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Described as “an international celebrity who inspires social change through his music and actions,” Lúcio Correia dos Santos is a prominent hero in Overwatch whose positive nature is infectious. The healing and speed-boosting DJ is a helpful backbone of most competitive lineups.

When it comes to playing Overwatch, it’s important to be well-versed in a variety of heroes. That way, when the situation calls for it, you’re able to fill a role when the team needs it. Most players should feel comfortable enough on at least one hero from each of the game’s classes.

There’s no support hero that’s more important to learn than Lúcio. For a long time, he was far and away the most-played hero at the competitive level—and for good reason. His kit is one of the strongest in the game. 

Here are some of the basics to learn how to play Lúcio and be the active healer your team needs.

“Look at this team. We’re gonna do great.”

Lúcio is capable of healing multiple teammates at once thanks to his Crossfade Healing Boost ability. The area of effect is visually denoted with a 12-meter radius field surrounding him. When Healing is activated, it will glow yellow. When Speed Boost is activated, it glows green. This ability is arguably one of the best in the game due to its effectiveness and versatility, allowing him to be picked in a variety of team compositions.

Lúcio needs to be much more active in the healing or speed boosting process since the radius used to be 30 meters. That leaves Lúcio in the thick of things at all times when he’s to be most effective at supporting his teammates, whereas in the past he was able to hang back more.

Always in the fight

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Whether Lúcio is using Healing Boost or Speed Boost, he’s always active in helping out his team. One of the more important facets of playing Lúcio is figuring out when to use each ability, using his Crossfade to switch back and forth between heals and speed.

In general, you can’t go wrong with staying on healing and using Healing Boost when your team is getting low on health. It can be the main difference in winning and losing a teamfight since the constant healing plus boost to the heals with his Amp It Up ability will keep their health bars moving upward instead of toward death.

Lúcio’s ultimate ability, Sound Barrier, is key in a number of situations. It can be used both offensively and defensively as a reaction. The ultimate gives a 750 shield boost to all allies within a 30-meter radius, but it lasts for just seven seconds.

Sound Barrier is great for when your team is initiating a fight on offense or to protect them when you’re on the defensive to any number of ultimates from the enemy team.

The king of the “boop”

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

As a support, one of Lúcio’s main objectives is protecting and keeping his teammates healthy. He can do this in a variety of ways.

First, and most importantly, is his healing. He can’t keep up with the likes of Ana or Mercy when it comes to quickly filling up a tank’s health bar, but his area-of-effect healing can keep the entire team topped off if he’s close enough.

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Other than healing, Lúcio’s Speed Boost is also an effective way of keeping the team safe. He can use this ability to quickly rush a team away from harm’s way, like an incoming D.Va ultimate. Speed Boost is also incredibly useful at helping “taxi” teammates back from spawn with haste to return to the fight or to get back to an objective to contest it in the nick of time.

His Soundwave ability shouldn’t be underestimated, either. Probably Lúcio’s best offensive weapon in his kit, this ability (bound to Mouse 2 by default) does 25 damage but has a strong knockback effect. It helps out a ton if you see a teammate being chased down, only to run up to the enemy and “boop” them away to give them the time they need to escape and have you heal them.

Speed kills

While Lúcio is primarily a support character, he can also be incredibly disruptive in multiple scenarios. His maneuverability makes him a pain to track down while contesting objectives, helped even more by a recent 20-percent speed increase to his wall-riding skill.

These movements allow Lúcio to reach areas that most characters can’t, leaving the enemy team susceptible to surprise attacks with his Soundwave ability or just an annoying way to prevent them from capturing an objective.

It’s important for any Lúcio player to get familiar with their wall-riding skills since it’s a crucial component of the character’s kit. It helps him navigate the environments of the game with torrid quickness.

The matchups

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Lúcio works in a variety of situations and it doesn’t matter a whole lot who is on the enemy team to counter him. That being said, he does have his strengths and weaknesses against certain heroes.

Strong against

It’s tough to pinpoint a hero that Lúcio is strongest against in a one-on-one setting since his main strengths in most battles are his abilities to self-heal and/or speed boost to safety. Outside of that, Lúcio’s best bet in a duel is to try to poke at the enemy with his primary fire and boop them away if they get too close, while self-healing or speed boosting to run toward teammates.

That’s not to say he’s not completely incapable of defending himself against a number of heroes, because he is. But to call him “strong” against any number of the characters on the roster would be misleading.


Having only her meager pistol to defend herself, Lúcio can take Mercy in most one-on-one battles. But there shouldn’t be too many situations where these two are facing off against each other anyway.


Even with Reinhardt’s large hammer-swinging radius, Lúcio can be a pain for the big guy to take down. Using his maneuverability to his advantage is a great way to beat out Reinhardt’s slow movement speed, but it’ll be over quickly if Lúcio comes too close within his swing range.

Soldier: 76

One of the more annoying things to deal with when playing as Soldier is to hear “I’ve got you in my sights” quickly answered with Lúcio’s “Droppin’ the beat” as his Sound Barrier ultimate will usually nullify most, if not all, of the damage.

Weak against


Hitscan heroes like McCree do well against Lúcio since they’re the best way to quickly damage him while he flips and jumps around an objective. McCree’s stun grenade is especially useful at stopping him in his tracks.


