but it still potent as other players react slower to repositioning than AI typically does. While you’re fully relying on Evade and Fleche to trigger it, as you’d be lucky to get off a big reset with a full Flurry of backstabs.


Perfectionist increases your damage by 10% while at full health.

You’ll really have to live up to the name of this passive to benefit from it for an extended duration. Full Health is a very steep requirement outside of group PvE content, where a healer can keep you topped off if you get hit.

Perfectionist Rating: B – PvE (S in Groups), C – PvP

While it’s hard to maintain in solo play, groups it’s hard to not be at full health most times when playing correctly. Solo would be heavily reliant on the Leeching Flurry Perk.

There’s so many things in PvP that can knock you out of full health. Even a DoT can prevent you from using this passive for an extended duration. While you could use Leeching Flurry to help get back there, that’s not going to heal enough to mitigate even a single hit from most weapons, unless you’re dealing very high damage.


Swiftness makes hits grant a stacking 3% Haste buff. This has a limit of 5 stacks, for a max of 15% Haste. However each new stack does not refresh the duration, which may be a bug.

This pairs nicely with Flurry, which can stack it over two seconds, but will only leave 2 seconds of Haste.

Swiftness Rating: C – PvE, C+ – PvP

In PvE, there’s little need for the extra repositioning. It’s a very short Haste effect that can only effectively be used after Flurry. There’s a high chance that if you’re in range to use Flurry safely, there’s not going to be a reason to reposition after using it.

It’s a slightly more useful passive for PvP, as even a little haste can help you reposition. Repositioning is more important in PvP, but the value is still low without a full Flurry that it’s really not worth using over another passive.

Momentum (Grace Ultimate)

Momentum Increases the damage of your next Light or Heavy Attack by 25% after using an ability. This effect ends on hit or expires after 3 seconds.

This ultimate paired with Evade (and the newly buffed Tondo) can lead to very high damage output in a very short time. Despite changes in the 1.1 “Into the Void” Update slightly nerfing this, its still a strong pick up.

Momentum Rating: S – PvE and PvP

Combining this Ultimate with low cooldown skills and the insane reset potential of Flurry can allow you to dish out a ton of damage very quickly. The damage this provides is pretty strong, which makes it the best Ultimate for when you don’t run the Tondo Build.

Rapier Skill Perks

These perks can be found on armors and weapons. The perks modify skills beyond passives and can give them additional Utility These are often better slotted on Armor as Weapons have access to better perks overall.

It’s worth noting these perks also scale with Gear Score, so they will be weak early on, but are good at later stages of the game. The value Range shown is for Gearscore 200-600

Energizing Flourish

Energizing Flourish make Flourish restore 8-19 Stamina on Hit.

Stamina restore on a nearly PvE Exclusive skill? That’s a waste of a slot that could be occupied by a better perk.

Energizing Flourish Rating: C – PvE and PvP

I honestly can’t even think of any case where this is useful. Combined with Fuel, it’d restore at max 39 Stamina if both parts of Flourish and Finish connect. Given Flourish and Finish is primarily a PvE Skill, there’s little reason to use this perk.

Keen Tondo

Keen Tondo increases Crit Chance by 3.8-11% against targets with a Tondo Bleed.

This is a pretty good perk for general use. Maybe not the best but it has uses.

Keen Tondo Rating: A – PvE and PvP

In PvE, it helps with making it a little easier to proc Red Curtains more reliably when solo. Which helps slightly fix a big weakness of the Tondo Build for solo play. It’s not a perfect or reliable solution by any means but it helps. Wouldn’t recommend it until higher Gear Scores still.

In PvP, it adds a bit of utility to Tondo, which can make Tondo decently viable for PvP. Again it’s not a great solution as there are other perks that do this easier and without Tondo, but if you wanted to stack Crit for a build, it helps enough to warrant using at higher Gear Scores.

Leeching Flurry

Leeching Flurry returns 14-28% of damage dealt by Flurry as health.

Given Flurry is both strong and pretty spammable in most cases, especially in PvE this is a pretty valuable perk. The health recovery also makes it quite good in PvP as well.

