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PC – Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 Unit Basics – Multiplayer Strategy Guide

My starcraft 2 guide will be
broken up into sections according to the various multiplayer units, race vs race and the strategies involved
for how to win particular battles.  I will list build orders and counter
build orders, and will include other basic tips that will help you become a
better starcraft 2 player.  As you read up on each race section to the left
menu, you will indirectly learn how to play other races at the same time, since
you will learn what counters specific build orders used by a given race.

One thing I highly advice is even before you start
playing starcraft 2, just spend some time in a multiplayer game all by yourself
with no opponents, and simply study all the units, buildings, and tech trees. 
Try 1 on 1 battles between units, such as try to have a zealot fight a stalker
one on one, and see who comes out last, and how many hit points the unit won has
left.  This will get you an idea of which units are good for what, how
strong the particular units are, and what buildings build what.  I do this
myself for all RTS games, and I know it helps me tremendously.  If you just
start playing Starcraft2 without doing this, you will probably be lost and will
not know what to build or what builds what.  This will help get you started
much quicker in starcraft 2 if you did this.

PLEASE NOTE:  For all SC2: Heart
of the Swarm

specific strategy,
Shockz has you covered.

Warcraft III vs
Starcraft 2

For those of you who have played Warcraft 3 a lot,
but not Starcraft 1.  You should be familiar with the differences of how
Warcraft 3 plays vs Starcraft 2.  Here are the differences:

In short Starcraft 2 is more about macroing than microing than Warcraft 3. 
It is more about clashing larger armies together. There is no up-keep in
Starcraft 2, like there is in Warcraft 3.  The max unit count in Warcraft 3
is 90, while it is 200 in Starcraft 2.  There are no heroes in Starcraft 2
multiplayer like there is in Warcraft 3, or any creeps to kill. Here is a quick
interview of the designer of Starcraft 2 and his view of the differences between
these 2 games:

1. Quantity vs. Quality

As opposed to Warcraft III where the player controls a few units with many
different special abilities, Starcraft 2 will be a numbers game:

Starcraft 2 [units] will instead act as “movers and shooters” mostly autonomous
forces that generally lack special abilities, but will instead be used in large
control groups to “do their own thing” in battle, rather than requiring the
micromanagement of high-level Warcraft III play.”

2. More emphasis on economic activity

Another comparison to Warcraft III which had relatively little emphasis on the
economy, so players can focus on battles instead.  Starcraft 2 will have
its pronounced emphasis on bases and expansions as a means of achieving victory.

3. Rushing – strongly encouraged

Unlike Warcraft which introduced neutral creeps to keep the players occupied,
Starcraft 2 will put more emphasis on rushing.  Engaging the enemy early
and keeping him occupied will distinguish good players from mediocre ones. Which
leads us to…

4. The good, the bad, and the GOSU

According to Pardo, Warcraft III was more forgiving to beginners. In Starcraft
2, the gap in the level will be a lot more evident.  Pro players will be
able to mow down their opponents in record time by way of builds, multitasking,
quick expansions, uber units like the Protoss Mothership:

5. Beyond rock-paper-scissors

Starcraft 2 units will introduce more and more subtle ways to counter the
opponent’s strategy. The key to good counters will be timing, maneuverability,
and position (there’s a brand new implementation of higher ground – more damage,
fog of war).

Basic terms and tips for managing your micro and macro

In simple terms, Micro (micromanagement) means controlling your army towards
victory, and Macro (aka macromanagment) means the process of getting an army. 
This is the foundation of all RTS games.  You mine resources, and tons of
it as quickly as you can, then you build buildings and structures that allow you
to build fighting units, all this is the MACRO part.  Then you take all
your fighting units and control them to kill your opponent, this is the MICRO
part.  I will now break down the details of each:


Build orders – This is the foundation of the strategy you plan on doing
once the game starts.  Build orders start with an understanding of your
starting goals for each game.  Choosing a build order for a particular
battle totally depends on what type of game it is (whether its 1v1, 2v2, 3v3,
4v4, or FFA), what race your opponent(s) are and also what map is being played. 
I will list particular build orders for each race throughout my guide and what I
recommend overall for every situation.

