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The skins in CS:GO can range from a few cents up to several thousands of dollars. Here, we will be taking a look at the most expensive CS:GO skins in 2021.

CS:GO has been around for a long 8 years and during this time, as the game got established, so did its marketplace. The CS:GO skin market is now worth millions of dollars and the prices of these skins are only ever increasing. With skins ranging from a few cents to several hundreds of thousands of dollars, you might be wondering just how expensive can skins get in CS:GO?

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What makes a CS:GO skin expensive?

In the simplest definition, the skins that look the nicest and wanted by everyone are the most expensive. But that definition gets real complicated real fast. Along with how nice a skin looks, skin rarity is also a term closely associated with skin price. The harder to obtain an item, the more expensive it gets. Then skin wear, quality, stattrack availability, patterns, and stickers all factor in and, cumulate to the final price of the item.

Skin Wear or Float Number

Skins in the game are assigned float numbers that determine their wear or condition. From 0.0 to 1.0, the higher the number, the worse the condition, and the lower the number the better the condition. Most skins get more scratched up with higher wear values. However, there are some “brightness skins” where only the brightness of the skin texture gets affected with wear making them playable even at higher floats.

Floats 0.000-0.07 are Factory New (FN) skins. These look the best, brightest, have no scratches, and cost the most. From 0.07-0.15 are the Minimal Wear (MW) skins. These look almost the same as FN skins but are more affordable. Field-Tested (FT) skins come in floats 0.15-0.37. These are usually the best value for money and still, look very playable.

Well-Worn (WW) skins range from floats 0.37 to 0.44 and are the range where most skins start to look quite bad. Apart from brightness skins, it is not advised to purchase these tiers of skins. Battle-Scarred (BS) skins range from .44-1.0 and they are the worst quality skin can be. The name’s abbreviation does it justice and it is not advised to go after this tier of skins. An exception to these is the BS >0.96 float AWP | Asiimov known as the Blackiimov(Full black scope) which surprisingly costs more than an FN version.

Skin Quality

Skin quality comes in Industrial Grade (White) Mil-Spec (Blue), Restricted (Purple), Classified (Pink), Covert (Red), and Special Item/Knife (Gold). The prices of items do follow the quality hierarchy for the most part, but at the extreme ends, other factors like patterns and stickers overtake quality in terms of deciding the skin’s price.


CS:GO has a Stattrack variant of almost all skins that keeps a lifetime count of how many kills are acquired with that skin. StatTrack variants of skins are always a lot more expensive than the normal versions.


Here is where it gets really complicated. In the case of most skins, it is not that much of a concern but the pattern in high tier items can influence the value to be a few times their normal cost just because of the pattern. Also, ordinary cheap skin can be worth an immense value just because of the pattern.

Blue Gems in Case Hardened skins, Pearls in Doppler skins, Good Webbing in Crimson Web skins, perfect fades, etc are some of the rarest patterns and are worth several times more.


Stickers are another add-on for skins that affects the rarity and price of a skin. Stickers like Katowice 2014 ones are absurdly rare and a skin’s rarity is determined by what sticker it has along with the position of the sticker too. For example, a Souvenir Dragon Lore with a KennyS gold foil on the scope is worth several times as much as the same skin with random stickers.

But the absolute most expensive CS:GO sticker in the world is the Katowice 2014 Titan Holo. Eight of these were sold recently for a whopping $500,000 USD making the price of a single one about $62,500 USD. Depending on the weapon and sticker position, a portion of the sticker price is added to the total value of the skin.

Top 10 Most Expensive CS:GO skins in 2021

Now we bring you the most expensive skins in CSGO. Note that the market is fluctuating but it’s safe to say the prices you see are only going to keep on increasing. Especially due to the current downward slope of the bitcoin market, a lot of Chinese traders have entered into the CS:GO market and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into collector items and driving up the prices along the way.

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The prices listed here are just estimates as all of these items are one of a kind and the current owners of the skins can literally name any price they want. So here, estimated prices have been used.

