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hand of midas dota 2: นี่คือโพสต์ที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อนี้

Hand of Midas in Dota 2 has changed a lot recently.

What Midas Does in 7.06

As you can see, the latest patched increased Midas’s Experience gain at the cost of gold gain. This is still quite different from what it was for almost four years between 6.79c and 7.05, where gold bonus was 190 and experience bonus was a whopping 250%, also if you play games as World of Warcraft, you can buy wow classic gold to improve your experience on the game.

This post will analyse if the usage of Midas has changed at all after 7.05, with the nuanced balance change in 7.06 taken into consideration.

The Neutral Change in 7.06

Neutrals now spawn once every minute. For us old school Dota players this is like moving back to the Holy Land. Problem is, neutrals are much weaker now, they give 20% less XP and Gold.

Neutral XP and Gold increases by 2% every 7.5 minutes, though. So after about 77.5 minutes into the game, the neutrals will be just as strong as pre-7.05 minute zero neutrals. Since that kind of timing is frankly, absurd, we can consider neutrals to be nerfed quite a bit. For jungle farmers that have abilities that help them clear many units, like Luna, Alchemist and Sven, this is a good change.

Therefore before we delve into the specifics of when to use a Midas, it’s important to take note that both neutrals and range creeps get marginally stronger as the game progresses. They’re also weaker than you’ll remember from previous patches. You’ll have to farm more to get the same amount of value from creeps now than you would, in say, 6.85.

The baseline Gold Per Minute from Hand of Midas is 120GPM, assuming you use it the instant it’s off cooldown. This means it takes roughly 18 minutes for a Hand of Midas purchase to pay for itself in gold (again, assuming it’s used instantly). It’s about 14 minutes to pay for just the recipe.

Methodology and Analysis (and a Free Spreadsheet)

I split creeps into three groups, Neutral Creeps, Lane Creeps and Neutral Camps (which is a total of all the creeps to find out which camp is the most efficient). I’ve organised it by experience given before and after using Hand of Midas.

I also cheated my way out of doing actual maths and settled for a Gold to Experience ratio that creeps would give. It’s essentially the ratio of a creep’s gold bounty to its experience bounty.

The higher the Gold/XP ratio, the worse it is to use Hand of Midas on that creep.

The reason is that the amount of gold received by Midas is always a stable 200 reliable gold. When you use it on a creep with a high gold bounty, such as the Satyr Tormentor (67.5 Avg. Gold Bounty), you and your team are effectively missing out on that extra gold. This assumes, of course, that your teammates have the ability and map control to actually farm those creeps.

Neutral Creeps Midas Experience Chart

Which creeps should you use Hand of Midas on?

The absolute best creeps in the game to use Hand of Midas on are:

  • Centaur Conqueror
  • Satyr Tormenter
  • Hellbear Smasher
  • Wildwing Ripper
  • Dark Troll Summoner

These are all the largest creeps in their respective camps, each with a 95 experience bounty. They give 175.75 experience after the 185% bonus from Hand of Midas.

The best creep out of this selection to use Midas on is the Dark Troll Summoner, because it has a gold to XP ratio of just 49%, compared to the others who average 66%. This means that you and your team are missing out on less gold (but receiving the same amount of XP) when you Midas a Dark Troll Summoner over any of the above 5.

A close second would be the regular Ranged Creep, which gives 90 experience and 166.5 experience after Hand of Midas.

Therefore the Dark Troll Summoner is arguably the statistical best creep to use Midas on.

Midas Neutrals XP Chart

Should you Midas the Ranged Creep or the Siege Creep?

The age old question that’s plagued many a mind since the dawn of time. The mathematical answer is to Midas the ranged creep, which will give 166.5 XP from Midas, compared to the siege creep which will give 162.8 XP.

Lane Creeps Midas Experience Chart
Midas Lane Creeps XP Chart

However, you need to consider the circumstances of the game as well. With siege creeps becoming god-tier tower pushers in 7.06, using transmute to kill it instantly is probably worth the 4XP loss if the siege creep is hitting your tower.

If you’re an under-leveled support with no spells that can destroy siege creeps really fast (remember that they have 80% magic resistance), it’s better to use Midas on the siege creep to prevent any additional tower damage.

What to Midas When There’s Super Creeps or Mega Creeps?

This is quite simple. When there’s Super Creeps (the lane that’s had its barracks demolished) there’s no difference between ranged and melee, and both their XP bounties are really low. It’s still probably better to Midas the Super ranged creep since they do more damage than their melee counterparts. However, a Super Siege Creep should always be Midas’d first, since it gives almost the same amount of experience as a regular Siege Creep. Try to avoid using Midas on ranged and melee Super and Mega creeps. Focus on regular ranged creeps if you can, or siege creeps of any kind.