Economy – Is very important in Starcraft 2 and is overlooked by many
noobies.  Just about everything in Starcraft2 costs money, in a sense it is
just a big money war, generally the richer you are the more you can buy, the
more you can buy, the more you can overpower your opponent.  So building
workers continuously throughout the beginning of the game is VERY VERY VERY
important.  If your income level is lower than your opponent, then you are
probably going to lose, it’s as simple as that.  This can be easily
remedied by simply making sure you have enough workers (SCVs, probes, or drones)
throughout the game.  A simply strategy to make sure this happens, is
basically just make sure you constantly build a worker unit before just about
anything else.  Constantly have a worker unit queued up, and keep cranking
them out until you have about 16 – 24 workers for each 8 patches of minerals,
and 3 workers for each gas mine.  In my opinion, the sweet spot for the
number of workers per 8 patches of minerals is 20 workers, I think that is a
very good number to shoot for when maxing out your mineral mining production.

Expansions – Another important aspect of economy is expansions. 
Expansions means setting up another small base just for the means of collecting
even more resources to get your income level even higher. Knowing when to expand
and when not to is VERY important.  Keeping your opponent from expanding
throughout the game is also very important.

Spend Your Money – Having a good income means you will have plenty of
money to buy things.  But one thing most noobs forget, is to simply SPEND
YOUR MONEY WHEN YOU GET IT.  You should never look at your resources you
have collected and it’s like over 1000 minerals or 1000 gas. You could have all
that money into a bigger army rather than having it just sit in your bank.  Starcraft DOES NOT have a interest rate (like a real bank) that makes more if
you have more sitting in your bank.  You would be much better off if you
spent your unspent money on more fighting units rather than have it sit and
collect.  Trust me you will win the game much quicker, just think about it? 
Get my drift..??  Last thing you want is to lose the battle because you
have a ton of resources just collected up, you’ve could of easily transferred
all those recourses into fighting units and you would’ve won the game.

If your income level is too high to compensate for unit production, then adapt
by simply building more unit producing structures.  Keep cranking units out
just as fast as your bringing money in, this is important.

Offense is your best Defense – You will find the more you shift your
money towards offense (fighting units) rather than defense (towers, bunkers,
things of that nature), then the quicker you will win the game, and the more
likely you will win the game early on.  This is more true in 2v2, and even
more in 3v3 games, but less true in FFAs, and 1v1s are controversy on this
issue.  But overall you should not go gung ho and crank out a BIG defense,
I guarantee you, that you will lose the game.  Spending your money on a
good offense, will be a better overall defense in your struggle to win each
game.  There are many units in Starcraft designed to even take out defense
structures quickly.  So focus more on offense rather than defense and you
will be will on your way to stepping out of the “noob” zone.

A few strategically placed defensive structures can help tremendously in many
situations however, so don’t forget about them completely.

Control Group Hot Keys – Thank goodness Starcraft2 makes managing your
army easier than Starcraft1, in starcraft1 you can only select up to 12 units at
a time, but in starcraft2 you can have as many as you want selected at once. 
This makes starcraft2 much easier to play and more fun than starcraft1 .. 
Hot keys have been improved too. Having hot keys for specific units is
important. You can easily and quickly select certain units and control them faster
than without hotkeys.

To make a hotkey, simply highlight the units you want to be in the control group
and press “ctrl” and then the number you like them to be in. Also if you ever
want to quickly add another unit to that control group, you can highlight the
new unit you want added to the specific control group, then press the “shift”
key and then the control group number you want him added to.  Now press
that control group number and that unit will be in the group.

I recommend having a hotkey for your scouting unit, your main army, and any
tactical units, such as a terran ghost, protoss mothership, zerg infestor, etc. 
You can even take this a skill level further and use different control groups
for different fighting units.  For example, as protoss, you can have a
control group just for all your stalkers and another one just for your zealots,
and then keep switching back and forth to control them individually in a manner
for having your zealots fighting a specific unit, while having your stalkers
hitting and running on another patch of units.  Of course this is more of a
advance technique I recommend using later on once you get better.

