[Update] Report claims a VPGame admin has been offering incentives to SEA Dota 2 teams to throw games | dota 2 vpgame – Vietnamnhanvan

dota 2 vpgame: คุณกำลังดูกระทู้

The online handle of the admin in question has been confirmed by the Chinese betting site.

It would seem that the seedy side of esports still has a hold on Dota 2.

An administrator for Chinese esports betting site VPGame has allegedly offered incentives to Southeast Asian Dota 2 teams in exchange for throwing games, according to a report today from AFK Gaming, an esports forum and news site based in India.

One of the teams provided evidence pointing to the admin’s supposed malicious activity, according to AFK Gaming. The proof consisted of message logs between the manager of the team and the admin, who goes by the handle “VPGame.Juntao.”

The admin’s modus operandi seems to involve a contact in Southeast Asia, named Oyster Lee. The contact’s responsibility was to provide a list of tier-two SEA teams competing in small-scale cups and tournaments outside of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit, such as the JoinDOTA League and the ProDotA Cup.

The contact then got in touch with the teams in these tier-two tournaments via their social media channels, and connected them with the VPGame admin through Skype.

Based on the evidence, the admin added the manager of the team on Skype, and immediately offered them a direct invite to a VPGame-sponsored tournament in exchange for fixing their matches. In the same thread, the admin suggested that the team lose a few games, or give up 10 kills to their opponents—an obvious reference to betting markets opened by bookmakers.

At the end of the thread, the admin told the manager to “forget what he said” should they be uninterested in the offer. The manager promptly refused, and the screenshots show no further conversation between the two parties. In order to verify the authenticity of the evidence, representatives of AFK Gaming posed as a party interested in participating in fixing games, and contacted the admin through Skype. The admin redirected them to a different person, who goes by the handle “orenji.”

While this other person did not directly mention match fixing, they provided an email address using the VPGame domain name—telling AFK Gaming to send them a “proposal.” This led AFK Gaming to believe that both Juntao and orenji are indeed affiliated with VPGame.

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As of the time of writing, VPGame has yet to release an official statement regarding AFK’s report.

[NEW] Report: Chinese Police Arrest VPGame’s Board Members | dota 2 vpgame – Vietnamnhanvan

According to a report by Invenglobal, VPGame, the Chinese betting website, has been raided with around 20 of their board members being placed under arrest. The raid reportedly happened in January 2021 after suspicions regarding VPGame’s involvement in illegal betting activities. The police are currently said to be interrogating the arrested members to determine if VPGame had committed activities that breached China’s stern anti-gambling laws. Additionally, the company’s bank accounts have also been frozen which has led to delayed salary payments to its employees. It is unclear and unknown if VPGame’s owner, Pan “Ruru” Jie, has also been arrested or is being investigated for suspicions of illegal real money gambling.

What happened to VPGame – the Chinese betting website?

VPGame is one of the most popular betting websites in the esports scene which also provides media coverage of titles like Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO and more. It is owned by LGD Gaming and also supports the English esports website VPesports. 

Earlier, users could bet on the outcome of tournament matches using in-game skins. However, when Valve imposed restrictions on trading between accounts, the administration of VPGame introduced the ability to bet using their own virtual currency (called P-Coins) in addition to the skins. This currency could be obtained by trading CSGO or Dota 2 skins, which had no real value and therefore didn’t directly violate any laws.

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While Chinese law explicitly prevents gambling sites from using real money, it does not prohibit betting with digital items. However, VPGame is alleged of selling P-Coins for real money, which means the platform possibly violated Chinese gambling laws.

There is very little information available online about the police investigation into VPGame, as the investigation is being conducted with heightened secrecy measures. According to insiders (via Invenglobal), the company’s management is accused of creating an illegal trading network that sold P-Coins to users and developing point monetization mechanics (such as a system where players could gift these points to each other). In May 2018, AFK Gaming published evidence of VPGame’s admin fixing Asian professional Dota 2 matches.

Because of the police raid and the freezing of bank accounts, many company employees were not able to receive their salaries. 

СНГ ВИТЯЗИ ПРОТИВ ЧЕМПИОНОВ! | Spirit vs OG #1 (BO3) The International 10

Team Spirit vs OG Ecports bo3 PlayOff The International 2021 dota 2
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Турнир проводится с 05 августа
Призовой фонд 40,018,195 $
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СНГ ВИТЯЗИ ПРОТИВ ЧЕМПИОНОВ! | Spirit vs OG #1 (BO3) The International 10

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[EN] Virtus.pro – Team Spirit – Dota 2 The International 2021 – Main Event Day 4 – Game 1

[EN] Virtus.pro - Team Spirit - Dota 2 The International 2021 - Main Event  Day 4  - Game 1

OG vs VP – Game of the Day! – DreamLeague 8 DOTA 2

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OG vs VP - Game of the Day! - DreamLeague 8 DOTA 2

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Dota 2 Live🔴TNC Predator vs MTG Motivade Trust Gaming [RU] BTS DPC SEA |Bo3|

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