Save Your Midas for Big Creeps or Ranged Creeps

If you cannot get your hands on a ranged creep or a big creep within 10-15 seconds, only then is it time to consider using Midas on something like an Alpha Wolf. An Alpha Wolf gives 129.5 XP from Midas, which is about 30 less than a Centaur Conqueror or Ranged Creep.

which creeps to midas dota 2 fynestuff

It’s almost never worth it to Midas a lane melee creep or the smaller neutral creeps unless there’s nothing else around you to Midas.

Important: Hand of Midas Saves Time

An oft overlooked aspect of Hand of Midas is time. It might take a hero 5 seconds to kill a Satyr Tormentor for its 67.5 gold, but Hand of Midas converts that creep into 200 gold basically instantly. In certain scenarios, it’s actually beneficial to Midas the creep that gives more gold. Scenarios such as when:

  • There is no one on your team capable of farming that creep in the next few minutes. There are enemies who can farm it, and leaving it around might give them extra gold.
  • You’re in the enemy jungle where they have full map control. Take the creep with the higher gold bounty to deny it from them.
  • You’re stuck in base with very little map control and the creep would surely be killed by the enemy if you don’t take it.
  • You have no easy way to kill certain neutrals due to its abilities (magic damage vs mud golems).
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The effect of these scenarios, realistically, is minuscule. It’s almost a non-factor to consider gold bounty when compared to experience bounty when it comes to using Midas on creeps. This is because the variance from XP bounty is much higher after the 185% boost, than the variance in potential gold bounty that you missed out on.

It’s Usually Best to Midas the Creep With Higher XP Bounty

For example, using Midas on an Ogre Bruiser gives 61.05 XP. Killing that Ogre Bruiser without Midas is a potential gold missed of 28 Gold. Using Midas on a Ghost, however, is 92.5 XP, while the potential gold missed is still 28 Gold.

Take a look at the spreadsheet or the charts and you’ll find out that there are “tiers” of neutrals in Dota 2 in terms of experience.

It’s pretty much always advisable to Midas the creep with the higher XP bounty than the one with the lower gold bounty. The reason is twofold:

  • Experience is a rare commodity that few items in the game can provide directly (Tome of Knowledge and Hand of Midas). Gold, on the other hand, can be farmed by purchasing items that increase your farming speed (Radiance, Battlefury). If you buy Midas, it’s because you need the experience boost just as much as the gold boost, if not more.
  • The definite bonus experience gained is more valuable than the potential gold lost. In other words, the bonus experience is certain, while the potential for losing that gold to enemies is just speculative.

Hand of Midas Slows Down Item Timings

Hand of Midas now gives a neat 120 GPM assuming you use it the moment it’s off cooldown. This figure used to be 114 gold per minute before 7.05. It’s not a significant buff though, since the XP bounty has been reduced from 250% to 185%.

Remember that the 7.00 patch changed it so that it the XP required to reach level 25 now is the same as it was previously for level 23. So the effect of the 185% bonus XP is also slightly more pronounced than it would have been before.

When you buy Hand of Midas, you essentially delay your first core item timing by a good 15-20 minutes depending on the game. In its stead, you get 30 attack speed, and increased item and level progression for the rest of the game. This makes Hand of Midas a really good choice when you’re certain the game is progressing towards late game.

When you buy Midas, think about what you’re buying it instead of. If you’re an Axe who needs Blink to initiate ganks and be useful around the map, Midas might be the wrong choice. If the game is going really well and you can get your Midas and your blink with not too much difficulty? It might secure your item progression.

You Should Buy Midas for the Experience Gain

There are three types of heroes that benefit the most from Hand of Midas:

  • Junglers, who are underleveled because… well, they’re junglers
  • Carries who need quick levels to use their spells sooner
  • Supports who aren’t very item dependent

It’s also important to note that heroes like Anti Mage or Luna who fit the second criteria don’t buy Midas because they have inbuilt farming tools that negate the need for it. When you’re blinking around the map as AM, farming camps left and right, that extra 120GPM isn’t worth much if it delays your Battlefury to 25 minutes.

Has Hand of Midas Really Changed Much in 7.06?

At this point, the older players must be wondering whether Hand of Midas has really changed much, if at all? The points I’ve iterated so far are pretty much the same that Merlini taught in his Midas guide two years ago.

The short answer is no.

Hand of Midas had a remarkable spell of being untouched by the toad of balance. For almost four years there were no changes to this item at all, so the remnants of an old metagame when gold was tough to come by and experience was a lot more static, remained through Midas. Midas survived the rubberband mechanics of 6.82, the bloodstone int hero meta, the illusion meta and everything in between. In the last few patches, and especially since 7.00, the changes to the experience mechanic (heroes needing less XP than before) made Midas slightly overpowered. The values have changed to reflect the new state of the game.