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Micromanagement – Like I said before this means controlling your army towards
victory.  I do have to admit, starcraft2 is more about macro than micro
when compared to Warcraft 3.  But starcraft 2 still has a lot of
micromanagement involved if you plan on becoming a very good starcraft player.
Luckily a lot of units in starcraft2 have autocast abilities that work
automatically and you don’t have to worry about them much. But units like
stalkers, which have the “blink” ability, is a good example of a unit that
requires good micro.  And even stalkers without the “blink” ability still
requires good micro to be able to “hit and run”..

Hit and Run – Hit and Run is a very important part of starcraft2,
especially compared with starcraft1.  You will see a lot of units are
ranged fighters who are simply faster than a lot of other units, you can use
these units to keep hitting your opponent, and then running away from harm once
they come after you, then keep repeating the process.  If you can master this ability
while still focusing on managing your MACRO at the same time, then you are well
on your way to becoming an expert starcraft player.  I will explain the
best hit-and-run units each race has thought my guide, and what to do to counter

Scouting – This means spying on your opponent (usually at the very
beginning of the game with a worker unit, or overlord if you are zerg) just to
see what build order he/she is going for.  As you start playing starcraft 2
you will see just about everyone doing this.  And for good reason. Knowing
what your opponent is doing can help you decide how to counter attack them. 
You should always have an understanding throughout the game what your opponent
is building, this is very important.  Later on in the game, every race has
some kind of “flying” spy you can build to spy (and in some cases) even harass
your opponent at the same time.  I will explain more on this later.

Aggression – Some people refer to this as
constant harassing, this is a very important part of RTS games, the more you
throw your opponent off guard with harassing, then the more the game will be in
your favor. It’s more important for you to do the harassing, then your enemy. 
If you can sneak into your opponents base near the beginning of the game and
take out some of their workers, then you have a good chance of winning, I will
explain the best harassing techniques to use in starcraft 2 for each race below
in my guide and also how to counter someone who is harassing you.  But
remember, usually the more aggressive player will usually win the battle.

You watch any expert starcraft 2 match, and you will see everyone involves some
kind of early harassing and generally non-stop aggression towards throwing their
opponent off guard.  And you watch any noob battle, and generally you will
see they will sit in their base until they have built up a big army, and then
collide with the opponents army and whoever comes out standing last wins. 
Generally Starcraft2 is WAY more fun to play the expert way, of non-stop
attacking. And is also the best way to play this game.

As you play this game more and more and get used to both the micro and macro
aspects you will start to have more flexibility in your skills to start
attacking non-stop, so if you are new to this game just take it easy at first
and understand how to micro and macro before slipping out of the noob zone of
the “no rush for 10 minutes. saying” haha. So don’t be mad at yourself for not
attacking non-stop when you first start playing, but definitely work your way to
that skill level..  This definitely separates the noobs from the pros.

Control Group Hot Keys – Having control groups for your buildings is
important and I recommend having them for ALL your unit producing buildings and
also hotkeys for your upgrade buildings as well. In starcraft2 you want to be
100% focused on harassing and attacking your opponent non-stop, while at the
same time keeping up with your macro (unit production, farm production, upgrades
and other structures).  This is best accomplished by simply having them all
in control groups. You should also take your time and memorize the hot-key
buttons for everything.  You should never click on an icon in the game. 
You should always know all the shortcut keys for everything. You want to
minimize as much time as possible on your macromanagement and use it for your
micromanagement instead.  And the same thing for micro, you should always
use hotkeys for every unit ability and never press icons.

Memorize the armor and damage system.

I can’t stress how important it is to memorize the
damage and armor system in this game.  Different units are classified as
either a light unit, armored unit, biological unit, or massive unit.  Many
units in Starcraft 2 does bonus damage to certain types of units.  By
memorizing this you will know what unit counters what more effectively.

Other random
Starcraft2 notes, tips and advice:

-You will notice every unit has a Kill count and Rank. Keep in mind Blizzard put
this in the game purely for reference data and informational purposes only. 
Sometimes it’s kinda cool to see how much a particular unit has killed.  I
personally think this is a cool little feature.  And it’s cool for the
single player campaign to see how your units are doing.  But keep in mind
this has nothing to do with the actual game play or enhances the units in any

-Never press Icons, memorize all hot keys in the game, you want to minimize as
much downtime of micro and macroing as possible if you want to become a better
Starcraft player.

