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rogue warriors: คุณกำลังดูกระทู้

This is a name list that consists of traditional and nontraditional rogue cat names based on Erin Hunter’s “Warriors”. But this list isn’t just for cat OC’s! There are names that could fit canines, horses, dragons, or even humans! Before we start, what exactly makes a name “traditional” or “nontraditional”?


Traditional Warrior/Rogue names/prefixes/suffixes include what the cat looks like (red fur, long claws, etc), the cats environment (forest, desert, or arctic), and the cats skills or personality (motherly, fighting, hunting, independent). and overall just a nature theme. In summary, traditional names are something that are made naturally by nature

If you’re going for a traditional name for your OC and your OC doesn’t live in the arctic, your OC’s name won’t have anything to do with “Glaciers” or “Icecaps” because cats in the Warriors universe are just like normal house cats in real life, they can’t just look something up on Google and get information about it!

Red, Blizzard, Bone, and Hemlock are examples of traditional names.


By going nontraditional, you don’t have to go by Erin Hunter’s rule. Here you can come up with a Latin name or something that cats wouldn’t know about. You can name your OC ANYTHING! Some examples are: The country/state at which your cat lives, like Alaska or Austria; Human names like Ludwig or Piper; or something that their little cat brains wouldn’t understand, like Deuteronomy, dimension, north/south, vortex, etc.

What separates a rogue and loner name from a warrior name?

Since the suffix in a warrior’s name is to (sometimes) determine the cat’s personality, a rogue or loner might go through a couple of name changes throughout their lifetime to see which names fit the best.

What’s the difference between a rogue and a loner?

Not much, actually! Rogues and loners are feral cats who live outside the boundaries of Clans. The main difference is that rogues are notorious for being aggressive instigators. Loners are more respectful toward the Clans and will abide by their territorial rules. The other difference is that rogues are known to make groups. Though similar to Clans, rogue groups are kind of all over the place and don’t have enforced rules like a Clan does. Loners, as their name suggests, usually live alone their entire lives, other than having a few friends and family by their side.

Both rogues and loners may have previously lived in a traditional Clan setting before their departure from the Clan. A cat who is exiled from a Clan is known as a rogue. The rogue may or may not change their name. (e.g. Mapleshade from kept her name when she was exiled from ThunderClanA cat who willingly leaves the Clan, either because they decide Clan life isn’t for them, or because they feel their life may be in danger, will become a loner. The loner may or may not change their name. (e.g. Ravenpaw from when he felt like he had to leave ThunderClan, didn’t change his name)

Rogues are also more likely to change their name, especially if they decide to join a group. They may change their name to reflect their personality better or to make themselves seem more threatening to other ferals. Loners are more likely to stick with the name they were given at birth for their entire life, even if they were a kittypet before becoming feral (e.g. Purdy). This is why a few of the names in the traditional section seem to fit a cat’s personality more than their appearance; loner names are more likely to reflect their appearance, while a rogues name could reflect their personality (Peach, Mushroom, Cinder, Acorn vs. Horror, Hiss, Karma, Scorpion)

A warrior’s name is comprised of two words: a prefix and a suffix. A rogue or loner would only have one worded names. The other difference is that warriors don’t name themselves. Most rogues will give themselves a threatening name to either appear more intimidating or to suit their personality better.Since the suffix in a warrior’s name is to (sometimes) determine the cat’s personality, a rogue or loner might go through a couple of name changes throughout their lifetime to see which names fit the best.


I’m trying to fill this dictionary with the most unique names possible! Please don’t suggest commonly used names such as Tiger, Star, Night, Shadow, Leaf, Fire, Storm, etc. There is nothing wrong with these names, but you can already find them and their descriptions in other warrior name dictionaries.

And don’t forget, these names are also great for warrior prefixes and suffixes! Enjoy!


Nontraditional Warrior/Rogue names/prefixes/suffixes are the absolute opposite of traditional. In nontraditional, you have way more freedom when naming your feline. The main difference that nontraditional has, is that you can name your OC something that a human would know, like Jupiter or Circus.By going nontraditional, you don’t have to go by Erin Hunter’s rule. Here you can come up with a Latin name or something that cats wouldn’t know about. You can name your OC ANYTHING! Some examples are: The country/state at which your cat lives, like Alaska or Austria; Human names like Ludwig or Piper; or something that their little cat brains wouldn’t understand, like Deuteronomy, dimension, north/south, vortex, etc.