Leeching Flurry Rating: S – PvE and PvP

In PvE this makes solo play significantly easier. It has a nice benefit of being able to help you maintain Perfectionist for the extra damage easier. However in groups it’s pretty useless as a healer will be more effective. It can still give them a break if needed, but even then it’s less valuable.

In PvP, any amount of health restore can turn the tides of a fight. However since flurry isn’t a single hit and will likely have to fight against Fortify and similar effects, it’s not going to be as strong in PvP, but still quite good.

Omnidirectional Evade

Omnidirectional Evade allows Evade’s Adagio perk to apply regardless of direction.

This makes Adagio a much stronger perk, and thus highly recommended for PvP.

Omnidirectional Evade Rating: S – PvE and PvP

If you’re running Evade, this will always be worth a pickup. Being able to use Evade to the side or even for a quick step back and still get Adagio’s 15% damage boost is really nice.

Refreshing Fleche

Refreshing Fleche makes a landing Fleche (Or Interruption) as a Backstab reduce Fleche’s cooldown by 7.5-19%.

This is a little more Niche, but does help the skill become stronger by giving it a reliable cooldown reduction method.

Refreshing Fleche Rating: B – PvE, A – PvP

It’s slightly weaker in PvE except when used as an opener. It’s harder to land backstabs otherwise without setup. Though if you get lucky enough to backstab a small prey like a rabbit while using it for a Fleche reset it is extra reduction. At max Gear Score, this would instantly reset the skill combined with Quick Lunge.

In PvP getting backstabs in 1v1 with Fleche can be tough, but this rewards you for pulling them off. If you manage to land both Fleche and Interruption as a backstab, that’s 38% of the cooldown refunded.

Sundering Riposte

Sundering Riposte grants a 6.8-14% Rend on target stunned by Riposte for 10 seconds.

This gives Riposte a bit of extra Utility it was otherwise missing. Rend can be effective in both PvE and PvP.

Sundering Riposte Rating: B – PvE, A – PvP

Given the skill isn’t often used in PvE, outside of attempts at an Evade Tank build it make sit hard to rate this high, even though rend helps general DPS. As a Tank this can help enable your party to do more damage. Though not likely to see much use.

In PvP, this can help offset Fortify effects while making the follow up punish from landing a Risposte Stun absolutely deadly. It’s actually one of the strongest Rend effects out there.

Rapier Builds

These builds focus specifically on the Rapier and do not account for other weapons. The use of other weapons can enable extended combos and other unique combinations.

Flexible Leveling (13-19 Points)

This is a general Tree that’s great for leveling, as it’s flexible and works for PvE or PvP Content. It Focuses making use of Evade, Flurry and Fleche.

This combination of skills is very flexible and you change the order of how you upgrade. It’s worth noting that as Evade and Flurry are your main damage and utility, Fleche tends to have lower priority on its upgrades. Fleche is purely used as mobility until the final points needed to pick up Momentum.

The Flexible Leveling Skill Tree with all 19 points spent.

If you’re focusing on PvE content, you grab all three skills with your first three points. After that you grab the additional two passives for Flurry, Red Curtains, then Max Evade followed by Fleche. Finally you grab the Momentum Ultimate.

PvP follows a different route however. After grabbing all three skills, the main change is maxing Evade First. Evade is a better PvP skill overall. Then you Max Fleche and grab Red Curtains. This allows you to grab Momentum much sooner. Then you put points into Flurry.

We stop Flurry at two upgrades because Fleeting Strikes is the passive we care about most. To the Bone and Finalize offer little to this setup. Though in the maxed version shown below, Finalize can be an option for the final two points for the PvP side of things.

The key pickup to prioritize after using the leveling orders above is Refreshing Strikes (Top left passive next to Tondo). This gives you more reliable cooldown reduction compared to Red Curtains, but Red Curtains is the best passive to grab when leveling to reach Momentum. You can delay Momentum by one weapon level if you wish to grab it early as well.

After Refreshing Strikes, I’d pick up Light Edge (Lower passive next to Flurry), followed by Engarde (Directly next to Flurry). For the Final points, they go to Perfectionist and Desperation over in the Grace Tree. If you’re focusing PvP, Controlled Breathing and Swiftness can be better options.