-Don’t get frustrated if you lose. Remember your worst game could be your best
game if you learn from it. Anytime you lose a game, watch the replay and see
what you did wrong.  See what you could have done differently to have won
it.  You can also learn more about this game from players that beat you
rather than if you beat somebody, simply watch their reply and see what they
did.  This is also very important. If you want to become really good at
this game you need to spend a lot of time studying replays.

Gameplay terms
and definitions

When playing Starcraft 2, you may see a lot of
different terms people are using, and you may be like “what does that mean?” 
Well this section should help you be familiar with all of these terms:

AA – Means Anti-Air.  Any unit that can hit air units, are Anti-Air
units. “We need to get AA quickly to stop the mutas.”

All-In – A specific rush involving
sacrificing economy for the intent to win a game very quickly, and usually if it
fails, then it’s usually considered game over for the “All-Inner”, since he will
be hurt for economy.  This term isn’t really seen a whole lot in the
starcraft universe, but it’s there.
“I’m going all-in with a quick reaper rush.”

AoE – Area of Effect, e.g. the High Templar’s PSI Storm hits a certain
radius and anyone in that radius (or AoE) will take damage.
“Watch out for the ghost’s AoE shockwave”

APM – Actions per minute.  The number of mouse clicks and key
presses per minute. You will see an APM chart for one of the list of replay
options to view.

Backstab – After the enemy leaves his undefended base, go in and attack

Ball – Could also simply mean a group of units.  A large group of
units, or a small group of units moving together around the map.

BM – Bad Manners (or Bad Mannered).  This is used to describe
someone who makes fun of the opposing player, such as when someone says “GG”
before the game is even remotely over.  “That player
is very BM”

BO – Build Order – The order in which buildings and units are produced in
the early game to achieve a specific strategy.  “Which
BO are you going for?”

Choke Point (or simply called “Choke” for short) – This term refers to
the entrance to your base.  There is a “choke point” in every map for
starcraft 2, and usually involves a small ramp leading up into your base. 
You generally want to make sure this is well guarded early on to protect
yourself from rushes.  “Watch out you got enemies
trying to get into your Choke.”

Contain – This means having your army camp outside of your opponents base
to prevent your opponent from expanding.  The Container will then have more
control over the map to expand himself.  “I’m being
contained in my base by stalkers.”

Creep Bridge (or Creep Highway) – This means a long range of zerg creep
on the ground, usually created by creep tumors or overlords/overseers pouring
creep on the ground so the zerg units can move faster over it.
 “The zerg have a creep highway across the whole

Distance Mining – This generally refers to when you are mining resources
over a long distance rather than using a town hall building close up (command
center, nexus, or hatchery).  “He has to distance
until he has enough to build a nexus”

Economy – Basically means your income rate of resources.  The more
worker units you have mining resources the better economy you will have, which
in the long run will allow you to build more fighting units.

FE – Fast Expansion – Creating a second town hall building (nexus,
command center, or hatchery) quickly at the beginning of the game in order to
get your economy going even better in the long run. 
“Are you going to do an FE?”

Food (also called farm space, or simply farms) – General term for the
terran supply, zerg control, or protoss Psi.  The more food (or farms) you
have, the more units you can have out.

Gas Steal – Means building a gas collecting building in your opponents
base with a scouting worker to prevent them from mining gas early.  This is
RARELY seen in Starcraft 2 since now there are two gas mines in every base
compared to only one in starcraft 1.

Greedy – Simply means fast expanding (sometimes even twice) before you
even start producing fighting units in order to gain a HUGE economical advantage
during the long run of the game.

Harass – constant hitting-and-running on your opponent, usually means
ultimately keep hitting-and-running at worker units to throw your opponent off
track.  Good harassing units early on include: stalkers, reapers, or
borrowed moving roaches. Later on would be banshees, mutalisks, or void rays.

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Hard Counter – When a particular unit or strategy overpowers another unit
or strategy.  “The stalker is a hard counter to the

Kiting – This also refers to hit-and-run, where as one unit has an
advantage over another unit that allows it to hit-and-run against it until the
opposing unit is destroyed.  The hit-and-runner usually is faster with a
longer attack range. “I kited the zealots to death
with my stalkers”

Natural – This means the closest possible expansion to your main base
that can be blocked off with a further choke point.