Acacia(s)– courageous; sweet; tall; orange/ginger/brown tabby; abyssinian
Acorn– small; childlike; eager; durable; naive; potential to be mature; appearance of an acorn; see Oak
Adder– easily provoked; good fighter; suspicious; feisty; critical; sharp-tongued; appearance of an adder
Albatross– strong; adventurous; faithful/devoted; reserved; trustworthy; good hunter; appearance of an albatross
Alder– independent; determined; trustworthy; reticent; bicolor; red, gray, silver, or off-white tabby
Algae– resilient; stealthy; serious; good swimmer; bicolor with dappled fur; muddy or black pelt
Alley– thin; sneaky; alert; cautious; closed off; unapproachable; instigator; dark fur
Aloe– sweet; calm; quirky; welcoming; pale, ragged fur
Alpine(s)– adventurous; insightful; nurturing; diluted calico; lilac siamese; white or gray fur
Amaryllis– pretty; prideful; long legged; hopeless romantic; hardworking; stubborn; abyssinian; white fur; orange tabby
Ambrosia (ragweed)– divine; sophisticated; romantic; balanced; cream tabby; cream siamese; ginger tabby
Amber– pretty; courageous; confident; precise; stubborn; red siamese; abyssinian
Angelica (wild celery)– ambitious; determined; admirable; flirtatious; white fur; cream tabby; cream siamese; green eyes
Anomaly– quirky; interesting; see Oddity
Antler(s)– strong; stern; defensive; brown fur; see Stag
Apricot– sweet; passionate; flirtatious; charming; orange or light amber fur
Arcane– mysterious; secretive; alert; cautious; down-to-earth
Arch- quirky; has an arched body part
Arctic– sharp-tongued; cold; aggressive; quiet; mysterious; solitary; white, silver or blue fur
Arrowhead- large ears; skillful; toxic; appearance of an arrowhead plant
Ash(es)– moody; determined; fierce; independent; gray, silver or black fur
Ashen– timid; gray fur; see Ash
Aspen– tall; protective; talkative; wise; black and white, silver or orange fur
Aster– loving; insightful; imaginative; protective; pale fur
Avalanche– large; powerful; daunting; daring; emotional; pure white fur
Azalea– holds grudges; intense; dark; caring; passionate; elegant; white, red or golden fur
Basil– sweet; considerate; feisty; brown, white or gray fur
Beehive– easily provoked; hardworking; adventurous; sociable; collaborative; striped/tabby fur
Beetle- aggressive; independent; hardworking; red, black, brown or tortoiseshell fur
Begonia– loyal; stubborn; nervous; cautious; compassionate; red, white or brown fur
Behemoth– large; heavy; strong; energetic; intimidating; dominant; see Atlas
Belladonna– deceitful; fierce; charming; mysterious; ruthless; appearance of belladonna’s
Birch– tall; protective; firm; calm; black and white fur
Blink– mysterious; quiet; unique; agile; elusive; calm
Blizzard– large, harsh; stoic; stand-offish; aloof; white fur; see Avalanche
Bluebell– respectful; hopeless romantic; dependable; loyal; blue or lilac fur
Blur– quick; numb; nonchalant; gray, silver or white fur
Blurry– forgetful; see Blur
Boulder– large; heavy; strong; stoic; down-to-earth; unpredictable; gray or light brown fur
Bone(s)– hostile; blunt; sleek-furred; daring; white or off-white fur
Bracken– hardworking; considerate; fluffy; brown, black or tabby
Bramble(s)– sharp; loyal; red, black, tabby or tortoiseshell fur
Branch– thin; simple; sleek-furred; brown or white fur
Breeze(y)– swift; witty; open-minded;indecisive; elusive; fluffy fur
Briar- withdrawn; sharp-minded; sharp claws; defensive; tangled/prickly fur; appearance of briar
Brick– heavy; strong; resilient; hardworker; red or white fur
Brook– calm; peacekeeper; quick; open-minded; good swimmer; brown, silver or gray fur
Bruise– rude; good fighter; battle-scarred; easily annoyed; guarded; merciless; blue or black fur
Buck– aggressive; see Stag
Bumble– silly; easygoing; clumsy; striped fur/tabby
Burn– hot-headed; scornful; intolerant; vindictive; witty; brave; durable; black, brown or red fur
Burr– small; harsh; prickly; tangled fur; see Briar
Buzzard– methodical; logical; controlling; resourceful; appearance of a buzzard
Cactus– quirky; prickly fur; see Thorn
Calendula– charming; respectful; peaceful; joyful; romantic; appearance of calendulas
Can– stubborn; firm; grumpy; indelicate; slow; lazy; silver or gray fur
Canary– small; languid; shy; delightful; endearing; reserved; appearance of a canary
Canyon– wise; adventurous; open-minded; red or orange fur
Cardinal– protective; shy; quick; appearance of a cardinal
Carnation– motherly; romantic; affectionate; unique; resistant; leader; red, white, or diluted calico fur
Carrion– competitive; battle-scarred; closed minded; daunting; see Flesh
Cascade– smart; open-minded; blue or gray fur
Cedar– intelligent; large; tall; brown, ginger or reddish-brown fur
Centipede– weird; lanky; confusing; fast; aggressive; clever; good hunter; protective/motherly; black, red or brown fur
Chamomile– calm; mellow; balanced; quiet; dreamy; gentle; white or pale fur
Chaos– messy; impulsive; confusing; indecisive; humorous; intelligent;
Chaotic– see Chaos
Cherry– small; sweet; flirtatious; witty; red or ginger fur
Chestnut– small; hardworking; intelligent; orderly; dark brown fur
Chirp– small; talkative; docile; appearance of a bird
Chrysalis– adaptable; durable; elegant; appearance of a chrysalis; see Monarch
Chrysanthemum– loyal; trustworthy; optimistic; affectionate; wise; bright colored fur
Cicada– loud; sociable; adaptable; brown or dark fur
Cinder(s)– quiet; persistent; red or gray fur; see Ash(es)
Citrus– pure; hopeful; sweet; friendly; bright colored fur
Cliff– imaginative; independent; free-spirited; risk-taker; gray or brown fur
Cloud(y)– dreamy; emotional; mercurial; fluffy; appearance of a cloud
Clover(s)– lucky; joyful; affectionate; white fur
Coal– fierce; hardworking; resourceful; strong; black or dark gray fur
Cobra– quick; aggressive; protective; prideful; appearance of a cobra
Cockroach– see Roach
Colossal– huge; strong
Concord– vigorous; determined; fierce; black fur
Condor– lazy; patient; brown or black; see Buzzard
Copper– hardworking; exciting; reasonable; shiny fur; green eyes; appearance of copper
Cotton– fluffy; hardworking; idealistic; loyal; white fur
Coyote– aggressive; protective; deceitful; clever; observant; appearance of a coyote
Crane– sociable; family-oriented; joyful; appearance of a crane
Crash– slow (mentally); impulsive; messy; daring; unpredictable
Creek– open-minded; blue or silver fur; see Brook
Cricket– small; talkative; good jumper; fast; black or brown tabby
Crimson– pushy; intense; courageous; strong; good fighter; bloodthirsty; dark ginger fur
Crook– dishonest; smug; unreliable; all bark and no bite
Crow- strong; smart; aggressive; quarrelsome; black fur
Cut– hostile; rash; slow (mentally); holds grudges; traitorous; battle-scarred
Cypress– honest; proper; upright; precise; brown fur
Dandelion– emotional; strong (mentally); perseverance; proud; kind; golden fur
Dart– agile; good fighter/hunter; witty; talkative; competitive; bold
Datura– powerful; mysterious; wicked; irrational; dignified; calm; appearance of datura; see Nightshade
Daybreak– friendly; resilient; hopeful; wishful; pale or golden fur
Daydream– imaginative; daydreams; passive; lull; gets bored easily; see Dream(y)
Daylight– see Daybreak
Daze– forgetful; unreliable; blunt; slow; pale colors
Desire– pretty; wishful; passionate; wanted; flirtatious; bold; opinionated
Divine– elegant; admirable; composed; fierce; intelligent; charming
Doe– feminine; motherly; strong (mentally); open-minded; intuitive; demure; self-sacrificing; appearance of a doe
Dove– loving; quick; peaceful; graceful; white or gray fur
Dragonfly– independent; temperamental; passionate; wise; restless; appearance of a dragonfly
Drake– masculine; see Duck(y)
Drama– dramatic; emotional; bold; loud; fearless
Dream(y)– daydreams; distracted; forgetful; idealistic; ethereal; pale fur
Dreams– astral; see Dream(y)
Dreamer– wishful; pale fur; see Daydream
Duck(y)– quirky; family-oriented; nurturing; good swimmer; apperance of a duck
Dust(y)– small; easily persuaded; laid-back; brown or gray fur
Ebony– pretty; confident; smart; stubborn; black, gray or brown fur
Echo– loud; talkative; good memory; curious; silver or blue fur
Eel– hostile; stern; logical; serious; sly; solitary; appearance of an eel
Egret– calm; balanced; white fur; see Heron
Elk– large; alert; steady; competitive; sociable; appearance of an elk
Elm– wise; deep thinker; quiet; down-to-earth; good teacher; tabby fur
Ember(s)– flirtatious; resilient; passionate; bright fur
Envy– envious; malicious; vengeful; bitter; fearful