Skill Perks, Usage, and Rotations

This build is fairly straightforward, no complex or complicated skill usages or rotations to maximize damage.

In PvE, Evade and Flurry should just be used off cooldown. Evade to reposition for Flurry and try to get as many backstabs as you can. In group play, they’d be used in the opposite order to help bring Flurry off cooldown faster.

Fleche can be used off Cooldown too. When solo you’d be aiming to Fleche through a target, and get a backstab with Interruption before carrying on with Evade and Flurry spam. In groups, you ideally want to Fleche into the enemy’s back, but not through them, landing both parts as a backstab.

In PvP the usage is very similar, though Evade should be used more tactically. Spamming it mindlessly will just make it predictable. Evade is easily the best iframe you have, so using it properly is important. Since it is can be spammed though, you should be trying to use it often to abuse Momentum while avoiding key abilities and trying to land backstabs. Flurry and Fleche are still used pretty much the same way, just need to be careful with timing their usage.

For Perks, Leeching Flurry and Omnidirectional Evade are both great options for armor perks regardless if going for PvE or PvP. You can also pick up Refreshing as another good general pick up on armor.

For Weapon Perks you always want Enchanted, as it boosts basic attacks which makes both Flurry and Evade stronger. In PvE, Rogue and Vicious make strong combo to amp your backstab Damage. In PvP, Keen and Keenly Empowered will give you a reasonable increase in damage. Keen and Refreshing Move can be a good option for consistent damage.

For Amulets, there are mostly Defensive. Slash Protection and Fortified Recovery make a nice set of general coverage perks to reduce most incoming damage. Health and Divine are a strong combo for PvE, increasing your maximum health and incoming healing; while Fortified Recovery is still a solid option here as well.

For Earrings, Regenerating is a very strong option overall, giving you nice passive health regeneration. Beloved and Evasive can be great for reducing the odds of accidentally pulling aggro.

For Rings, Thrust Damage is always great options thanks to the damage they provide. Leeching can be a nice way to keep your own health topped off. Keen Awareness is great for solo PvE and even PvP.

Tondo Build (19 Points)

This skill setup is all about the Blood Tree. It’s very heavily PvE oriented, and works best in Expeditions. It focuses heavily on setting up Tondo Bleeds and using Finish to detonate them for huge damage, with Flurry to help with getting both our faster.

This set of skills have some ridiculous synergy, and can deal incredibly high single target damage, but does decent AoE damage as well thanks to all of these skill cleaving. The leveling order for the skills is pretty static, and can be adjusted as desired if you feel like grabbing a certain sooner works better for you.

Tondo Build Skill Tree with all 19 points spent.

For Leveling, the standard way to go is to start by grabbing all three skills. Then I’d go for the Tondo Upgrades, Then Flurry upgrades followed by Flourish and Finish Upgrades. You can delay To the Bone until after you pick up Bloody End as they both significantly boost your damage, but To the Bone is more single target focused. By this point you’ll be level 13, and only have passives to grab.

You want to grab Refreshing Strikes first, then head over to the Grace Tree to make your way down to Red Curtains. After this, Unerring, Light Edge, and Engarde should be taken in that order. These last three can be grab in any order, but they’re grabbed in the broadest coverage of boosts first. Since Tondo should be the opener skill at all times, bleed should be on everything you hit.

The combination of Refreshing Strikes and Red Curtains makes a full Flurry of backstabs reduce cooldowns by 35%. This goes up to 40% with the Refreshing Move perk.

Skill Perks, Usage and Rotations

Unlike the Leveling build above, this one actually has pretty fixed skill rotations. It’s still largely using skills off cooldown, but its Flourish and Finish usage varies based on what you’re hitting.

For PvE, your entire goal is to get 2-3 Tondo stacks on an enemy and pop them at or near max duration with Flourish and Finish. Your skill rotations would look something like this:

Short Combo (Open World PvE)
  1. Tondo
  2. Flourish and Finish
  3. Flurry
  4. Attack until Tondo is up
  5. Repeat

Tondo to apply Bleed. Immediately detonate with Flourish and Finish. Use Flurry and Attacks until Tondo is back up. Repeat the sequence.