Macro – (aka macromanagment) Means the process of getting an army. 
This is the foundation of all RTS games. You mine resources, and tons of it as
quickly as you can, then you build buildings and structures that allow you to
build fighting units, all this is the MACRO part.  The other side of macro
is micro (explained later).

MBS – Multiple Building selection.  This refers to when you have
several unit producing buildings of the same caliber to produce more than one
unit at a time.  For example, building more than 1 zealot at a time with
multiple gateways.

Micro – (micromanagement) means controlling your army towards victory.

Peon – A worker unit (SCV, Drone, or Probe).

Proxy – This means when you build your fighting unit producing buildings
as safely close as you can to your opponents base so the travel time it takes to
get your fighting units to your opponents base is dramatically reduced.  In
SC2, this is mostly referred to when the protoss build 2 gateways close to your
opponent’s base to crank out zealots against them quickly.  Allies will
sometimes say to other protoss allies early on if they are going to “proxy” rush
them, such as: “Should we proxy gateway them?”.
So remember this.  This could also be considered an “All-In” strategy.

Push – This refers to the opposite of rushing, where as a rush is
constantly flooding your opponent with usually one type of unit early on. 
A Push refers to attacking only when you have a certain combination of units to
achieve a specific strategy or counter.

Rush – Optimizing production to reach massing out a specific unit
quickly, usually with the intent of early pressure on the enemy.  A rush is
not considered as do-or-die as an all-in. If a rush fails, it’s still possible
to recover. “Should we Push them or Rush

Scout – Means sending a unit to your opponent’s base to see what they are
building, or to scout the map to see if they are building something elsewhere on
the map.  In the very early game, worker units make the best scouts, later
on quick moving air units make great scouts.  This can also be accomplished
with the terran’s Scanner Sweeper.

Sim-City – In RTS games, this refers to how you place your buildings in
your base.

Soft Counter – A unit that has a small advantage over another unit, but
not so much overpowering as the Hard Counter (mentioned above).  The zealot
is a Soft Counter to the marauder.

Timing Attack – Refers to when you time your attack very good against
your opponent when they are weak building up to a Push.  For example, if
you attack the terrans early on at the right time before they are about to get
mass banshees, then you have successfully counter their “push” with your push.

Turtle – Spending a large portion of the game camping in your base with a
great defense in the hopes of teching to high tier units.

Wall-In – Buildings placed at choke points to reduce the effectiveness of
early rushes.  This is commonly done by Protoss and Terran.

Various unit and structure abbreviations


Core – Cybernetics Core
DT – Dark Templar
FF – Force Field
HT – High Templar
Lots – Zealots
Robo – Robotics Facility
Speedlots – Zealots with the Charge upgrade.


BC – Battlecruiser
Bio – A unit combination that relies primarily on units from the Barracks
CC – Command Center
HSM – “Hunter” Seeker Missile
Mech – A unit combination that relies primarily on units from the Factory

MMM or M&M&M
– Marines, Marauders and Medivacs
OC – Orbital Command
PF – Planetary Fortress
PDD – Point Defense Drone
Rax – Barracks


Blings – Banelings
Baneling Bust – Using banelings to break through wall-ins or defended
Cracklings – Zerglings with the Adrenal Glands upgrade.
FG – Fungal Growth
Hatch – Hatchery
Hydras – Hydralisks
Lings – Zerglings
Mutas – Mutalisks
NP – Neural Parasite
Pool – Spawning Pool
Speedlings – Zerglings with the Metabolic Boost upgrade.
Ultras – Ultralisks




[Update] Starcraft 2 Best Units for Each Race | starcraft 2 unit – Vietnamnhanvan

Say you find yourself with 10K mineral and gas in the ultimate late game. What units do you get? Here are the answers.

Zerg Ultralisk  

When we are playing SC2, sometimes we just want an ultimate, end game unit that we can just A-Move our way to victory. Each race of course has just this OP unit that can deliver the joy of owning the game for us. We will look at what are some of the best units in the game that we can use to lead us to victory on the ladders when we get into that supreme late game situation.