10. StatTrack Ak-47 | Vulcan Factory New with 4x Titan Katowice 2014 Holos

St Ak-47 | Vulcan FN with 4x Titan Holos via ohnePixel St Ak-47 | Vulcan FN with 4x Titan Holos via ohnePixel

We start with the 10th most expensive skin on this list; The StatTrack Ak-47 | Vulcan FN with 4x Titan Katowice 2014 Holos. You might think that why the $9000 Fire Serpent was listed as an Honorable mention but why is a $700 Vulcan in the top 10?

It’s because of the Stickers. The Titan Katowice 2014 Holos as discussed earlier are the most expensive skins in the game now and the stickers themselves cost around $50,000, bringing the total value of this skin to $100,000 USD.

9. 0.000009 StatTrack M4A4 | The Emperor with 4x Titan Katowice 2014 Holos

StatTrack M4A4 | The Emperor FN with 4x Titan HolosStatTrack M4A4 | The Emperor FN with 4x Titan Holos

The 9th most expensive skin in the list is the StatTrack M4A4 | The Emperor with 4x Titan Katowice 2014 Holos. The ST FN M4A4 Emperor is nothing remarkable but what makes this specific skin worth so much is the float value and again, the Katowice 2014 stickers. Consider from now on, these stickers will be a recurring factor in the world’s most expensive CS:GO skins.

The float on this M4A4 | The Emperor is 0.000009 which is an insane number making it the cleanest Emperor to exist. Add to that 4x Titan Kato14 Holos and you got yourself a skin worth around $110,000 USD.

8. 0.0005 AWP | Medusa with 4x Titan Katowice 2014 Holos

AWP | Medusa FN with 4x Titan Holos crafted by Drone in 2017AWP | Medusa FN with 4x Titan Holos crafted by Drone in 2017

The AWP | Medusa in itself is one of the most expensive skins in the game. The FT variant of this skin costs around $2500 and the FN costs around $6500. But this specific AWP | Medusa is the 8th most expensive skin in the world.

It was crafted by Drone and in 2017, he put 4x Titan Holos on this skin. Add to that an amazing float of 0.0005 and you got yourself a crazy expensive skin.

In the first week of June, this skin was bought by a YouTuber named ProdigyDDK for $128,000. The current value of this skin is estimated to be over $150,000 USD.

7. StatTrack M4A4 | Howl with 4x Titan Katowice 2014 Holos

StatTrack M4A4 | Howl FN with 4x Titan Holos

The M4A4 Howl was one of the most controversial skins of CS:GO. After getting accused of stolen artwork, the skin was removed from the case and was given the skin tier of “Contraband”. It is the only skin to receive that title and afterward it there was no way to get a new M4 Howl. So the ones that have been opened skyrocketed in price making the skin extremely rare. On top of that a Stattrack with 4x Titan Holos? You’re looking at $160,000 USD.

6. 0.003 AWP | Gungnir with 4x Titan Holos

AWP | Gungnir FN with 4x Titan HolosAWP | Gungnir FN with 4x Titan Holos

The AWP | Gungnir was one of the recent significant additions to the game and it has taken the community by storm. The AWP by itself is the most expensive AWP in the game costing around $5000 for a Field-tested one and $12,500 for a Factory new one. But when 4x Titan Katowice 2014 stickers are slapped on a 0.003 AWP the value of this skin jumps to $180,000 USD.

5. 0.003 ST FN M4 Howl with 4x IBP Holos

Stattrack M4A4 Howl with 4x ibuypower Katowice 2014 holosAlex’s 0.003 Float FN Stattrack M4A4 Howl with 4x ibuypower Katowice 2014 holos via MattCS

This is another M4A4 Howl that has a float value of 0.003 making it the lowest float Stattrack Howl in the world. The stickers on this beast are the iBuyPower Katowice 2014 Holos and although they are not as expensive as the Titan Holos, these are still worth around $40,000 USD each.

Stattrack M4A4 Howl with 4x ibuypower Katowice 2014 holos 0.003 ST FN M4 Howl with 4x IBP Holos

This skin is estimated to be valued at around $200,000 USD.