Error– pessimistic; inconsistent; nervous; closed off; stubborn; cold
Eruption– hot-headed; emotional; impulsive; unpredictable; loud; gray, black, or red fur
Evening– calm; relaxed; tired; nonchalant; creative; quiet; appearance of the evening sky
Evergreen– calm; secretive; nurturing; dark fur; see Forest
Fantasy– romantic; idealistic; skilled; angelic; witty; secretive; dreamy
Fawn– small; graceful; naive; carefree; curious; yearning; full of potential; has white spots
Fern– motherly; loyal; playful; wholehearted; resilient; pale fur or tabby fur
Finch– small; playful; optimistic; sociable; appearance of a finch
Firefly– small; wishful; intuitive; cooperative; agile; appearance of a firefly
Fjord– adventurous; cold; see Cliff
Flesh– sensitive; weird; misunderstood; quiet; pale or red fur
Flutter– small; shy; timid; gentle; easygoing; weak; clumsy; quiet; appearance of a butterfly
Flytrap– deceitful; astute; enticing; flirtatious; strong; good fighter/hunter; appearance of a venus flytrap
Fog– quiet; mysterious; secretive; cunning; aloof; gray fur
Forest– large; intelligent; analytical; mysterious; motherly; black or brown fur
Forsythia– adaptable; cheerful; friendly; polite; appearance of forsythia
Fox– clever; sneaky; cocky; creative; fussy; appearance of a fox
Foxglove– two-faced; devious; prideful; intelligent; deceitful; lilac fur
Frog– alert; adaptable; logical; might be talkative; hungry all the time; appearance of a frog
Froggy– small; quirky; endearing; childlike personality; appearance of a cute frog
Frost– aloof; sharp-tongued; unapproachable; selective; white, silver, or blue fur; see Arctic
Frostbite– sharp teeth; good fighter/hunter; see Frost
Gallop– quick; steady; balanced; joyful
Garden– soothing; charming; clean; dignified; pure definition of “stop and smell the roses”; multi-colored fur
Gardenia– gentle; trustworthy; intelligent; daydreams; hopeful; white fur
Giant– large; heavy; good fighter
Ginger– spunky; ginger-colored fur
Glacier– bitter; cold; difficult; gray, blue or white fur
Goose– loyal; vain; pushy; grumpy; appearance of a goose
Gouge– excessive; risk taker; sinister; unpredictable; good fighter; threatening
Gray– balanced; easygoing; approachable; gray fur
Grayling– hardworking; respectful; determined; appearance of a grayling
Grim– mysterious; unapproachable; distant; quiet; sneaky; fearless; black fur
Grime (dirt)– filthy; rude; selfish; careless; lazy; apperance of grime; see Grunge
Grizzly– large; strong; intuitive; motherly; strict; nosy; shy; appearance of a grizzly bear
Grunge– untidy; down-to-earth; independent; dissatisfied; determined; strong; raspy voice; ragged appearance; dark fur
Hail– heavy; large; good fighter; loud; quick; blunt; rash; white or pale fur
Hawthorn– loving; ambitious; protective; white or red fur
Haze– forgetful; silver or gray fur; see Fog
Hazel(nut)– wise; kind; stubborn; brown or ginger fur
Hazy– see Haze
Heather– tall; protective; independent; withdrawn; lilac or pale fur
Hemlock– devious; blunt; aggressive; manipulative; quiet; off-white or pale fur
Heron– tall; calm; organized; determined; patient; appearance of a heron
Hibiscus– delicate; passionate; feminine; pure; intelligent; white, lilac or red fur
Hollow– lightweight; weak; mysterious; see Valley
Holly– ambitious; fierce; mysterious; spiky fur; red or black fur
Hiss– rude; unapproachable; irritable; overly sensitive; quarrelsome
Honey– sweet; benign; hospitable; delicate; hardworking; honey-colored fur
Honeybee– sweet; adventurous; protective; organized; self-sacrificing; efficient; appearance of a honeybee
Honeycomb– see Honey
Honeysuckle– sweet; loyal; joyful; affectionate; tender; enticing; appearance of honeysuckle
Horizon– open-minded; adventurous; curious; determined
Hornet– aggressive; controlling; appearance of a hornet; see Wasp
Horror– sinister; dark; threatening; egocentric; unafraid; instigator
Hound– large; strong; loyal; curious; good sense of smell; appearance of a hound
Ibis– sociable; protective; good jumper/climber; articulate; wise; appearance of an ibis
Icicle– sharp-minded; witty; critical; cold; silver, white, or blue fur
Instinct– has good instinct; predictable
Iris– hopeful; brave; wise; good fighter; blunt; leader; blue, gray, yellow, or lilac fur
Ivy– clingy; strong; stand-offish; determined; secretive; smart; dark fur
Jackdaw– curious; nosy; knowledgeable; intelligent; appearance of a jackdaw
Jagged– spiky fur; damaged (mentally or physically)
Jasmine– pretty; loving; honest; self-assured; daring; stubborn; appearance of jasmine’s
Jaw(s)– notable jaw; sharp fangs; good fighter/hunter; monstrous
Jay– intelligent; loud; protective; prideful; appearance of a jay
Jet– quick; strong; agile; mischievous; merciless; dark fur
Jingle– spunky; bouncy; talkative; trustworthy; restless; sensitive; playful; silver or golden fur
Jolt– quick; witty; good jumper; fierce; restless; outspoken; orange fur
Journey– adventurous; charming; carefree; daydreams; hopeful; independent; leader
Juniper– protective; secretive; bitter; blue or black fur
Karma– vengeful; quiet; sneaky; skilled
Kestrel– quick; feisty; committed; appearance of a kestrel
Kite– aloof; swift; agile; good hunter/jumper; appearance of a kite bird
Koi– wise; determined; mellow; loyal; playful; appearance of a koi fish
Komodo– introverted; hardworking; good fighter/hunter; intelligent; patient; appearance of a komodo dragon
Lark– small; energetic; cooperative; friendly; appearance of a lark
Larkspur– fickle; potential to be loyal; graceful; protective; rebellious; headstrong; appearance of larkspurs
Lavender– quiet; idyllic; graceful; tired; soothing; blue, gray, or lilac fur
Liatris– content; determined; chill; pale fur
Lilac– creative; charming; confident; graceful; appearance of lilacs; see Lavender
Lily– innocent; motherly; ambitious; caring; gentle; appearance of lilies
Lilyac– see Lilac
Lotus– patient; pure; quiet; free spirit; peaceful; white or pale fur
Ludacris– see Ludicrous
Ludicrous– amusing; foolish; irrational; chaotic
Lupine– imaginative; strong; adventurous; optimistic; appearance of lupine
Lust– flirtatious; charming; desirable; friendly; clever
Macabre– gloomy; quiet; nonchalant; weird; unearthly; see Horror
Maggot– small; weird; irritable; misunderstood; inscrutable; off-white fur
Magnolia– regal; feminine; dignified; prideful; supportive; white or pale fur
Mamba– quick; aggressive; quick-witted; skilled; appearance of a mamba snake
Maple– sweet; generous; adaptable; intelligent; red or orange fur
Marble(s)– small; quirky; creative; imaginative; marble patterned fur
Marigold– cheerful; sympathetic; hopeful; friendly; optimistic; bright fur
Mayhem– chaotic; loud; rambunctious; stubborn; intruding
Meadow– whimsical; open-minded; free-spirited; kind; multi-colored fur
Mint(y)– nurturing; clean; chill; pale fur
Mistle(toe)– small; romantic; elegant; graceful; appearance of a mistle thrush or mistletoe
Mist(y)– close-minded; secretive; see Fog
Monarch– regal; elegant; carefree; sociable; appearance of a monarch butterfly
Monster (car)– large; heavy; loud; scary; strong; ruthless; vicious; unpredictable; appearance of a monster (car)
Moss(y)– quirky; gentle; spunky; fluffy; dark fur
Moth– small; reserved; secretive; quiet; intuitive; appearance of a moth
Mountain– large; quiet; imposing; admirable; wise; leader; adventurous; white or gray fur
Mouse– small; sensible; intelligent; reserved; independent; appearance of a mouse
Mud– aggressive; closed off; irritable; hardworking; brown or gray fur
Muse– inspirational; honest; loving; hopeless romantic; loyal
Mushroom– small; whimsical; mystical; lucky; creative; appearance of a mushroom
Myrtle– loving; stable; caring; smart; quiet; red, lilac, or pale fur
Nectar– sweet; delicate; patient; adaptable; quiet; gold fur
Needle(s)– aggressive; devious; outspoken; spiky fur/claws/teeth; silver or brown fur
Nettle– defensive; argumentative; stubborn; prideful
Nightfall– quick; quiet; sneaky; calm; intelligent; might be nocturnal; black or dark gray fur; see Twilight
Nightshade– cunning; headstrong; black, lilac, or red fur; see Belladonna
Nightingale– articulate; smart; might be a night owl; might have a pretty voice; appearance of a nightingale
Nutmeg– small; feisty; vivacious; energetic; dark ginger or brown fur
Oak– large; loyal; helpful; wise; experienced; leader; kind; logical; appearance of an oak tree
Oasis– calm; organized; easygoing; balanced; sandy-colored-fur or blue fur
Oddball– funny; capricious; see Oddity
Oddity– unique; free-spirited; whimsical; bizarre; may have an odd body part