Top 5 Terran:

  • 1. Battlecruiser
  • 2. Ghost
  • 3. Widow Mine 
  • 4. Siege Tank
  • 5. Thor

Top 5 protoss:

  • 1. Carrier
  • 2. Void Ray
  • 3. High Templar 
  • 4. Dark Templar 
  • 5. Disruptor 

Top 5 zerg:

  • 1. Ultralisk
  • 2. Lurker 
  • 3. Hydra 
  • 4. Roach
  • 5. Mutalisk 

Starcraft 2 Best Terran Units (Top 5)

#5. Thor 

Thor OP moment​

Thor is one of the strongest Terran units; it is a massive Gundam-type mechanical unit that can deal a crazy amount of damage. Like the name suggests, the inspiration for the unit comes from the mighty God of thunder with power to eliminate any enemy units. Thor can be produced in a factory with a tech lab once the armory is built. It is slow to move and harder to control against fast moving enemy units, but the damage it deals often more than makes up for this drawback. Thors can be good for both ground and air fight, but it is especially OP against heavy armor air units such as corruptors and carriers; Thor’s high impact payload mode can erase an air army in a matter of seconds.  

Unit details: https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/Thor_(Legacy_of_the_Void) 

#4. Siege Tank

Siege Tank OP moment​

Tanks have always been considered an essential unit for Terran for owning other races. Rightfully, the other races have frequently complained that tanks are ‘broken’ as they deal insane  splash damage with huge range on the ground. Like thors, tanks are produced in a factory with a tech lab. When it comes to the ground army, there are very few, if any, units that can stand a chance against well positioned tanks. Once you siege this highly armored mechanical unit, it becomes close to impossible to break the  tank line, especially if it’s supported by other units like bio. The splash damage output from a sieged tank is just insane-it will literally decimate anything on the ground.  

Unit details: https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/Siege_Tank_(Legacy_of_the_Void) 

#3. Widow Mine

Widow Mine OP moment​

If you are a Zerg or Protoss player playing against Terran, this unit might as well be the scariest unit for you. Widow Mine drops during early to mid game can be a very potent play for Terran as it can easily get you 10+ worker kills and delayed mining. Produced 2 at a time at a reactored factory, this unit’s one time huge splash damage output is big enough to wipe out the majority of your enemy army if they are not careful. Widow mines are especially strong against light units like lings and zealots. And with an armory built, it acquires clock ability which is just another added nuisance for your opponent because it is quite easy to forget that they are still there. If you neglect to get rid of a recharging Widow Mines in your base, it can repeatedly wreak havoc in your mineral line to destroy your economy, costing you the game eventually.  

Unit details: https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/Widow_Mine_(Legacy_of_the_Void)    

#2. Ghost 

Ghost OP moment​

Nuke, EMP, snipes, and cloak. All these amazing abilities are packed into one unit: Ghost. While it requires an extremely high level of control, when used right, you can certainly dominate the pace of the game. Created out of tech lab barracks after Ghost Academy, Ghost is an essential late game unit to weaken the Protoss death ball with EMPs and terrorize Zerg bases with relentless nukes. If you see high value units like ultra, lurkers, and vipers in the game, Ghosts will do wonders in eliminating them with snipes, making the Zerg death ball army look much less intimidating. It will take time using this high quality unit properly, but it is certainly an investment worthwhile that will get you very far in your journey to the higher tier Terran.       

Unit details: https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/Ghost_(Legacy_of_the_Void)  

#1. Battlecruiser 

Battlecruiser OP moment​

Terran’s ultimate weapon of destruction: battlecruiser. It is every Terran’s dream to get to the point in a game where you can just go fully upgraded mass BCs. With Yamato cannon and teleport available, BCs are no doubt the best unit Terran has. Many say that BC may well be the best unit in the entire game because of its insane damage output and huge health, not to mention the teleport that will essentially keep them alive forever. Regardless of air or ground fight, once Terrans are able to accumulate enough BCs, they will destroy whatever army the other race have. Slow to move and relatively short ranged, but this is more than made up for with BC’s 2 special abilities: teleport and Yamato cannon. So once you get to the supreme late game and see your bank exploding, go BCs, it’s a no brainer if you want that “gg” out of your opponent. 