This weaker but faster combo is intended for single weak enemies, which is pretty much for Open World. It’s a slower combo due to the Open World aspect, unless you have friend tanking for you as you won’t be triggering Red Curtains reliably, even with perks.

Mobbing (Expedition Mobs)
  1. Tondo
  2. Flurry
  3. Attack until Tondo is up (or second Flurry if it fully resets off initial use)
  4. Flourish and Finish
  5. Repeat

Tondo, hitting as many enemies as possible. Use Flurry to lower Tondo’s Cooldown. Use attacks or a second Flurry to finish off Tondo’s Cooldown. Reposition and Detonate Bleeds with Flourish and Finish. Use Attacks until Tondo is back up and start the pattern over again

This rotation is only for weaker enemies as one burst can generally deal significant damage, and with the setup time it’s usually enough to finish weaker mobs with party help. You setup two Tondo stacks and detonate on repeat and this ends up being a fairly consistent damage output.

This can also be used on single target as well if you want to stick with it. It’s planned to perfectly loop on itself, with some attacks as fillers when needed.

Maximum Burst (Expedition Bosses)
  1. Tondo
  2. Flourish Only
  3. Flurry
  4. Light Attack(s)
  5. Tondo
  6. Flurry
  7. Light Attack(s)
  8. Tondo
  9. Flourish and Finish
  10. Repeat

Tondo on the Target, followed immediately by Flourish. Use Flurry to Lower Cooldowns and fill with attacks until Tondo is back up. Use Tondo again, Followed immediately by Flurry. Use attacks until Tondo comes back up. Immediately use Flourish and Finish to have the timer on Tondo stacks as high as possible (should be 18+ seconds) for maximum damage

This setup uses more regular attacks and goes for the big detonations. It makes use of the fact you can Flourish without using Finish, getting extra damage out of it while still. This rotation on really works for Expedition bosses or mid/mini bosses, as most other enemies will die during the setup usually.

For Perks, this build uses some more specific options, because it’s very cooldown reliant. That said, you will always want Refreshing and Keen Tondo on your Armor. Keen Tondo increase the the chances of being able to use the Short Combo effectively in the Open World. Refreshing also does so by reducing cooldowns.

For Weapon Perks, this build will always want Refreshing Move. For PvE, Rouge or Vicious provide the most damage, running Keen alongside Rogue can also make the Short Combo more reliable and quicker to perform while maximizing damage. For PvP, Keen and Vicious would be the go-to options.

For Amulets, there are mostly Defensive. Slash Protection and Fortified Recovery make a nice set of general coverage perks to reduce most incoming damage. Health and Divine are a strong combo for PvE, increasing your maximum health and incoming healing; while Fortified Recovery is still a solid option here as well.

For Earrings, Regenerating is a very strong option overall, giving you nice passive health regeneration. Beloved and Evasive can be great for reducing the odds of accidentally pulling aggro.

For Rings, Thrust Damage is always great options thanks to the damage they provide. Leeching can be a nice way to keep your own health topped off. Keen Awareness is great for solo PvE and even PvP.

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Evade Tank (19 Points)

This is a very experimental setup focused on being a durable tank rather than dealing raw damage. You’ll still do pretty good damage, but nothing super amazing. This setup may actually be decent for Open World PvP as well. It features the only skill absent from the other two example builds, Riposte. Alongside Riposte are Evade and Flurry.

This is going to be a very strange skill set overall, but there is a bit of synergy to how it all works.

Rapier Evasion Tank Tree with all 19 points spent

For Leveling, you start out by grabbing all three skills as usual. Following that, It’s recommended to upgrade Flurry, picking Fleeting Strikes before the nodes in Grace for consistent early damage. Following Flurry is Evade’s upgrades, Riposte’s Upgrades and the other passive to reach Momentum. At this point the Rapier will be Level 15.

After getting Momentum, it’s back to the Blood Tree to grab the remaining passives, starting with the three open ones. Refreshing Strikes is a obvious choice, we need the cooldown reduction for this to work. Engarde and Light Edge serve to boost out damage output which will be very needed. Finally we cap off with Finalize, how fitting. To the Bone and Finalize could be swapped for Swiftness and Perfectionist if you prefer, but this leaves you with one less crowd control option for small packs.