Oleander– wishful; cautious; passionate; two-faced; appearance of an oleander flower/caterpillar
Olive– small; quirky; friendly; funny; peaceful; black or red fur
Orchard– strong; sweet; friendly; wise; honest; brown or red fur
Orchid– strong (mentally); flirtatious; confident; thoughtful; independent; white or pale fur
Oriole– secretive; heedful; bashful; approachable; agile; swift; appearance of an oriole
Osprey– lives near water; good swimmer/fish hunter; sharp/long claws; finicky; high strung; skillful; prideful; appearance of an osprey
Otter– playful; quick; sociable; fussy; sneaky; good swimmer; appearance of an otter
Overcast– gloomy; tired; reserved; observant; dark gray fur
Owl– intelligent; mysterious; observant; wise; articulate; good hunter; might be nocturnal; appearance of an owl
Paradise– mellow; superficial; idealistic; high maintenance; multi-colored fur
Parsley– sweet; kind; rational; cautious; down-to-earth
Passion– welcoming; romantic; wistful; superficial; outspoken; white or red fur
Peach– sweet; positive; lighthearted; soft; charming; appearance of a peach
Pebble(s)– small; calm; sweet; patient; introverted; white, gray, or cream fur
Pepper– feisty; blunt; confident; competitive; hot-headed; black, red or orange fur
Peppermint– relaxed; peacekeeper; see Mint(y)
Peregrine– quick; good hunter/jumper; ambitious; solitary; callous; unloving; appearance of a falcon
Petal(s)– graceful; soft; open-minded; quiet; indecisive; appearance of petals
Pike– bold; aggressive; protective; loyal; appearance of a pike
Pine(s)– large; smart; wise; firm; adaptable; appearance of a pine tree
Poison– witty; rash; abrasive; sneaky; see Scorpion
Pollen– nurturing; bright/gold fur; see Nectar
Poppy– tall; peaceful; welcoming; tired; reliable; sympathetic; soothing; red or tortiseshell fur
Prance(r)– long-legged; agile; bouncy; clever; eager; graceful
Primrose– elegant; loving; kind; prideful; touchy; adaptable; honest; appearance of primrose’s
Puddle(s)– bouncy; funny; easygoing; gray, silver or brown fur
Python– large; adaptable; chill; stealthy; strong; fearless; good hunter; appearance of a python
Quail– docile; talkative; funny; charming; appearance of a quail
Quest– adventurous; wise; curious; decisive
Quill– articulate; lightweight
Ragged– aggressive; tired; raggedy fur
Rain– quiet; reserved; wise; emotional; blue or gray fur
Rainstorm– loud; see Rain
Rake– long claws; good fighter/hunter; combative; see Cut
Rat– sociable; adaptable; easily annoyed; sneaky; appearance of a rat
Raven– intelligent; articulate; methodical; insightful; decisive; black fur
Razor– strong; combative; indelicate; sharp claws/teeth
Ripper– good fighter; first to strike; aggressive; see Cut
Ripple– easily annoyed; reserved; quiet; silver or blue fur
River– quick; agile; calm; motherly; rational; blue, gray or silver fur
Roach– resilient; elusive; adaptable; quiet; strange; appearance of a roach
Robin– adaptable; cooperative; instinctive; appearance of a robin
Root(s)– strong; stubborn; persistent; wise; brown or gray fur; see Forest
Rosebud– small; strong (mentally); quaint; see Primrose
Rosemary– religious; quiet; strict; loyal; intelligent; white, blue or lilac fur
Rotten– wretched; harsh; careless; see Vile
Rowan– brave; protective; hot-tempered; independent; red fur
Russet– bold; good fighter; tough; moody; russet-colored fur
Sage– calm; hopeful; optimistic; collected; pale fur
Scorpion– hardworking; secretive; skilled; quick thinker; vengeful; appearance of a scorpion
Scream– loud; daunting; emotional; irrational; merciless; angry; combative; commanding
Screech– attention seeker; abrasive; see Scream
Serenity– composed; withdrawn; quiet; trustworthy
Shiver– nervous; jumpy; quiet; emotional; reserved; white, silver, or blue fur
Shrike– loyal; aggressively controlling; harsh; good hunter; violent; creative; appearance of a shrike
Silhouette– mysterious; closed off; calculated; composed; agile; black fur
Silver– elegant; diplomatic; pretty; silver fur
Skull– intelligent; observant; unafraid; confident; accepts death; daunting; good fighter; see Bone(s)
Sky– open-minded; free-spirited; indecisive; capricious; see Cloud(y)
Slash– sharp claws; efficient; vicious; good fighter
Sleet– clumsy; gray fur; see Hail
Smog– independent; forgetful; unreliable; stubborn; hardworking; brown or gray fur
Snail– small; slow; lazy; funny; reserved; appearance of a snail
Snowdrop– strong (mentally); sympathetic; innocent; hopeful; determined; white fur
Sorrel– motherly; easygoing; trustworthy; reddish-brown fur
Sparrow– cooperative; shy; nonchalant; careful; appearance of a sparrow
Sphynx– feminine; ruthless; guarded; humorous; tricky; intelligent; appearance of a sphynx
Spider– long-legged; sly; silent; creative; serious; appearance of a spider
Spine– long-bodied; sensible; hardworking; strong (mentally and physically); guarded; see Bone(s)
Splinter– logical; closed off; see Forest
Spruce– stubborn; strong; sharp; loyal; appearance of a spruce tree
Stag– masculine; large; fatherly; regal; brave; wise; helpful; strong; appearance of a male deer
Staghorn– large; charming; respectable; appearance of a staghorn; see Fern
Starling– energetic; easily annoyed; firm; appearance of a starling
Steam– imaginative; see Mist(y)
Sting– harsh; blunt; irritable; noncommittal; good fighter; see Scorpion
Stinger– see Sting
Stranger– odd; free spirit; rebellious; loner; keeps to themselves
Stream– easygoing; soft-spoken; see River
Sterling– hardworking; admirable; leader; stubborn; silver fur
Stork– tall; motherly; careful; creative; appearance of a stork
Sycamore– large; knowledgeable; articulate; blunt; appearance of a sycamore tree
Tansy– sweet; holds grudges; feisty; resistant; gold fur
Tawny– serious; tawny colored fur
Thistle(s)– stern; prideful; cold; smart; appearance of thistles
Thorn– closed off; fierce; see Briar
Thunder– loud; brave; rash; bossy; self-centered; gray or black fur
Thunderstorm– large; see Thunder
Thyme– nervous; jumpy; potential to be brave; smart; charming; long tail; sleek-furred; white or lilac fur
Timber– strong; closed off; appearance of timber
Tincan– plump; unreliable; see Can
Toad– competitive; honest; grumpy; see Frog
Tranquil– calm; relaxed; see Serenity
Triumph– leader; skilled; cocky; ambitious
Trout– quick; motivated; good swimmer; appearance of a trout
Tulip– loving; thoughtful; uptight; loyal; appearance of tulips
Tundra– calm; introverted; adaptable; harsh; blunt; orange, brown, gray or white fur
Twig– small; thin; naive; generous; potential to be strong; appearance of twigs
Twilight– pretty; mysterious; calm; knowledgeable; idealistic; reserved; blue, orange, or lilac fur
Twisted– corrupted; ruthless; twisted body part
Umbra– introverted; black fur; see Silhouette
United– open-minded; family-oriented; committed; diplomatic
Unity– see United
Valley– creative; polite; open; peaceful; quaint; multi-colored fur
Venom– dominant; ruthless; combative; see Poison
Vile– corrupted; sinister; instigator; violent
Violet(s)– modest; wise; passive; daydreamer; lilac fur
Viper– aggressive; rash; protective; stealthy; appearance of a viper
Virus– corrupted; misleading; irrational; dominating; sensitive; persistent
Vixen– feminine; good fighter; fierce; bold; rash; energetic; blunt; flirtatious; see Fox
Volcano– vicious; quick; holds grudges; black, brown, or tortoiseshell fur; see Eruption
Vulture– intelligent; appearance of a vulture; see Buzzard
War– combative; wise; tough; good fighter; threatening; reliable; tense; tired
Wasp– impulsive; swift; hotheaded; quick; good fighter; moody; appearance of a wasp
Whim– indecisive; impulsive; creative; humorous
Whimsical– playful; quirky; dreamy; mischievous; nosy
Whistle– playful; charming; innocent; annoying; light fur
Widow– logical; sneaky; quick thinker; ruthless; appearance of a widow spider; see Spider
Wicked– strong; traitorous; violent; quick; unreliable; see Sin
Willow(s)– strong; nonchalant; stable; daydreams; gray or tan fur
Wind(y)– open; curious; intelligent; agile; white or silver fur; see Breeze
Wisteria– eager; keen; loving; virtuous; blue, gray, lilac or pale fur 
Wither– dejected; a shell of oneself; see Rotten
Wolf– large; skilled; loyal; cooperative; instinctive; good hunter; appearance of a wolf
Wonder– knowledgable; curious; impatient; excessive; see Whimsical
Worm– quirky; passive; lazy; appearance of a worm
Wren– boisterous; insistent; adaptable; down-to-earth; kind; inquisitive; appearance of a wren
Yarrow– protective; spiritual; feisty; irritable; appearance of yarrow
Yowl– loud; see Scream