Unit detail: https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/Battlecruiser_(Legacy_of_the_Void)  

Starcraft 2 Best Protoss Units (Top 5)

#5. Disruptor  

Disruptor OP moment

A new edition to the last expansion of the SC2, disruptor, is a spell casting unit with no auto attack ability. It requires a robotics bay and robotics facility to produce and is considered a fairly later game unit. Disruptors are often described as ‘broken’ by players of other races, especially bio Terran players. One split second is all it takes for a disruptor shot to completely wipe out your bio army unless your split micro is top-notch. To be fair, disruptor control can be quite tricky for the Protoss user as well, but the damage output when it hits is far too great for that to be a drawback. 

Unit detail: https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/Disruptor

#4. Dark Templar 

Dark Templar OP moment

If you tell the SC1 players that the Dark Templars can now blink in SC2, they would laugh at you for making a bad joke. If only this was just a bad joke, right Terran and Zerg players? DTs are one of those units that have always been a cheat unit since the SC1 era. In SC2, they have become more of an OP unit with insane DPS and on top of that, now blink. Just like stalkers, you can upgrade blink in Dark Shrine to make your DTs thousand times more deadly. The utility of blink DTs knows no limit; use it for harassing, use it for the main fight, it is totally up to the Protoss players because either way they will dish out crazy damage bringing you one step closer to victory.   

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Unit detail: https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/Dark_Templar_(Legacy_of_the_Void)    

#3. High Templar  

High Templar OP moment

If you ask the SC2 players what they think is the most OP thing in the game, there is a very good chance that they will answer ‘storm.’ As a bio Terran player and light unit based Zerg player, there is nothing more terrifying than High Templar’s psionic storms. HTs also have other great abilities like feedback to drain energy of other spell casting units, but this is not really worth mentioning compared to the dreadful storm. They require high tech structures like templar’s archive, but you would be surprised how fast you can get storms out in a match as a  Protoss, forcing Zerg/Terran players to exclaim good old “Protoss is so broken” argument.  Here is another tip for the Protoss players. You can completely destroy the mineral line with a storm or 2 with HTs in a prism and turn them into archons to continue wrecking Terrans/Zergs. One of the easiest ways to crush your opponent for a sweet victory.     

Unit detail: https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/High_Templar_(Legacy_of_the_Void) 

#2. Void Ray

Void Ray OP moment

Typical Protoss unit, expensive but very much worth it. Void Ray is one of the earliest stargate units Protoss can pump out to make the life of Zergs/Terrans a living hell. Paired with a shield battery minefields right outside the enemy base, proxy Void Ray rush can be very strong. The utility of Void Ray, however, does not end in the early-mid game. You can certainly go mass voids with speed upgrades from the fleet beacon to take the air dominance. Once you reach a critical mass of Voids in the later game, there are very few things that can stand a chance against them. They are insanely fast moving and deal crazy DPSs capable of destroying buildings and armies in a second. For this reason, they are definitely considered one of the best units Protoss has in its arsenal.      

Unit detail: https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/Void_Ray_(Legacy_of_the_Void) 

#1. Carrier 

Carrier OP moment

Carriers have arrived. What music to your ears if you are a Protoss. As an ultimate unit that will win any battles for the Protoss, there is no argument that Carrier is the best unit for the Protoss. It takes a long time to build a Carrier due to its extended build time and high tech building requirement. However, once you build a mass carrier army, all you need to do to win the game is a simple A-Move into the enemy base. With so many interceptors dishing out huge damage in a short period of time, no ground or air army stands a chance against the fleet of Carriers. If you have a huge bank in the late game, go carriers. They will carry you into victory.        

Unit detail: https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/Carrier_(Legacy_of_the_Void)

Starcraft 2 Best Zerg Units (Top 5)

#5. Mutalisk 

Mutalisk OP moment

Mutalisk OP moment​

I have a question for you fellow Terran players. What is the most annoying harass you can get when you are playing against Zerg? If you answer mutas, you are probably in the majority. Just a few of these pesky air units during the early-mid game can easily lead you down the road of rage gaming. Even an inexpensive small flock of mutas can do so much for the Zerg players. You can use them to keep Terrans and Protoss in their part of the map while you expand and grow. The terrorist of the mineral line, mutas deal special kind of splash damage called Glaive Wurm where every shot hits 3 targets. They also regenerate instantly upon receiving damage so you need to kill them off on the spot. Otherwise, they will keep coming back to kill all your workers all over again. Mutas are also definitely one of the most fun units to control if you are playing Zerg.        