Do leave a comment if you have something to add or something I may have missed out on.

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[NEW] Valve’s Hand of Midas: The Story of E-Sports from the Perspective of a Dota 2 Player | hand of midas dota 2 – Vietnamnhanvan

– By Jet Tanyag

As I begin writing this blog post, the prize money of The International, Dota 2’s biggest tournament, is at $9,920,130… and counting. Before I go into details about video games and everything else, let’s make that number sink in for a minute.

Ten. Million. Dollars. For a video game tournament.

How did Dota 2’s developer, Valve, make the prize pool grow this big? Is there a mystical real-life Hand of Midas that Valve is hiding in their headquarters that everything that they touch instantly turns into gold? How did competitive gaming grow from small locally-hosted tournaments to massive e-sports leagues?

Nowadays, e-sports are just mere video game tournaments with very little media recognition. But that’s about to change. If it’s capable of churning out almost ten million dollars for a prize pool, then it is potentially a highly profitable venture. However, it’s still kept in the dark, with massive communities shunned from the world that dismisses e-sports as an immature activity only for young adults who refuse to grow up.

Developers, players and enterprises are working round the clock to change public perceptions towards e-sports. Focusing on Dota 2 as an example, how can developers nurture an online community that will break e-sports into mainstream media and legitimate sports?

The Rise of E-Sports

The first known video game tournament was a Spacewar competition held in October 19, 1972 at Stanford University. The prize back then was a year’s subscription to Rolling Stone magazine. Since then, video game competitions steadily grew in popularity. However, it didn’t have a solid fanbase as it does today as video games were accessible only to a handful of arcade gamers.

From the 90’s to the early 21st century, internet connectivity grew to an exponential scale and dragged competitive video games up its climb. Games like Counter Strike, Diablo II, StarCraft: Brood War, Ragnarok Online, and Warcraft 3 (the game where the original Dota was created) were among the first video games to have popular competitive scenes from the late 90’s to the early 2000’s.

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In the Philippines, better accessibility of video games through computer rental shops enabled shop owners to organize tournaments showcasing prizes in thousands of pesos.

As video game tournaments rise in popularity, prize pools grew larger, professional players become celebrities, game developers grew richer, and the potential market for computer accessories and gaming gear grew bigger.

Video game tournaments nowadays are more than just tournaments. They are full-blown digital sports with professional teams heavily-backed by computer and gaming gear manufacturers, and a massive fan-base of millions of players all over the world. E-sports is growing increasingly popular so much so that universities in the US and South Korea now accepts gamers as student athletes. Sports giant Red Bull has also made a special page in their website specifically for e-sports.

The International

Free to Play. A documentary about how Dota 2 players Danil “Dendi” Ishutin, Clinton “Fear” Loomis, and Benedict “hyhy” Lim overcame adversities to compete in the biggest Dota 2 tournament.

When Valve held the first The International tournament in 2011, it already featured the largest prize pool in e-sports history at that time with 1.6-million dollars – with a million going to Na’Vi, the first The International champion.

During this time, Dota 2 was still in closed beta phase (a state in the game’s development where the developer opens the game to a few players with the goal of having them test out the game and refine it based on the players’ feedback) and has a small but stable community of players. From this phase until Dota 2’s official release in July 18, 2013, Dota 2 can only be played by users who have received “Beta Keys” from Valve or from friends who were also playing Dota 2.

Valve stayed with the same prize pool for the The International 2012. As Dota 2’s player base steadily grew, Valve kept on experimenting on the best strategies to make the game benefit not just the developers, but also its players, its community, and e-sports as a whole.

For The International 2013, they’ve hit the jackpot formula. They were able to raise prize pool of The International to 2.8-million dollars – and drastically improved the game development industry, the video game players, computer manufacturers, e-sports teams, and the lives of professional players.

All thanks to a massive fan base and and highly effective free-to-play monetization model.

The Book that Changed E-Sports Forever

It may sound absurd to initially think that the best way to raise the prize pool of The International 2013 was to fund it from the pockets of the players. It’s like stealing from weaker, less skilled players then dole the money out only to the best of the best in the world. Initially, it felt like an injustice. However, the best move Valve did to raise The International 2013’s prize pool is by crowdfunding it, and they executed it in the best possible way.

Months before The International 2013, Valve released an in-game item for Dota 2 called The International Compendium. It is a $9.99 virtual booklet that has several features in which the players can interact with The International tournament. For every Compendium purchased, $2.50 is added to the total prize money. This is where things started to get interesting.