4. Souvenir FN AWP | Dragon Lore with 4x Titan Holos

 Souvenir FN AWP | Dragon Lore with PashaBiceps sticker on Scope Souvenir FN AWP | Dragon Lore with PashaBiceps sticker on Scope

The AWP | Dragon Lore finally makes an appearance at the 4th most expensive skin in CS:GO history. This one is a Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore Factory new and this one is especially expensive because of the sticker of PashaBiceps on the scope. This skin’s estimated value is around $220,000 USD.

3. Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore FN with 4x Titan Holos

FN Dragon Lore with 4x Titan Katowice 2014 Holoslord belle’s Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore FN with 4x Titan Katowice 2014 Holos via MattCS

We have another AWP | Dragon Lore but the one owned by Chinese trader lord belle is the one with 4x Titan Holos on them. This, at first sight, looks like normal skin but in fact, it is Souvenir skin. The owner scratched off all the gold foil stickers and then proceeded to put on Titan Kato14 Holo stickers. Absolute mad lad.

Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore FN with 4x Titan Katowice 2014 Holos

The current estimated value of this skin is thought to be around $250,000 USD.

2. Stattrack Ak-47 | Case Hardened Blue Gem with 4x Titan Holos

Stattrack Ak-47 | Case Hardened Blue Gem with 4x Titan Holos Stattrack Ak-47 | Case Hardened Blue Gem with 4x Titan Holos

The Ak-47 | Case Hardened pattern #661, also known as the Scar pattern is a Blue gem and is considered the best Blue Gem pattern for the AK. What sets this blue gem apart from all the rest is that not only it is Stattrack and in Factory new condition, but also the 4x Titan Holos on it.

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Stattrack Ak-47 | Case Hardened Blue Gem with 4x Titan Holos

This is the point you all get the gist, take a nice skin, slap on 4 of the current most expensive stickers in the world and you got yourself one of the most expensive CS:GO skins in the world.

dupreeh using the Blue gem AK in the Astralis vs Virtus.Pro IEM Katowice 2021 qualifiersdupreeh using the Blue gem AK in the Astralis vs Virtus.Pro IEM Katowice 2021 qualifiers

This skin is so legendary that Astralis star dupreeh can be seen lending this skin to use in professional matches.

Noticing this Ak in a match vs Virtus.Pro in the IEM Katowice 2021 Quarterfinal, here is a quote from the match “It’s a massive flex, it’s like he’s walking in the jeweled, the dazzled, covered-in-diamonds Gucci Slides”

It is currently valued at around $400,000 USD.

1. #387 Karambit | Case Hardened Blue Gem

StatTrack #387 Karambit | Case Hardened Blue Gem Factory NewStatTrack #387 Karambit | Case Hardened Blue Gem Factory New

We finally get to the most expensive CS:GO skin in the world. This skin is one of the most well-known and legendary skins in the CS:GO community. It is a Karambit | Case Hardened skin and it is a blue gem. It Factory New in the #387 pattern, the best in the game with a solid blue playside.

This skin was last sold to a Chinese YouTuber back in 2016 for a whopping $150,000 USD back then. It was the biggest CS:GO transaction in history at the time and it held that title for 5 years straight. The skin had one owner throughout these years and if he decides to sell in the current market, full of big sharks coming from the Crypto boom and bust, he can easily sell this for over $600,000 USD.

Honorable Mention: Cleanest Stattrack Karambit | Crimson Web FN

l0rd's ST FN Butterfly knife Crimson Web via MattCSl0rd’s ST FN Butterfly knife Crimson Web via MattCS

This skin is one of the most expensive because it is not only in Stattrack and in Factory New condition, but also because of its pattern. Currently owned by l0rd, it has pattern #59 and it has the best-webbed playside (Playside: Part of the karambit facing the player while not being inspected) It has an estimated value of $50,000 USD. This is extremely expensive for skin but it is only listed as an honorable mention as this price will look like pocket change compared to what was in the top 10.