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Abacus– intelligent; methodical; logical; firm
Acid– bitter; sharp-tongued; good fighter; sarcastic; intense; witty; cruel
Alaska– strong; bitter; closed-minded; white fur
Alastair– large; wise; powerful; strong; dark; daunting; malevolent
Algernon– small; intelligent; clever; kind; white fur; see Mouse
Alibi– reliable; loyal; protective; honest
Amadeus– creative; loving; romantic; elegant
Amnesia– forgetful; cold; aggressive; sneaky
Anarchy– free; see Riot
Andorra– small; outgoing; adventurous
Andromeda– pretty; cocky; intelligent; dark or cream fur
Angel– quick; intuitive; protective; insightful; white or silver fur
Anubis– respectful; helpful; critical; intelligent; good fighter; may look dog-like; black or gold fur
Apollo– strong; daunting; intelligent; brave; honest; bright fur
Arcadia– large; gentle; passive; composed
Archer– blunt; good hunter
Archingham– devious; unreliable; vicious; egotistical
Aria– solitary; fussy; may have a good voice
Aristotle– intelligent; deep thinker; curious; honest; knowledgeable; daring
Armada– large; strong; combative; outspoken; stealthy
Arizona– warmhearted; friendly; adventurous; warm colors
Arrow– protective; alert; good hunter/fighter; motherly; insightful; knowledgeable
Arson– irrational; indelicate; manipulative; hot-headed; emotional; bright or black fur
Asgard– regal; brave; charming
Aslan– leader; divine; brave; intelligent; regal; kind; selfless
Asphalt– grumpy; hot-headed; quiet; gray fur
Asteroid– large; strong; aloof; independent; gray fur
Athena– strong; fierce; ruthless; stubborn; aggressive; good fighter
Atlantic– open-minded; moody; grumpy; unpredictable; blue or gray fur
Atlas– large; strong; committed; responsible
Atom– intelligent; calculated
Aurora– graceful; see Dawn
Avenue– methodical; predictable
Axel– agile; funny; energetic
Axis– logical; educated; balanced; formal
Aztec– wise; protective; aggressive; intelligent
Ballad– romantic; soft; loyal; passionate; might have a nice voice; creative; pale fur
Basilisk– merciless; dark fur; see Serpent
Battalion– large; cooperative; nonchalant; good fighter
Bandit– reserved; sneaky; controlling; leader; black fur
Bellaluna– pretty; nurturing; mysterious; sensitive; protective; whimsical
Beowulf– loyal; honest; brave; hopeful; strong
Berlin– kind; mischievous
Bermuda– mysterious; inscrutable; closed-off; blue, gray, black or white fur
Beethoven– blunt; prideful; creative; pessimistic; detached
Blackout– quiet; moody; reserved; secretive; elusive; escapist; black fur
Blitz– energetic; calculated; impulsive; elusive; see Blitzen
Blitzen– quick; agile; hostile; rash; bright fur;
Bombay– hardworking; boisterous; family-oriented; deep thinker; brown fur
Bullet– quick; bold; blunt; witty; hotheaded; merciless; black or brown fur
Calabasas– creative; vain; boisterous; luxurious; bright color fur
Capella– cooperative; easygoing; responsible; ambitious; stoic; cream or off-white fur
Canis– large; strong; loyal; see Wolf
Casanova– charming; kind; humourous; escapist; idealistic; flirtatious; inconsistent
Cashmere– soft fur; fluffy; mellow; nurturing; pale fur
Casino– excited; swanky; competitive; unabashed; entertaining; cunning; brown, red or golden fur
Celeste– pretty; divine; high maintenance; closed off; prideful; white or pale fur
Celestial– graceful; dignified; see Celeste
Chain(s)– aggressive; numb; negative; silver fur
Cider– sweet; warmhearted; soft-spoken; honest; dark ginger, red or orange fur
Circus– funny; confident; impulsive; curious; weird; black or red fur; see Chaos
Coastal– strong; emotional; loyal; good swimmer; blue or gray fur
Coastline– compassionate; intuitive; see Coastal
Collison– tense; hot-headed; impatient; loud; arrogant; red or orange fur
Comet– quick; agile; strong; determined; rash; red, brown, dark ginger or tortoiseshell/calico fur
Constellation– organized; cooperative; reserved; quiet; imaginative; blue, gray, silver, white or black fur
Cosmic– large; mysterious; intelligent; black fur; see Celeste
Cosmo– adventurous; courageous; see Cosmic
Crescent– quiet; reserved; polite; wise; creative; idealistic; black, silver, gray or white fur
Crystal– pretty; wise; spiritual/religious; perfectionist; crystal blue eyes; white fur; see Glass
Cupid– romantic; flirtatious; mischievous; greedy; lustful; red, white or lilac fur; see Casanova
Cyclone– chaotic; uncontrollable; see Hurricane
Dancer– free-spirited; emotional; gentle; logical; passionate; good jumper; good hunter
Decade– wise; knowledgeable; sweet
Deception– ruthless; cunning; romancer; inconsistent; manipulative
Deja Vu– spiritual; confusing; intriguing; might have a good memory; skillful
Demise– pessimistic; confusing; daydreams; naive
Deuteronomy– articulated; scrupulous; reserved; responsible; leader
Diesel– large; strong; aggressive; loud; stubborn; close-minded; hardworking; black or brown fur
Diversion– bored easily; playful; hyperactive
Dominatrix– controlling; outspoken; flirtatious; smart; vain
Domino– intelligent; quick thinker; careful; dramatic; manipulative; bicolor fur
Draco– ambitious; combative; manipulative; blunt
Duke– proper; regal; respectable; traditional; stern
Dynamite– loud; easy to provoke; temperamental; good fighter; proud; red or black fur
Epiphany– intelligent; open-minded; bold; hardworking
Equinox– romantic; loving; adaptable; see Solstice
Estonia– kind; loving; curious; outgoing; white or warm color fur
Espionage– mysterious; sneaky; precise; cooperative; intelligent; dark fur
Fate– passive; soft-spoken; fearless
Freak Show– abnormal; eccentric; dark; see Circus
Freight Train– large; fast; good fighter; protective; leader; old soul; wise; appearance of a train
Fuse– cooperative; tired; irritable; clumsy; white or gray fur
Galileo– intelligent; open-minded; logical; knowledgeable
Ghost– mysterious; numb; quiet; lonely; withdrawn; white fur
Ghoul– chaotic; abrasive; cold; capricious; corrupted; detached; dark fur
Glass– weak (physically); resilient; has potential; approachable; an open book; might have blue eyes; white fur
Goliath– large; strong; inspiring; good fighter
Gravity– clingy; intelligent
Guillotine– long-legged; organized; ruthless; efficient; good fighter; brown or black fur
Harp– hopeful; dreamy; kind; graceful; might have a nice voice; pale fur; see Angel
Haywire– chaotic; violent; vicious; unpredictable; hotheaded; irrational
Hazard– daring; troublesome; irritable; abrasive; bored easily; bright fur
Hiroshima– forgiving; kind; prosperous; persistent; red or dark fur
Hoax– deceitful; harsh; negative
Hourglass– transient; unpredictable; withdrawn; patient; smart; light amber fur or brown fur
Hurricane– large; quick; strong; witty; irrational; impulsive
Hydra– large; daunting; ruthless; sly; restless; quarrelsome; dark fur
Icarus– ambitious; impatient; arrogant; white or orange fur
Illusion– quick; deceitful; idealistic; inscrutable
Java– energetic; creative; hardworking; swift; coffee brown fur
Jawbreaker– large; sweet; strong; tough; closed-off; good fighter/hunter; appearance of jawbreaker candy
Jester– foolish; creative; funny; honest; insightful; ginger, yellow, brown or black fur; see Circus
Jigsaw– see Puzzle
Jinx– difficult; curious; clumsy; capricious; chaotic; inscrutable
Juno– loyal; romantic; jealous; hopeless romantic; warmhearted; red or pale fur
Jupiter– large; protective; brave; good fighter; unreliable; unfaithful; see Thunder
Kaleidoscope– fascinating; silly; positive; ever-changing; might have pretty eyes; multi-patterned and multi-colored fur
Kraken– large; strong; instigator; agile; stealthy; resistant; mysterious
Lady– pretty; loyal; sweet; open; soft-spoken; strong (mentally); traditional; understanding; modest
Leo– proud; regal; loyal; dramatic; passionate; hot-headed; divine; appearance of a lion
Liberty– free spirited; daring; deep thinker; open minded; brave
Lucid– intelligent; eloquent; creative
Ludwig– see Beethoven
Lullaby– soft-spoken; sweet; empathetic; emotional; shy; see Dream(y)
Magnet– attractive; gray fur
Masquerade– elusive; secretive; dark; alert; quiet; dark fur
Mauve– intuitive; compassionate; stoic; feminine; hopeless romantic; lilac/siamese fur
Mercury– small; eloquent; clever; analytical; curious; critical; controlling; gray or silver fur
Macedonia– regal; quiet; cautious; helpful; knowledgeable
Milkyway– creamy, pale or dark fur; see Cosmic
Monroe– pretty; charming; sociable; witty; intelligent
Monsoon– strong; large; see Hurricane
Monochrome– solid colored fur
Monmouth– large
Mozart– see Amadeus
Nagasaki– long-legged; tall; see Hiroshima
Napoleon– intelligent; calculated; cranky; restless; powerful; stubborn
Nebula– ambitious; abrasive; intelligent; insightful; wise; multi-colored fur
Nemesis– dark; mysterious; guarded; lonely; numb; red or black fur
Noctis– quiet; sensitive; mysterious; private; withdrawn; black fur; see Silhouette
Nostradamus– intelligent; creative; introverted; leader; inspiring
Noir– skeptical; see Noctis
North– intelligent; stable; skilled; steady; trustworthy; good memory; see Arctic
Nova– see Supernova
Oblivion– see Amnesia
Oberon– regal; prideful; devious; sympathetic
Ocean– see Coastal
Oil– stubborn; vicious; black or multicolored fur
Okami– fanciful; see Wolf
Ominous– sneaky; corrupted; see Horror
Orbit– black or white fur; see Cosmic
Orchestra– cooperative; orderly; passionate; perfectionist; skilled; steady
Orion– good hunter/jumper; bold; instigator; hot-headed; vain
Orthodox– observant; leader; might be very religious; strict; follows the rules
Paris– posh; serious; stubborn; fancy; romantic; see Calabasas
Phantom– deceitful; fallacious; dark fur; see Ghost
Phoenix– strong (mentally); elegant; fluffy fur; long tail; energetic; capable; bright fur; see Ember(s)
Pilot– leader; responsible; confident; articulate; decisive; easygoing
Pluto– small; strong; abstruse; mysterious; intimidating; aloof; pale or dark fur
Poem– expressive; moving; tasteful; imaginative; may have a soft voice; kind
Poet– persuasive; see Poem
Polar– cold; white or blue fur; see North
Polaris– brilliant; dazzling; decisive; good with direction; white or pale fur; see North
Pollution– nasty; self-serving; selfish; see Diesel
Pompeii– macabre; unlucky; silver, gray, or black fur; see Ash(es)
Pulse– witty; swift; impulsive; red or blue fur
Puzzle– perplexing; inarticulate; may stumble over words or mumble
Pyramid– large; mysterious; hardworking; divine; intelligent; pointy ears; sandy colored fur
Rasputin– religious; sensitive; empathetic; strong; promiscuous; leader
Reaper– aloof; introverted; merciless; malevolent; white or black fur; see Grim
Renaissance– creative; skillful; intelligent; divine; eloquent; energetic; hopeful; opinionated
Revenant– see Renaissance
Rhythm– daydreams; consistent; steady; see Muse
Ribbon– gentle; kind; supportive; open-minded; calm; silky fur
Ricochet– hyperactive; harsh; chaotic; intense; see Bullet
Riot– see Chaos
Rome– creative; good fighter/hunter; intelligent; dignified
Saturn– intelligent; envious; ambitious; power-hungry; merciless; unemotional; sandy-colored-fur
Scarecrow– good hunter; stealthy; wise; fanciful; see Crow
Sculptor– meticulous; patient; quiet; see Renaissance
Seashore– see Ocean
– large; strong; sneaky; good fighter; daunting; cruel; intense; mysterious; may appear snake-like
Shakespeare– deep thinker; easygoing; empathetic; passionate; creative
Shire– pretty/handsome; adventurous; friendly; see Meadow
Shockwave– large; rambunctious; loud; powerful; daunting; moody; white or gray fur
Sin– shrewd; corrupted; prideful; lazy; close-minded; unapproachable
Siren– loud; manipulative; deceitful; powerful; playful; egocentric; confident
Solar– smart; regal; leader; bright fur
Solstice– togetherness; elegant; patient; consistent; knowledgable
Sonata– solitary; skilled; might have a pretty voice; modest; see Symphony
Supernova– large; strong; powerful; brilliant; mysterious; energetic; quick; black, blue, or red fur
Static– lonely; emotionless; private; misunderstood; unlikeable; fidgety; black and white fur
Symphony– convoluted; intelligent; fancy; see Orchestra
Temple– see Divine
TNT- confident; talkative; arrogant; see Dynamite
Triton– good swimmer; robust; frightening; ruthless; blue fur
Trance– soothing; daydreams; see Daze
Valhalla– majestic; dignified; see Asgard
Vatican– divine; confident; scrupulous; might be religious; see Orthodox
Vega– helpful; good sense of direction; swift; blue fur; see Northstar
Vegas– rambunctious; see Vega or Valley
Vespa– see Wasp
Vesper– see Twilight
Vein(s)– hardworking; strong; see Pulse
Vendetta– bitter; battle-scarred; abrasive; combative; holds grudges; fussy; fearful
Venus– pretty; romantic; overpowering; bold; pale fur; see Triumph
Void– quiet; vague; plagued; lonely; serious; pure black fur
Vortex– fast; agile; good fighter; sneaky; messy; chaotic
Winter– pretty; hopeful; secluded; see Blizzard
X– interesting; inscrutable; emotionless; captivating; ruthless; closed off
Yang– masculine; orderly; positive; energetic; passionate; ever changing; white fur or white with black spots
Yin– feminine; cold; negative; disorderly; passive; calm; black fur or black with white spots
Zero– solitary; see Void