Refreshing Strikes and Red Curtains are still carrying this build, and making things more reliable. Desperation is a weird choice here, but since you’re playing the role of a tank, you have the option to block small enemies to hit the threshold. You can swap in Perfectionist, but this will likely be even harder to use.

Skill Perks, Usage and Rotations

Each skill has an intended use and purpose. The whole concept of making this work relies on trying to make sure any time Riposte is used it’s back up as soon as possible. Riposte and Evade are used to mitigate as much damage as possible. Flurry is used on cooldown to maintain aggro.

Riposte should be used primarily to block hits on Bosses or Elites. Since it fully mitigates the damage, you want it to block as much as possible. It may not stun them, or if it does it won’t be for long. The secondary goal is to maintain uptime on the Rend from Sundering Riposte.

Evade will almost always be used backwards or to the side to keep the boss as still as possible. This lets your DPS get consistent backstabs and in general lets them deal more damage. So Evade can’t just be spammed freely against bosses unless there’s no risk of falling, in which backwards is the best option.

Your consistent damage rotation will consist of attacking and using Flurry. Flurry will need to be properly spaced between boss attacks so you don’t need to interrupt it and you can get maximum damage from it.

For perks, Refreshing and Refreshing Ward are both essential general armor perks. You’ll also want to grab Leeching Flurry, Sundering Riposte and Omnidirection Evade on armor too. Ancient Ward, Angry Earth Ward and Corruption Ward are all great to pick up too.

For your Weapon, Keen and Refreshing Move are absolute musts. Keen helps make Red Curtains more consistent. Refreshing Move helps reduce cooldowns. The Last slot should honestly be any one of the Chain Element perks. The chain perks will help you hold aggro on packs without the need for Hated.

For Amulets, there are mostly Defensive. Slash Protection and Fortified Recovery make a nice set of general coverage perks to reduce most incoming damage. Health and Divine are a strong combo for PvE, increasing your maximum health and incoming healing; while Fortified Recovery is still a solid option here as well.

For Earrings, Regenerating is a very strong option overall, giving you nice passive health regeneration. Despised can help you hold aggro easier in PvE, which is a helpful bonus. Purifying Toast can be a nice option, especially paired with Refreshing Toast to help cleanse yourself of debuffs.

For Rings, Keen Awareness or Thrust Damage are always great options thanks to the damage they provide. Leeching can be a nice way to keep your own health topped off.

This is the end to this very in-depth guide to Rapier in New World. We hope you have learned everything you need to know about this weapon, its usage, skills, perks, builds, combos and ability rotations. The icons used in this guide are pulled from newworldfans.com‘s database.

Patch Notes Changes

This segment will help you keep track of what has changed for this weapon with the patches as AGS maintains the game in the long-term.

  • Fixed an issue where Tondo, Flourish, and Fleche had their cooldown begin 1 frame before the hitbox would appear. This resulted in the abilities going on cooldown if the attack was interrupted early even if it did not hit.
  • Flurry
    • Improved the homing of Flurry to fix an issue where subsequent attacks would frequently miss or be hard to hit.
    • Overwhelm: Fixed an issue where this upgrade was incorrectly applying stamina damage instead of just block damage.
  • Tondo
    • Reduced cooldown from 11s to 6s.
    • And Again: Fixed an issue that caused this upgrade to only function on blocking targets.
  • Riposte
    • Cooldown reduced from 20s to 12s.
    • Base Stun duration increased from 1.5s to 2s.
    • Lasting Consequence: Stun duration increased from 2s to 2.5s
  • Passives
    • Momentum: Increased bonus damage from 25% to 30%.
    • Swiftness: Fixed an issue where this passive was granting haste from bleed damage ticks instead of actual weapon hits.

You can find the full patch notes for New World Update 1.1 “Into the Void” in our New World Patches archives.

Here at VULKK.com we have a ton of useful New World Guides and more and more are being published regularly. We also have all of the news and updates covered to keep you up-to-date with all things New World!

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[NEW] SumaiL’s unkillable triple Divine Rapier Gyrocopter sparks epic OG comeback over Secret | divine rapier – Vietnamnhanvan

“The King” led OG back from a 40,000 gold deficit against the consensus best team in the world.