Mei’s primary fire is a nightmare for Lúcio because his speed is basically taken away once she begins to lock onto him. Her Ice Wall ability also has the potential to stop him in his path.


Just like all supports, a good Genji can be a nightmare for Lúcio to match up against. When the cyborg ninja dives on him, it’s time to boop him away or speed boost and get out of dodge while asking for help from teammates.


This is a fight that Lúcio will need help from the environment to win. The only real way he’ll come out victorious is if he’s able to boop Roadhog off of a ledge. Lúcio can out-maneuver the portly tank, but one well-placed hook will spell the end for him.

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If you’re new to Overwatch and looking for a good introductory hero to learn, Lúcio is the hero to start with. He fits in almost any team composition and does a good job at a multitude of little things that can help make the difference in victory or defeat.

There are a number of heroes that you can’t go wrong learning and that everyone should have in their stable of heroes—and Lúcio is right at the top of the list.

[Update] Amazon.com: Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset: THX Audio & Haptic Feedback, Auto-Adjust Headband, Chroma RGB, Retractable Mic, for PC, PS4, PS5, Overwatch Lucio Edition : | overwatch lucio – Vietnamnhanvan

I’m not a huge fan of writing crappy reviews, but this one deserves it.

These headphones sound great. Voice quality is great, wireless and wired while playing COD-Warzone cross-platform (PC to Xbox Live) my team said I sounded better than before with an older pair of Sades wired surround headphones. Some reviews mentioned the sound quality was better with the headphones plugged in, I didn’t experience this.

Negatives with the sound/mic include the Synapse software and the buttons on the headset itself. I’m pretty picky about audio quality, so it was odd that I had to use the EQ to fix the sound, which other review had mentioned. Anymore, “flat” should sound the best, and you should only need to adjust the levels on less-than-stellar sources. But these do not sound good at all until you fix the audio with a custom curve. This leads to the first deduction of a star–you cannot adjust the standard audio curves and set them. Every single TV, audio device, surround sound system, etc. lets you control the pre-defined curves and save them, leaving you with one or perhaps more spots for your own that you create from scratch. If you absentmindedly adjust one of the other curves, well now you’ve erased your custom one and have to start over. Haaaaha-Nelson Muntz

The buttons are also odd. They are super smooth, and it’s not obvious which button you’re hitting. I have to do this a lot to turn off my mic as I work from home and take calls all day long. The sidechat control, mute, and power are on the same left earphone and while the mute is small and the power is larger, it’s still not always clear which one you’re touching when you need to mute. The sidechat is pretty easy to use and has a “center” setting that locks for you that’s at a pretty good volume. Still, it offers very little resistance and you can accidentally turn it all the way up or all the way down when you fumble around looking for that mute button. On the other earphone you have the volume control which again offers no resistance and is super touchy too, you can go from 10% to 100% in about 1/3 of a rotation, which is bad design. The suggested use says to turn all your system sounds to 100% and use the headphone control for the volume of it all. That’s fine and dandy except when it’s a little to quiet in a game, you bump it and now you’re 1/2 deaf for the next 10 minutes. These headphones get loud AF, if that’s your thing, enjoy! I want fidelity and ease of use, with a dash of good looks too. They feel great, the cups are nice and large, and while the set is pretty heavy, it’s not too bad after a couple days. Good drivers aren’t light, this any audio nerd knows.

Onto the second point deduction which involves the quality of the set itself. I had mine for one week, it took about 24 hours to get it all they way I needed it to be for work and for my own pleasure, which is not too bad considering how many features the Nari Ultimate offers. In that time it crapped out on me 3x, once while on a customer call embarrassingly enough which I fixed by plugging in the 3.5 audio jack to my PC case and magically they turned back on wirelessly. One does not follow the other. (Incidentally I’m running Education Version Win10 2004 update). The second thing I noticed was whenever the mic ‘boom’ was extended I could smell a strange odor, vaguely electrical in nature I believe, but not so overpowering anyone else could smell it. There was no smoke or vapor or discharge, just a strange odor. I thought perhaps it was off-gassing from being a new product. That illusion was dashed today when the set stopped working altogether no matter how I plugged it into my PC. It still made “sound” as you could hear the beeps when you turned it on and turned it off, but Windows didn’t recognize either the wireless dongle or any USB connection on two different PC’s. It’s clear they failed after a week of use, my guess is some kind of battery problem.

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That follows what I’ve read from other reviewers too, Razer build quality seems to be going downhill. I’ve not owned a lot of Razer stuff, I have two mice that I really like but this was my first headset. I won’t be getting another Razer headset, probably ever. The software was not reliable enough to use for work, let alone gaming, and while the audio is definitely a 5 star, the user experience is not. For the price, these oversights are simply unforgivable. If they were $50 less I wouldn’t complain, but they’re not and I expect something more for a pair of headphones for $150.

Packaging is nice, the instructions are well done, the finish (I had the Overwatch edition) was really nice and my wife thought the RGB was “cute, like for a child” which I took as a compliment. It should have been a fun Father’s Day gift for me but instead I’m headed to Kohl’s to return them and back to looking for the ultimate headset for me.

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Outro Song ~ Dj Quads The Improv
Overwatch is dank but Lucio makes it worth
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BEST PRO LUCIO MOMENTS - Overwatch Montage

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Funny Astro Best Lucio in the World! [ Overwatch Season 30 Top 500 ]

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I finally went against the best OWL player...


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