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– protective; smart; leader; hardworking; masculine
Alexandria– divine; feminine; see Alexander
Alice– feminine
Anderson– masculine
Angus– masculine
Anika– feminine
Archie– quirky; see Archer
Arnie– gender neutral
Arthur– brave; loyal; strong
Asia– gender neutral; feminine
Astrid– pretty; strong; skilled; determined; good fighter
Atticus– articulate; quiet; reserved; imaginative; dark fur
Baby– baby
Basket– content; satisfied; very knowledgable; observant; striped/brown tabby
Bean(s)– small; plump; quirky; lazy; lovable; appearance of beans
Belvedere– gender neutral; stable; adventurous
Boot(s)– down-to-earth; black fur with white paws
Bonbon– sweet; cheerful; creative; simple; appearance of bonbons
Bubble(s)– sensitive; gentle; curious; indecisive; scaredy-cat; white fur
Buddy– friendly; affectionate; sociable; clingy; family-oriented
Button(s)– small; creative; down-to-earth; composed; appearance of buttons
Caboose– different; follower; quiet; red fur
Callie– simple; basic; submissive; calico fur
Casper– logical; levelheaded; diplomatic; gentle; might have white fur
Chai– sweet; warmhearted; appearance of chai tea
Chip– small; kind; chill
Chippy– delicate; see Chip
Chubbs– chubby; plump; carefree; lazy; nonjudgmental
Coco(a)– gender neutral; sweet; loving; shy; creative; independent; appearance of chocolate or a coconut
Columbus– adventurous; aggressive; opinionated; blunt
Cordelia– emotional; empathetic; intuitive; gentle; wise; pale fur
Cordella– pure; see Cordelia
Damien– masculine
Delilah– feminine
Dominique– gender neutral
Eleanor– feminine
Eilwyn– feminine
Eliza(beth)– feminine
Ezra– gender neutral
Faline– feminine
Farah– feminine
Florence– feminine
Floss– thin; perfectionist; rude; white fur
Frosty– reserved; see Frost
Fuchsia– upright; dramatic; energetic; bold; passionate
Galilea– pretty; see Galileo
Grant– masculine
Hakeem– masculine
Hamilton– masculine
Haruko– gender neutral
Hiro– generous; open-minded; hardworking; charming
Honeydrop– small; shy; sweet; gentle; see Honey
Hudson– masculine
Imani– gender neutral
Itsuki– gender neutral
Ivan– masculine
Jackson– masculine; strong; combative
Jasper– quiet; reserved; private; charming; tense; observant
Jefferson– masculine
Judas– zealous; sleazy; unloyal
Juicebox– small; sweet; playful; quirky; innocent; childlike
Juliet– kind; shy; strong (mentally); brave; intelligent; independent; romantic; feminine
Jumbo– large; gentle giant; strong; protective; charming
Junko– feminine
Kailani– feminine
Khan– gender neutral
Kiara– feminine
Kiki– trustful; cheerful
Kipper– curious; friendly; forgiving; kind
Klaus– masculine
Kyoko– feminine
Lachlan– masculine
Larissa– feminine
Leonardo- kind; generous; intelligent; lovable; creative
Lilith– rebellious; dark; blunt; headstrong; feminine
Lincoln- honest; patient; closed off; energetic; forgiving
Luella– feminine; elegant
Luna– mysterious; kind; emotional; feminine
Lunala– feminine; mysterious; dark gray or red fur
Lunchbox– plump; humorous; see Juicebox
Meatloaf– well rounded (physically and mentally); simple; lazy; loafs around; appearance of meatloaf
Merlin– gender neutral
Merry– cheerful; family-oriented; mellow; humorous
Micha– gender neutral
Mira– feminine
Murdock– masculine
Noelle– friendly; family-oriented; polite; peppy; red fur; see Peppermint
Octavia– loyal; honest; brave; fancy; sympathetic; feminine
Octavier– gender neutral
Octavius– charming; graceful; keen; masculine; see Octavia
Odina– feminine
Oliver– gender neutral
Ophelia– pretty; considerate; divine; dreamy; eloquent; feminine
Osmani– gender neutral
Percy– masculine
Permelia– feminine
Piper– feminine
Ren– gender neutral
Rex– gender neutral
Rin– gender neutral
Saga– feminine
Sebastian– masculine
Serena– see Luna
Skyra– feminine 
Thalia– see Theodosia
Theo– see Theodore
Theodore– masculine
Theodosia– feminine
Ulysses– masculine
Viola– feminine
Vincent– masculine
Vladimir– masculine
Xiomara– strong (mentally); feminine
Yasmine– feminine
Yoko– feminine
Yuki– gender neutral
Zara– feminine