Two-time The International (TI) champions OG resoundingly swept reigning Major champions Team Secret, 2-0, in their marquee matchup at the Upper Bracket of the ESL One Los Angeles EU-CIS online regional league playoffs.

After OG utterly dominated Secret in an 18-minute series opener, superstar carry player Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan had a godlike performance in game two. Using three Divine Rapiers on his Gyrocopter, he led his team to a massive comeback in the most epic game of the season thus far.

Looking to avenge their game one loss, Secret assembled a heavy teamfight composition with strong late game potential. Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen was on Phantom Lancer, Michal “Nisha” Jankowski on Kunkka, Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg was on Timbersaw, Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat was on Earthshaker, and Clement “Puppey” Ivanov was on Witch Doctor.

Meanwhile, OG opted for a four-protect-one strategy with SumaiL on Gyrocopter. Stand-in midlaner Neta “33” Shapira had a core Chen and Martin “Saksa” Saazdov was on a support Pugna to provide healing for their hard carry. Stand-in offlaner Sébastien “Ceb” Debs was put on Sand King and Johan “N0tail” Sundstein had Nyx Assassin as their team’s initiators and crowd control heroes.

Secret handily won the laning phase, but that didn’t stop OG from getting aggressive and winning the first five-on-five engagement of the game by the Dire Secret Shop.

Secret also won the ensuing clashes to accumulate an 8,000 gold lead after the 16-minute mark, but OG struck back to win a fight by their tier one tower at the middle lane and sneakily secure the first Aegis of the Immortal of the game 18 mintues in.

Even while SumaiL had the Aegis in hand, Secret’s growing gold advantage allowed them to take him down twice, along with three other OG heroes, in a clash at the 21-minute mark to solidify their lead.

OG scored pickoffs that secured them the second Aegis of the game. However, Secret continued to dominate in teamfights, allowing them to take down OG’s barracks at the middle lane and grow their gold advantage to over 20,000 after 32 minutes.

With his team in dire straits, SumaiL picked up his first Divine Rapier at the 35-minute mark to stall the game for OG. But that didn’t stop Secret from trying to take another set of barracks at the bottom lane as their gold lead had already grown to 30,000.

In the ensuing clash, Secret got the jump on their opponents to quickly burst down Ceb and N0tail. They were also on the verge of also taking down SumaiL, if not for Saksa who was able to heal SumaiL just in time to save him from death.

Secret dove into OG’s base in pursuit of the retreating SumaiL, but he was able to use his Satanic at the last possible second to turn the fight around. In the end, SumaiL notched a Triple Kill as OG teamwiped Secret and protected their bottom barracks.

Secret eventually took down OG’s bottom barracks after 47 minutes, but by then SumaiL had already built up his Gyrocopter to be nigh-unkillable with Divine Rapier, Satanic, Heart of Tarrasque, and Paladin Sword on top of the healing he was already getting from 33’s Chen and Saksa’s Pugna.

Secret’s gold advantage still ballooned up to over 40,000 as the game breached the 50-minute mark. However, OG was already firmly in control of the game as SumaiL built his second Rapier to get another Triple Kill and destroy Secret’s middle barracks within the next five minutes.

Smelling blood in the water, SumaiL built a third Rapier at the 56-minute mark to turn his Gyrocopter into an unstoppable siege engine that dealt over 1,200 damage with each hit while having over 4,000 health.

Secret’s admirable defensive effort was simply not enough to stop SumaiL from getting an Ultra Kill and destroying their Ancient to end a thriller of a 57-minute game.

OG’s superstar carry notched a 16/4/16 to lead his team to an epic comeback, though his counterpart Matumbaman still put up a formidable 21/6/12 line in a losing effort.

With their win, OG have advanced to the Upper Bracket Finals of the ESL One Los Angeles EU-CIS online regional league playoffs where they will face a surging Virtus.pro.

Meanwhile, Secret dropped to the Lower Bracket and will be looking to keep their playoff hopes alive against Vikin.gg.