Honorable Mention 2: StatTrack Ak-47 | Fire Serpent with 4x iBuyPower Holos

Ak-47 | Fire Serpent FN with 4x iBuyPower HolosAk-47 | Fire Serpent FN with 4x iBuyPower Holos

The Fire Serpent itself is one of the most expensive Ak-47s in the game and a Factory New version will cost around $9000. But because of the 4 iBuyPower Katowice 2014 stickers on it and each sticker costing around $40,000 USD, the estimated price of this skin is around $80,000 USD. This is also an honorable mention as this huge price tag is still not enough to bring it to the top 10.

Let that sink in, some imaginary pixels in an imaginary video game costing as much as sports cars or even a luxury house. This is the current CS:GO market with some very wealthy traders and enthusiasts with a lot of money to burn. And the prices of the skins mentioned in this list are just going up with every single change of hand.

[NEW] CSGO: Titan trở lại đỉnh cao tại DreamHack | titan csgo – Vietnamnhanvan

Giải đấu DreamHack đã được tổ chức tại Stockholm, Thụy Điển vào ngày 21/02/2014 (theo giờ địa phương) với 4 top team CSGO là fnatic.EU – đương kim vô địch DreamHack Winter 2013 , NiP gaming – King of CS:GO , TiTan – các cựu VeryGames và team Dignitas với tổng giá trị giải thưởng là $10.000.

Dreamhack csgo thumbnail

Giải đấu được tổ chức theo thể thức Double Elimination, nhưng điều đáng ngạc nhiên là toàn bộ các trận đấu (chỉ trừ chung kết) đều là Bo1. Ngay trong loạt trận đầu tiên, các cựu thành viên của VeryGames đã ngay lập tức phải đối đầu với NiP – kẻ thù truyền kiếp của họ trong quá khứ tại map de_nuke , map tủ của cả 2 bên.

Việc này làm nhiều người liên tưởng đến trận EPIC match giữa NiP và VeryGames (khi đó là 2 team mạnh nhất làng CSGO Thế Giới) cách đây tròn 1 năm trong khuôn khổ giải ESEA LAN 13 với phần thưởng trị giá $80.000. Titan, sau để lọt chức vô địch ESEA LAN vào tay iBuyPower ngày 21/1 vừa qua cùng với một màn trình diễn đáng thất vọng ngay tại giải đầu thi đấu với một trong những line up mạnh nhất Thế Giới, đã quyết định không tham gia các giải đấu tiếp theo trong vòng 1 tháng, kể cả EMS EU hay Fnatic Frag Out Season 3 để tập trung cho sự trở lại của mình tại DreamHack lần này.

Dreamhack anh1

Titan được kì vọng rất nhiều tại giải lần này

Và không nằm ngoài kì vọng của các fan hâm mộ, 2 team NiP và Titan đã cống hiến cho khán giả 1 màn trình diễn ngoài sức tưởng tượng. 2 team liên tục bám đuổi tỉ số nhau từ đầu trận đấu, những pha 1 vs 2, 1 vs 3 trong những hoàn cảnh không tưởng thể hiện rõ trình độ TOP PLAYER của họ, kết thúc thời gian thi đấu chính thức, 2 team hòa nhau với tỉ số 15-15, và phải cần đến những 2 extra time thì NiP mới chịu khuất phục trước Cỗ máy Headshot ScreaM, AWPer SmithzzZ cùng đồng đội với tỉ số 22-19. Ngoài ra ở bên phía NiP GeT_RiGhT đã thể hiện đúng phong độ của player số 1 Thế Giới khi liên tục có các tình huống đổi người tốt và cứu thua cả team nhưng như thế có lẽ là chưa đủ để chống lại HS rate 85% của Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom

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 Dreamhack anh2

NiP đang thi đấu

Ở cặp đấu còn lại, fnatic.EU, kẻ đã từng đánh bại gã khổng lồ NiP tại chung kết DreamHack Winter dễ dàng vượt qua đối thủ được đánh giá kém hơn là Dignitas với tỉ số 16-5 tại map de_dust2.

Vậy là 2 cặp đấu tiếp theo đã được định đoạt, NiP sẽ gặp Dignitas tại nhánh dưới và fnatic sẽ phải vượt qua một Titan hùng mạnh nếu muốn chạm được 1 tay vào giải thưởng $7.500 đến từ nhà tài trợ SteelSeries.