LOST NAMES– Absent*, Albania, Amour, Anthem*, Arlington, Austria, Celsius*, Citrouille, Crater*, Dimension*, Dystopia, Eons*, Erosion*, Equator*, Extraterrestrial*, Fetish*, Fever*, Fortune*, Gimmick*, Handwritten*, Haru, Havana, Hemisphere*, Hindenburg*, India, Indie, Legacy, Lobotomy*, Melbourne, Mon Chéri, Montreal, Moscow, Nevada, Parallel*, Pacific, Russia, Romania, Secretary, Shiro, Sol, Omen, and Prophecy

Lost names are names that either do not have a solid meaning*, a name that is a foreign word/phrase, or a name that I felt wasn’t good enough to put in the dictionary.

9/10/21 NEW NAMES! Canary, Casino, Copper, Crystal, Dynamite, Freight Train, Grunge, Honeybee, Honeysuckle, Jaw(s), Jigsaw, Judas, Larkspur, Meatloaf, Oriole, Osprey, Peregrine, Shrike, Sphynx, TNT, and Wither have been added

7/22/21 UGH I FINALLY DID IT! NONTRADITIONAL NAME DESCRIPTIONS ARE FINISHED! i have no idea why it took me 6 months, but it’s done!!

Name suggestions are ALWAYS welcomed! Leave your idea for a name in the comments and I’ll add it to the dictionary

Use ctrl + f (command + f for mac) to search for descriptions and personality traits to find the perfect name for your OC!

Finished the traditional name descriptions : D! Now onto nontraditional! 1/11/21

Currently adding name descriptions to make it easier to name your OC : )! 1/9/21

– protective; smart; leader; hardworking; masculine- divine; feminine; see Alexander- feminine- masculine- masculine- feminine- quirky; see Archer- gender neutral- brave; loyal; strong- gender neutral; feminine- pretty; strong; skilled; determined; good fighter- articulate; quiet; reserved; imaginative; dark fur- baby- content; satisfied; very knowledgable; observant; striped/brown tabby- small; plump; quirky; lazy; lovable; appearance of beans- gender neutral; stable; adventurous- down-to-earth; black fur with white paws- sweet; cheerful; creative; simple; appearance of bonbons- sensitive; gentle; curious; indecisive; scaredy-cat; white fur- friendly; affectionate; sociable; clingy; family-oriented- small; creative; down-to-earth; composed; appearance of buttons- different; follower; quiet; red fur- simple; basic; submissive; calico fur- logical; levelheaded; diplomatic; gentle; might have white fur- sweet; warmhearted; appearance of chai tea- small; kind; chill- delicate; see Chip- chubby; plump; carefree; lazy; nonjudgmental- gender neutral; sweet; loving; shy; creative; independent; appearance of chocolate or a coconut- adventurous; aggressive; opinionated; blunt- emotional; empathetic; intuitive; gentle; wise; pale fur- pure; see Cordelia- masculine- feminine- gender neutral- feminine- feminine- feminine- gender neutral- feminine- feminine- feminine- thin; perfectionist; rude; white fur- reserved; see Frost- upright; dramatic; energetic; bold; passionate- pretty; see Galileo- masculine- masculine- masculine- gender neutral- generous; open-minded; hardworking; charming- small; shy; sweet; gentle; see Honey- masculine- gender neutral- gender neutral- masculine- masculine; strong; combative- quiet; reserved; private; charming; tense; observant- masculine- zealous; sleazy; unloyal- small; sweet; playful; quirky; innocent; childlike- kind; shy; strong (mentally); brave; intelligent; independent; romantic; feminine- large; gentle giant; strong; protective; charming- feminine- feminine- gender neutral- feminine- trustful; cheerful- curious; friendly; forgiving; kind- masculine- feminine- masculine- femininekind; generous; intelligent; lovable; creative- rebellious; dark; blunt; headstrong; femininehonest; patient; closed off; energetic; forgiving- feminine; elegant- mysterious; kind; emotional; feminine- feminine; mysterious; dark gray or red fur- plump; humorous; see Juicebox- well rounded (physically and mentally); simple; lazy; loafs around; appearance of meatloaf- gender neutral- cheerful; family-oriented; mellow; humorous- gender neutral- feminine- masculine- friendly; family-oriented; polite; peppy; red fur; see Peppermint- loyal; honest; brave; fancy; sympathetic; feminine- gender neutral- charming; graceful; keen; masculine; see Octavia- feminine- gender neutral- pretty; considerate; divine; dreamy; eloquent; feminine- gender neutral- masculine- feminine- feminine- gender neutral- gender neutral- gender neutral- feminine- masculine- see Luna- feminine- see Theodosia- see Theodore- masculine- feminine- masculine- feminine- masculine- masculine- strong (mentally); feminine- feminine- feminine- gender neutral- feminine- Absent*, Albania, Amour, Anthem*, Arlington, Austria, Celsius*, Citrouille, Crater*, Dimension*, Dystopia, Eons*, Erosion*, Equator*, Extraterrestrial*, Fetish*, Fever*, Fortune*, Gimmick*, Handwritten*, Haru, Havana, Hemisphere*, Hindenburg*, India, Indie, Legacy, Lobotomy*, Melbourne, Mon Chéri, Montreal, Moscow, Nevada, Parallel*, Pacific, Russia, Romania, Secretary, Shiro, Sol, Omen, and ProphecyLost names are names that either do not have a solid meaning*, a name that is a foreign word/phrase, or a name that I felt wasn’t good enough to put in the dictionary.Canary, Casino, Copper, Crystal, Dynamite, Freight Train, Grunge, Honeybee, Honeysuckle, Jaw(s), Jigsaw, Judas, Larkspur, Meatloaf, Oriole, Osprey, Peregrine, Shrike, Sphynx, TNT, and Wither have been addedUGH I FINALLY DID IT! NONTRADITIONAL NAME DESCRIPTIONS ARE FINISHED! i have no idea why it took me 6 months, but it’s done!!

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[Update] 500+ Baddest Rogue Names That Are Powerful | rogue warriors – Vietnamnhanvan

There are different types of peoples with different types of names. Peoples love to name themselves or their kids in different categories and one of the rogue names are one of them. As the meaning of this term is a person with a bad personality.

These types of names selected by the person who wants to make his or her image bad in society. Choosing these kinds of names is pure art because the name is the only thing that will remain with you till your death. So please be sure and choosy when you are choosing the name for you or your newly born baby.

So without any delay, let’s get into the topic, why we are in this article. Let us discuss the rogue names with the different categories to understand them perfectly and you can choose them easily.

Funny Rogue Names

As you all know that these names can be sometimes funny for many peoples as not everybody likes these names. But some peoples Love the funny things and these are the funny rogue names of those peoples.

Grim Vexx
Prysm Tombend
Umbri Maleficum
Carmine Brevil
Vexacion Grove
Grim Zul
Seskel Geulimja
Raven Strain
Gloom Christanti
Max Whisper  

Zayne Creighton
Elliot Serphent
Carmin Vixen
Thyme Zorander
Cyan Black
Nebula Addington
Rave Le Doux
Klyn Calarook
Chalice Winter
Soren Whitmore  

Klyn Keeling
Emmit Zul
Jayde Cross
Arlin Knotley
Drace Thornheart
Rogue Jinx
Dominique Woods
Requiem Naxxremis
Larsa Grove
Jayde Chalice  

Ecthrois Zul
Dream Shadowend
Seren Addington
Kaige Vossen
Ashes Drach
Thyme Caligari
Arc Christian
Kindle Tombend
Ashen Argent
Elliot Lovelace  

Drace Manglyeong
Fark Everbleed
Freed Marth
Blight Carpathia
Blight Deamonne
Voss Black
Trik Vonner
Gail Le Rouge
Ashes Duke
Dream Shadowend  

Female Rogue Names

It is not necessary that only males can be bad and choose the bad names. Females also love these kind of things and they also choose these terms sometime to show their negative personality to the world.

Cyan ShadowsoulThistle BlackwoodInigo ShadowendEleanore CrossRosary ZoranderKatreena SnowDominique AngelsinChein CaligariLyndis GravesVayne Morgan  Gossamer BloodgoodQuintessa DiabloCat Von SteinUkara GrailSarah WillowSax HeliotEldia KnotleyLilith DrachLament DelarosaSully Duke  Floris BloodworthNifsara DigbyDiamanda LestatAshera BrevilValaine StormRogue DukeAries HartVayne CrossTwilight WyrmSelena Christanti  Gossamer ShackletonAthena SephiranAutumn KnotleyThyme NorwoodXoxo GravesRoshia DukeMaggard ScarletwoundThessalia ShadowwalkerMax EverbleedWysteria Whisper  Leona WolfPamela AshStrawberri MorelliAutumn GravesSiouxsie WrightCrimson TrevilLucretia EbonywoodSable Le BlankMorticia BlackwoodDemonia Ash  

Good Rogue Names

rogue names

In this table, we shared some good names that are perfect for the rogue category and the good thing in this table is that everyone can choose the name from this given table as these are for male and female.