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🔥 ARTEEZY Medusa Fast Divine Rapier Risky Build Comeback — 4x Split Shot Strongest Carry Dota 2 Pro
👉 Watch now: https://youtu.be/isGmTyM9Blc
👉Player Arteezy
Artour \”Arteezy\” Babaev is a professional Dota 2 player from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is currently playing for Evil Geniuses. Arteezy has a very popular live stream which showcases his outgoing personality, eccentric taste in music, as well as his exceptional skill.
👉Hero Medusa
Medusa, the Gorgon, is a ranged agility hero. Highly itemdependent, she acts as a carry who can potentially strike down entire teams at once while protected by tanklike survivability. Split Shot allows her attacks to hit multiple targets, greatly increasing the potency of damagegranting items.
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Dota 2 is a freetoplay multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. The game is the standalone sequel to Defense of the Ancients (DotA).

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Dota2Divine Arteezy Medusa

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🔥 ARTEEZY Medusa Fast Divine Rapier Risky Build Comeback — 4x Split Shot Strongest Carry Dota 2 Pro


Me LARRY and Jerry are back with another insanely broken STRAT in Dota 2! Just pick the New Hero Marci, buy Divine Rapier and you are going to knock everyone out! Use this power with care, IceFrog is going to punish you if you are using this power for evil!
If you have any suggestions on which combo or silly build we can try next, just make a comment about it, we are going to read every single one! Thanks for watching and see you soon my friend! 🙂
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Welcome to Kardel Dota 2! Dota Dota2 Gameplay
We upload the best Dota 2 gameplays on youtube. If you’re looking to learn from the best dota 2 players in the world through their perspective, then you’re on the right track.
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Patch: Dota 2 7.30

Player on this video: OG.Ana
Who is Ana? According to https://liquipedia.net/dota2/Ana, Anathan Phan is an Australian professional Dota 2 player. He is the first australian to have won a Valvesponsored event. On August 25, 2019, he becaume the first two time TIwinner, after consecutively winning TI8 \u0026 TI9. He achieved it with Notail, Ceb, Topson \u0026 Jerax. He also popularized Io as a position 1 hero and made an unbeatable record of 60 in \”The International\”.
OG.Ana Dotabuff: https://www.dotabuff.com/players/311360822
Hero on this videos : Phantom Assassin
According to https://dota2.fandom.com/wiki/Phantom_Lancer , Azwraith, the Phantom Lancer, is a melee agility hero who can fill the role of carry and pusher because of his ability to generate an army of illusions in a matter of seconds. He requires deep cunning, positioning, and most importantly, great micromanagement as his illusions might just get in the way rather than help the situation if not utilized correctly. Many of his abilities help him in his creation of images, allowing him to always have a companion. He has a nuke ability in Spirit Lance, which deals moderate damage, slows the target, and creates an illusion at his target’s location. His escape ability Doppelganger allows him to quickly relocate himself and any nearby illusions while creating additional ones, possibly tricking enemies into wasting their spells and time in trying to kill said illusions. His toggle Phantom Rush allows him and his illusions to close the distance toward a target when issued an attack order, giving him the ability to quickly focus single targets in battle. His ultimate Juxtapose gives him the ability to generate a large number of illusions when attacking a target, while giving said illusions the ability to replicate themselves as well. Phantom Lancer is an extremely mobile hero who is hard to pin down and can quickly overwhelm his opponents in battle.
Match ID: https://www.dotabuff.com/matches/62383930766
Learn about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dota_2:
According to wikipedia.org, \”Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve. The game is a sequel to Defense of the Ancients (DotA), which was a communitycreated mod for Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion pack, The Frozen Throne. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams of five players, with each team occupying and defending their own separate base on the map. Each of the ten players independently controls a powerful character, known as a \”hero\”, who all have unique abilities and differing styles of play. During a match, players collect experience points and items for their heroes to successfully defeat the opposing team’s heroes in player versus player combat. A team wins by being the first to destroy the other team’s \”Ancient\”, a large structure located within their base.\”


SECRET EG – Two Rapiers EE Legendary Game!

Dota 2 Major Frankfurt SECRET EG 2 Rapiers EternalEnvy Game 1
Commentary TobiWan Synderen
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SECRET EG - Two Rapiers EE Legendary Game!


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นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูบทความเพิ่มเติมในหมวดหมู่Wiki

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