 Dreamhack anh3

Fnatic.EU trước giờ thi đấu (ảnh chụp bởi Patrik “cArn” Sättermon )

Trong khi đó tại nhánh dưới, NiP dễ dàng loại Dignitas khỏi giải đấu với tỉ số 16-3 tại map de_nuke, dường như là để trả thù cho trận thua trước Titan. Còn tại nhánh trên, Titan tiếp tục tỏ ra hoàn toàn bất bại và ngay lập tức hạ gục fnatic với tỉ số 16-8 trên chính map mà họ đã đánh bại Dignitas. Từ đó, Titan đã cầm chắc trong tay tấm vé đến với chung kết, ngoài ra họ còn có thêm 1 map free-win do đến từ nhánh trên còn fnatic lại phải đối mặt với vị vua mà họ đã khuất phục cách đây 3 tháng. Nhưng, NiP đã không để fnatic có cơ hộ đánh bại họ một lần nữa, nhờ màn trình diễn vô cùng xuất sắc của f0rest và Friberg, NiP dành chiến thắng 16-10 tại map de_dust2. Vậy là chức vô địch DreamHack sẽ được định đoạt giữa NiP và Titan, ScreaM đối đầu với f0rest, SmithzzZ và Fifflaren, Shoxie và Friberg, NBK và GeT_RiGhT, Xizt và Ex6TenZ.

 Dreamhack anh4

Diễn biến giải đấu cho đến trận chung kết

Bước vào trận đấu với sự quyết tâm lớn nhất, Titan gặp lại NiP tại map de_nuke, nơi mà họ sẽ khởi đầu với bên CTs trước, 1 lợi thế rất lớn để họ có thể kết thúc NiP một cách nhanh gọn cùng với 1 map free-win. Thế nhưng, Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg và Richard “Xizt” Landström thì lại nói điều ngược lại, liên tục liên tục là nhưng pha bám đuổi tỉ số, lật kèo, và thậm chí là cluth 1 vs 3 của Richard “Xizt” Landström giết được CT đang gỡ bom. GH, Titan tạm thời dẫn trước với tỉ số 10-5.

 Dreamhack anh5

Đám đông cổ vũ đằng sau team NiP

Sau khi đổi bên, NiP đã dành được pistol round và nâng tỉ số lên 10-8 sau 3 eco round của Titan, nhưng họ lại hoàn toàn không thể làm gì mà đành phải khoanh tay đứng nhìn pha highlight của Nathan “NBK” Schmitt làm 4, trong đó có 1 tình huống 1 vs 2, tỉ số lúc này là 11-8. Tiếp theo đó Titan lại tiếp tục chiến thắng trong các tình huống 1 vs 1 đến đau tim và dẫn trước 13-9. Nhưng ngay lúc này thì server thi đấu bị DDoS, và sau 1 tiếng delay thì 2 team, không còn lựa chọn nào khác, là phải thi đấu offline. Thánh Sọ ScreaM với tỉ lệ Headshot 83.5% dễ dàng giúp Titan dành được các round sau đó và kết thúc trận đấu với tỉ số 16-10. GG cho NBK và các đồng đội, họ đã dành chức vô địch đầu tiên trong màu áo Titan cùng phần thưởng trị giá $7.500. Cũng với chức vô địch lần này, các ex-VeryGames đã 1 lần nữa quay trở lại với đỉnh cao của mình và chính thức ghi danh team Titan vào 1 trong những top team của làng CS:GO Thế Giới.

Kết quả giải đấu DreamHack Stockholm :

1. flag 1  Titan – $7,500
2. flag 2  NiP – $2,500
3. flag 2  fnatic
4. flag 3  dignitas

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[ Bomman ] Phân Tích Kĩ Năng Sử Dụng AWP Hoàn Hảo Của KennyS Trong Trận Đấu Với Ence Map Mirage

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูบทความเพิ่มเติมในหมวดหมู่Wiki

ขอบคุณมากสำหรับการดูหัวข้อโพสต์ titan csgo

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