Vervain Vandran
Axel Autumn
Zima Fade
Amaranth Hallewell
Luna Zul
Ukara Wolf
Belladonna Ash
Davon Delacroix
Frita La Croix
Elissa Shackleton  

Eleanore Helion
Alder Christian
Jayde Christanti
Magwina Vossen
Quota Howler
Jocelyn Lestat
Ulsa Wyrm
Sybil Borges
Fane Barkridge
Xoxo Hook  

Hortensia Howler
Kindle Jones
Axel Le Rouge
Granger Willow
Xenia Autumn
Lithia Dukes
Servillah Naxxremis
Morden Cloven
Luna Shade
Zayne Dread  

Rogue Sephiran
Draven Umbra
Lusha Kane
Arora Argent
Obsidian Grove
Tabitha Aura
Noirax Cromwell
Arc Grim
Ayda Brevil
Arc Evilian  

Ramona Digby
Alder Graeme
Nifsara Bloodworth
Lyra Villalobos
Roshia Whisper
Mace Crypt
Katia Kobe
Nereza Wright
Trik Naxxremis
Aura Maleficum  

Best Rogue Names

These are the best rogue names chosen from the villain and enemies from the television series and also from the Hollywood movies. Some of the names are from the old Hollywood movies as well as from the old television series.

Arc OnyxTidus EbonywoodMathian MaleficumLarsa RedwoodEverit CraneFark DevonshireDommik GrailNightshade AddingtonMarth MallorSax Ebonywood  Firion TempestDominic AshSeskel VigilSalvodore RedwoodBludwan GeulimjaRamin HuntEcho VixenRoss HallewellEike UmbraElliot Carpathia  Hamlet HighmoreBalo DevonshireGrissom LynxDriscoll MockChalice RosebergSliske ShadeGrendel WoodShadow BlackXander BloodgoodDarren Autumn  Karver La CroixVorkalth BrevilBlight TombendQuye HowlerVoss DupreeLouis AutumnChaos OnyxSalvotor GnashZeke CrossAdaranth Aimes  Elliot KillianTalon CraneCrowley ShadowwalkerLynk EbonywoodBlade SterosMorren PayneSemias Le TorneauDemien Le RougeAnthrax GeulimjaZane Killoran  

Witty Rogue Names

rogue names

The meaning of witty names is the names that use to make fun of others. Some of the friends use these types of names of their best friends and make fun of them just to enjoy.

Jude Argent
Karayan Le Rouge
Xix Tombend
Darren Shackleton
Balo Lynx
Carmine Knotley
Zaine Fang
Bartram White
Zyler Brack
Kragen Grimm  

Uberto Whisper
Hanzel Cane
Mazus Wolf
Chandler Interfector
Zeddicus Graeme
Hunter Umbra
Soran Interfector
Arlin Knotley
Klyn Jones
Ymo Whitmore  

Jett Hart
Zayne Blackwood
Mathian Interfector
Upir Heliot
Ridley Shadowmend
Zayin White
Vail Drabek
Tempest Snow
Fromir Victor
Hanzel Keeling  

Alder Malum
Charles Depraysie
Payne Umbra
Zero Soulton
Smoky Craft
Semias Diablo
Reks Cromwell
Salem Whisper
Mitrik Gnash
Yao Calarook  

Wendrake Roseberg
Chaos Vandran
Mathian Le Doux
Mitrik Autumn
Seymour Lynx
Abraham Grove
Sabre Devonshire
Sherlock Vonner
Zander Crypt
Zamza Barlow  

Cool Rogue Names

These names can be considered cool rogue names because these names were used in the movies and also in some of the television series.

Josef the Lunatic
Marlo the Viper
Dillon Muscles
Lance Mad Eye
Brock the Swindler
Crazy Bruno
Smokey Melville
Shark Reynolds
Two Face Mather
Slithering Landan  

Redding the Grin
Denver Muscles
Sammy Smokes
Norm the Pirate
Currier the Crook
Bulletproof Llewellyn
Razortooth Barksdale
Prowling Parks
Bandana Parke
Mad Eyed Leon  

Marcus the Viper
Nedes the Rat
Adriel Nine Lives
Kipper Fast Fingers
Thomas the Weasel
Three Toed Caldwell
Razortooth Thorne
Action Brodie
Pegleg Welby
Blue Eyed Kimberley  

Sandon the Swindler
Jeffrey Poison
Austin the Snake
Bret Gold Digger
Kurt the Crook
Nine Lives Hawthorne
Slithering Egerton
Thieving Brod
Viper Anthony
Blue Eyed Derick  

Floyd the Rat
Wesley Scarface
Caden the Ravager
Newman the Rat
Brewster the Dwarf
Smokey Berkeley
Laughing Ryland
Viper Stanmore
Wacko Barron
Greedy Kenny  

Warrior Cat Rogue Names

Warrior cat rogue names are used for the cats that use in the black magic or for the bad activities as you can understand from the names given in the table below. These names are just opposite from the Disney cat names.

Kallie the Reaper
Halsey the Viper
Kayley the Grin
Aubree the Sly
Cara the Scar
Wild Isabella
Action Mirth
Klepto Diana
Razortooth Ashe
Weasel Astrid  

Kenzie the Phantom
Jocelyn Bandana
Ariella the Swindler
Molly the Scar
Leah the Fool
Klepto Lydia
Smirking Carling
Cheating Kyleigh
Scars Julie
Smiling Libby  

Arlissa the Sly
Meaghan the Pickpocket
Carley the Smile
Ebony Poison
Kyleigh the Menace
Robbing Laurel
Prowling Dominique
Thieving Sylvia
Scarface Felicity
Busting Helena  

Maddison the Greedy
Zaria Five Fingers
Hailey the Heister
Wilona Crazy Eyes
Cam the Crazy
Smirking Celeste
Poison Joie
Spider Marina
Brute Cindy
Wild Ericka  

Halle Mad Eye
Winter Mad Eye
Beverly Bullseye
Tracy Grimm
Alysa Grimm
Bullettooth Jillian
Jester Rachel
Pickpocket Cecelia
Dangerous Ashly
Robbing Martha  

Wow Rogue Names

rogue names
Rosa the Lucky
Kylie the Suit
Alena One Eye
Godiva the Reaper
Amanda Luck
Gold Digger Dana
Pickpocket Andrea
Phantom Yedda
Four Fingered Tatiana
Cheating Sonya  

Bailee the Cheat
Karen the Thug
Keira Whispers
Kayli the Buster
Arlene Fast Fingers
Mad Dog Madyson
Eccentric Beverley
Serpent Eliza
Smiling Zaria
Wild Gabriella  

Ashlynn Angel Eyes
Zoe the Cheat
Hayleigh the Thug
Nora Mad Eye
Marlee Shades
Bug Eyed Hailee
Coughing Melody
Smiling Angeline
Serpent Meaghan
Spider Layla  

Brea Toothless
Alycia the Con Artist
Caitlyn the Wild
Audey the Angel
Ariel the Danger
Lunatic Ashlie
Mad Hat Violet
Fast Fingers Jazmine
Fast Fingers Tamara
Menacing Marley  

Tess the Grin
Kari the Smirk
Mayda Danger
Sybil the Clown
Crazy Eyes Reese
Four Fingered Chana
Eccentric Breana
Cheating Bridget
Jester Isabell  

Rogue Names Male

These names can be used for the newborn baby boy or for any party, but remember that these names are only for the male who wants to show their worst personality to the world and that’s why these are also called as bad boy names.


Undead Rogue names

rogue names
KeeleyCourtlynGabiLizzyMarlonMarianaKatelynRotericaAudeyYaraJosieRotericaBatildaWaldaGrittMarie  BertheSalwaGermanaAuroretteClarissaLealaCyprienneAlysaRillaKarlottaUrsulaJessieWhitneyLorayneDerickaJoyanne  KayliBrendaSkylarDeborahMercerMaydaVaniaBobbieMarikeShirlCarmeliaAsheKaitlynStephanieDarciaArabela  Wintonkaaliya

What is the rogue names?

These are the names generally choose by the male or female candidates who wants to show the world that how bad personality they are. Some peoples choose these names because this is a different category and some peoples love to choose differently.

Who can use these names?

As you can see in this content that we share these names for both males and females. So anybody can choose these names, but the good thing is that we also share the warrior cat rogue names in this article so you guys can name your cat with these names as well.


These are the rogue names we shared with you and the best part is that we described these names in all the categories, so you guys can choose these names according to your choice.

We love the quote sharing is caring and that’s why we want to tell you that please share this content with your friends and family.

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