Unit detail: https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/Mutalisk_(Legacy_of_the_Void) 

#4. Roach

Roach OP moment

The oldie but goody. Roaches have made their flashy return recently thanks to Rogue, one of the best Zergs at the moment. Rogue used mass roach/ravager style to crush the best Terran Maru to win the most recent GSL code S. And this of course showed the way for the Zerg players on the ladder which is currently filled with mass roach based play meta. Roaches are extremely cheap and easy to make from very early in the game. They regenerate quite quickly and you can just turn them into ravagers when they get hurt to restore full health and make your army many more times dangerous. Just like the name suggests, no matter how many times you kill them, they keep coming back all around your base to cause nuisance. With good upgrades and constant production backed by good macro, roaches are the most favored unit in the game for Zerg players at the moment.     

Unit detail: https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/Roach_(Legacy_of_the_Void) 

#3. Hydra

Hydra OP moment​

Hydra has been a signature unit for Zerg since the day of SC1. They are a great unit for both ground and air battle. Hydras boast being a unit with one of the highest DPS in the game-if you are out of place when an army of hydra hits one of your bases, you won’t make it in time to save it because they will destroy it in a blink of an eye. You can make your hydra even stronger with 2 additional upgrades in the hydra den: muscular augments and grooved spines to make them faster and attack at a longer range. If you have to choose a Zerg unit to mass produce in an uncertain situation, press down that h key to max out in hydras-it will not disappoint you.   

Unit detail: https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/Hydralisk_(Legacy_of_the_Void) 

#2. Lurker  

Lurker OP moment​

Want to make hydras even more IMBA? Just build a lurker den and morph them into lurkers. Lurkers are an infamously strong Zerg unit that burrow to deal huge damage to ground army and structures. They are expensive and it takes a long time to make them, but once you have them, you will dominate any fight on the ground. When you first make lurkers, their only potential weakness is slow burrowing time and shorter range than some other ground units in the game like tanks. However, even this minor weakness can essentially be taken care of with 2 additional upgrades in the lurker den: adaptive talons and seismic spines which will make your lurker pretty much invincible by increasing their burrowing speed and attack range. With their high splash damage output, lurkers will easily shred any ground army your Terran/Protoss opponent may throw at you. Lurkers are no doubt already the best Zerg units as they are, but I will let you in on a juicy lurker usage tip that will make them seem even more broken. It’s a trick called stop lurkers which is a sneaky move from the time of SC1. You burrow lurkers and put them on a hold position until the enemy ground army unknowingly walks over them. When the time is right, you let them attack and before you know it your enemy army will evaporate.       

Unit detail: https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/Lurker_(Legacy_of_the_Void)

#1. Ultralisk 

Ultralisk OP moment​

One unit might come to mind when you think of the best Zerg unit of all time: Ultralisk. Standing at the very top of the Zerg tech tree is this majestic beast, Ultra. As an ultimate final unit of Zerg, ultra requires the highest tech-hives and ultralisk cavern. As a result, they are very slow to build up to a good number. However, a fully upgraded ultra base army will chew through any defense on the ground. With armor comparable to that of a structure, ultra will seemingly never die. Couple swipes with their massive tusks will shred through any light units like Terran bio or Protoss zealot/stalker. Ultras have 2 extra upgrades to make them even more broken: Chitinous plating and anabolic synthesis which will increase their armor even more and make them move faster. On top of that, they have a special innate ability called Frenzied which means they will be immune to some of the potent movement altering spells from the enemy units like infestor fungal and sentry force field. As a result, a fully upgraded ultra is literally a living bulldozer that will mow down any ground based army like it’s a common weed. Ultimately, pair them with queen transfuse on creep, you have just secured an easy win.             
Unit detail: https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/Ultralisk_(Legacy_of_the_Void)

Terran Battlecruisers

I hope you took some good notes for building your own death ball army for a satisfying “gg” out of your opponent. Here is the summary. Macro up and build a huge bank with 10Ks and press down that b button, c button, and u button for a convincing Terran, Protoss, and Zerg win. wp!

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