Valve made a big deal of the prize pool and announced seven “Stretch Goals” or milestones that grant the players a reward when a certain prize pool amount has been reached. These milestones ranged from high-percentage experience boosters (if the prize pool reached $1.7 million), to special in-game “Immortal” items (if the prize pool reached $2.6 million, the word “Immortal” used here was just an adjective to say that a specific item is super awesome), to the ability to vote on which hero will be shipped to Dota 2 (if the prize pool reached $3.2 million).

They also released trading cards bearing the faces of professional gamers prior to The International. These are almost exactly like collectible sports cards, only virtual. This increased awareness of different e-sports teams and professional players to those who are innocent of the Dota 2 competitive scene.

By making players pay for bonus enjoyment, Valve created a win-win scenario for both player and developer. And in the process, they’ve also promoted the professional players, e-sports teams, and their respective sponsors.

Players love the intangible benefits of playing their favorite heroes sporting an Immortal item, learning new playstyles from the pros, being able to root for their favorite e-sports teams, and discovering new gaming gear that is used by their favorite players, to name a few.

With a huge player base willing to make their wallets cry for their amusement, Valve has hit the jackpot! The players made every effort to achieve the Stretch Goals by hoarding an excessive amount of Compendiums, making The International 2013’s prize pool balloon to 2.8-million dollars.


When Valve released this year’s Compendium, all Stretch Goals from the previous year have already been unlocked with a ton of additional features that are focused primarily on player benefits. It’s important to keep in mind that to make the players pay, they must find the intangible benefits from their purchase to be very enticing and very fulfilling – Valve gets their money, the players get their satisfaction.

This year’s Compendium is loaded with dozens of features that makes the players not just interact with the tournament and achieve the Stretch Goals, they can also earn Compendium Points in various ways such as achieving player challenges, watching live The International 2014 games, participating in online polls to determine which heroes will get the next face-lift or alternate voice-overs, purchasing Points, or simply earning them as rewards for playing a game.

These Compendium Points increases the player’s Compendium Level that unlocks rewards ranging from experience point bonuses (called Battle Points, which determines a player’s level), new Immortal items, and custom visual effects.

These new features were very enticing to players that within the first day of its release, the prize pool exploded to three million dollars! Within ten days, the prize pool doubled, eventually reaching the original target prize pool of six-million dollars.

But it didn’t stop there, after Valve released a new set of Stretch Goals aiming for a ten-million dollar prize pool, players amassed Compendiums to blow up the prize pool to nearly 10-million dollars. The International is now poised to become the first e-sports tournament with an eight-digit prize pool.

It’s noteworthy that Valve modeled the new Compendium features from feedback from over a year ago. After last year’s The International tournament, Valve scoured forums and Reddit posts and gave out player satisfaction surveys about their new Compendium system. Simply put, they’ve integrated the stuff that the community badly wants and bundled them all in this year’s Compendium. Valve became the bitch of the Dota 2 community and they turned their players into gold mines.

E-sports and the Future

Mineski, the Philippines’ top e-sports team partnered with computer accessories manufacturer, Steelseries.

Dota 2 is just one of several games with an active competitive scene. League of Legends, Counter Strike, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, and StarCraft II are among other games with active online communities, numerous e-sports tournaments, and fan bases numbering in the millions.

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Its popularity also opened up opportunities for fans to create spin-off games, fan-made merchandise (shirts, 3D-printed toys, keychains, etc.), books and posters. It also provided opportunities for computer manufacturers to partner with pro-gaming teams and sell gaming accessories endorsed by professional gamers.

Developers also gave their communities the power to create in-game content. They understood that the gaming culture they are nurturing must come from the needs and wants of their players. In games available through Steam (Valve’s game client/game market) like Dota 2 or Counter Strike, the users were given the power to create in-game content via the Steam Workshop to be sold in its built-in online market. This encouraged productivity within the community and the potential for profit was no longer held solely by the developers, but was shared to the community as well.

Video games are slowly accepted as a legit competitive sports. The governing body of e-sports, the International e-Sports Federation was recently approved for membership in The Association for International Sport for All (TAFISA), an international sports organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee. As mentioned earlier, universities are starting to accept talented gamers as student athletes.

A professional athlete in the NBA earn an average of $5.15 million a year. The International 2014’s prize pool, divided among all participants and winners of the tournament will only earn a fraction of what professional athletes make. But as the e-sports community grows so will the enterprises involved in it. It has the advantage of technology. It constantly becomes more accessible in the far reaches of the globe.

I wish to live long enough to see e-sports grow so huge that it will emulate what basketball and football is today. I wish to live long enough to see e-sports players joining teams for multi-million dollar deals.

Today, ten-million dollars is a prize pool; tomorrow, is is the salary of the future LeBron James and Kevin Durants of e-sports. But before tomorrow comes, let’s sit down and play!

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